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About Woodrich Brand

Woodwork may be beautiful, especially when it is completed with excellent wood finish materials. The furniture may degrade with time, but it may be repaired with the right tools and procedures. If your wood has been worn and has gone silver or gray over time, restoration kits may restore it to a like-new, fresh-cut look.

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This method is safe and effective for recovering outdoor wood furniture, decks, fences, log cabins, and wood-sided dwellings. If you wish to maintain or repair your woodwork, choose Woodrich Brand as it provides the highest quality products for restoring and preserving woodwork.

Woodrich Brand is a retailer of high-end wood stain and repair supplies which is the perfect choice for any carpenter or woodwork enthusiast looking to preserve the condition of their deck, fence, or siding.

To know more about this brand, we give you this Woodrich Brand review that will inform you about the company, its product range, and other issues. You may even discover great discounts to help save your money while shopping on this brand.

This Woodrich Brand review may provide you with a wealth of information whether you like making things out of wood or are a casual DIY enthusiast.

Overview of Woodrich Brand

Under the umbrella of Extreme Solutions, Inc., the Woodrich Brand is employee-owned and operated. It is a company that specializes in outdoor wood repair and preservation. And, each wood repair and preservation product was developed for their contracting firm.

The goal of Woodrich Brand is not to create the most lucrative items; it sets out to provide the most efficient and consistent solutions imaginable. What’s more, customer satisfaction is their first focus when marketing their items.

Their mission is to surpass your expectations throughout your project, not just with the result. Although providing high-quality items is essential to the brand’s mission, Woodrich Brand also recognizes the importance of committed assistance, which is why this brand offers help to its consumers at every stage.

Woodrich Brand Reviews

Woodrich Brand formulations are designed exclusively to safeguard new woodwork. Wood “has to weather for many months outdoors before it can be treated,” according to many product makers and tradespeople.

This is not the case. Many finishes may fail soon after being applied to “fresh wood,” but this is not due to the wood’s fault; instead, the finish was not designed for this use. If you want to be aggressive in preserving your woodwork from the beginning, Woodrich Brand has products to protect exotic hardwoods and domestic softwoods.

Woodrich Brand manufactures not only the most excellent solution for preserving and protecting fresh wood but also a kit for repairing old wood. No matter how old or neglected, all external wood may be repaired and preserved.

Stain, wood cleaner, and wood brightener are all included in Woodrich Brand project packages. Restore the appearance of your worn deck, fence, siding, or log cabin with the help of this brand products.

For any needs for your woodwork, Woodrich Brand provides the highest quality products for you to use!

Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Review

Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain is one of the top products from this company. It is a wood stain and sealer for softwoods product that you can use to preserve your woodwork. You can choose 1-gallon or 5-gallon quantities for this wood stain based on your need.

Woodrich Brand Review: Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Review
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The 1-gallon wood stain can cover up to 300 square feet, and the 5 gallons wood stain can cover up to 750 square feet. You can also choose between five colors for the dyes; Signature Brown, Amaretto, Brown Sugar, Warm Honey Gold, and Western Cedar.

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a professional, this stain is simple to apply. It’s the perfect stain for new cedar or pressure-treated pine decks, fences, wood siding, and log cabins.

Even first-time users may anticipate excellent outcomes. Because it digs deep to repair old and dry wood, it won’t overlap, run, or leave drip marks. It may also be used on fresh wood and contains more trans-oxide pigments than other paraffinic stains, providing significantly greater coverage. With this simple-to-use tool, even individuals who have never dealt with wood may obtain a stunning finish.

Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain Review

If you have hardwood to stain, you should avoid using Timber Oil Wood Stain. Instead, you might use this Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain, which is simple to use whether a DIY homeowner or a contractor. Teak, mahogany, cambara, ipe, and garapa are among the thick exotic hardwoods that absorb this hardwood stain.

Choose between two quantities, 1 gallon and 5 gallons, covering up to 300 and 1500 square feet, respectively. You can also pick between five beautiful finish colors: Amaretto, Brown Sugar, Warm Honey Gold, and Western Cedar.

To show a superb quality finish, brush, roll, or spray on, then wipe with a dry towel. It has a high concentration of pigment and resin solids, making it suitable for outdoor use. Superior grade long oil alkyd resins hold the micro-ground trans-oxide pigments in place. This results in a solution that can function while protecting with the unequaled quality of transparent oxide pigments, despite the restricted penetration typical to hardwoods.

Because of its extraordinarily high pigment concentration, Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain is becoming the finish of preference for architects, builders, homeowners, importers, and restoration professionals. What’s more, it is renowned for outperforming other finishes on exotic hardwoods.

Woodrich Brand EFC-38 Review

When exposed to bright sunshine, unprotected wood gradually loses its original color and becomes gray. Using Woodrich Brand EFC38 cleaner, you may remove the old grey wood and reveal the new wood underneath. Choose between 2lb and 10lb quantities covering up to 750 and 3000 square feet, respectively.

Woodrich Brand created EFC38 to help you quickly finish your challenging wood deck repair tasks. It comes with a unique composition that has the power to remove most semi-transparent stains and sealers, as well as mold, mildew, and filth.

The EFC38 has been buffered to maintain the natural sugars and oils that give your wood its rich, fresh-cut appearance. Woodrich Brand EFC38 is a highly developed dry powder solution that combines readily with water, giving you more freedom and saving money.

This cleanser from Woodrich Brand safely and efficiently eliminates the majority of old oil-based coatings and revives even the most neglected wood surfaces.

Woodrich Brand HD-80 Review

If the EFC38 is used for mild cleaning and the cleaning strength is reduced to save money, the HD80, a Woodrich Brand cleaner, operates in the other direction. This brand created the HD80 as a high-strength wood cleaner or stripper rather than for economic reasons. HD80 is a wood cleaner and stripper designed to remove semi-transparent and solid deck stains and sealers. Removes most external wood coatings effectively.

Woodrich Brand Review: Woodrich Brand HD-80 Review
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HD80 is excellent for removing any wood stains and sealers off wood decks, fences, siding, and log cabins. HD80 cleaner/stripper was created to help you quickly get through your challenging wood restoration work.

This unique mixture gives you the extra power to strip any wood restoration job. The key to good wood restoration is proper surface preparation. You can choose between two quantities, 750 square feet and 3000 square feet, as it is the estimated time you use during your date.

Woodrich Brand Citralic Review

The EFC38 and HD80 from Woodrich Brand are exclusively for cleaning wooden surfaces. Those products merely clean and remove any mold, mildew, or stains from the wood. Although the wood will be cleaned, the surface will retain its aged appearance. The Citralic will be used here; after using the EFC and HD80 cleaners, add Citralic as a brightener and neutralizer.

The Citralic from Woodrich Brand is a specially prepared mixture of acids and surfactants created to neutralize and brighten wood without causing bleaching or damage swiftly. It helps remove black streaks caused by rust or tannin stains. Citralic brings out the wood’s original colors for a clean, freshly cut appearance. This innovative product in a professional wood restoration gives the wood a like-new appearance.

Woodrich Brand Sample Kit Review

Woodrich Brand offers sample kits at a reduced price to help you select which product is best for your woodwork. You can test every product with just ten bucks for each kit. If you’re interested in purchasing Woodrich Brand sample kits, go to this page. The cleaner, stripper, and brighter equipment are one of the most popular sample kits.

Woodrich Brand Review: Woodrich Brand Sample Kit Review
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Wood Cleaner & Stripper Sample Kit contains one sample of EFC38, HD80, and Citralic. Each sample may cover about 9 square feet of wood. This sample pack will assist you in determining which cleaning or stripping product is appropriate for your wood restoration job. It is always best to use the gentlest method possible to recover your wood.

This sample pack will allow you to test the EFC38 to determine whether it has the strength required to restore your wood to its original state. If the EFC38 fails to remove an existing stain or sealer, you may use the HD80 high-duty stripper to assess the needed dwell time and estimate how long your wood restoration process will take.

Woodrich Brand Shipping Information

Following your purchase of Woodrich Brand, you may be curious as to how this brand will deliver your goods to your doorstep. Check out this shipping information to learn more. Oh, this brand is offering FREE SHIPPING on all purchases for a limited time, so get your Woodrich items as soon as possible.

Woodrich Brand items take different amounts of time to arrive depending on where you are. Below are the estimated delivery times for each order.

  • To the East Coast, delivery is 2 – 3 days
  • The West Coast can take up to 3 – 4 days
  • Midwest delivery is typically 1 – 2 days
  • Hawaii is 5 days
  • Alaska is 4 days
  • Canada is anywhere from 3 – 6 days
  • Caribbean orders take 5 – 7 days depending on the final delivery method

Woodrich Brand Contact

Woodrich Brand not only sells items but also provides a consultation service for assistance with your woodworking project. For any project advice, queries, making an order, or tracing a product, contact their customer service at the address below.

Note: You should read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Woodrich Brand website before contacting customer service.

Where to buy Woodrich Brand?

Woodrich Brand products are the finest for preserving your woodwork. After reading this review, we assume you may want to buy their items. Don’t worry; this review also provided information on where to get them.

Woodrich Brand Review: Where to buy?
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Woodrich Brand products are available through various DIY products, including SealerStore, Restore-A-Deck, and Amazon. If you are looking for a deal, you should buy from the official website, where you may find a variety of offers.

Woodrich Brand Promo Codes & Coupons

Woodrich Brand is committed to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction, which is why it offers a variety of discounts on its official website. On this page, you may discover their items with deals up to $30 off.

You may also buy Woodrich Brand items in a bundle to save money instead of buying them separately. Moreover, Woodrich Brand also offers FREE SHIPPING on all purchases for a limited time. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry; this review includes some promo codes. Use the promo codes below to get a better deal!

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Woodrich Brand Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Woodrich Brand. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is it required to apply the brightener immediately after EFC-38 cleaning? How long may I wait between cleaning and brightening?

After you have finished cleaning, you may immediately apply the brightener. Before applying the brightener, you should make an effort to sweep up any puddles of water that may be present. As long as you apply the brightener at some point prior to staining, there is no maximum length of time that you may wait before beginning the process.

Is there a method to brighten up deck stain once it dries?

The finish of Timber Oil is flat. After it dries, you may apply it again as long as you wipe away the excess discoloration with a dry towel. Use the Hardwood Wiping Stain if you want a more lustrous finish. Any kind of external wood, such as cedar or pine, may be stained using the Hardwood Wiping Stain.

What sort of outdoor wood furniture stains should I use?

On outdoor wood furniture, you may use either a deep penetrating wood stain or a hardwood wiping stain. The penetrating stain will leave the furniture looking more flat, whilst the wiping stain will add sheen. If your furniture is made of an exotic hardwood such as Teak or Ipe, you should use the Hardwood Wiping Stain.

Is it better to apply EFC-38 on dry, moist, or wet wood?

When applying EFC-38, it’s OK whether the wood is moist (but not puddled) or dry. If the wood has a lot of puddles, the cleaner may get diluted. Direct sunlight causes wood to grow heated to the touch. Before applying the EFC-38, spritz the wood with a little water to chill it down. This will keep the cleaner moist and active for a longer period of time.

Which wood siding stain lasts the longest?

It’s critical to use a deep penetrating stain on wood siding. Film-forming materials that adhere to the surface and function like paint should be avoided. As the wood expands and contracts with the outside temperature, film-forming coatings will fracture and peel. A good penetrating stain works on the interior of the wood and may expand and contract with it.

Can I use Woodrich Brand Cleaners and Brighteners for hard surfaces?

Both Woodrich Brand HD-80 and EFC-38 are excellent cleansers for concrete and other hard surfaces. Of course, you should take the same care as you would when using them for wood restoration. Rust and other mineral stains may be removed from concrete with Woodrich Brand Citralic Brightener and Neutralizer. You may moisten the area and then crush in some dry Citralic powder to make a thin paste for severe concrete stains. Allow the paste to dry completely on the surface before rinsing it away. As needed, repeat.

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Woodrich Brand Expert Reviews

Timber Oil Brand by Woodrich is a paraffin oil-based wood and deck stain that penetrates deeply. This stain penetrates all external wood to condition the cells and protect them from UV fading and water damage. The manufacturer highly recommends Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Brand for all new wood.

Many wood and deck stains have trouble penetrating modern exterior woods like cedar, redwood, and, in particular, pressure-treated pine. It’s a pleasure to apply! The simplicity of application on the fresh cedar astonished us. We used a lawn sprayer to apply the Timber Oil Brand, then wiped away the excess with a pad applicator. Overspray caused puddling behind the rails during application, but this went gone after it dried.

Deck Stain Help
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Timber Oil-Based Wood Stain by Woodrich is a great option for new, aged, or pressure-treated decks. The stain contains translucent oxide pigments that produce a rich natural finish that shows the inherent beauty of wood while also protecting it from mold and mildew. The oils go deep into the wood, rejuvenating and replenishing it to make it seem fresh again. It’s simple to apply with a brush or pump sprayer and gives you substantial coverage; a 1-gallon container covers up to 150 feet.

You’ll get a faultless finish with no overlaps, streaks, or runs, and you may reapply the stain without having to peel the prior coat. Fences, wood paneling, and log cabins may all benefit from the timber deck stain oil. Amaretto, brown sugar, warm honey gold, and western cedar are among the colors available in Woodrich’s deck wood stain. Woodrich also offers sample kits so you can be sure you obtain the proper color for your deck before you purchase.

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When you consider purchasing from a company like Woodrich, you assume that the goods must be exceptional. Perhaps you felt it was strange that they sent the goods in what seems to be a five-gallon plastic barrel. Who is to decide what is and isn’t acceptable? It’s a faultless product, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. We’ll confess that this stain’s covering base isn’t the greatest.

With five litres of Timber Oil, you’ll receive a projected 750 square feet, which some may claim falls short of expectations, but that’s hardly an issue when you’re prepared to spend a premium for an impenetrable barrier against the elements for your deck, siding, handrails, and more. The hue is described as “brown sugar,” and it does appear like sugar.

Prized Reviews
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Let’s say you want to get rid of semi-transparent and solid paint from external wood surfaces without breaking the bank. In such scenario, this item could be a good match. It’s one of the most cost-effective wood strippers available. The product serves as both a wood cleanser and a pre-staining conditioner. When you use this product, you won’t need to purchase a separate wood cleaner since it eliminates all types of filth, grime, and existing sealer or stain.

It works on all wood species and may be used on any wooden deck surface. To restore external wood to its original form, use this deck paint remover with a wood brightener. It provides excellent coverage, since it can cover up to 750 square feet of wood. Use the prescribed amount and soak it in your garden sprayer for fifteen minutes for best effects. Work in the shade, and reapply as needed to keep it moist.

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Conclusion of Woodrich Brand Reviews & Ratings

To summarize this review, Woodrich Brand is fantastic in woodwork maintenance as you can use their products to preserve fresh wood and restore aged wood.

Woodrich Brand Review: Conclusion
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We hope our Woodrich Brand review will assist you in selecting the most refined product for your woodworking needs. You may add comments or recommendations if you like this Woodrich Brand review. Thank you for taking the time to read our Woodrich Brand review. Have a wonderful day!


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