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TwoTrees 3D Printer Review 2023 → A Top-Notch 3D Printer Brand

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About TwoTrees 3D Printer

Do you want to create your own jewelry design? If so, one of the tools that must be on your top consideration is a 3D printer. With dauntless options available in the market, we know that selecting the best one is challenging.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: About

TwoTrees is one of the Chinese 3D printer manufacturers worth your consideration for its smart features and affordable prices. Moreover, it comes in several series and types, ensuring you can pick the one that best meets your need.

With 22k fans on the brand’s Facebook page, the efficacy of the brand’s product is undoubted. Well, wondering about what the brand has? This TwoTrees 3D Printer Review covers everything you should know.

Here, we have in-depth reviews, customer reviews, expert reviews, and other additional information to make you become the most satisfied shopper ever. Thus, can we start now?

Overview of TwoTrees 3D Printer

TwoTrees 3D Printer is the Chinese producer of 3D printers that have come along in the market since 2017. It sells all four tools in the 3D printer field; 3D printers, laser engravers, spare parts & accessories, and filaments.

With a mission, “TwoTrees has always championed and created a fully free design lifestyle. Our Mission is to bring safe 3D printing & laser engraving technology and product to every person, home and organization for a fully possibility of creative world.” you can imagine how great the product is.

The brand claimed it had sold 10 million dollars in 2021, giving proof of its successful 3D printer manufacturer. Not only that, TwoTrees always enhances their quality products to increase the consumer experience, letting their beloved customers be the most pleased.

Over 200 teams across the world are employed, working carefully and intelligently with high-quality materials to create the top-grade 3D printer to use. Therefore, we recommend this brand to everyone looking for the best tool for 3D printing.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews

As we’ve explained the TwoTrees brand, let us show you the best-selling products known for their quality and effectiveness. Well, all of these products have received good ratings both on the official store and on Amazon. Thus, we think selecting one of them is a nice decision.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews

TwoTrees 3D Printer Best-selling Products

  • BLU-3 V2
  • SP-3 CoreXY – Sapphire Pro
  • SP-5 CoreXY – Sapphire Plus

Sure, we discuss all those products on our review list that you can find in the next section. Oh, we explain everything, including each product’s smart features, to help you choose the one easier.

TwoTrees 3D Printer BLU-3 V2 Review

The first item that catches our eyes is this TwoTrees 3D Printer BLU-3 V2 for its ease of use, high accuracy, and decent prints. Not only that, but it also comes with special features we assume you will be pleased with.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees 3D Printer BLU-3 V2 Review

TwoTrees BLU-3 V2 Features

  • High precision
  • No gap feeding
  • Power failure
  • Large size
  • HD touch
  • Special platform
  • Temperature control
  • Intelligent leveling

You don’t need to doubt the machine; it comes with double turbo fans, an X-axis design, a Y-axis design, leveling spring, a 3.5-inch screen, terminal welding, and an extruder.

What’s more, thanks to the filament sensor, that will give you a warning if the filament runs out. All of them are designed to give you the most curated 3D-printer you’ve ever used.

For only $219, you can get this excellent product on your hand. We strongly recommend this 3D printer for its affordable and decent features packed.

TwoTrees 3D Printer SP-3 CoreXY Review

The next item on our review list is one of the SP series, which is the SP-3 CoreXY 3D printer – Sapphire Pro. We add it to our list for its strong structure with full metal housing, which is durable enough for a 3D printer.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees 3D Printer SP-3 CoreXY Review

“Large print size, super speed printing.” That’s what the brand claimed for this enduring 3D printer. With the two Z-axis, dual-gear extruder, and linear rails for faster motion and higher precision, this 3D printer is a good option for both novices and professionals.

TwoTrees Sapphire Pro Features

  • Hotbed platform
  • Leveling spring
  • Double turbo fans
  • X/Y axis linear guides
  • Full metal back plate
  • Power parameter display

Just like the previous item, it also comes with power failure and filament sensors, making it have a great resume printing function for saving your print — in case something unpredictable happens.

TwoTrees 3D Printer SP-5 CoreXY Review

With 153 reviews from happy customers, it gives proof that this largest 3D printing space is truly in most people’s hearts, especially for you, a designer who has full of ideas on your mind. Outstanding performance is what all professionals will get from this SP-5 CoreXY 3D printer – Sapphire Plus.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees 3D Printer SP-5 CoreXY Review

TwoTrees Sapphire Plus Features:

  • Quick assembly
  • 360W Powersupply
  • Metal body
  • Power failure
  • Mute printing
  • Filament sensor
  • 3.5 inch touchscreen
  • Large size printing

From all the great specs this product has, we are delighted with the sensitive touchscreen feature as it delivers a smooth touch experience. Operating it is as easy as pie.

The mute printing is also the one we can’t ignore. How comes? Imagine printing your creation without the harsh noise, then we can confidently say this 3D printer is a nice option. 

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: What Do Customers Think?

Plenty of customers leave their thought about TwoTrees 3D Printer; most of them are happy with the 3D printer they get. Just like this one:

Impeccable quality. Some small defect like the slightly more open z engine bracket, but it was easily fixed. There is also a part of the box sticking out but it does not affect the function. At the moment nothing more to mention. Very happy with the rest. We’ll have to wait and see it working.

That was what one of the customers said we read from TwoTrees 3D Printer’s official store. It was for the BLU-3 V2, which we know has the outstanding quality for a 3D printer with special features like high precision, HD touch, etc. Even though this customer is slightly disappointed with some of the issues, he is satisfied with the product.

For the speed printing, the happy customer said:

Very fast printer thanks to stability of the frame and CoreX/Y motion system.

It’s for the SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer, which is known as the largest printing space. As the customer states, the fast printing feature is top-notch. Then, you can print your creation rapidly.

Overall, most of the customers agree with us to recommend the TwoTrees 3D Printer in case you are looking for affordable 3D printers packed with smart features that are no less than the pricy 3D printer out there.

Who TwoTrees 3D Printer Use For?

TwoTrees 3D Printer is intended for everyone, whether new in 3D design or professional. As the name implies, a 3D printer is a tool for creating three-dimensional objects using computer-aided design.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: Who TwoTrees 3D Printer Use For?

As we’ve reviewed some of the TwoTrees 3D Printer’s products, we think all the features, such as a touchscreen, filament sensor, and so on, will fulfill your need.

Just pick one of their products that perfectly meet your requirements. Then, see how great it will be.

How To Contact TwoTrees 3D Printer

The brand’s customer team is available to respond to all your questions and inquiries. You just need to fill in the form they provided on their official site and write down your name, phone, email, and message.

You can also reach them through these contact information:

Your message will be responded to during their business hours on Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM (GMT+8). Take it easy; they will do their best to help solve your problem.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Shipping Policy

The good news is that TwoTrees provides international shipping! Thus, their products are available worldwide. For international shipping, the brand cooperates with some international shipping companies, such as FedEx, DHL, Aramex, UPS, EMS, China Post, etc.

Once your order is accepted, they will process it within 1-3 business days. If you order machines, parts, and consumables shipped from China, it need to be processed within 5-7 business days. The delivery time might vary depending on the processing time, your address, and shipping services.

About the shipping fee? You can check the brand’s official site on the shipping policy page. Read carefully before you check out the products.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Warranty

TwoTrees provided all customers with a 1-year warranty to give a satisfying feel. Once you receive the products with any problems, you can directly contact the brand’s support team and claim the guarantee.

But, if your products can’t be covered by the brand’s warranty policy, you can request a return and refund that we will explain the terms in the next section.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Return Policy

The return and refund policy is available for all customers with product issues. The terms are as follows:


  1. 14 days after receiving the products
  2. Contact the brand (Email/Phone), and wait for their acceptance to return your products
  3. The products must be unused, in original condition, and packaging
  4. Attach with the receipt of the purchase, video, or image of your product’s issue


  1. The brand needs 5-7 business days to check your return request before giving you information on whether they approve or deny it
  2. The refund payment will automatically send to your original payment method

For further information, you can check their official site.

Where to buy TwoTrees 3D Printer?

You can find all of the TwoTrees collections on their official store since they provide you with promotions and deals to help save your money. Moreover, they also give you fast shipping, one year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: Where to buy?

Besides, you can also buy the TwoTrees products on Amazon as you can find interesting promotions.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Promo Codes & Coupons

We recommend you join the brand’s newsletter to get the upcoming sales. Not only that, but you can also get the latest updates for new products. As per we write the review, the promotions and deals the brand offers are as follows:

  • $70 off with the code TS2 for TwoTrees TS3
  • $50 off with the code TS3 for TwoTrees TS2
  • $50 off with the code WEEKLYDEAL for TwoTrees SP-5 

Or, you can click the button below to reveal some coupon codes worth trying. Give them a shot!

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TwoTrees 3D Printer Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for TwoTrees 3D Printer. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is TwoTrees 3D Printer Legit?

With some of the customers’ reviews, we can conclude that TwoTrees is a legit 3D printer brand in the market. Moreover, various types and series are available, giving you feature options based on your need. You can find all the brand’s products on their official site or marketplace like Amazon.

Is TwoTrees 3D Printer Worth It?

Some special and smart features are offered along with promos and discounts, which should be enough to claim that TwoTrees 3D Printer is absolutely worth it. Whether you are novices or professionals, this 3D printer brand is a perfect choice.

Ask a question?

TwoTrees 3D Printer Expert Reviews

“It’s advertised as fast, accurate, and reliable, with some high-tech features to boot. Selling for a price point right around $300, the Sapphire Pro is marketed to hobbyists and beginners on a mid-range budget.”

Full Review

TwoTrees 3D Printer Expert Pros and Cons

Pros favicon 8.3

+ No gap feeding

+ Temperature control

+ HD touch screen interface

+ Large size built up

Cons favicon 8.3

- Difficult to generate temperature for some of the filaments

Conclusion of TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews & Ratings

It is always good to show your creativity. Not to mention three-dimensional items such as furniture, jewelry, toys, and many more. We have discussed what the brand can give you on this TwoTrees 3D printer review, along with some in-depth reviews for the best-selling products, which are worth considering.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: Conclusion

Engaging your creativity is not hard; whether you want to create a unique jewelry design or your favorite figure, choose one of the TwoTrees 3D printers that truly matches your need. Then, see how well the 3D printer is!


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