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Viral Ecom Adz Review 2023 → Is It Great for Increasing Your Sales?

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About Viral Ecom Adz

If you’re looking for a way to create high-converting video ads, Viral Ecom Adz is the perfect way for you. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at all of the features of Viral Ecom Adz and how they can help you create ads that drive traffic and conversions. Stick around for an in-depth review of this excellent service, as well as some tips on how to make the most of it.

Viral Ecom Adz Review: About Viral Ecom Adz
Image: Viral Ecom Adz

Before you read our honest Viral Ecom Adz review, you must know a little more about it. Viral Ecom Adz is a video ad service that helps you create high-converting video ads. With this service, you can create videos that capture attention, generate clicks and increase sales.

The best part? The service is easy to use and doesn’t require any design or video editing experience. Viral Ecom Adz does the rest, creating a high-quality video ad that will help you stand out from the competition.

Overview of Viral Ecom Adz

Viral Ecom Adz is a team of video experts with over ten years of experience in successful dropshipping. The team sources the most popular selling video clips and edits them to create high-converting ad videos. This company offers high-quality videos, story ads, thumbnails, and animation services.

They also offer marketing campaigns that include a viral videos. The team can work with you to customize the video content and use the most relevant keywords to reach your target audience.

Viral Ecom Adz offers high-quality ads at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. Their advertising content has proven to increase sales and traffic, and the company offers unlimited revisions. Alternatively, you can use their service to build a video series for your business product. Once you’ve chosen the style and content, you can get it within 1-3 days.

Viral Ecom Adz Review

So, how does Viral Ecom Adz work? The Viral Ecom Adz team is ready to help you create high-converting video ads for your business. All you need to do is just send your order or video requirement, then let them do the rest to provide you with an eye-catching and persuasive ad for you that is designed to get people’s interest to buy your product.

Viral Ecom Adz Reviews: Viral Ecom Adz Review
Image:Viral Ecom Adz@fb

Viral Ecom Adz offers some packages that you can choose based on your requirement, they are the Video Ads Package, UGC TikToks Package, and Animation Ads Package, all of which come with their advantages and disadvantages that you can find in our in-depth review below.

What’s more, Viral Ecom Adz also provides a VIP member package with an interesting offer that might fit your need.

Don’t worry, if you want to know more about what Viral Ecom Adz offer, you have come to the right place as we will discuss all of those Viral Ecom Adz packages.

So, if you’re looking to increase your sales, start using Viral Ecom Adz today!

Viral Ecom Adz Video Ad Package Review

Present this Video Ad Package that you can use to increase your marketing advertisement. Don’t worry, it’s the most cost-effective, high-quality, and fast-delivery video commercial you’ll ever see for your e-commerce drop shipping company.

It’s also the only ad creative brand owned and controlled by numerous 6-figure-per-month Shopify drop shippers. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about the quality of the ad you order, right?

This service is an automated solution that you will need to grow your e-commerce drop shipping company. In addition, Viral Ecom Adz has produced over 30,000 video commercials for their many loyal clients as they have a team of 30 professional filmers, editors, and screenplay writers.

How to purchase the Video Ad Package?

It’s simple, all you have to do is complete the following steps:

1. Place your order; select the package that best meets your company’s requirements.
2. Submission Form; Following your purchase, you will get an email with a link to complete your product ad submission form.
3. Receive Your Video; We will send your video ad to the email address you used to buy it within 1-3 business days.
4. Modifications Required? Fill out the Ad Revision Form for unlimited revisions within 7 days of delivery!

Viral Ecom Adz 1 UGC Tiktok Package Review

This is one of the Viral Ecom Adz packages that are liked by their customers. As we all know that TikTok becomes a new platform that offers so many benefits for many businesses, using this excellent package will help increase your business income.

Well, this TikTok package is divided into 4 different packages that you can choose as you need, here they are:

  • 1 UGC Tiktok Package
  • 3 UGC Tiktok Packages
  • 5 UGC Tiktok Packages
  • 10 UGC Tiktok Packages

The range of prices is between $120.00 to $1.100.00 based on the package you select. All of them with only 7-10 business days delivery time. Then, what you will get from those packages?

  • 1 UGC Tiktok + 1 Content Creator
  • Sized For All Platforms Vertical (9:16)
  • UGC Tiktok Duration: 15-30+ Seconds
  • Experienced Viral UGC Tiktok Scripts

The Benefits of Using this Package:

  1. Save your money instead of paying influencer content creator charges for the identical UGC TikTok that Viral Ecom Adz does.
  2. Save hours of your time creating an ugc tiktok that may or may not translate into sales or fit your product’s exact demographic.

Viral Ecom Adz Animation Ad Review

Sure, the variation of your business ad is one of the things that give influence the success of your ad. And, this Viral Ecom Adz Animation Ad is the way to go. As the previous package, this one is also offering 4 different quantities package–sure, with different prices, which means you can pick the one as your requirement.

Viral Ecom Adz Review: Viral Ecom Adz Animation Ad Review
Image:Viral Ecom Adz
  • 1 Animation Ad
  • 3 Animation Ads
  • 5 Animation Ads
  • 10 Animation Ads

Not only that, but they also allow you to pick whether you want a vertical ad or not.

Here are what this package will give you:

  • Custom Branded Animated Content
  • 15-20 Seconds Video Duration
  • Proven-To-Convert Animation Ad
  • Scripted Video & Sales Copy
  • Facebook/Instagram Feeds 1:1
  • Unlimited Revisions Within 7 Days

The Benefits of Using this Package:

  1. The most cost-effective, high-quality, and fast-delivery 2D animation commercials for your eCommerce drop shipping company.
  2. The only ad agency owned and controlled by numerous 6-figure/month Shopify drop shippers.
  3. This service is an automated solution that can help you grow your eCommerce drop shipping company.
  4. With the help of Viral Ecom Adz’s 30+ skilled filmers, editors, and screenplay writers, Viral Ecom Adz has made over 30,000 video advertisements for their many loyal clients.
  5. The 2D Animation Ad Package enables you to create NEW to drop ship bespoke branded unique content for your specific product that converts exceptionally well.

Viral Ecom Adz Ordering Process

The ordering process of the Viral Ecom Adz video is as simple as listed below:

  • Choose the video package you want to purchase and pay using the order form. The Terms of Use, the Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy.
  • You will be promptly provided a link to complete the video submission form, which will ask you precise questions about your unique product that Viral Ecom Adz videographers will utilize in your video.
  • Viral Ecom Adz will send your video to you through email once it is completed. Viral Ecom Adz provides free limitless revisions for up to 7 days, and they do them quickly.

Viral Ecom Adz Video Creation

As we’ve mentioned above, Viral Ecom Adz wants to deliver the best service for you. The video editors at the Viral Ecom Adz utilize YouTube clips as well as professional stock footage. The Viral Ecom Adz constantly makes a unique video for each customer and makes it incredibly engaging with superb visuals and tactful sales copy.

Viral Ecom Adz Review: Viral Ecom Adz Video Creation
Image:Viral Ecom Adz

The Viral Ecom Adz understands how critical it is for you to complete your videos as soon as possible. Having stated that, their videos are normally completed within 1-3 business days.

Viral Ecom Adz Refund Policy

The Viral Ecom Adz’s return policy is straightforward. If you request a refund within 30 minutes of placing your transaction, Viral Ecom Adz will gladly grant you one. Because the Viral Ecom Adz starts working on your videos immediately away in order to have them delivered within 1-3 days, that’s why the refund window is extremely narrow.

One thing you need to consider; there are no refunds after a video has been made. Because there is no way for Viral Ecom Adz to collect expenses after they have generated the video, all videos created and sent to you are nonrefundable.

There are no refunds available for UGC purchases after the video has been delivered to you. On any UGC purchase, there are no returns for product or shipping costs.

Despite the fact that the company has a stringent return policy, it also gives unlimited revisions for 7 days on every video purchased. This implies you can request video revisions up to 24-48 hours after placing your first purchase. In special order cases, exceptions can be made.

No revisions will be considered over 7 days from the date you received your revised ad unless approved by the Viral Ecom Adz at its sole discretion. If you still want more information about the refund policy of Viral Ecom Adz, you can contact them directly by their email at

Viral Ecom Adz Contact

If you need to get more clear about what Viral Ecom Adz offered to you, you can contact them by their email at Don’t worry, Viral Ecom Adz’s goal is to make you pleased by assisting you with your purchase! They will give the feedback only within a few hours, thus, you can get your answer as soon as you sent the email.

Do you have trouble with your video submission form or did you lose the video submission page? Take it easy, the Ad Submission Form page is right here, you can access it right now. But, to make a note, don’t fill out the questionnaire unless you have previously purchased a video.

Oh, Viral Ecom Adz open hours on their business day is Monday – Friday from 9 am-5 pm est. The good news is that their customer service is open 24 hours 7 days a week, what a time!

Viral Ecom Adz VIP Members

Viral Ecom Adz knows how to make their customer satisfied with what they provide, that’s why this VIP membership is created. Well, you might wonder what you will get by joining their VIP membership, and the benefits are as follow:

  1. 25% OFF All Packages
    All VIP Members have access to a unique promo code, which will be sent to you when you join up. All video ad packages will be discounted by 25%.
  2. Delivery On The Weekends
    Because you are a VIP Member, the video editors are ready 7 days a week to provide your video commercials! (Only for Video Editing Package)
  3. 24 Hour Revisions
    You will get your revised video ad within 24 hours after submitting your VIP Ad Revision Form.
  4. 24 Hour Delivery
    After completing your VIP Ad Submission Form, you will get your video ad within 24 hours.
  5. Free Thumbnails
    You will get FREE thumbnails with each video purchase.
  6. Priority Support
    You will get a special email with priority access information.

Yups, you can get all of those excellent benefits once you become their VIP member, all you have to do is just come to their official store, click the VIP Members section, or fill out the VIP Submission which you need to fill your name, email address, what package you buy, product link, and so on.

Oh, there is also VIP Ad revision which each ad includes one edit approved within 24 hours of receipt, and the VIP members have one business day to get their amended ad finished.

Where to buy Viral Ecom Adz?

It’s simple and easy to place an order for the excellent advertisement video from Viral Ecom Adz as you can directly come to their official website.

But, before you place an order, you need to make sure you have read the Viral Ecom Adz purchase policy before including the order rules, how much time they need to process your order, and many more, so that you can get satisfied feel on your orders.

Viral Ecom Adz Promo Codes & Coupons

Besides product review, one thing that might be on your consideration is the price of the product or anything that you will buy. Well, we all know that getting the best price that can help to save your money is one of the top factors you get a satisfying feel in your shopping.

Viral Ecom Adz gives 25% off on your order if you join their VIP members, but the good news is that Viral Ecom Adz provides you with excellent promotion and offer that you can find once you press the button below. Thus, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the great promotion right now!

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Find promo codes and coupons for Viral Ecom Adz in other countries

Viral Ecom Adz Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Viral Ecom Adz. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

You are very definitely can. Though this is preferable to just duplicating someone else’s video, there is still a chance of the video’s original author contacting you and claiming copyright or requesting you to remove the video.

It is YOUR duty to ensure that the clips in your videos are appropriate for usage. Viral Ecom Adz only edits videos for you. It is entirely up to you if you believe they are appropriate for your marketing platforms. If you don’t think the video is usable, Viral Ecom Adz will provide you with a free edit within 24 hours of getting it.

How much do Viral Ecom Adz videos cost?

You can view the price range of the Viral Ecom Adz videos as this list which is quite simple and easy to remember:

  • 1 Video is $40
  • 3 Videos is $100
  • 5 Videos is $150
  • 10 Videos is $250

How does Viral Ecom Adz work?

Viral Ecom Adz collects videos from sites such as YouTube, Google, Vimeo, and Aliexpress, then combine them with sales content to create high-converting commercials. Viral Ecom Adz offers a high-converting formula that has been tested on over 40,000 video advertisements for over 15,000 customers.

How does the process of Viral Ecom Adz order work?

Viral Ecom Adz process is as simple as 3, 2, 1! Well, all you have to do is just follow these rules:

1. You choose the video bundle you want to purchase and pay using the order form.
2. You will be provided a link to complete the video submission form, which will ask you comprehensive questions about your unique product that Viral Ecom Adz’s filmmakers will utilize in your video.
3. Once your video is complete, Viral Ecom Adz will email it to you. Another great news; Viral Ecom Adz provide free unlimited revision for 7 days after delivery, and they do that quickly!

How are the videos created?

Viral Ecom Adz video editors utilize YouTube clips as well as expensive stock footage. Don’t worry, they constantly make a new video for each customer and make it incredibly engaging with outstanding images and subtle sales content.

Ask a question?

Viral Ecom Adz Expert Reviews

I received my first purchase as a result of Viral Ecom Adz’s videos. I adore these guys, and their customer service is outstanding. Thank you, and keep up the good job. 💯💯

Granit G. on
Full Review
Viral Ecom Adz Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Viral Ecom Adz@fb

These folks performed an incredible job; with these new creatives, we went from an average of 6/7 roas to 12/13 roas, which is insane. Another point to mention is the quickness with which they provided. I purchased a lot of creatives and will continue to buy since they are the greatest.

Saul C. on
Full Review

Great videos and much better customer service. Because my videos are in a foreign language, I request that the boys submit me the script so that I may send them the translated text. When I requested, they updated all of the text for me. Revision came swiftly as well! I’ve already ordered three more videos. Thank you very much!!

Marnix on
Full Review

Conclusion of Viral Ecom Adz Reviews & Ratings

Viral Ecom Adz is a powerful video ad creation tool that can help businesses of all sizes create high-converting video ads. With Viral Ecom Adz, businesses can create videos that are not only high-converting but also stylish and professional.

Viral Ecom Adz Review: Conclusion
Image:Viral Ecom Adz

As we’ve shown you the in-depth review of what Viral Ecom Adz offers to you, it’s not questionable if Viral Ecom Adz is a must-have tool for any business looking to create high-quality video ads that convert.

So tell us? Do you think you will use the service after reading our Viral Ecom Adz review above? Don’t wait, start to create your high converting video ads with them!


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