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About XSteel Targets

Every gunner has a favorite target, and if you don’t have one yet, you soon will. This often reflects the shooter’s passions or the advantages they hope to get from their activity.

XSteel Targets Review: About
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The bench rest rifle shooter will use a rifle target that has certain increments marked on it for simple adjustment. Steel may be preferred by long-range shooters, whereas bullseyes or silhouettes may be preferred by pistol shooters.

A shooter’s target is more than simply a reflection of their weapon of choice; it’s also a clear reflection of their goals. Look no farther than XSteel Targets if you’re looking for a great shooting target.

XSteel Targets is one of the most cost-effective steel target producers in the United States. XSteel Targets make use of high-quality AR550/AR500 steel and cutting-edge laser cutters.

This company offers a broad range of shooting targets from which to pick. In this XSteel Targets review, you will learn about this fantastic brand, their shooting target items, reviews, and even some available discounts.

Prepare your weapon and buy their products!

Overview of XSteel Targets

William Sanson launched XSteel Targets in 2014 in Dodge Center, Minnesota. XSteel Targets has expanded from an 1800 square foot pole barn to a 20,000 square foot facility with cutting-edge CNC technology, licensed welders, powder coating capabilities, and a design staff dedicated to providing not just fun but also a safe shooting experience.

XSteel Targets has sent hundreds of thousands of targets to customers all around the globe, including the military, law enforcement, competition shooters, state-of-the-art ranges, and the rare backyard shooter.

XSteel Targets is committed to providing the highest quality steel targets at the lowest possible cost. XSteel Targets can manufacture the greatest shooting practice and competition targets you want with infinite quantities of the best steel available in the United States and the most cutting-edge technology from Bystronic laser cutters.

XSteel Targets Reviews

Steel target shooting is both engaging and enjoyable for all participants. XSteel Targets provide something for everyone, whether you’re shooting vast distances and require more conformability with each hit, or you’re dealing with youngsters who are passionate about shooting.

XSteel Targets Reviews

The trademark sound and visible aesthetic mark deliver a feeling of instant fulfillment and certainty that you’ve shot your target every time you strike one of XSteel Targets’ highly durable AR500 / AR550 steel targets.

There’s no need to go up and down the range, only to discover that the hole in the paper was exactly where you stapled it. Simply take a seat on the bench and fire away.

XSteel Targets selects the highest-grade steels available in the United States. This distinguishes this brand from other competitors, who employ lower-quality materials that tire and fail more quickly.

This brand’s AR500 steel has been certified and ballistically tested, ensuring quality and satisfaction. Ballistic testing on steel is not required, according to certain target manufacturers, since the target is not utilized for armor applications. This is both lazy and stupid to XSteel Targets.

XSteel Targets wants to ensure that their target products surpass your expectations, thus they conduct ballistic tests to ensure product quality. The company pledged to go above and above to deliver the finest service possible.

XSteel Targets T-Post Review

T-post target hangers for static steel targets are manufactured by XSteel Targets. To guarantee the target hangers are as sturdy as possible, XSteel Targets uses CNC laser cutting equipment to create its steel targets.

The robust spring used in XSteel Targets T-post static target hangers is intended to resist hundreds of blows before splitting, chipping, or displaying any indications of damage. This allows you to spend more time on the range without having to change your target holders before you’re ready.

T-Post static target hangers from XSteel Targets are the highest-quality and most economical target hangers on the market. For the daily shooter, the T-post static target hangers are simple to use the tool.

This product is the greatest in terms of quality and performance, as well as ease of setup. For the daily shooter, this holder is a must-have. Works well with static targets that are 5″ or larger.

XSteel Targets Circle Gong Review

This XSteel Targets Circle Gong metal shooting target is sturdy, dependable, and heavy-duty, making it a great option for handgun practice. The fact that the target is unpainted and appropriate for a broad variety of calibers will appeal to you. The 8″ x 3/8″ XSteel metal gun target comes with 12″ mounting holes for hanging.

XSteel Targets also offers various sizes and mounting holes for this Circle Gong, you can check this page to see what XSteel Targets offers. You can choose either AR500 or AR550 material for this Gong. If you want a robust and long-lasting target, then choose the AR550. For the color option, you can choose between not coated raw steel color or powder-coated orange color.

The metal gong is also laser cut for strong steel integrity and may be used with pistols and rifles up to.308 won. After firing hundreds of rounds, ranging from 22lr to 40 s&w, this metal gong works wonderfully and shows no signs of denting.

When you strike the target, you will hear a ping and there will be no ricochet. The hanging holes are large, and mounting the target is simple. If you’re looking for a long-lasting target for shooting practice, the XSteel Targets Circle Gong is the way to go.

Rated for:

  • Calibers 9MM – 308 WIN
  • Heavy use


  • The target has been laser cut to take 1/2″ bolts.
  • The item will arrive unpainted and without any mounting hardware.
  • Laser-cut targets of guaranteed excellent quality.
  • XSteel Targets utilize the best AR500 and AR550 available on the market.
  • All of XSteel’s targets are created in the United States of America!

XSteel Targets X-Tree HD Review

By combining state-of-the-art fabrication technology and trained expert welders, XSteel TargetsĀ  X-Tree HD reactive targets outperform the competition. These targets are built by XSteel Targets to withstand a lot of usage. Every target offered by XSteel Targets is tested with thousands of rounds. These are ideal for both professional shooting contests and training facilities.

XSteel Targets employ only the finest grade AR500/AR550 steel in conjunction with CNC laser cutting machines to reduce HAZ (heat affected zone), which is common in cheaper plasma or torch cut targets.

This preserves the quality and integrity of X-tree HD targets, resulting in a longer life span that outlasts the competition. You can also upgrade X-Tree HD targets from AR500 to AR550 to get more durability. The other upgrade offered is that you can add a powder coating in orange and black color.


  • Ready to shoot!
  • Paddles slip in and out with ease for easy change outs for different sized paddles (1/2″, 1/4″).
  • Measures Approx. 5′ tall.
  • Angles forward to prevent stuck paddles and allows for downward deflection.
  • Ships unpainted
  • Guaranteed high quality laser cut targets.
  • This target use the finest AR500 and AR550 the market has to offer
  • Center is A36 material
  • Made in AMERICA!

Xstell Targets Vivid-X Review

XSteel Targets VIVID-X targets are intended for those searching for some variety and fun at the range, as well as for those wishing to keep the interest of newcomers to the sport alive. It is certain that shooting a zombie is more fun than shooting a boring circle or silhouettes.

For your specific requirements, choose from a variety of material thicknesses (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″), material types (AR500, AR550), and powder coating choices. Other than zombie, you can also choose other forms like clown, gnome, snake or even Putin face.

To reduce HAZ (heat affected zone) as observed in cheaper plasma or torch cut targets, XSteel Targets employ only the best grade rifle-certified material in conjunction with in-house CNC laser cutting technology. This preserves the quality and integrity of Vivid-X targets, resulting in a longer lifespan that outlasts the competition.

Sizes: 10.16″ X 7.04″

Rated for:

  • 1/4″ – Calibers 22LR-45ACP – Light duty
  • 3/8″ – Calibers 9MM – 308 WIN – Heavy use
  • 1/2″ – Calibers 308-338 LAPUA – For the heavy hitters


  • Target is laser cut to accept 1/2″ bolts and/or our Twist-Loc system!
  • Rounded top for easier use with shepherd hooks.
  • Ships unpainted and without mounting hardware.
  • Guaranteed high quality laser cut targets.
  • High Quality AR500 and AR550 the market has to offer
  • Made in AMERICA!

XSteel Targets Bundles Review

AR500 firing target kits for outdoor shooting ranges are available from XSteel Targets in a variety of models. XSteel Targets firing range target bundles are available in a variety of diameters and thicknesses to fit a wide range of calibers and ammunition. XSteel Targets offers a variety of steel firing kit settings, including stake-and-shoot and standing targets, as well as the ability to create customized targets to meet specific needs.

XSteel Targets Review: XSteel Targets Bundles Review

A major advantage of XSteel‘s steel shooting targets for sale is that they are manufactured in America, which enables this company to provide steel shooting targets for sale at the lowest possible costs. One of the most sought shooting target bundles from XSteel Targets is the CRX Target System bundle.

This CRX Target System is developed primarily for heavy usage in close quarters circumstances with centerfire rifles. XSteel Targets spent many months developing and improving this system to ensure optimal efficiency and, most importantly, safety for the intended uses.

It is made of AR500 steel, which is incredibly sturdy. XSteel Targets can generate a long-lasting target for any sort of shooter using CNC laser cutters. These targets have a.308Win rating.

This target may be placed at a safe angle of around 20 degrees or for severe downward inclinations of 40 degrees. For distances closer than 50 yards, we provide the extreme angle, which is often utilized by professional shooters, military, and police. Everyday shooters may exploit the extreme angle to extend the target’s life by diverting enormous quantities of energy away from the striking face and into the ground.

Rated for:

  • Calibers 9MM – 308 WIN MAG
  • Heavy use
  • Rated up to.308 Win at 50 yards and/or maximum velocity under 3,000 feet per second. Anything over 3,000 FPS potentially forces steel to corrode. This target may be utilized for more specific purposes by the military, law enforcement, and professionals as long as all possible hazards are identified and considered. When shooting, always use appropriate personal protection equipment.


  • Angles of 20-40 degrees are available.
  • The target has been laser cut to take 1/2″ bolts.
  • Laser-cut targets of guaranteed excellent quality.
  • XSteel Targets brand only utilizes the best AR500 and AR550 on the market.
  • The CRX Target System bundle is created in the United States of America!


  • CRX A-C Zone Target
  • CRX Mounting Bracket
  • Black Widow Stand
  • 12″ Black Widow Stand Extensions
  • 12″ 2X4 Protector Plate
  • All Hardware
  • 3/8″ AR500 / AR550 CRX A-C Zone Target

XSteel Targets Custom Order Review

All of XSteel Targets‘ targets are proudly made in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Using cutting-edge laser cutters capable of cutting up to 1 mm thick materials “thick material, as well as a variety of other CNC equipment, this brand is able to consistently manufacture excellent products.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the brand product range, XSteel Targets may create a personalized order for you. A 3D printer can handle a single piece bespoke order for your backyard or a 100,000-piece order Whether it’s a single target or a full-scale aerial tank, XSteel Targets can do it.

There is no such thing as a little or large task. If you want to make a customized targets order, you just need to fill out this form about your desired targets. For further information about XSteel Targets custom orders, please contact XSteel Targets customer service.

XSteel Targets Return Policy

For any reason, XSteel Targets items may be returned 30 days after purchase. Only unused products are eligible for return. Only the cost of the products will be refunded. The refund will not cover the shipping charges. The price of returning the products to XSteel Targets will be your responsibility.

XSteel Targets Review: XSteel Targets Return Policy

If you got “free shipping,” XSteel Targets will deduct the cost of shipping from the price of your purchases, based on the number of parcels you ordered. For example, if you spent $300.00 on targets and only received one box, your refund would be $300 less the cost of shipping.

XSteel Targets Shipping Policy

XSteel Targets delivers to the address supplied by the client at checkout and is not liable for any mistakes made by the customer during the checkout process or address submission. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide accurate information.

If a product is returned due to any problems or difficulties, such as no mail receptacle, incorrect address, or any other faults, the client is liable for extra shipping expenses. XSteel Targets will be held liable for any mistakes that occur as a result of their actions. Before submitting orders, double-check all addresses to ensure they are right.

The majority of XSteel Targets‘ shipments are sent by UPS, USPS, and FEDEX. You may contact XSteel Targets customer support if you have any problems with these carriers. Orders returned due to “No Mail Receptacle” are not the responsibility of XSteel Targets. If your item is being sent through UPS ground, you must provide a physical address.

If you spend more than $149.99, you’ll get free delivery. Large size targets headed to Alaska, Hawaii, or US territories are the only exceptions to the free delivery policy. Quantities aren’t limited in any way. Any orders that need UPS outside of the lower 48 states may incur extra charges.

Orders from Alaska and Hawaii may be eligible for free delivery, but only on certain goods. Please contact XSteel Targets customer service for further information and freight rates.

XSteel Targets Customer Service

If you have already purchased XSteel Targets items while reading this review and have questions or issues about them, you may contact their customer service department. Any problems or questions you have with XSteel Targets and its goods may be quickly handled by contacting the company via its website.

You just need to fill out the form listed on the customer service toolbar of the XSteel Targets website. You can also contact or visit XSteel Targets company at the addresses listed below.

612 1ST AVE NE
PH: 507-633-8012
Working hours: 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday

Where to buy XSteel Targets?

You may be wondering how to get XSteel Targets‘ amazing products after reading the review. Products from XSteel Targets may be bought on their official website.

You can also get XSteel Targets products from Amazon. It is recommended that you buy XSteel Targets products from their official website to take advantage of numerous discounts and specials.

XSteel Targets Promo Codes & Coupons

Having read the XSteel Targets product review, you may be wondering where you can get their high-quality shooting targets. If you like shooting and want to obtain the best deal possible on your aiming target from XSteel Targets, you can save money by using the promo codes listed below.

Aside from that, XSteel Targets often offers discounts on certain of their products; you can find these discounts in the bargain bin section of their website. If you join up for XSteel Targets‘ newsletter, you will get an extra 10% discount on your first order. Not only that, but by subscribing to the XSteel Targets newsletter, you will also be eligible to win a gift card!

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XSteel Targets Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for XSteel Targets. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What is AR500 Steel, and how does it differ from other steels?

AR500 is the same steel that’s used in body armor, such as the gear Eric tried out. The number 500 in the name refers to a Brinell hardness of 500. Brinell testing uses a ball bearing to hit the steel to check whether it chips or cracks, or Brinells, which is a fancy way of saying “dents.” In a nutshell, it’s quite robust.

What are the types of shooting targets?

Steel targets are classified into two types: static and dynamic. Static targets include silhouettes, gongs, and other such objects. They’re still more reactive than paper since they provide auditory response on a hit, but apart from that, they’re simply sitting. Dynamic targets are objectives that are constantly moving. These include falling Steel Challenge-style shapes that you can hit over, dueling trees where you may practice fast shooting against yourself or a friend, and spinning thingies.

Ask a question?

XSteel Targets Expert Reviews

XSteel is one of the most cost-effective target manufacturers in the industry. “Well, we can do better than that,” a group of shooters decided after seeing the exorbitant costs and poor machining of many steel targets on the market. And they’ve been doing it for a long time. Bud and Will Sanson, owners of XSteel, are hunters and target shooters who wanted to give their peers with cheap steel targets that were nonetheless beautifully machined and durable.

Pew Pew Tactical
Full Review
XSteel Targets Review: Expert Reviews

The XSTEEL AR500 GONG is 12″ wide and 3/8″ thick, made of solid, sturdy steel and laser-cut utilizing cutting-edge technology. You’ll appreciate the sound this gong produces when you fire at it, not simply because it’s constructed to endure. That distinct ping sound that indicates how good and straight of a strike it was. There’s a reason this objective is at the top of our priority list, and it’s likely to remain that way for a while. The top of this enormous metal gong has two handy mounting holes that enable you to tie or connect it to just about anything that can support its weight. This gong is a pleasant and exciting target to fire at, whether it’s for indoor target practice or outside leisure shooting.

Outdoor Meta
Full Review

If you discover you want a static target when browsing for AR500 steel targets for sale, look no further. These XSteel steel firing plates are just what you need! It’s made of?” steel and may be used with a range of handgun and rifle calibers. These targets have been laser cut, which makes a significant impact. The steel is exposed to less heat while laser cutting it. Steel is weakened by heat, thus the less heat it is exposed to, the better. These targets are sold unpainted, so you can paint them whatever color you choose! The sound is something else we believe you’ll like about this target. It will tell you whether you’ve struck your target loudly and clearly. There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t like this target. It is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Geek Wrapped
Full Review

The versatility of the Stake-N-Shoot method is, in my view, one of its most significant features. The fact that the Stake-N-Shoot is built on a 24 makes it more adaptable than other systems, which I enjoy. I loved the notion of the 12 stand systems I’d seen at first, and they’re a good alternative. The benefit of the Stake-N-Shoot, on the other hand, is that rather than buying 1x2s particularly for the target, a person can nearly always find a spare 24 laying about. The wood stand is also advantageous since it may be used to staple targets other than steel plates.

Urban Hickster
Full Review

Conclusion of XSteel Targets Reviews & Ratings

Buying XSteel Targets may help you enhance your shooting skills. They provide not only long-lasting but also interactive targets. Buy one and compete against a buddy using XSteel Targets.

XSteel Targets Review: Conclusion

With XSteel Targets, it is anticipated that you will have the greatest shooting experience possible. Purchase one, improve your shooting accuracy, and leave a comment if you like this XSteel Targets review.


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