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About Wing Assistant

With this Wing Assistant review, we’ll get you to a deeper understanding of them.

Wing Assistant Review: About
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For background information, Wing Assistant is a web-based service that assists with various tasks associated with real estate professionals, social media, remote sales assistants and outbound callers, online retailers, and virtual receptionists.

This web service is ideal for enterprises ranging from small to mid, such as those specializing in professional services or technology. Work may be more easily delegated with the assistance of Wing Assistant‘s specialized Account Managers, and interactions with remote talent can be made more quickly, easily, and safely thanks to the software tools Workflows and Credentials Manager.

Overview of Wing Assistant

The year 2018 marked the beginning of the company’s activities, and its current business management team is led by Karan Kanwar as CEO, Roland Polzin as CMO, Saideep Gupta as CTO, and Martin Gomez as COO.

Wing Assistant is not your typical VA program; they provide their clients with advantages that are unmatched in scope and quality. Using Workflow, it is possible to design complicated processes by dragging and dropping elements. You may schedule them to run at whatever intervals you choose, or you can ask Wing to execute them on its own.

Former consultants from leading global consulting organizations such as McKinsey, SAP, Deloitte, and more may be found working at Wing. All of them are ready to assist you in optimizing your processes and workflows.

Your assistants are located in different parts of the globe, and they all have at least a bachelor’s degree, speak English as their first language, are put through a rigorous training and testing program that lasts for three months, and are managed by skilled operations managers.

The assistants are rewarded with incomes that are greater than those offered by the market, and they are further motivated by the satisfaction of their clients. Although Wing‘s primary office is in San Francisco, the company has a worldwide presence and employs people in many other countries. They prioritize employing talented individuals and are not constrained by geographic boundaries in doing so.

Wing Assistant Reviews

The extensive range of services offered by Wing is one of the things that makes the company stand out from other VA service providers and is also one of the things that makes it intriguing.

You can request anything from complicated business duties like online research or book management to more straightforward PA chores like creating reminders or placing online orders for you.

The fulfillment of requests is accomplished using human virtual assistants and “state-of-the-art artificial intelligence” by Wing Assistant. Because of this, they can reply to requests more quickly, which is also why they can do such a diverse range of duties.

Their target customers range from busy people and teams needing general help to executives searching for an extra team member to fill a function. Wing advertises its services to all of these different types of customers.

After you have subscribed to a plan, you will have access to an app that will allow you to communicate with your assistant verbally. If that is what you are seeking, you may make it more of a concierge or personal assistant service rather than a commercial connection between the two of you.

Wing Assistant Service Review

Wing Assistant provides a selection of different cases to choose from. Offline Advertising Support is handled by the Wing Assistant, who aids the client in developing conventional advertising campaigns, coordinates the scheduling and planning of trade exhibitions, offers administrative support to the creative team, and keeps track of reporting statistics. 

Wing Assistant Review: Wing Assistant Service Review
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The Digital Marketing Support role of the Wing Assistant involves the creation of monitoring reports for digital marketing initiatives, the compilation of digital marketing material from rivals, and the maintenance of social media accounts for clients. 

In the Live Event Support department, the Wing Assistant is responsible for researching and booking venues and suppliers according to the client’s demands, communicating event information to participants, tracking RSVPs, and preparing presentations as necessary.

In addition to this, Wing Assistant is also able to provide aid in the generation of B2B leads for your company. The Wing Assistant is responsible for the generation of sales leads through the use of targeted list building, data scraping, and reaching out to referrals. Additionally, the Wing Assistant is responsible for establishing rapport and positive business relationships through the use of calls and emails.

In the Simple Web Design package, Wing Assistant will set up the customer’s domain and hosting, will use a website builder to develop static pages and blogs for the client, and will verify that the client’s offline message is consistent with their online presence.

For Marketing Strategy Support, Wing Assistant does research and offers the information required for developing marketing strategies. Additionally, Wing Assistant collects the data, monitors metrics via technologies such as the website’s Google Search Console, and displays the findings.

How Wing Assistant Works?

The duties of a Wing Assistant are relatively straightforward. To use their service, all you require is to do these four actions in their order. They are as follows:

  1. Schedule an Intro Call
    Set up a conversation with them to discuss your company objectives and requirements, and the discussion will last for 15 minutes. They will walk you through the operation of their free program and answer any queries that you may have about Wing Assistant.
  2. Meet Your Success Manager
    Begin delegating your first duties after introducing yourself to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your Customer Success Manager will not only assist you in getting things started, but they will also assist anytime you get in touch with them.
  3. Set Up Your Account
    You are welcome to use the free software that Wing Assistant provides, which comes with communication features to stay in touch with your assistant, a secure password sharing tool, as well as potentially access for several users, a workflow management tool, and more. You can download this software from the Wing Assistant website.
  4. Work With Your Assistant
    You are prepared to take advantage of your new team member and either finally delegate the tasks that have been preventing you from progressing or accept more responsibilities that you will be able to do successfully with the assistance of your new Wing Assistant.

Wing Assistant Pricing Review

Wing Assistant has eleven distinct plans, from which you may choose the one that best meets your needs. They have a choice between working eight hours as an assistant each day or four hours as an assistant each day.

You will be charged $799 per month for both the Virtual Assistant and the Personal Assistant services; however, this fee does provide you the privilege of maintaining three separate user accounts.

The Executive VA assistant will charge you $1,199 a month, and you are free to assign them an infinite amount of work during that time.

While the Graphic Designer assistant will want you to pay $1099 per month in order to use their services.

In addition to our Wing Assistant review, you can also visit their price website to learn more.

Where to buy Wing Assistant?

Due to the fact that Wing Assistant is regarded as an online business that provides virtual assistants, reservations for the service may only be made on their website. You are unable to get the service via the online shops of Amazon, Walmart, or any other retailer.

Wing Assistant Promo Codes & Coupons

Wing Assistant has three different pricing tiers, which are as follows: the Limited plan costs 499 USD per month, the Basic plan costs 799 USD per month, and the Pro plan costs 1499 USD per month. 

Wing Assistant Review: Promotions & Discounts
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When compared to other services in this category, we consider this pricing to be pretty affordable and quite consistent. Nevertheless, it would be great if you could obtain some kind of discount, wouldn’t you say? In this section of our Wing Assistant review, you will discover several coupons that you can use to make a purchase or get a discount on their website.

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Wing Assistant Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Wing Assistant. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How does Wing Assistant function?

While they do use advanced AI to increase the quality of the work they do for you, each and every piece of work that they perform for you is finished and examined by a human assistant who has received extensive training. They do this by making smart use of AI, which enables them to deliver Wing Assistant at such an affordable price point.

What is the procedure for timing?

Wing Assistant is of the opinion that in order for assistants to successfully perform high-quality work in the corporate world, they need to be devoted. Because of this, the Wing assistants who work on your account are entirely devoted to it. Despite the fact that they do provide round-the-clock support, this service is not their primary focus.

The default availability for Wing assistants is twenty-four hours per day, five days per week. You get to select the eight-hour window, and although it may begin at any moment, the window itself has to be a “solid” block—that is, it can’t be broken up into smaller chunks—in order for it to count.

Who will be my assistant provided by Wing?

All of the Wing assistants are college-educated, native English speakers who have through a thorough screening and testing process. They are all stationed across the globe. Every employee is overseen by a team of Operations Managers who can be relied on for assistance. Their helpers are paid more than the market rate and given bonuses for making you happy!

Is it possible to utilize Wing Assistant for Business when traveling abroad?

Yes! You are able to use Wing for Business no matter where you are, even when you are traveling or in the comfort of your own home. The sole restriction that applies here is that Wing, its AI systems, and its trained human assistants can only communicate in English with you and any other third parties; nevertheless, they will do all in their power to overcome that constraint.

How can I get in touch with Wing?

Whatever you want! At the moment, they have the following procedures available:
1. Web application
2. Mobile application (iOS & Android)
3. Slack application
4. Unique phone number (calls & texts)
5. E-mail (available on request)

Where does Wing Assistant work?

Wing Assistant is accessible throughout every area of the world! It is important that you be aware that Wing can only interact with you and other external parties in English. Simply get in touch with them using the chat feature on their website if it is necessary for your assistant to be able to converse in many languages. Their sales staff will be happy to discuss the available possibilities with you.

How secure is the data of customers?

Data privacy is important to the choices they make at Wing. They employ bank-level security and best-in-class services to keep your data safe.

  1. Payments
    Stripe, a prominent worldwide payments processing firm that powers companies like Google, Amazon, Slack, Zoom, and Lyft, stores your payment information. Stripe has achieved PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest severity level of accreditation in the payments industry. All card numbers are secured at rest using AES-256-bit encryption keys. Stripe encrypts all data in transit using TLS.
  2. Payments Made on Your Behalf
    Wing has developed a unique mechanism that allows them to make payments on your behalf without ever allowing third-party access to your payment information. Wing charges your credit card on file with Stripe and creates virtual credit cards to make transactions on your behalf. These cards are only good for one transaction.
  3. Credentials
    Any credentials transferred with Wing are managed by Google Cloud’s Secret Manager, a best-in-class credential management system, and any data communicated with Secret Manager is secured in transit using TLS and encrypted at rest with AES-256-bit encryption keys.
  4. Human Agents with Wings
    All human agents affiliated with Wing have signed rigorous non-disclosure and data security agreements. Data is only seen by necessary parties, and every human agent who deals with client data is trained and certified in data security best practices. Access logs and monitoring tools are also used to track human agent behavior.
  5. File uploads
    All files are stored in the Google Cloud, and access to these files is restricted using public-private key encryption. Private keys are exclusively held by three people: the original sender, Wing’s AI algorithms, and the dedicated team associated with your account.
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Wing Assistant Expert Reviews

Operating my 9-person engineering team was a horrible mess before Wing – I used to be in the office handling vendor support and keeping my team informed – but now that I’ve delegated responsibility to my Wing Admin Assistant, my customer support is handled, my employees are informed of what needs to be done, and I can go home by 6 p.m. feeling relieved.

Rachel J.
Full Review
Wing Assistant Review: Expert Reviews
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Wing Assistant is a far simpler way to outsource VA jobs than directly recruiting overseas workers—they manage the admin, training, HR, and so on, allowing me to concentrate on the core business and utilize Wing as a force multiplier.

James R.
Full Review

I’ve worked with a number of executive assistants over the years, but I really adore my Wing Assistant. Wing’s organization is quite effective. I like knowing that there is always a real person working on my chores, that supervisors assist, and that my assistant is looking for AI technologies to optimize. Wing Assitant is often recommended to customers, friends, and family. I’m a huge fan.

Doug B.
Full Review

WING ASSISTANT IS MY FAVORITE. I just wish I had discovered it sooner. Thanks to my committed VA, I’ve never been more productive personally. I really value her and WING!

Hannah K.
Full Review

Conclusion of Wing Assistant Reviews & Ratings

Wing Assistant is able to assist you with a wide variety of tasks, including the compilation of sales strategies, the collection of data, the creation of basic web designs, and even serving as your assistant in digital marketing.

Wing Assistant Review: Conclusion
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It is difficult to be unaffected by its allure when one considers the comprehensive services that are provided, the high quality of the personnel, the affordable costs, and the discount coupons that are readily accessible. Make a reservation as soon as possible on their website because of this, and don’t wait any longer.

You may also check out our piece on home security, which contains helpful information that you can utilize to protect your home. Thank you for passing by. Have a good day!


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