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About YesWelder

YesWelder was founded with the idea of providing economical and high-quality welding equipment to individuals new to and experienced in the welding industry. In the next paragraphs, you are going to enjoy YesWelder review articles, about the welding helmet, TIG, plasma cutter, welder, cutter, tungsten electrodes, welding gun, torches, and more.

In case you want to know what is their popular products that got good reviews from the customers, they are YesWelder TIG-250P, TIG-250DS, MIG-250 PRO, FIRSTESS MP200, 302c, and Q800D. YesWelder specializes on the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge welding equipment, welding helmets, and welding accessories that are popular among welders.

YesWelder devices are ideal for both home and industrial usage, and may be found in the hands of individuals who create inspirational and long-lasting art all around the world. Choose YesWelder to enjoy your hobbies while using high-performance, safe welding equipment.

Overview of YesWelder

YesWelder’s journey started in 2006, when our five co-founders set a simple but deep goal: to give inexpensive, high-quality welding equipment to individuals who love and practice the profession. YesWelder began producing high-performance equipment based on their decade of industry expertise.

YesWelder Review: Overview

YesWelder also utilized third-party sites to develop themselves in the welding community. Take a step forward 12 years later, as we proceeded to lay the groundwork for our company, we recognized how critical it was not just to produce high-quality equipment. It was critical for us to comprehend individuals who need, utilize, and purchase our goods.

Every day, the individuals who use YesWelder machines, tools, and accessories excite the community. So, as staunch believers in the importance of passionate and talented tradesmen in the welding business, we’ve done two things.

  1. YesWelder has made it easier for welders to get high-quality equipment.
  2. YesWelder is devoted to establishing a vibrant community of tens of thousands of welding professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life and skill levels.

YesWelder Reviews

Many newcomers and even experienced welders wonder, “What is the best welder?” Which brand of cutter is best for the job? What is the finest brand of welder? It all relies on the needs of your project, your degree of competence, and your budget. It goes without saying that the greatest welder, plasma cutter, or even helmet is one that combines safety, power, functionality, and fits your budget.

YesWelder Reviews

Excellent welders, best plasma cutters, and cool design of welding helmets manufacturers are accessible on the market, giving items that provide fun and satisfaction to welding enthusiasts. When looking for a MIG, Stick, TIG, Multi-Process welder, plasma cutter, or auto-darkening welding helmet online, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options, brands, and price ranges available.

You’ve come to the correct spot of YesWelder reviews, if you’re looking for the greatest budget or mid-range welder, plasma cutter, or welding helmet. YesWelder is the answer!. We will do our best to assist you in making a well informed selection of when purchasing one of YesWelder’s top products.

Following extensive YesWelder reviews, research and analysis, we have created a list of YesWelder’s best-selling machines to fulfill the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals looking to become medium-level fabricators. As a result, please have a look at the best-selling welders, plasma cutters, and welding helmets that we believe to be the best reviewed YesWelder products available.

YesWelder 302C Welding Helmet Review

It makes no difference whether you’re farming, building hot cars, or repairing appliances. When working with metal, you will need to weld something at some point. When you start burning metal, you should wear a decent welding helmet. The proper welding helmet both protects the worker and makes a difficult task simpler.

Based on the review, The best welding helmets should be lightweight, have advanced functions, and may even make you look good. However, selecting the incorrect helmet may be expensive and even unpleasant. Welding generates hot sparks and drips of molten metal surrounding the work area.

For $139, the YesWelder Panoramic Auto-Darkening 302C Welding Helmet provides a broad vision and a comfy head unit. Each of the three windows has separate auto-darkening capabilities and is covered by a single wrap-around transparent shield. Each welding helmet comes with a one-year guarantee from YesWelder.


  • Excellent for TIG, MIG, MMA, and Plasma applications with a grinding feature.
  • High optical quality (1/1/1) for unrivaled clarity
  • View in True Color
  • 3 self-dimming panels with 6 sensors
  • Auto-darkening displays operate both independently and concurrently.
  • Battery life has been extended
  • The pivot design helmet provides superior comfort.
  • The broadest shade level range (DIN 5-9/9-13), as well as the grinding light shade (DIN 4).
  • Viewing area: 3.94×2.64″ (100x67mm), Side Windows: 1.38/2.56×2.36″ (35/60x60mm),


  • Viewing area of 14.8 square inches
  • Controls for internal settings
  • Display of true color
  • Durable construction
  • Fits into small spaces


  • Headgear is cheap
  • Complaints of inadequate shade levels

The stunning panoramic view of the YESWELDER EH-302C is what instantly draws attention to it. It contains a huge front panel as well as two additional auto-darkening displays on the side that darken separately in reaction to light. The extra peripheral vision is useful for adjusting while keeping the hood down.

The clarity in this is also excellent; it has true color technology, which helps to boost visibility even more. It’s difficult to overlook this helmet if you desire excellent vision when welding. It features a total of six sensors, four of which are on the front.

The headgear is rather pleasant, featuring a cushioned pad that rests on the forehead and is adjustable in tension. In terms of durability, we have yet to see how dependable this is. We don’t anticipate it to last as long as some other brands, but you get a lot of functions for a low price, and it comes in some nice designs on the YESWELDER website.

YesWelder Q800D Welding Helmet Review

The LYG-Q800D and LYG-Q800D-A versions offer a 3.94″ by 3.23″ viewing area with a side view (no auto-darkening) and four quality sensors. YesWelder is pleased to announce a collaboration with Atomic Dice Studios for a limited edition, custom-designed YesWelder Q800D DARKENING WELDING HELMET.


  • Excellent for TIG, MIG, and MMA applications, as well as plasma applications with a grinding feature.
  • 3.93″X3.23″ viewing area with non-auto-darkening side view and 4 premium sensors
  • Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity –
  • battery life has been extended
  • The pivot design helmet provides superior comfort.


  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Lighting states: DIN 4 Main Window Shade (5 Side Window)
  • Dark states: free DIN 599/913 modifications (Outside Variable)
  • View Area: 100 x 83 mm (3.94 x 3.23 inch), Side View Size: 4.3/1.96 x 4″ (non auto
  • Response time (from bright to dark): 1/10000 sec (normal temperature conditions)
  • Adjustable sensitivities (welding dependent on current size): low/high
  • Automatic power on and off
  • Power source: solar cell and changeable battery
  • DIN 16 UV/IR protection
  • Working temperature:
    5 55°F
  • Temperature of storage:
    2070 degrees Celsius
  • Indicator of low voltage: Yes
  • ADF self check is enabled: Yes

YesWelder Q800D welding helmet is an excellent purchase. It has all of the features of masks three times its price and offers the same quality. I only gave it four stars instead of five since I didn’t like the cheap headpiece that came with it. After A-usage, day’s I replaced it with an Amazon-purchased Lincoln Viking helmet insert.

Even with the enhanced headgear, the value and quality of this mask surpass any of its rivals. Even with the enhanced headgear, the value and quality of this mask surpass those of its rivals.

YesWelder M800HP Welding Helmet Review

You’ll like the huge view size and clarity that YesWelder M800HP helmet provides, and you’ll be able to retire your old, green tinted cheap helm. You can read more about the features, characteristics, as well as what we like and dislike about this helmet, below.


  • View in True Color
  • Broad Field of View
  • Controls from Outside
  • Mode of Grind
  • Settings for Shade, Sensitivity, and Delay
  • Increased Durability and Modern Design
  • Excellent for TIG, MIG, and MMA applications, as well as plasma applications with a grinding feature.
  • 3.93″X 3.66″ Super Large Viewing Size with 4 Premium Sensors
  • Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity – 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity –
  • battery life has been extended
  • The pivot design helmet provides superior comfort.


  • Light states – DIN 4 free adjustment. Dark states – DIN 599, 913 free adjustment.
  • 3.93 × 3.66 inch viewing area
  • 1/10000 second response time (from light to dark) (normal temperature conditions).
  • Sensitivity is adjustable from low to high.
  • Power on/off – Completely automated.
  • Changeable solar cell battery serves as the power source.
  • DIN 16 UV/IR Protection
  • 14 131 degrees Fahrenheit is the working temperature.
  • ADF self-check and low voltage indication

If you want to buy the YesWelder M800HP Auto-Darkening Helmet as a welding enthusiast, hobbyist, or regular welding user, this helm is the most affordable option. The value of the YesWelder M800HPwelding helmet, which costs less than $100, is incredible.

Look at the side of the helmet. You have three dials. And a switch, one dial for sensitivity (high to low) and another little dial on top for delay. Then in the shade. The helmet is quite stylish, and the headband is very comfy. The sensitivity and latency are both effective.

With this helm’s true-color vision and four-lens technology, you can finally throw away your old green tint cheap helmet. If this is your first welding helmet, you will be astounded at how simple it is to use and set up. If you are a welding specialist who spends a lot of time welding, or if you want a helmet with precise and delicate shade adjustments for your regular welding, you should check into some more costly helmets.

Yeswelder CUT-55DS Plasma Cutter Review

The YesWelder CUT-55DS will meet or surpass the majority of DIY shop requirements. It will also fit in smaller automotive, maintenance, and fabrication facilities that usually deal with 1/4 inch or thinner material and sometimes cut thicker stock (up to 1/2 inch).

The YesWelder CUT-55 DS is a machine that is extremely simple to use. With simply a few buttons and an amperage control wheel, you’ll be cutting in no time. However, the setup procedure is more complicated than that of a welding equipment. However, it is not much different in terms of setup from any other plasma cutter in the same price range. You’ll be up and running in no time once you get your hands on it. Not only the reviews, here are pros and cons of YesWelder CUT-55 DS


  • It may be powered by 110V or 220V.
  • It is capable of being powered by a generator.
  • Small and light enough to be considered portable
  • It can cut through steel up to 1/2 inch thick.
  • At 55A (220V), the duty cycle is 60% and at 35A, the duty cycle is 100%. (110V)
  • The pilot arc had a high frequency but did not make contact.
  • Wire mesh cutting operation at 2T and 4T
  • A thinner 110V tip is better for finer, more accurate cutting.
  • A braided wire strap on the ground
  • Consistent output amperage in the face of scarcity
  • To extend the life of consumables, wait 20 seconds after cooling.
  • Method of non-contact cutting
  • Best plasma cutter for the money
  • It has a lot of strength.
  • It is based on air pressure.
  • It includes a 10ft work lead, a 13ft pilot arc torch wire, an air filter, an air hose, and consumables.
  • Effortless cutting procedure
  • Inverter technology is lightweight and portable.


  • Air cooling is ineffective in keeping the light from getting too hot in your hand.
  • There is no setting chart.
  • The setup instructions might be improved.
  • The power chord obstructs the water trap, allowing water to leak onto the electric line.
  • When 110V is utilized as an input, the dial still allows for a maximum output of 55A, which trips the circuit breakers on 110V.

If you need a dependable plasma cutter but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the one to choose. Furthermore, purchasing cutting equipment from names such as Miller or Powermax sounds nice, but only if you are a professional or conduct day-to-day cutting. There is no need to spend so much money on a professional equipment if you will not use it often. That is why I like the CUT-55 DS since it has everything that a hobbyist or someone who cuts on a regular basis need.

In reality, it provides a lot more for the money you’ll pay for it. The YesWelder CUT-55 boasts an amazing build quality that is matched by flawless performance. There is also the capability of cutting significantly thicker materials than other machines in the same price range on the market.

Yeswelder CUT-65DS Plasma Cutter Review

Not much difference from the former models, the YesWelder CUT-65DS cutter has a “blow-back” start, which is a low-frequency start. An ideal option for do-it-yourself tasks at home, light-duty small business projects, and professionals.


  • Non-Touch Pilot Arc
  • Powerful and Clean cut up to 5/8″
  • Dual Voltage 110/220V
  • IGBT Inverter Technology


  • Weight of the product: 21.8lb
  • Dimensions of the product: 19.2″ * 15″ * 11.45″
  • Voltage input: 110V/220V 50/60 Hz
  • Input Current: a 63A breaker is recommended.
  • Recommendation for cutting: output current 25A @110V 50.8PSI output current 45A @220V 62-72PSI
  • 100% duty cycle @45A, 60% duty cycle @65A
  • Requirements for an air compressor: 5-7CFM @72PSI
  • Welding materials include stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and other coloured metals.
  • IP21S is the protection class.

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YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200 Review

Multi-process welders are ideal for infrequent welders, welding hobbyists, or do-it-yourselfers since they allow you to perform anything at home. YesWelder raised the bar with the MP200, a 5 in 1 welder that integrates the four most common welding techniques, as well as a plasma cutter, into a lightweight and compact equipment. YesWelder’s Firstess MP200 is the first multi-process welder to include a plasma cutter in addition to the most popular welding processes.

YesWelder raised the bar with the MP200, a 5 in 1 welder that integrates the four most common welding techniques, as well as a plasma cutter, into a lightweight and compact equipment. Yes, you read it correctly: it supports MIG, TIG, Stick, Flux Core, and Plasma welders, as well as a Plasma cutter.

The MP200 is a flexible and powerful 5-in-1 welding equipment built specifically for do-it-yourself or maintenance jobs at home. It is capable of welding MIG (GMAW), Stick (SMAW), Gasless (FCAW), and TIG (GTAW). Yes, you can cut and weld at the same time with the YesWelder MP200. It is appropriate for both home DIY and industrial operations.


  • Synergic Controlled by the MIG function, it is a very basic and easy to use device.
  • Gas MIG/Gasless MIG/Lift TIG/Stick/CUT/Stick/CUT/Stick/CUT/Stick/CUT/Stick/CUT/S 5 for 1
  • Can accommodate 0.9mm(.035″) MIG solid wire (Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035″) MIG FLux wire (Gasless MIG)
  • Ideal for electrodes 7018/6011/6010
  • Apply to D100/D200 MIG wire rolls (10lbs)..
  • Memory and System Intelligence Reset


  • The most flexible multi-process welder on the market today. Excellent performance with MIG, fluxed-core, and plasma cutting.
  • The 7018 electrodes are well-handled.
  • 6010 electrodes may be easily accommodated.
  • Duty cycle was increased.
  • Welding and cutting skills abound.
  • Superior construction and finishing
  • Heat dissipation is achieved by the use of a dual-fan configuration.
  • A constant arc that is suited for the vast majority of applications.
  • Inputs with two voltages
  • There are several control knobs.
  • For the price, this TIG and stick performs well.
  • Everything is included in the packing.
  • It is possible to save up to 10 welding settings for each session.
  • Controls, both automated and manual, are simple to construct and use.
  • It is small and light in weight.
  • The drive mechanism is completely made of metal.
  • You may fine-tune your welding/cutting experience with advanced choices.
  • A fantastic, perfect performance


  • There will be no AC TIG, no HF start, and just a single lift TIG.
  • Arc noise might be inconsistent at times.
  • The wire feed speed cannot be adjusted manually.
  • The plasma cutter does not function as well at 110 volts as it does at 220 volts.
  • When you arc the 6010 electrodes for a lengthy period of time, the arc commonly fails to ignite.

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YesWelder MIG-250PRO Review

The YesWelder MIG-250PRO is a low-cost multifunction welder. It is generally used for MIG and flux core welding, but it may also be used for Stick and TIG welding with the use of a lift arc TIG start. The MIG-250 Pro’s power, adaptability, and affordability make it an ideal choice for commercial, automotive, agricultural regions, repair shops, and other do-it-yourself workers who need 250A of power. The welder has a lot of power and a strong duty cycle, which makes it appropriate for heavy welding applications.


  • MIG synergistic benefits from multi-functions
  • Warranty for one year
  • Among the most cost-effective choices
  • Synergic settings, with a manual accessible if necessary, with the ability to fine-tune the synergic parameters
  • MIG torch of high quality, rated for 250A Lift TIG.
  • Weld up to 12 in. steel in a single pass using 250A of power and a 60 percent duty cycle at 220V.
  • There is a setting for C100 gas.
  • It has arc control options that may be sharp or gentle.
  • System of metal wire propulsion
  • MIG welding with aluminum wire requires an additional Teflon liner.
  • Adjustable inductance to assist control splatter “Cold” wire feed button for simple, safe wire changes
  • 2T and 4T method capabilities
  • Capability to MIG, Flux-core, stick, and lift TIG weld


  • It does not come with a regulator, which must be purchased separately.
  • It is limited since it only accepts 220V input electricity.
  • The fan is set to run continuously.
  • Aluminum is not applicable to DC TIG.
  • Some users may find the power switch on the back uncomfortable.
  • It does not contain a TIG torch, which must be purchased separately if necessary.
  • It is not compatible with spool guns.
  • The suggested settings are notoriously hot.
  • It only allows for a single gas input.
  • It is necessary to convert measurements into metric units.
  • The housing partly obstructs the process of changing wire rollers.

Overall, the Yeswelder MIG Pro 250 is a decent machine for the money you pay for it. Not to mention that there are many better welders available, but they all cost a lot more. The Yeswelder MIG welder is most likely the greatest piece of equipment available in its pricing range. With the flexibility to execute different welding processes (MIG/TIG/Flux/Stick) and the power it generates, you get a really nice equipment for your money.

YesWelder TIG 250P Review

YesWelder TIG 250P AC/DC, with its cheap to mid-range price tag and a slew of sophisticated capabilities, raised eyebrows. The features of the YesWelder TIG-250P AC/DC are just too many to list here. However, capabilities like as the HF start and adjustment of the pulse width and frequency are high-end options that are not present on most low- to mid-priced TIG welders. Those on a tight budget will appreciate the possibilities of this welder.


  • 250A of power is required to weld thicker stock.
  • Start and stop amps may be controlled.
  • IGBT inverter technology has the ability to ramp up and down the amps.
  • Square wave method makes aluminum welding simple, tidy, and clean.
  • Pulse frequency and width are each adjustable.
  • 2T and 4T command
  • High-frequency beginnings
  • When creating and ending an arc, the tungsten electrode sticks as little as possible.
  • Controlling the pre/post flow time of a gas
  • Portable, small and light unit
  • Weld settings are automatically saved.
  • The control panel has an integrated dust cover.
  • Can be powered by “dirty” generator electricity.


  • Only 220V is supported.
  • The foot pedal is a little stiff and not responsive enough for precise arc control. The finger trigger is also a little stiff.
  • To set the machine for pedal usage, hold the foot pedal down while the power is turned on.
  • There is no regulator included.
  • There are no consumables included.

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YesWelder TIG 205DS Review

If you’re searching for a dual-voltage welder, consider the YesWelder TIG205DS. A high-frequency TIG lamp is included with the 200Amp welder. For the remarkable Arc stability, the gadget employs IGBT technology. You may obtain an excellent welding current output ranging from 15A to 200A.

YesWelder TIG-205DS is a low-cost TIG welder that can handle almost any DIY project, home garage, or minor professional TIG work. The welder is very powerful, adaptable, and portable. This makes it an excellent entry-level TIG welder for those wishing to learn, conduct DIY work, or for professionals in need of a low-cost, dependable equipment capable of doing the majority of basic on-site tasks.


  • Model: TIG-205DS
  • Processes: TIG (GTAW), STICK, ARC, MMA
  • Input Power: 110/220V/1phase/60Hz
  • Output Range: DC 15-205 Amps
  • Input Current: 45A (110V) & 26A (220V)
  • Duty Cycle: AC 220V/205A @60% & AC 110V/165A @60%


  • Exceptional value for the price.
  • HF start with dual voltage
  • Lightweight
  • TIG/Stick Welding
  • Simple to operate as a practice or hobby machine.
  • TIG welder that is long-lasting and well-made


  • Only DC TIG welding is permitted.
  • The smallest amp setting is 15 amps. It would allow for even thinner metals if it had a 10 amp setting, but for the price, it is enough.

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Shipping & Delivery

Most customers review greatly for YesWelder shipping and delivery. YesWelder’s objective is to deliver excellent welding equipment at very accessible costs to welders all around the world. To do this, we collaborate with manufacturers all around the globe and employ a worldwide distribution network to provide you the items at a lower cost. Depending on the equipment ordered, your equipment may arrive from the United States or Hong Kong. Your shipping date will be determined by the shipment nation and delivery address.

Most products are sent within 3-5 business days. In high periods, such as during a special deal or campaign, we suggest waiting up to 3 weeks for your purchase. We have no control over delivery schedules, but be assured that we only deal with reputable welding manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the finest service possible.


During the warranty term, YesWelder will review and bear the cost of both component replacement and repair to cure problems. The following are the warranty durations, which begin on the date of delivery:

360-day period

  • Welder, TIG (TIG-205DS TIG-250P)
  • MIG Welders (MIG-205DS,MIG-250PRO-AL,MIG-250PRO-SG,MIG-270K,FLUX-135-1110)
  • Welder with a Stick (ARC-125DS,ARC-165DS,ARC-205DS,ARC-400Q)
  • Plasma Cutter (CUT-45DS,CUT-55DS,CUT-65DS)
  • TTG02 MP200 TIG Welder (TIG-A250P-AC/DC) Tungsten Grinder

180-day period

  • Welding Helmets with Auto-Darkening Torches

90-day period

  • Parts Replacement
  • Welding Gauges/Torch Accessories/Consumables
  • Tungsten

Return Policy

YesWelder has a very clear brief on their return and refund policy here. Please note that your purchases from us are subject to terms and conditions, just like any other buying experience.

Where to buy YesWelder?

There are several online shops and marketplaces where you can purchase YesWelder products:

  1. YesWelder Official Store (which  you can get extra discount and free shipping!)

We suggest you to purchase directly from the official store for the convenience of warranty and return policy. Do not forget to read customer reviews on marketplace too.

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YesWelder Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for YesWelder. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Where does YesWelder ship from?

When you purchase at YesWelder, your items maybe shipped from United States warehouse or Hong Kong purchase. It depends on what items that you purchase and the availability stock at selected warehouse at the time.

Where is YesWelder made?

YesWelder helmets and other welding products is manufactured in China.

Is YesWelder a good brand?

As the above YesWelder reviews and other customer reviews said, YesWelder really offer great price, great selection of products, great sale, quick shipping, and totally a great value in welding market. Very very low complaints!.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of YesWelder Reviews & Ratings

Whether you are a hobbyist, welding enthusiast, or just regular welding user, YesWelder is brand that you must try at least you have one of their products. Day by day, you can see increasing number of cheap welders flooding the market, but not much of them have good quality products.

YesWelder Review: Conclusion

The bottom line, YesWelder really have advanced features and good build quality, a very YES Welder!. Thank you for reading our YesWelder review. You don’t need other reviews again to judge how legit is YesWelder. Happy Shopping!


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