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V1 Tech Review 2022 → Is It Worth Your Money?

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About V1 Tech

It’s easy to be intimidated by PC gaming. If you are serious about gaming on a desktop computer, you should custom build your own PC. By constructing your own gaming PC, you may save money. You may tweak any aspect of your PC to your taste by custom constructing it. The modifiable component isn’t only for performance; many PC parts may also be customized for aesthetic reasons.

V1 Tech Review: About
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If you want to experiment with the aesthetic parts of your gaming PC, V1 Tech may help you in various ways. In the computer modification industry, V1 Tech is a household name. The company, which was founded by Hassan Alaw eight years ago, has gone a long way from only producing PC mod components.

V1 Tech not only uses high-quality materials like plexiglass in their products, but they also collaborate with artists to ensure that they have the finest aesthetics possible. In this V1 Tech review, you will learn about the V1 Tech company, the items it sells, and any discounts or deals available to help you get your hands on their fantastic products. Before you customize anything on your PC, you must first complete this review.

Overview of V1 Tech

V1 Tech is an internet design company that creates attractive computer components. This firm not only sells ordinary PC modifying components, but they also make things that are appealing to the eye. Each V1 Tech product is complemented with artwork from a variety of well-known artists. Your gaming PC setup will be more gorgeous thanks to the arts and superb materials from V1 Tech.

This excellent brand started its business 8 years ago. They started as a normal PC modding company which has done as the customer’s order. Then they began experimenting to create the most aesthetically pleasing RGB backplate for PC. RGB lights combined with excellent glass material and beautiful artwork, create their first custom GPU backplate.

From that on, V1 Tech introduced other products line up including wall arts, backplates, support brackets, fan grills, case panels, ARGB cables, AIO covers, HDD/SSD covers, and other accessories as well. Nothing can go wrong if you decide to customize your PC using V1 Tech products

V1 Tech Reviews

You can get to know about V1 Tech overall quality from this review. V1 Tech produces and transports all orders from their Dallas, Texas facility. They collaborate with independent artists to provide a diverse range of designs, including drawings of comic books, video games, science fiction films, and other geek culture icons.

Their online purchasing experience is unrivaled in the industry. Once you’ve decided on a design that you like, all you have to do now is choose your product models from a dropdown menu to ensure that they’ll fit exactly on your setup. If you purchase from a different source, you may have to figure out the dimensions for each item on your own.

In addition, V1 Tech makes it simple to request a fully unique design. You may use their web interface to create anything from scratch or upload a high-resolution picture and place it over the product mockup. Their designer interface isn’t particularly sophisticated, but it reduces the amount of back-and-forth time required to commission a custom piece.

V1 Tech Wall Art

V1 Tech, as previously said, not only produces amazing PC modding components, but they also provide a variety of aesthetic things to complement your space. The wall arts are one of the greatest products they have to offer. V1 Tech Wall Arts may provide an appealing touch to your area. If you already have a design in mind, V1 Tech also offers custom options to realize your imagination on the wall arts.

V1 Tech Review: V1 Tech Wall Art
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You may pick from hundreds of various artworks for your ordered Wall Arts if you can’t draw or don’t have a concept in mind. Well-known artists such as Kuuraku, Donnie Art, Seerlight, and others made the artworks. These artworks span everything from anime to movies to video games. You can give a cool touch to your room with Son Goku wall art or even cute ones like Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon wall art.

V1 Tech offers various sizes as well for their wall arts. Starting from $68.99, you can get a medium size with 18×12″ dimensions, or large size with 24×16″ dimensions, or even an extra-large with 32×21″ dimensions. The prices may vary according to your chosen size. With the variety of sizes, sure, you can choose the one that fits best with your room.

This brand is concerned not only with the visual aspect of its products but also with the materials utilized. V1 Tech uses PMMA Multi-Layered Acrylic Plexi Glass to create their wall art. Plexiglass is a solid, clear plastic manufactured of polymethyl methacrylate that is often used in lieu of glass. This material has high strength and is also break-resistant, safe to use as decor and practical items. So worry not about buying V1 Tech wall arts as they are made from a shatterproof material.

If a piece of art isn’t enough for you, V1 Tech’s wall art goods come with an additional configurable component. You may pick between a super HD gloss finish or a fingerprint-resistant matte finish for the wall art. You may also choose to add backlighting to your wall art! Nothing compares to the mix of stunning artwork and RGB backlight illumination. All in all, wall art from V1 Tech is an excellent product to have in your gaming room.

V1 Tech Backplate

The GPU is the heart of every computer. For the longest time, the “Good Side” of these cards has been pitted against the back left bear or boring. That is changing today with V1 Tech’s GPU backplate, which will have a significant influence on any build’s interior looks.

V1 Tech Review: V1 Tech Backplate
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V1 Tech GPU Backplate may enhance the appearance of your GPU card. With V1 Tech backplate products, you can get rid of any boring white or transparent GPU backplate. Instead of a dull clear backplate, you can pick from a variety of artworks on the V1 Tech website to give your GPU backplate an attractive touch. If you can’t find the artwork you like, you may make your own, send it to the V1 Tech website, and have your custom GPU backplate made.

V1 Tech’s artworks cover a diverse spectrum of topics. You may purchase an automotive theme, a cartoon theme, a sports theme, or even a waifu theme to customize your GPU backplate with your favorite female character. It is a guarantee that you want to see the Dark Magician Girl sitting on your backplate with RGB backlighting. You don’t have to be concerned about the quality of the artwork since they are created by the greatest hands in the field. Many well-known artists are included in the V1 Tech backplate artwork collection.

You may choose whatever artwork you desire for your V1 Tech GPU Backplate starting at $75.00. The most intriguing aspect of purchasing a V1 Tech Backplate is that you do not need to know the Backplate’s dimensions. Simply choose the GPU model that you use on your computer, and voila! you will get a backplate that is appropriate for your GPU model. If you purchase from another company, you’ll have to go through the hassle of finding the right size for your GPU backplate.

V1 Tech Support Bracket

GPU sag isn’t always a negative thing in a bespoke PC. However, it may give your PC an odd and ugly appearance. The easiest way to eliminate GPU sag is to use a solid support bracket. V1 Tech Support Bracket is a wonderful option for a decent support bracket that not only supports your GPU but also adds an aesthetic touch.

V1 Tech Review: V1 Tech Support Bracket
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The V1 Tech GPU Support Bracket was created to stylishly reduce sag from any GPU model! Supports any size and length of 2-3 slot cards. The support parts may be attached to the bracket at any point along its length and on either side. A 20-inch (50cm) long 5V 3Pin Addressable Header Cable is included with all RGB Support Brackets.

You can select various artworks for your support bracket. The artworks also come in different genres as well. If you are a sports maniac, you can get Kobe or Jordan artwork for your support bracket. If you love cartoons, you can also get the Avatar Aang support bracket which looks stunning with the help of the RGB light.

The installation of the V1 Tech Support Bracket is easy. You can get the step-by-step installation manual from V1 Tech on the product page. Nothing can beat V1 Tech’s offer of a beautiful support bracket for only $45.00. To conclude this review, purchasing V1 Tech Support Bracket may elevate the aesthetic point of your gaming setup.

V1 Tech AIO Cover

To begin, an AIO stands for All In One, which refers to a liquid CPU cooler in this case. An AIO assembles all of the components needed to liquid-cool your CPU into a pre-assembled unit that you can install in approximately 20 minutes. The AIO is a streamlined bundle that includes the water block, radiator, tubes, fans, fittings, and pump. AIO is an important component for your PC build.

V1 Tech Review: V1 Tech AIO Cover
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Because it’s vital, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide AIO coolers with a more aesthetic vibe. V1 Tech AIO Covers provide you the ability to personalize the cover of your AIO cooler. The best thing is that V1 Tech offers AIO Covers that are compatible with your specific model. Simply choose your AIO model and V1 Tech will provide you with the most gorgeous AIO cover available. V1 Tech has everything you need from Corsair, ROG, Thermaltake, and even MSI.

You may select from a range of artworks offered by V1 Tech and their associate artists for the AIO Covers design. You may also purchase a bespoke set of AIO Covers if you want to express yourself. V1 Tech can help you create your own design and make it a reality.

This review suggests that you do a custom order so that you may have the most ideal design for yourself; nevertheless, this does not imply that the artworks already available are unattractive or poor. Famous online artists such as Ddjvigo, Piumeli, Seerlight, and others have contributed to these works. You may pick from a wide range of artworks, including cartoons, abstracts, and even landscape images. You may also acquire a V1 Tech AIO cover with child Naruto eating ramen if you want to feel nostalgic. Finally, if you want to fancy up your AIO cooler, you can’t go wrong with V1 Tech.

V1 Tech Fan Grills

You can acquire fan grills to protect your cable or finger from rapidly spinning CPU fans if you have a lot of cords on your desktop setup or if you want to gently tweak your PC construction while it is still on (this is not suggested). Fan grills are a great way to prevent getting your cable or even your finger caught in the fans.

V1 Tech Review: V1 Tech Fan Grills
Image:V1 Tech

V1 Tech can modify any PC component, as you may know, as long as there is a surface. V1 Tech provides the most visually beautiful fan grills modification on the market, thus it’s included in this one as well. You may have gorgeous artwork added to your fan grills for as little as $9.99.

With various fan grills, you can personalize your build and take it to the next level. V1 Tech designs are produced with LED reactive dye sublimation acrylic that catches the light from your LED/ RGB fans and adds next-level visual candy to any case fan. The fan grill forms were designed by V1 Tech to have little impact on airflow.

The process of mounting is made very easy! To quickly install them to your fan, use the provided self-threading fan screws. If your fans have screws going through them, remove them, install the fan grill, and thread the screws through the fan grill and the fan into your case or radiator.

V1 Tech Return Policy

If your order is defective, missing products, or inaccurate due to a V1 Tech error in any manner, V1 Tech will send a replacement right away, and you may keep any errors. V1 Tech does not accept returns for all orders that are custom-made, because it is a one-of-a-kind works of art with no shelf life.

If you need to cancel or alter a purchase, please contact V1 Tech as soon as possible, since V1 Tech will not be able to cancel or amend an order that has already been processed. If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints, please contact V1 Tech immediately, and a member of the V1 Tech team will do everything necessary to help you as soon as possible.

V1 Tech Shipping Policy

V1 Tech ships to almost every country on the planet. After the purchase has been finished, the shipping time may be viewed; estimations are determined at checkout. V1 Tech’s warehouse is located in Dallas, Texas, where they manufacture and ships all of their items. V1 Tech turnaround times are now less than seven days. Orders are being processed or are in the queue to be processed. As soon as it’s finished, you’ll get a tracking confirmation.

V1 Tech Customer Service

If you have any problems or inquiries about V1 Tech products and services, you may contact V1 Tech customer service at 214-501-1484. V1 Tech customer service may answer your question during the working hours (Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM CST). You can also have a live chat with V1 Tech customer service by clicking the widget in the bottom right of the V1 Tech official website.

Where to buy V1 Tech?

You may be asking how to get one of the V1 Tech customized products after reading the review. V1 Tech wall arts, backplates, fan grills, and other V1 Tech products are only available on their own website and Etsy at the moment. But don’t worry; if you want to buy V1 Tech products from their official website, they still offer some amazing bargains for you.

V1 Tech Promo Codes & Coupons

Following your reading of the V1 Tech product review, you may be wondering how to receive the greatest offers from V1 Tech. The best way to obtain V1 Tech items is to use discount codes. You may just use the discount during the checkout process on the official website. Here are some of the most beneficial V1 Tech promo codes.

VIP20 – Enjoy $20 OFF $100+ All Purchases
VIP50 – $50 OFF on $200+ Purchases
VIP100 – Extra $100 OFF on $300+ Purchases
VIP250 – Enjoy $250 OFF on $500+ Purchases
spring10 – 10% OFF spring sale

You can also get an additional $5 discount if you sign up for the V1 Tech newsletter too. Please keep in mind that these discounts are only accessible on the V1 official website. If the codes above have passed their expiry date, they may not function. Don’t worry, the codes are still valid as of this review’s release.

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V1 Tech Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for V1 Tech. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

V1 Tech Review: Questions & Answers
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What carrier does V1 Tech use to send its orders?

For all orders, V1 Tech uses USPS. Shipments may be sent to regional carriers by the USPS.

What kind of payment that accepted by V1 Tech?

V1 Tech accepts payments by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Master Card.

Can V1 Tech send their product to my place?

V1 Tech delivers to over 130 countries. On the checkout page, you may see a list of potential shipments.

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V1 Tech Expert Reviews

V1 Tech has a variety of full-color art backplates available, as well as the option of having your own custom one made. The costs for custom GPU backplates are quite inexpensive, and V1 Tech provides an art-proofing service to guarantee that your custom backplate looks precisely as you want it to in the end result. V1 Tech also provides fine-tuning options for the RGB lighting in its backplates, allowing you to illuminate the whole device or just certain regions. V1 Tech also provides similarly designed side-support brackets that screw into your case’s PCI bracket to help avoid any possible GPU damage.

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Full Review

Overall, we’d suggest V1 Tech because of their simple online ordering process and the wide variety of beautiful designs that they’re always adding to their collection. Many of their designs are also compatible with GPU support brackets that match their designs.

Full Review

This was my first purchase, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Not only was the plexi-glass print I bought beautiful, but the turnaround time from order to delivery was lightning quick. Their tongue-in-cheek humor in the order confirmation email was amusing, and it’s evident that they not only take pleasure in the quality of their work, but they also know how to have a good time doing it. I would purchase from them again at any moment.

Curt Voiles
Full Review

First and foremost, fantastic stuff. Because that’s what my GPU is (obviously), I opted with the EVGA backplate, and wow, does it make a difference in the look of my case. On their website, they have a plethora of additional fantastic designs. You can’t go wrong with any of them because of how well they’re manufactured. I was almost tempted to go for the charmander (check it out). Second, they included a pack of skittles in the delivery box, which was AWESOME and DELICIOUS. For that, you’re insanely awesome.

Chris Callahan
Full Review

Conclusion of V1 Tech Reviews & Ratings

V1 Tech is a fantastic design company that specializes in customized gaming PC parts. All of their products are incredibly attractive and add to the cool factor of your gaming setup. V1 Tech also offers a variety of different accessories to let you customize your gaming room. You won’t have to worry about any defective items since V1 Tech uses only the highest-quality materials that are both sturdy and long-lasting.

V1 Tech Review: Conclusion
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Overall, V1 Tech is an excellent custom design company from which you can get backplates, fan grills, and wall art. If you want to enhance your gaming appearance, get one. Thank you for taking the time to read our V1 Tech review; we hope you find V1 Tech goods to be satisfactory. Please inform us if you have any feedback on this review.


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