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Vego Garden Review 2023 → Best Alternative to Wooden Beds?

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About Vego Garden

Gardening is a relaxing activity. It’s like having a kid, growing flowers and vegetables, and seeing them develop. Getting in touch with nature has never done anybody any harm, and having a little garden of your own is a great way to reconnect with your origins. It not only provides you with fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but it also keeps your mind and body active.

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When it comes to gardening, the soils where you reside may not always be supportive of your efforts. Raised beds are popular among gardeners as a solution to this issue. In your vegetable garden, this gardening strategy will increase output while lowering care.

Raised beds are garden beds that are built above ground level and stand alone. The term raised refers to the bed’s soil level being higher than the surrounding soil. The term bed refers to a space that is small enough to operate in without having to walk into the planting area. To give structural support and avoid erosion, raised beds are sometimes enclosed with box-like structures.

If we talk about raised beds for gardens, you may already know about the Vego Garden brand. This brand sells some excellent raised beds for gardens and many other accessories for gardens. Not only that, but Vego Garden also promoted the use of metal as the material for raised beds instead of woods.

With metal material, Vego Garden introduced more ecologically friendly and cost-effective raised beds compared to the wooden ones. In this Vego Garden review, you may get to know more about this brand, the review, their products, and even the discounts from this brand. Get your drinks and read thoroughly this review.

Overview of Vego Garden

The objective of Vego Garden is to reinvent raised garden beds. The brand was formed with the purpose of producing a modular metal garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy made from environmentally friendly metal components rather than chopping down trees. With its goods, this firm emphasizes unique design and exceptional quality. Vego evokes the essence of self-built modular raised beds for vegetable cultivation.

Vego Garden quickly garnered a good review and is today the most popular brand of raised garden beds. Because of their utility and aesthetic appeal, raised garden beds have grown popular among both beginner and professional gardeners. This type of raised garden bed allows you to make the most of the area you have, resulting in a rewarding experience for every gardener.

Vego Garden Reviews

Vego Garden makes use of metal-based eco-friendly products. Although redwood is a popular choice for garden beds, no trees are used to make Vego Garden beds. Their materials also do not corrode or leak pollutants into the soil, which is a significant consideration. The beds are well-protected because they use thick stainless steel bracing rods that are quite sturdy. They also use steel that is 100 percent recyclable and has a lengthy lifespan.

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Another reason Vego Garden raised beds are beneficial is that they reflect heat. Vego Garden raised beds may still perform well in high temperatures without any damage or leaks. If you live in a hot area, it’s important to utilize proper garden beds, which Vego Garden can give at a reasonable price.

Their environmentally friendly garden beds are broader and longer than others, allowing you to produce more fruits, veggies, and flowers. They also come in higher sizes, such as 17 and 32 inches, than other manufacturers. Other raised garden beds are just a foot high, but the Vego Garden beds are higher, allowing plant roots to develop deeper. This is particularly beneficial for root vegetables, which need a lot of additional space to extend down into the soil.

Not only some excellent garden beds, but Vego Garden also provides several other gardens accessories as well. Including planters, composters, cover systems, trellis, and many others. If you want to build your own garden in the backyard, the best gardening supplies brand with a good review, Vego Garden got your back!

Vego Garden 10 in 1

The 10 in 1 Vego Garden raised bed is perfect for Texas! With configurations such as 4′ x 8′, 2’5″ x 9’5″, 6′ x 6′, and 7 other choices, this kit provides a large growth space. You may choose which of the ten available designs best suits your needs and optimizes your yard area.

With this Vego Garden raised bed, you may create one of 10 different layouts from a single small, modular kit. This elevated bed’s 17-inch height is intended for optimum root health and back wellness. This raised bed is simple to put up, so you can get back to gardening right away.

VZ 2.0 material is built from a steel substrate covered in Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium, as well as USDA-approved paint. Corrosion-resistant metal will last for decades, but when it comes time to replace it, it is completely recyclable.


Container Height (in.) : 17.7
Container Length (in.) : 26.4
Container Width (in.) : 9.8
Color/Finish: Pearl White, Olive Green, Modern Gray, British Green Material: Metal
Pots & Planters Type: Raised Beds
Product Weight (lb.) : 40 lb
Raised Bed Features: Expandable
Shape: Oval

Vego Garden 6 in 1

This is a set of six Vego Garden raised beds with a modular design that allows you to create a variety of layouts to match any area. There are six different configurations available for this kit, the most common of which are 5 ft. × 3.5 ft. and 6.5 ft. x 2 ft. Two pairs of bracing rods are included in this package to help maintain the structural integrity of the raised beds, which are meant to survive for decades without bending.

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With a height of 32 inches, Vego Garden extra-tall beds provide the ideal depth for strong root growth while reducing the need to bend down, making gardening more comfortable, and putting less strain on your body. This Vego Garden raised bed is composed of Aluzinc coated metal, which lasts three to seven times longer than standard galvanized steel and significantly longer than treated wood raised beds. This Vego Garden 6 in 1 bed also resists rust and corrosion quite well.


Container Height (in.) : 32.5
Container Length (in.) : 20.5
Container Width (in.) : 8
Color: Pearl White, Modern Grey, Olive Green, Pearl White
Material: Metal
Pots & Planters Type: Raised Beds
Product Weight (lb.): 55 lb
Raised Bed Features: Expandable
Shape: Oval

Vego Garden 9 in 1

This is Vego Garden’s first raised garden bed kit, and it’s the best of the best. For anybody who is new to garden beds, the 3.5′ x 6.5′ and 2′ x 8′ arrangements are among the most famous designs. The height is particularly useful for gardening since it allows for simple, rapid access and helps to keep slugs and pests at bay. Herbs, succulents, vegetables, and flowers thrive in this container.

This Vego Garden 9 in 1 has a unique modular design that allows you to put together a kit in a variety of ways. There are nine different combinations in a 9-In-1 Kit to meet your raised garden bed designs. Metal raised garden beds with Aluzinc coating last 3-7 times longer than normal galvanized planter boxes or corrugated metal raised beds, and are significantly more durable than wood raised garden beds.

Building your own garden is as simple as tightening the fasteners, with 72 pieces of bolts, washers, and nuts included, as well as a hand wrench. A rubber safety strip covers the borders of the oval shape, which has no sharp corners.

It’s the ideal depth for robust root development at 17″. For more pleasant planting, the increased depth necessitates less leaning down. Plants will be protected from animals thanks to the high-rise architecture. Vego Garden raised beds constructed of Aluzinc steel, unlike wood or plastic, do not contaminate the soil. You can make an ecologically friendly box to grow your vegetables and plants in.


Container Height (in.) : 17.7
Container Length (in.) : 20.5
Container Width (in.) : 8
Color/Finish: Pearl White, Olive Green, Modern Gray, British Green
Material: Metal
Pots & Planters Type: Raised Beds
Product Weight (lb.) : 33 lb
Raised Bed Features: Expandable
Shape: Oval

Vego Garden Trellis

Garden trellises enable you to increase the size of your growing area and expand into vertical gardening. Vego Garden’s Modular Metal Garden Wall Trellises are ideal for vertical gardens, runners, vines, and ivy, and will provide your plants the support they need to reach new heights, even in small spaces. Vertical gardening with the Modular Wall Trellis will assist to expand your growing area by guiding plants vertically, allowing you to put more plants in your Vego Garden metal raised beds, and it will also provide a wonderful background to your raised bed.

This Modular Metal Garden Wall Trellises is made of powder-coated steel and the same grade 304 stainless steel hardware as the rest of the Vego Garden line. Because it is not in touch with damp or corrosive soil, your garden trellis will last longer if it is placed on the outside of the garden bed, above the ground. Using the connection, this modular wall trellis is simple to build and remove from your garden beds. Designed in a gray tint that goes with all four of Vego Garden’s main colors.

Garden Wall Trellises, like other Vego Garden items, are modular and may be ordered in a variety of combinations. The trellis is 71 inches tall when erected on a 17-inch garden bed, giving it a total height of 74 inches. The overall height will be 78″ tall if fitted on a 32″ tall bed. Installing the connections at different bolt holes on the raised bed enables further adjust the height of the metal arch trellis.

Vego Garden Return Policy

Every Vego Garden purchase is backed by a money-back guarantee. Vego Garden has a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days to seek a return and refund after receiving your goods. Your item must be in the same condition as when you got it, unused, and in its original packing to be eligible for a return.

You must also be able to provide evidence of purchase, which is normally in the form of an order confirmation email. Fill out the form on this page and follow the procedures there to begin a return.

Vego Garden will send you an email to confirm your return request if it is granted. Items that are returned to Vego Garden without first requesting a return will be rejected. If accepted, your original payment method will be instantly reimbursed. Please keep in mind that your bank or credit card provider may take up to one week to process and send your refund. Returns should be sent to Vego Garden through US mail, UPS, FedEx, or any regular delivery method to the following address:

Vego Garden Fulfillment Center

5301 Polk St. Building 21,

Houston TX 77023

Vego Garden Shipping Policy

In-stock products are normally packaged for shipping within 3-5 business days, depending on Vego Garden’s workload, and then scheduled for UPS/FedEx pickup. Please contact Vego Garden customer care if it has been more than 7 business days since you ordered anything that is currently in stock and you have not received a response.

Because of the weight of the parcels, certain panels may bend during shipping if UPS/FedEx treat them hard. No worries, you can quickly remedy this so your gardening doesn’t suffer. The panels are made by bending flat steel coils, which means they have already been bent. Bending them back will have no effect on their corrosion resistance. While it may be difficult to bend all of the panels at once, you can always bend them back one at a time.

Vego Garden Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding the products or services from Vego Garden, you may contact Vego Garden customer service at the address listed below. Please be sure to contact the customer service during the working hours at 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM CST, Monday to Friday.

Customer Service :
Phone: (866) 597-1888
Business Inquiries:
Marketing Collaboration:

Where to buy Vego Garden?

You may be wondering how to get one of Vego Garden‘s amazing items after reading the review. Checking their official website is one method to purchase Vego Garden items. Other online markets, such as Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot, also sell Vego Garden items. To take advantage of the finest deals and discounts, purchase Vego Garden items from their official website, as they offer discounts periodically.

Vego Garden Promo Codes & Coupons

After reading our review about Vego Garden you may want to buy one of their product for yourself. But, if you are tight on budget and still want to get the best-raised beds products, you will be grateful that Vego Garden offers some of the best discount coupons and free shipping. You can apply these coupons on Vego Garden’s official website. You can also get more discounts if you join the Vego Garden mailing list.

  • SPRING25 – Get a $25 off with a $499+ purchase
  • SPRING50 – $50 discount for $759+ purchase
  • SPRING75 – $75 discount with $999+ purchase
  • SPRING200 – $200 off for $1999+ purchase

Important note: Please bear in mind that these discounts are only applicable on the official website. When codes have passed their expiry dates, it is possible that they will no longer work. At the time of writing this review, all of the promo codes were still valid and working.

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Vego Garden Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Vego Garden. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Vego Garden Review: Questions & Answers
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How to choose the best raised beds brand?

When selecting a brand or kind of raised garden bed, think about the durability and lifespan that you want for your bed. Vego Garden is the market leader in modular metal garden beds, using the highest quality materials and hardware in their designs and providing more options than its rivals.

How to fill a raised bed for the garden?

Using the size of your raised garden bed, calculate the quantity of soil you’ll need (cubic feet/yards). Keep in mind that the total should include the soil and compost mixture. 60 percent topsoil, 30 percent compost, and 10% potting soil should make up your soil mix. Because soil might be costly, it is recommended that you use the Hugelkultur technique to save money. Once you’ve got the dirt, fill it almost to the top. The precise quantity depends on the sort of plants you’ll be cultivating as well as your own preferences. Avoid tilling the soil since this will cause it to dry out.

What is a Hugelkultur technique?

Hugelkultur is a method of piling organic farm waste within a raised garden bed before adding soil to save money while also attracting and retaining moisture. Hugelkultur is a German term that means “mound or hill culture.” It is particularly useful in regions where soil retention and drainage are poor, which is characteristic of urban soils.

Large pieces of wood are put towards the bottom of the garden bed in the Hugelkultur technique because they take the longest to degrade. Smaller materials, such as twigs and sticks, are put on top of the bigger pieces to fill space, and then filled with grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen wastes, with compost and topsoil forming the top two levels.

Which is better between wooden and metal raised beds?

Although wood is a low-cost, widely accessible, and easy-to-customize material, it lacks toughness and lifespan. Many chemically processed timber beds contain ingredients that leak into the soil. Metal garden beds are initially more expensive than wooden garden beds, but they provide the finest long-term option and quality for home gardeners. Metal raised garden beds from Vego Garden may last up to 20 years before having to be replaced, and they need very little care.

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Vego Garden Expert Reviews

After studying other raised bed companies, I determined that Vego Garden’s sustainable garden beds would be the best match for my yard. Vego Garden makes use of metal-based eco-friendly products. Vego Garden beds were also chosen since they have a 20-year lifespan. I also chose Vego Garden since their raised garden beds come in a variety of sizes. Because we had to pull out our old mattresses to make room for new ones, being able to pick from a variety of sizes was ideal.

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Vego Garden Review: Expert Reviews
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Vego garden beds outlast zinc planter boxes by 3-4 times and hardwood planter boxes by a long shot. They provide you the right quantity of bolts, washers, nuts, and a hand wrench to quickly and safely assemble your metal bed. Their beds are 17 inches deep, allowing for stronger roots and less bending. These high-rise beds will help keep animals out of your garden, which may devour your vegetables and foliage. Unlike timber beds, which absorb chemicals and pollute the soil for your plants, Vego Garden beds have an open bottom to prevent soil contamination. They’re coated with Aluzinc to keep your metal beds rust-free and help them withstand any weather. It has curved edges and rubber safety strips around the edges to protect you, your children, and your pet from the sharp edges.

The Youth Farm
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When Vego Garden claims 6-in-1, they’re talking to the simple installation and additional components that allow you to vary the arrangement of your bed; this is a significant plus if you want to be able to take your beds apart in the winter and store them indoors. If you have little children, the oval form also avoids sharp edges.

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Every consumer should be cautious about the hardware material utilized in the design of raised garden beds. The high-quality material assures that the product is safe and long-lasting. Vego Garden’s raised garden beds are made of Food Grade 304 steel, which is extremely heat resistant and corrosion resistant. They’re also free of chemicals that might contaminate food. Furthermore, its hardware is greater than that of other companies.

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Conclusion of Vego Garden Reviews & Ratings

Vego Garden is a fantastic brand for anybody who wants to build their own backyard garden. The  products are made with the environment and long-term durability in mind. You won’t have to worry about installation since all of the goods come with instructions.

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Overall, it is a great brand for gardening supplies, particularly raised beds. Purchase one to provide the greatest growing conditions for your plants. Thank you for taking the time to read our Vego Garden review, we hope you enjoy using their products. We accept any feedback about this review, don’t hesitate to contact us. With the aid of Vego Garden, you may begin gardening right away.


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