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Ulike Review 2023 → Great Hair Removal Product, Anyone?

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About Ulike

Welcome to our Ulike Review! If you have thick hair on your legs, arms, or back that gets in your way and covers you from the world, laser hair removal is for you. However, laser hair removal is one of the most recent methods for getting rid of unwanted hair at home.

Ulike Review: About Ulike
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It removes pigment from the follicle using high-frequency light with precise wavelengths. Unwanted hair will begin to fall out as a result of frequent treatments since it is unable to grow in lighter tones. After treatment and upkeep, you will no longer have stubble or black hairs anywhere on your body

In addition, laser hair removal is an efficient method for permanently removing hair from the skin. It is neither painful nor uncomfortable, unlike other techniques like waxing and electrolysis. Laser hair removal is also quite inexpensive when done in a salon by a professional practitioner.

Ulike is allowed home beauty equipment to emerging on the dressing tables of thousands of households, bringing a new age of beauty salons to the home. This product is designed with an IPL device to make a painless hair removal. 

If you’re wondering how to get laser hair removal, this Ulike Review will give you all you need to know about the treatment. Continue reading to discover more about the benefits and drawbacks of laser hair removal, as well as how to locate a reliable clinic that provides the procedure in your region.

Overview Ulike

Absolutely, every brand, including Ulike, has its own story journey. The Ulike journey begins in 2013. Ulike discover a wonderful technology that enables us to remove hair at home at any time. That is IPL or known as Intense Pulsed Light technology.

Ulike devotes all of its time and resources to studying, creating, engineering, manufacturing, and testing its cutting-edge IPL technology. Ulike creates with the mission is to be the world’s top brand of home beauty tools products.

Since its founding, Ulike has been committed to giving a solution to women’s worldwide hair removal problems. Ulike Group produced the world’s first hair removal device that combines professional cooling sensation hair removal tech at home.

Every year, more than 30% of profits are dedicated to research and innovation of hair removal technologies. Ulike has approximately 100 patents globally and specializes in high-end and sophisticated medical IPL hair removal until 2022.

Ulike Review

Ulike has the diamond freezing tech patent, as well as the triple temperature control refrigerator technology. It removes the burning sensation and suffering associated with IPL treatments performed at home.

Though, Ulike seeks to be the engine of the industry’s growth and advancement. Make it simple for customers to have a quality IPL hair care treatment in the comfort of home. Ulike is already improving the product from the first generation until the fifth generation. 

In the first version, people are able to remove their hair at home, but it is a painful process. In the next version of the product, an ice compress outlet will be included so that the sensation of hair removal will be improved.

With the 3rd version, you may use an ice treatment and a hair removal device at the same time.  In the 4th version, a revolutionary product is known as diamond freezing technology and flat light outlet keeps the human skin at a temperature ranging from 10°C to 40°C. 

The last Ulike version of this hair device makes it possible to do laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation at the same time. Set a brand-new standard for the industry. Let’s meet the 3 collections of hair removal devices by Ulike here:

What are the differences between all the three products? Let’s find out the following review below.

Ulike Diamond Air Z IPL Hair Removal Device Review

The first product on our Ulike Review is this Ulike Diamond Air Z series, a six-sided polish in the best-grade diamonds lamp cap. This is also the most powerful energy in the Ulike Diamond Air Series. Although if your hair is long, permanent hair removal may be accomplished in 3 – 4 weeks with no pain.

Ulike Review: Ulike Diamond Air Z IPL Hair Removal Device Review

It has five energy levels and is intended to meet the demands of all hair and skin types. Diamond Air Z allows you to have a cool, clean, safe, and comfortable IPL treatment no matter where you are.

For more design details, IPL is used 2 – 3 times a week to keep hair away at home. Ulike Diamond Air Z can be used for sensitive skin. For Diamond Air Z, Ulike picked emerald green. It helps you feel stylish, fresh, and vibrant after hair removal. 

This is an innovative product with cooling feelings. From 10 °C to 40 °C, the diamond freezing technology and flat light output maintain a cooling feeling during hair removal. Allow Diamond Air Z to assist you in removing hairs as quickly as possible.

Also, Ulike Diamond Air Z contains a light outlet that is flat and easily press tight. Flat light outlets provide better results. This may push strongly against your skin, bringing the hair base closer to the intense energy.

In addition, is sleek, small, rechargeable, and portable with an ergonomic design that matches the hand contours well.  It is lightweight and portable, and it will not wear you out even after extended usage.

The most important is this product is easy to use with 5 levels of energy and either in auto mode or manual mode. You can use this laser hair removal in your lip, leg, axilla, arm, chest hair, or private hair. 

What’s in the box?

  • Ulike Diamond Air Z
  • Charging base and cable
  • Razors
  • Safety glasses
  • User Manual

Ulike Diamond Air B IPL Hair Removal Device Review

Next up, we’ll continue to the second variant – Ulike Diamond Air B IPL Hair Removal Device. This new technology for hair removal contains four-sided cleaning in the finest diamond lamp cap.

Ulike Review: Ulike Diamond Air B IPL Hair Removal Device Review

However, Ulike Diamond Air B is suitable if your hair type is medium. This series has top energy. Permanent hair removal is possible in 4 weeks with no pain. It has 5 levels of energy and is intended to meet the expectations of all hair and skin types. IPL treatments may be given in a safe, cool, and pleasant area using Diamond Air B.

For more design details, IPL is recommended to use 2 – 3 times a week to keep hair away. For Diamond Air B, Ulike goes with pale green which is a natural color. They think Diamond Air B will deliver a fun and safe experience throughout your hair removal experience. 

What’s in the box?

  • Ulike Diamond Air B
  • Charging base and cable
  • Razors
  • Safety glasses
  • User Manual

Ulike Diamond Air A IPL Hair Removal Device Review

The last variant of Ulike product is Ulike Diamond Air A IPL Hair Removal Device. It has only two-sided polish in the best-quality diamond lamp cap. Available in 3 adapter plug types; British Specification Plug, European Standard Plug, and American Plug, 

Ulike Review: Ulike Diamond Air A IPL Hair Removal Device Review

Ulike Diamond Air Series has soft energy. This one is great for thin hair because not everyone needs a lot of energy. Permanent hair removal may be accomplished in 4 to 5 weeks with no pain. There are five levels of energy available, and it is intended to meet the demands of all hair and skin types. Diamond Air A can provide cool, safe, and pleasant IPL treatments.

For more design detail, it is similar to the other Diamond series which is available on sensitive skin. The IPL is used 2 – 3 times a week. Ulike choose a snow-white color to be more elegant. Snow-white symbolizes a fresh beginning since it is pure and lovely. For sure, you will have a comfortable and safe hair removal experience with Diamond Air A.

What’s in the box?

  • Ulike Diamond Air A
  • Charging base and cable
  • Razors
  • Safety glasses
  • User manual

Ulike Pros & Cons

Once you learn about Ulike products in this Ulike Review, the next stage is to compare the aspects of the items, whether it is positive or negative. Alright then, let’s have a look at the following Ulike Pros & Cons below:


  • The product is simple to use
  • It has a cooling sensation
  • It has an elegant design
  • It contains painless hair with an IPL device
  • It has a great light epilator


  • Need more variants. 

Ulike Return Policy

Ulike is dedicated to providing the customer with high-quality products. If you get Ulike items that do not match your expectations, just return them within 30 days after you receive them.

Ulike Review: Ulike Return Policy
Image:Ulike Global@fb

When returning the product, you need all components from the original set or kit. Partial pieces from a set or kit will never be refunded.

Please keep in mind that only things bought from Ulike official website will be eligible for return. If you bought your things from Amazon, Shopee, or another approved retailer, please contact the store to arrange for a refund or exchange.

Please consider the following items in order to get your refund:

  • Shipping and handling fees are not refundable except if the product is damaged due to manufacturer defects. 
  • Any product bought outside of Ulike Official Website
  • Any item that is returned without all of its original packing and accessories, along with the retail box, cables, manuals, and any other components that came with it.
  • Any item that has physical harm.
  • The warranty term has expired.

To start your return, please follow the instruction below:

  • Please contact them with your order number and a short explanation of your return.
  • Ulike will send you a printable tag with further instructions. It includes the return address as well as some basic information regarding your returned purchase.
  • Print out the return label and put it in your box with the items you’re returning, as well as properly pack the item.
  • Return the items using the local post office near you. If you want urgent help with the returned shipments, please call Ulike Customer Service and give a tracking number.  
  • They will handle your return within 1-3 business days after receiving it.

After receiving and verifying the returned product, the order amount will be refunded to the credit/debit card for the transaction within 1 week. To learn more about refunds policy, you can check it at this link

Ulike Shipping

Right now, Ulike only offers one delivery service option –  Standard Shipping. This standard shipping is only available in the United Kingdom and the European Union orders. 

Ulike provides shipping to the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,  Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.  Anyway, Ulike is ready to release shipping in the United States in April 2022 and available on May 15th. 

The orders will be sent to the address provided by the buyer at the time of purchase. Only one address may be sent per order. If a customer has to deliver orders to numerous addresses, each address must be ordered separately. However, it is not accepted when using P.O Box as the shipping address. 

For the shipping time, Ulike works with Amazon‘s warehouse also. It allows them to ensure constant delivery times and service. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your package then it will ship to your location around 2-5 business days. So, the total shipping times might take 5-8 days depending on your location.

NOTE: Please be certain that when you fill out the shipping address, you will be able to choose your address from Ulike shipping nations drop-down list. 

Oh! Forget to mention that you can get FREE SHIPPING on your order at Ulike.

Ulike Customer Service

If you have any questions that are not mentioned in this review, please let Ulike know it. Ulike ready to help! Their knowledgeable and friendly Beauty Advisors want you to have the best experiences ever. 

To get in touch with them, fill out the Chatbox with your name and email or visit the store whether in the United Kingdom or in China during the working hours starting Monday to Friday from 1:00 AM – 10:00 AM(GMT). 

Additionally, Ulike like collaborating with business partners to help both companies grow. To learn more, go to Business Cooperation or send them an email to lufei@ulikebeauty.com. Please name a type in your email so that they can help you in finding the right person.

Where to buy Ulike?

Have you decided which one you need to buy? 

As additional information, the Ulike device is only appropriate for those with Fitzpatrick Skin Tone I through V. The device should not be used on those who have very light blonde, red, or grey/white hair. Again, Ulike has 3 different products with different features. 

You can have one of them by online purchasing at Ulike Official Website or retail store such as Amazon. If you want to have a look at the store, you can visit the following address below:

Ulike Office in the UK

Company: Maylerescape Ltd.
Unit# 2052 275
New North London United Kingdom
N1 7AA

Ulike Office in China

Company: Hangzhou Ulike Technology Co., Ltd.
Building 4, Sanhua jianghong International Originality Park
735 Jiang Hong Road
Binjiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

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Ulike Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Ulike. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What method of payment is accessible in Ulike?

Ulike accept using Paypal in payment method.

  • With PayPal, you may transfer money online quickly and securely.
  • You may pay with a credit card, a debit card, or your bank account balance using PayPal.
  • After you make an order, you will be taken to PayPal’s site, where you may make your payment.

The use of PayPal payment is traceable. Using your PayPal account, you may track the progress of your payment. Ulike doesn’t access your payment card or bank information which reduces the danger of unauthorized use. Pay with a Credit Card. 

Is Ulike accept Cash on Delivery?

So sorry, but Ulike cannot take cash on delivery. They appreciate that you purchase the products from Ulike, and they accept payment by PayPal and credit card/debit card. So, please pay for your purchase in full and in advance. They will provide you with 1st services.

How often can I use my IPL machine?

Hair removal treatment should be planned 2-3 times a week. The treatment should be continued until the hair stops growing back. Hair removal treatment normally takes 3-6 months. Additional sessions should be planned anytime you see some other hair has begun to come back until you get the desired results.

Ask a question?

Ulike Expert Reviews

I have finally found the IPL device’s technology for myself in Ulike brand. It makes complete sense in various locations on the body, especially for a male. I use the device to remove hair from my chest. The package is of exceptional quality. A stylish green box with a faux leather finish. Of course, I wondered what was wrong with the item and how this packing compensated for it.

However, there is nothing wrong. The device functions properly. The fan is rather noisy, but not very bothersome. The sole concern is that the collapsible glasses devalue the whole offering. The shaver that goes with it, on the other hand, is sufficient. The flashes are activated gently. I’ve seen equipment that emits sounds, such as vintage camera flashes.

There isn’t much to complain about here. The item is well-made and feels comfortable in the hand. The cable doesn’t really obstruct usage. The procedure is not at all painful to the skin. I haven’t observed any issues with my skin after several applications. Overall, I like is a fantastic product with high tech that has been tried and proven by other companies. As a result, I give it 5 stars. 

Marcelina Witting
Full Review
Ulike Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Ulike Global@fb

The Ulike beauty hair tool arrived quickly, and since it is practically instantly ready to use, I am able to check it straight away. Using the enclosed wet shaver, hair is first removed from the regions to be treated. The item is very appealing, and the craftsmanship is excellent. Handling is simple, hair growth is greatly inhibited, and it is painless and mild. The price is also reasonable.

Vivian Powlowski
Full Review

My wife wanted an IPL epilator for her birthday. She had always heard about Ulike but had never tried it, so I decided to buy this and obviously, I made the correct option. After three weeks, she is fine and beginning to see the first benefits. The Ulike design, both of the box and of the accessories, caught our attention the most. It was exquisite and appealing. There’s also a razor to use first, a charger, and glasses, which are essential during usage, as well as the epilator, which is convenient and simple to use, with 2 flash settings and the ice effect. My wife is happy, really. 

Aiyana White
Full Review

It arrives in a luxury package as a set, using the buttons is simple!! Because there are just two buttons. It is simple to operate even for novices. It hurts when I increase the level to the highest, but it does not hurt when I heat it gently. The storage box has a high-class air to it, and having all of them as a set was convenient.

Bonita Gorczany
Full Review

This hair removal is excellent. Nothing to complain about with this high-quality pulsed light epilator. All I want to say is it’s wonderful! I noticed the initial effects after the third session, when the hairs got scarce, and nothing after the fifth session! I must say that I am not very hairy at the start, which may explain why treatment was completed quickly.

Mikayla Runolfsdottir
Full Review

Conclusion of Ulike Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, if you have unwanted hair on your body, laser hair removal is an excellent option. It may be performed by a doctor, a professional, or at home. It inhibits hair growth by addressing dark pigment in the hair follicle. Unwanted hair will begin to fall out as a result of frequent treatments since it is unable to grow in lighter tones.

Ulike Review: Conclusion
Image:Ulike Global@fb

In case to get rid of the unwanted hair, you should put Ulike on your bucket list! With 3 different products depending on the components and the level of diamonds. It follows how the energy they produce from the highest energy to soft energy. Ulike Diamond Z has the most diamonds with A++, followed by Diamond Air B with A+, and Diamond Air A has soft energy with A level. 

Thank you for reading Ulike Review and enjoy your hair removal whenever and wherever you want with Ulike.


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