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About Yellow Earth

Want to find the best product with the finest sheepskin? Yellow Earth is the right choice!

Yellow Earth Review: About Yellow Earth
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Yellow Earth is a fashion brand made from 100% Australia’s natural sheepskin. Over the last 25 years, Yellow Earth evolved from being a tannery producing and selling its own products in its own retail stores.

Yellow feel they’ve created The Perfect Place for Sheepskin, and they’d be delighted to share their love and enthusiasm for sheepskin with you. Yellow Earth creates sheepskin product that is both classic and modern in terms of high fashion trends.

The yellow in-house design team works carefully to create designs that combine classic style with unmatched quality and comfort. Start with Yellow Earth Review then find your favorite Yellow items.  

Overview Yellow Earth

Starting with the Yellow Earth Journey. In 1991, Yellow Earth was created in Melbourne and immediately grew in popularity as Australia’s leading sheepskin brand.

As the biggest Australian-owned sheepskin production and distribution firm, Yellow Earth manages the whole sheepskin industry supply chain. From raw skin acquisition through tanning, dyeing, and finishing, as well as product creation and development.  

Yellow Earth has recently expanded globally with an additional constructed and state-of-the-art factory, allowing Yellow Earth to ship the products easier and faster into the United States, the European, and Asia regions.

From beginning to end, Yellow Earth focuses on quality, comfort, and design. Yellow start with selecting the best Australian sheepskins. Then carefully handcraft into quality footwear. The Yellow Earth’s design method is straightforward, inspired by art and nature, and they strive for comfort and elegance.

However, Yellow Earth sheepskin boots combine the raw textures of the Australian landscape with the type of cutting-edge design that has captivated the attention of fashion superstars like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, as well as the entire globe.

Yellow Earth Review

Basically, Yellow Earth is one of the biggest stores which sells Footwear, Shearling Jackets, Baby Care Sheepskin, and Car & Motorcycle Seat Covers from sheepskins. Yellow Earth has premium Australian sheepskins which are the greatest Double-Faced Sheepskin available.

Yellow Earth Reviews: Yellow Earth Review
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It is obtained and hand-selected by their highly experienced in-house buyers. Though, Australian Sheepskin is a natural wool product that is perfect for use in footwear. It is incredibly breathable and durable, and it is one of the world’s warmest natural fibers.

After carefully selecting high-quality sheepskins, they tan them in their own Yellow Earth Tannery. For the tanning process, it is extensive, the sheepskin is tanned, polished, combed, dyed, and buffed.

In addition, Yellow Earth has been over 15 quality control procedures done continuously. It means that Yellow can assure absolute top quality from the sheep to the completed boot. They take the environmental functions as seriously as they do their quality control standards. Sustainability is the main emphasis of every stage of their tanning process.

The Advantages of Sheepskin Jackets Review

Sheepskin is typically water-resistant. Its wool fibers offer strong, water-repellent layers that keep moisture out. Sheepskin jackets may be softly shaken and smoothed with a gentle brush after being worn in rain or snow.

Given its inherent insulating qualities, one might imagine sheepskin would be excessively heavy or hot for temperate weather. However, sheepskin is known for its moisture-wicking and breathability features, that keeps your body heat stable regardless of environmental variations. 

Additionally, Sheepskin’s flexibility and versatility will take you through from fall to spring. The following down here are some advantages when you use the jacket made by Sheepskin. 

  • Heritage

Genuine Sheepskin jackets seem to be a heritage in Australia for decades. It came to popularity throughout WWII, when military pilots used heavy sheepskin bomber jackets to keep warm. Sheepskin jackets now come in a variety of designs and shapes that are suited for daily use.

  • Unparalleled Durability

When properly cared for, a great quality sheepskin jacket may endure for decades while still preserving its warmth and softness. Sheepskin jackets by Yellow Earth are made of the highest quality and most durable sheepskin available.

  • Genuine Wool

Some people believe that sheepskin is excessively hot for mild climates because of the wool’s inherent insulating characteristics. Genuine wool, on the other hand, is known for its breathability and humidity features, which help in temperature regulation in a variety of situations. Sheepskin jackets may be worn from autumn until spring.

  • Timeless Design

For years, Sheepskin jackets have become a part of the Australian heritage. They are flexible and may be dressed up or down on the occasion. Sheepskin jackets are available in a variety of styles and cuts to fit your interests. Yellow Earth Australia has a variety of styles for both women that is suitable for you.

Want to know more about Yellow Earth Sheepskin Jacket? Alright, you can find them in the next review. 

Yellow Earth Traditional Sheepskin Moccasins Review

Let’s begin the first review product from the Footwear Collection by Yellow Earth. The Genuine Australian Sheepskin footwear includes fashion boots, UGG boots, slippers, and moccasins either for women or men, as well as children

All Yellow Earth Footwear products are made from 100% original premium Australian sheepskin. This has already been carefully chosen with high-quality A-Grade double face the Australian Merino sheepskin designed for optimal comfort and durability. Many of them will have a thick, dense, and luxurious wool lining.

Here, Yellow Earth proudly presents to you a must-have fashion item for the chilly days at home – Traditional Sheepskin Moccasins. 

Generally, Moccasins are a classic form of slippers that sold in Melbourne for over a decade. Genuine leather suede and soft Australian sheepskin wool are used to make Yellow moccasins. It is made to be last and keep your feet warm at home throughout the year.

Yellow Moccasins are more comfortable because they are made with original sheepskin and leather, as compared to synthetic materials. With the use of original and natural wool, you can keep your feet dry and comfortable even in the warmer seasons. 

Moreover, Yellow Earth Moccasins are among one the most popular sheepskin slippers offer all year round and thus are beloved by both Yellow Earth online and in-store retail customers. This moccasin may also be purchased with reinforced heel support here.


  • Product Type: Slippers
  • Heel Style: Flat
  • Heel Height: No Heel
  • Toe Style: Round-toe
  • Closure Type: Pull-on/Slip-on
  • Upper Material: 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
  • Lining Material: Wool
  • Insole Material: Wool
  • Outsole Material: EVA/Rubber

Want to know more about what makes Yellow Moccasins so special? The process of making sheepskin moccasins is explained in detail in their blog article.

Yellow Earth Manly Classic UGG Boots Review

Yellow Earth Manly Classic is one of the most popular UGG boots for inside and mild outdoor wear. This unisex boot is not only durable but also a fashionable and classic option for daily use. All-female sizes are available, including petite, as well as bigger sizes for men.

They use only the best quality of Australian sheepskin to ensure that the boot not only looks excellent but also feels comfortable and supportive. Learn more about Yellow iconic UGG boot collection here. The robust EVA/Rubber sole unit is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Product Type: Sheepskin Boot
  • Boot height: Approximately 18cm, not including the sole
  • Heel Style: Flat
  • Heel Height: No
  • Heel-Toe Style: Round-toe
  • Closure Type: Pull-on/Slip-on
  • Upper Material: 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
  • Lining Material: Wool
  • Insole Material: Wool
  • Outsole Material: EVA/Rubber Sole unit. Durable and will last years
  • Features: Water-resistant sheepskin, Non-slip, 18mm Australian Sheepskin

Is your chosen color/size not available? You may be interested in the Yellow New Byron Boot, it is a similar design with an entirely new flexible sole design.

For maintenance, use Yellow Earth Care Kit to keep your shoes stay clean. 

Yellow Earth Fitzroy Shearling Jacket Review

For the next one, the best-selling item in the Yellow Earth Shearling Jacket is Fitzroy Shearling Jacket. It is available in 3 different colors Navy blue, Khaki, and Chestnut. This item is sometimes out of stock, especially for Chestnut. 

Yellow Earth Review: Yellow Earth Fitzroy Shearling Jacket Review
Image:Yellow Earth@fb

The Yellow Earth Fitzroy Jacket is a classic style that provides adaptability and warmth. This jacket is made of durable Australian sheepskin and is ideal for cold weather. The jacket features a silky suede shine finish on the outside, soft curly wool sheepskin on the inside for super-soft, and snug insulation against frigid winds.

However, The Fitzroy jacket is ideal for day and night use, with an easy zip, three front pockets, and a versatile collar. Click here to discover more about Yellow Earth sheepskin coats.

Later on, we’ll discuss the Baby Care Sheepskin in the next review so keep on reading!

Yellow Earth Baby Lambskin Rug Review

Yellow Earth Baby Care Lambskin is made from 100 % Australian Natural Lambskin and has a soothing feel that calms and relaxes your baby.

The first goal is your baby’s safety and comfort.  As a result, Yellow lambskin items are free of harsh and harmful chemicals such as bleach, formaldehyde, and arsenic. The yellow rug is also chrome-free, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic, using only A-grade quality sheepskin to offer maximum safety to promote your baby’s health and well-being.

Natural wool is both cool in the summer & warm in the winter. Yellow quality Baby lambskin rugs may be used as a cot bottom, cribs, playpens, or anywhere else to give extra comfort to your little one. Lambskin rugs may help newborns sleep in a new environment, and they may get rather connected to their lambskin rug as a source of familiar comfort.

Yellow Baby Lambskin Rug is produced from superior Australian lambskins that are thick and silky. It is also baby-friendly and hypoallergenic. Because they don’t use harsh chemicals, their lambskins have a warm and natural ivory color.

Why a natural lambskin is a great option? Natural Australian Lambskin is delicate and silky to touch. The wool fibers are soft but thick, not only does it absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, but it also enables air to easily flow among the lambskin rug and your baby. Keeping your infant dry and reducing the risk of heat rashes as well. 

Yellow Earth baby Lambskin Rug is great for cot underlays, cribs, bassinets, playpens, and tummy time on the floor. However, it is thick and cozy wool that is appropriate for every situation, keeping your baby warm and happy. If you’re on the road, these adaptable and multipurpose carpets are ideal for any sort of travel, really! 

Simply roll or fold it and place it in your stroller or baby bag, perfect for your baby’s next journey. The greatest thing is that they come in a variety of colors. Silver grey, natural ivory, and pink are available. 

Wool absorbs moisture and helps to prevent heat rash. Yellow lambskin rugs are comfortable with a rich wool fiber that relieves pressure and protects newborns. Learn more about the Yellow Earth baby products range in their blog article

Yellow Earth Wool Women's Socks Review

Enjoy 10% OFF when you buy 3 or more pairs of Yellow socks. Mix and combine different colors and sizes. The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Socks!  It is one of the smallest pieces of clothing, yet a crucial component of your daily comfort. You may not think it matters what your socks are made of, but after you learn about the advantages of alpaca and merino wool socks, you’ll want to mix up your sock collection!

Yellow Earth socks are made of alpaca wool and are soft and toasty on your feet. Alpaca wool fibers include small air pockets that function as a natural heat insulator. For increased comfort and circulation, these socks do not have a tight elastic top.

It is made in Melbourne by an Australian-owned company and is available in a range of colors, making them ideal for gift-giving. Yellow Woll Socks contain 60% Alpaca, 20% Wool, 17% Nylon, and 3% Lycra.

NOTE: Alpaca is a luxurious wool fiber, and all Yellow socks are not suitable for use with severe abrasion footwear, such as work boots. Please keep in mind that Yellow do not accept returns or refunds on their sock products for hygienic reasons.

Yellow Earth Size Guide

All Yellow Earth is available in different sizes. To find your best size, they have further information on how to discover the right fit. 

Yellow Earth Review: Yellow Earth Size Guide
Image:Yellow Earth@fb
  • For the perfect UGG Boot, you can visit this link
  • For Yellow Moccasins items, all of those are unisex and come in Men’s US sizes. Please order 1 size down for women. For the best fit, use foot length measurements.

Yellow Earth Return Policy

Have a problem with your product? Don’t worry! Yellow Earth understand how difficult it can be to find the ideal product online, and that is why they provide an easy exchange and refund policy within 30 days after your received the product. 

Besides, Yellow Earth Australia is glad to provide the customers with a return or exchange within days of purchase for any items bought on their official Yellow Earth website. 


  • Please download and complete the Product Returns Form linked here, following the directions and comments included.
  • Please print this form and attach it with your returned item.


  • Only products of the same style may be exchanged. If you wish to exchange for a new product, please follow the instructions here to return the undesired product before purchasing the new product separately.
  • Please download and complete the Product Exchange Form linked above, following the directions and notes included.
  • Please print and include this completed form with the item to be exchanged.

Before returning an item, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Yellow Earth Australia will only process returns, exchanges, or refunds if the consumer ordered the product/s through the official Yellow Earth website 
  • The product purchased in retail shops must be returned to the retail outlet for processing since in-store rules are different from those found online. For further information, please contact the retail shop directly.
  • Products purchased through third-party websites must be returned to the original point of purchase for exchange or refund.
  • The customer is directly responsible for any expenses related to the return of the product.
  • Original shipping charges are non-refundable. 
  • Any customer requesting a refund or direct exchange must return the ordered Yellow Earth Australia items in their original, unused condition, in their original packaging, with all tags remaining attached.
  • Any items returned that do not meet the original condition criteria will be returned to you at your cost.
  • Refunds and exchanges must be requested within 30 days of the purchase date. Exceptions may apply if a legitimate claim is subjected to a second evaluation at their discretion.

Yellow Earth Shipping

Congrats! You get FREE SHIPPING when you spend more than $200 on Australia orders. Meanwhile, for orders under $200, you’ll get a flat rate of $9.95 standard shipping.

Need the express one? Then you must pay $18 for a flat rate using Express shipping. Selected items and some bulky items have different delivery charges so the precise amount will be calculated after checkout. The shipping time might take 4-7 business days depending on your location.

Domestic shipment to specific places in Australia is now affected because of the current pandemic COVID-19 outbreak situation. There have been no delays in sending products from the Yellow warehouse. Please use the tracking number given to check on the status of your shipping. Yellow apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Yellow Earth Australia believes in long-term sustainability. Their default domestic carrier is now 100% carbon neutral, buying carbon offsets through environmental programs worldwide to balance each and every delivery.

For the Same Day Shipping, Yellow Earth provides same-day shipping for orders made before 12 p.m. for Metro Melbourne areas. The service is $25. Please pick the Local Delivery option at checkout, which will appear automatically if your address is within the approved delivery area.

However, Yellow Earth is no longer shipped to international orders except in New Zealand with a flat rate of $30 DHL Express Shipping. 

Click and Collect

Click and Collect has become available at the Yellow Vermont production outlet. During checkout, please choose the “Yellow Earth Main Warehouse/Factory Outlet” area as your local pickup option. This service is absolutely FREE, and the orders are generally available for collection in one business day. This service will be accessible during stage four lockdowns.

Yellow Earth Customer Service

Eager to chit-chat with Yellow Earth? Drop your questions or comment about the product or anything else related to the Yellow Earth through their Customer Service.

Where to buy Yellow Earth?

Have you decided to buy one of Yellow Earth Products? Awesome! To make a purchase, you can get your footwear, shearling jackets, or baby lambskin rug only through the Yellow Earth Official Website. This brand is also provided in the marketplace such as eBay.

We strongly suggested buying on the official website since you’ll get more benefits and exclusive deals. Another option, you can find the Yellow Earth Emporium Store here or visit the location here at:

Yellow Earth Store

Australian Natural Living Pty Ltd
Building 4
170-180 Rooks Road
Vermont 3133, Victoria, Australia

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Yellow Earth Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Yellow Earth. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Where are Yellow Earth products manufactured?

Almost all of the Yellow items are created in their own factory, using abilities that they’ve honed since its inception. Some Yellow Earth items are made locally in Melbourne, while others are created in their own Australian factory in China.

What makes Yellow Earth more comfortable and fit to wear?

There are 4 factors why Yellow Eart is more comfortable to wear. 

  • Yellow sheepskin boots should feel tight but not painful.
  • For a natural, cushioning sensation, sheepskin footwear should be worn without socks.
  • The natural characteristics of real sheepskin will drain away moisture, keeping your feet dry and warm. Sheepskin breathes and regulates body temperature.
  • For further information, please see the specific sizing recommendations connected to the items.
Ask a question?

Yellow Earth Expert Reviews

I can’t express how grateful I am to Yellow Earth for their quick service. My purchase arrived within a week after being placed. Although I did not request that my product arrive quickly, I was quite happy that it did. I bought a sheep’s wool medical rug for my sick girlfriend in order to sleep on in the winter. She now keeps it on her bed and loves the warmth. I totally recommend Yellow Earth, not just for their items but also for their timely service. I will be forever grateful.

Jane Moss
Full Review
Yellow Earth Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Yellow Earth@fb

The Yellow earth moccasins are excellent. I love the color green. So warm and pleasant. It did not disappoint and arrived on schedule. Thank you for the hand sanitizer also, which, to my delight, had a nice aroma and dried quickly without leaving my hands feeling greasy, as most others do. I’m one pf, happy customer. I will certainly bookmark your website. Thank you very much!

Alison H
Full Review

Since I’ve been using a wheelchair for a few years, the water retention in my ankles and feet has worsened to the point that my shoes from last winter no longer fit (much to my frustration). After resolving to wear “medical” footwear, I was pleasantly delighted to discover that the Argyle boots are also rather attractive, in addition to being quite comfortable and warm. Thank you for the additional pair of innersoles as well! 🙂

Karen Wolf-Thom
Full Review

Thank you, Yellow Earth, for these gorgeous burgundy boots. I put this on. They are incredibly comfy and toasty. I won’t be wearing them till winter arrives, but I’m certain they will not only be comfy burgundy boots but will also keep my feet and toes warm. The quality and design seem to be excellent, and I want to keep them for a long time. I suggest these boots, and if they are suitable for the Tasmanian winter, I will purchase other pair in a different color.

Full Review

Conclusion of Yellow Earth Reviews & Ratings

All about Sheepskin products, you can easily find them at Yellow Earth. Thus, this brand offers the finest product made from 100% Australian Natural Sheepskin. For sure, it is a kind of natural wool that is ideal for use in footwear, jackets, or rugs. 

Yellow Earth Review: Conclusion
Image:Yellow Earth@fb

For the final thought, after reading Yellow Earth Review you should give them a chance to try. You can also use the promo code to save your payment. Make sure you buy them from the official website. 


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