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About Troomi

If you felt being a parent in the nineties was difficult, try parenting in the twenty-first century. Instagram-fueled sorrow and YouTube conspiracy theories and hoaxes and even sexualized content all over the internet may threats the child’s development.

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Suddenly, the decision of whether to get your kids their own smartphone has a lot more to do with safety than it does with cost. Troomi, a kid-friendly cellular service, understands this and addresses it head-on.

Troomi offers not only a safe smartphone for your children but also a number of valuable applications to aid in their growth. You won’t have to worry about your child accidentally viewing any dangerous or negative content on the internet using Troomi.

This Troomi review will go over how the company operates, Troomi products, services, features, and even some available discounts. Whether you are a parent or planning to become one, reading this Troomi review will be quite beneficial to you.

Overview of Troomi

Troomi Wireless, the Mom’s Choice Award winner, is the safest and most intelligent method to present technology to children. Troomi provides a suite of secure gadgets, suitable for kid apps, and the opportunity for parents to quickly transition kids into greater levels of usefulness and responsibility as they age.

Troomi creates KidSmart OS, an Android-based operating system that gives parents a simple, robust, and adaptable set of parental controls while blocking social media, addicting games, pornography, and inbound access to predators and bullies.

Troomi aims to help children find their abilities and to support and protect them along the way by delivering solutions that enable children to follow their aspirations with enthusiasm while maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship with technology and happy life away from the screen.

Troomi Reviews

Troomi offers itself as a comprehensive solution that takes care of everything from carrier service to device security. When you sign up for Troomi’s cellular service, you’re investing in its whole ecosystem, which might be good or terrible depending on your point of view.

Troomi Reviews

Troomi cellphone services provide unlimited call and texting, but only to parent-approved contacts. With this function, the parent can repel various terror and spam calls or texts.

Troomi’s vision looks beyond the hazards’ underlying terror. Troomi focuses on discovering better methods to introduce technology to children with unwavering hope and optimism for each child’s potential.

Troomi started a movement that will assist millions of children in achieving their goals and leading happy, healthy, and balanced lives. Troomi is the best solution for teaching phones to kids, with a purpose to help children learn, do, and become anything via a safe, balanced connection with technology.

Troomi Phone Review

When you buy a Troomi gadget, you are not just buying a device, but also joining the secure Troomi ecosystem. The Samsung Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A32 are the only smartphones utilized for Troomi services.

This is because Troomi has developed its mobile device management (MDM) solution, which enables parents to lock down their children’s gadgets. You can purchase Samsung Galaxy A12 from Troomi for $179.95 and Samsung Galaxy A32 from Troomi for $279.95.

The decision to choose Samsung as their primary device was not made lightly. Troomi prefers to concentrate on a long-lasting and sturdy product rather than a cheap and easily broken phone. With this in mind, Troomi offers Samsung products that both kids and parents will enjoy.


  • Kids are thrilled to utilize this well-known brand.
  • Longer device life means it will be able to develop with your kid.
  • Fewer hardware issues imply fewer concerns.
  • A 16MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera for great selfies round out the quad camera for outstanding photographs.
  • 6.5-inch display and slender, mature design
  • 2-day battery life for added security
  • 128GB of storage and an octa-core CPU
  • Privacy is protected by military-grade security.
  • Bluetooth may be used to connect speakers and headphones.
  • No security concerns from foreign governments

Troomi Apps Review

To give the best learning experience for your kid, Troomi uses a Kidsmart app where KidSmart provides parents with cloud-based access to software for network security for kids. KidSmart Apps are award-winning apps that have been recommended by the Troomi community and vetted for safety by our experts.

Troomi eliminated applications that are addicting or create a harmful distraction from what matters most—and you won’t discover any apps with predatory or pornographic loopholes.

Troomi provides a carefully chosen list of applications and services that have been deemed child-friendly. The objective of the Troom is to offer children all of the applications they need and none that they do not. This excludes social media and “addictive” gaming, which encompasses almost everything.

At the time of writing, Troomi had 53 applications on the authorized list. If you count the eight free applications that come with every plan, it totals 61 apps.

Google Maps, Angry Birds, Amazon Music, Spotify, GroupMe, Toca Builders, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are among the prominent applications on the Tromi smartphone, which offer basic functionalities like a calculator, calendar, clock, camera, and gallery.

There are no social networking sites, no video streaming services, and just a few message services on the list. With these kinds of apps, you can protect your kid from unwanted strangers yet still let your children play with various educative apps on the Troomi smartphone.

You may choose between two types of applications when purchasing a Troomi plan: Basic Apps and KidSmart Apps. Basic Apps are included in all plans. You may choose which applications are installed onto your child’s smartphone and when and for how long they are available, much as with KidSmart apps.

Your kid will get access to Troomi‘s award-winning KidSmart Apps with the Discover Plan. The variety of applications is informative, inspires creativity, and fosters infinite enjoyment, as well as being highly recommended by the Troomi community and properly checked.

Most KidSmart Apps are only accessible via WiFi to provide you peace of mind that your children are using apps in secure locations such as at home, church, or school. You can check the list of KidSmart apps on this page. You can also send a suggestion about what kind of educational app to add to KidSmart collection.

Troomi Network and Coverage Map

Not only providing secure devices and useful apps, but Troomi also provides the best network to support your children’s activities. Troomi is based on one of the most advanced 4G/5G networks in the United States. Troomi offers all customers the following benefits for just $19.95 per month:

Troomi Review: Troomi Network and Coverage Map
  • Free talk and text in the United States.
  • Unlimited text and voice call to Canada.
  • Unlimited text and voice call to Mexico.
  • Texting loved ones in 190 countries to stay in touch.
  • Plus 1 GB of data for running vital applications.

Troomi provides a wide range of connections throughout the United States, so you don’t need to worry about sudden connections lost with your children.

If you are unclear about Troomi’s coverage region, you may use the coverage checker on the company’s official website. You just need to enter your zip code to find out whether your child can use Troomi.

Troomi Parent Portal

Troomi devices’ Parent Portal is a command center from which you may manage the functionality of your child’s phone. It’s a one-stop-shop for complete security.

You can view many items for each phone in the Parent Portal, including the user’s name, picture, phone number, and phone status. The phone’s GPS position, as well as any settings and functions you’ve activated or removed also can be seen from Parent Portal.

You can control what your kid gets access to using Parent Portal. It’s simpler than ever to enable and disable permissions by just tapping the “on” or “off” button. Below is the list of what you can control through Parent Portal.

  • Phone number SafeListing
  • Internet access
  • Domain SafeListing
  • Picture and group messaging
  • Text deletion

To access the Parent Portal‘s services, just log in to this page. The email address and password you created at checkout are your Parent Portal login credentials. In the “Account” area, you may change your email, password, and other information. With the Parent Portal features, you can easily monitor your children anywhere and anytime.

Troomi Phone Set Up

It is not difficult to set up Troomi devices for the first time. It will be immediately useable when you switch on and activate your child’s phone via the Parent Portal with a single click.

This procedure takes just five minutes. You may simply turn features on and off after creating a username and password for the Parent Portal. On this step, the Troomi device is ready to use, but you still can set up more features to fit your preferences.

The Parent Portal is your initial choice for adding contacts. There is no contact app on the phone itself, but you may search for contacts by using the dialer as if you were trying to make a call. In the upper right corner, you’ll also see a “+.” You’ll be able to add contacts by tapping there.

Depending on your Parent Portal settings, you’ll either have to approve the contacts your kid adds via the Parent Portal or they’ll be allowed to add them without your consent. Contact photos may only be uploaded via the Parent Portal at this time. If your kid wants to add particular photos to a contact, they may always email them to you.

After that, you may set up voicemail on your Troomi phone. You’ll need to save the Parent Portal after adding the device phone number as an authorized contact. The audio prompts will guide you through setting up voicemail on your Troomi device if you call your own Troomi number (password setup, greeting, etc.). You or your kid may then call their Troomi phone number to retrieve their voicemail at any time.

Lastly, you may also set up a Google account on the Troomi phone. If you use the KidSafe browser, go ahead and add It will work if your kid is above 13 and has their own Google Gmail account. Google needs FamilyLink if your kid is under the age of 13. After adding a Google account, your Troomi phone is ready to go.

Troomi Pricing

As previously said, Troomi services provide several advantages to you and your children. Here are some of the advantages of using the Troomi service.

Troomi Review: Troomi Pricing
  • Defend children from pornography, predators, and bullies.
  • No addicting games or social media that generate tension, worry, or sadness.
  • Devices of high quality at child-friendly costs.
  • Gradually provide additional capability to children depending on their needs and development.
  • Safe KidSmart applications that help youngsters learn and be more creative.
  • For younger children, schedule phone usage and app access depending on the time of day.
  • Troomi protects children while also training them for future responsibilities.

You may receive these great benefits for your kids by purchasing a Troomi phone and signing up for their monthly plans. Troomi offers three different plans to pick from. If you are unhappy with your service, you may quickly cancel any plan since Troomi does not need a contract.

The “Do” plan is Troomi’s initial and cheapest option. With $19.95 per month, the “Do” plan gives your children unlimited calls and messaging. This package also includes the phone number safelisting function. This subscription also includes a GPS family location app and Remote Text Monitoring. Additionally, Troomi’s Easy-to-Use Parent Portal allows you to keep track of your children.

The “Dream” plan is the second option with $24.95 per month. The “Dream” plan has all of the benefits of the “Do” Plan plus a few more. Unlimited image and group messaging are among the additional features. If your child enjoys taking pictures and sharing them with the family, this is the plan for them.

The final plan, the “Discover” plan, offers the greatest value from Troomi. You can access all of the things Troomi offers on other plans and more for just $29.95 per month. KidSmart safe browsers and safe applications are available with the “Discover” package. Your children may learn a lot with the use of several new KidSmart applications.

Troomi Shipping

If you’re concerned about when your Troomi purchase will arrive, you should review the Troomi shipping policy in this part. You may monitor your order by logging into the Parent Portal and selecting “Account.”

You will be able to see the tracking number and get an email to the address entered at checkout once your product has been delivered. Your purchase may take 3-4 weeks to deliver due to massive demand.

If you buy other Troomi services, they will be delivered at the same time as the phone. Make sure to check all of the trays in your Troomi box to avoid any missing items. Your smartphone will arrive with a screen protector pre-installed if you bought one at checkout. A case will be included in the tray underneath the phone if you bought one.

Troomi Return Policy

Troomi Wireless does not issue refunds, however, you may stop using the service at any time. You have the option to cancel your Troomi phone service at any moment. You will be charged for the remainder of the month in which you cancel. On the seventh day of each month, billing cycles renew.

Troomi Review: Troomi Return Policy

Returns will only be allowed for non-working or damaged phones that are being repaired or replaced if the client acquired a Troomi warranty plan within 30 days after activation. There will be no other returns allowed. Troomi phones may be preserved and used on other wireless networks if Troomi phone service is canceled, according to the device manufacturer’s setup and limits.

If your account is disabled as a result of nonpayment, it will be suspended for 60 days. Your account will be deactivated if it is not revived within 60 days. Your remaining amount will be lost if your account is terminated, and we may reassign the phone number linked with your account. You must have an active account in order to port to another carrier.

Troomi Warranty

Additionally, Troomi provides a guarantee for your purchase. You have 60 days after the date of your first device purchase to buy an extended warranty. You will no longer be able to add a warranty plan after 60 days. The warranty plan may be added through the Parent Portal, and monthly charges will be incurred.

Troomi will fix a broken or moisture-damaged phone if you obtain the 3-year guarantee. Simply notify Troomi customer service if you have any problems with your phone. The Troomi team will assist you with identifying and fixing problems with your phone.

Troomi support will take you into how to ship your device in for service and/or exchange if you need one and are protected by the Troomi warranty.

Troomi Customer Service

If you can’t find the answer you’re searching for in this review, or if you have a question regarding Troomi‘s services, just fill out the form on this page to send your questions.

Troomi customer service may be reached at the following addresses if you need quick assistance.

  • Email:
  • Office: Troomi Wireless; 3300 Triumph Blvd. Ste. 100; Lehi, Utah 84043

Where to buy Troomi?

Troomi is a wonderful solution for parents who do not want their children to be exposed to the negative aspects of technology. After reading this review, you may need to purchase Troomi products and services for your child.

You may acquire Troomi products by visiting their official website. On the official website, you may purchase a Troomi integrated smartphone as well as Troomi services.

Don’t worry; Troomi offers a variety of deals that might save you a lot of money.

Troomi Promo Codes & Coupons

Troomi provides you with the safest phone for monitoring your children while still providing them with all the fun features of a smartphone. This review suggests that every parent gets a Troomi device for their children.

Purchasing Troomi phones and services might be expensive, however, that is not the case if you use the secret codes listed below. These coupons might help you save money on Troomi products and services.

Additionally, you may subscribe to the Troomi newsletter for extra bargains and parenting tips. Periodically, you will get some intriguing Troomi product offers. Troomi will also provide you with some parenting tips through email. You can also engage in a discussion with other Troomi parents too.

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Troomi Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Troomi. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is Troomi truly effective at blocking nuisance calls?

Unlike rival solutions, every Troomi phone has the power to block spammers, creeps, and predators from calling. This is possible because to Troomi’s SafeListing technology, which allows parents to choose which numbers may call and text into the smartphone.

Troomi uses Samsung smartphones for what reason?

Competing kids’ solutions rely on off-brand gadgets that are prone to breaking and may create more difficulties than they’re worth. In the instance of Troomi, Samsung is a popular brand that children like using. The gadget will endure longer and grow with your kid if it is of higher quality. Furthermore, higher quality equals fewer hardware issues and concerns. Despite this, Troomi gadgets are still reasonably priced for children.

What is Troomi phone's photo quality like?

Troomi recognizes that image quality is crucial to most children, thus both Troomi Samsung smartphones have a quad camera for producing amazing photographs. For breathtaking selfies, the A12 has a 16MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera. The A32 includes a 48MP primary camera and a 13MP front-facing camera!

What music apps choices are available?

The Discover package includes Apple Music, Spotify, Spotify Kids, and iHeart Radio Kids, all of which can be streamed via WiFi. Users of Apple Music and Spotify may quickly download music to their devices and listen to them whenever and wherever they like. Every plan includes a basic music player app that can play MP3s downloaded onto the phone for parents who want not to allow a streaming music service. Troomi’s gadgets are also fully Bluetooth capable, allowing them to connect to wireless headphones and speakers.

Ask a question?

Troomi Expert Reviews

Troomi has some excellent suggestions here. Building its own security software and manually analyzing the applications that are permitted into the ecosystem are both time-consuming chores that most parents are unable to do. When it comes to approving or refusing applications, vetting alone may be a full-time job. In that sense, I value what Troomi has to give. If you agree with Troomi’s ideals and limitations, you’ll find the service useful and simple to use.

Digital Trends
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Troomi Review: Expert Reviews

Our daughter has had her phone for about two months, and I’m really pleased with how well it is doing! Knowing my kid has a phone while babysitting, attending church and school events, and communicating with family and friends gives me peace of mind. At the same time, unlike most other phones on the market, that phone does not have access to all of the potentially hazardous material (such as social networking applications). This is why I think Troomi is the ideal smartphone for pre-teens and teenagers!

The Quiet Grove
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Troomi is a recent addition to the kid-safe phone market, and they are constantly introducing new features and capabilities. Troomi has a lot of benefits, including the flexibility to choose a plan that is suited for your kid and your budget. They offer three distinct plans: Do, Dream, and Discover, so your kid or adolescent can grow with the phone. You may begin with basic messaging and phoning before progressing to authorized applications. If you just use basic functions, it’s wonderful to only have to pay for them.

Better Screen Time
Full Review

Troomi’s kid-friendly web browser is a significant plus. This enables parents to choose which URLs are allowed to be viewed. The child’s mobile phone will be unable to view any websites that have not been expressly permitted using this safelist only browser. This is significant because certain Pinwheel applications include a backdoor to the internet. These applications include warnings that will alert you to this potential. So once you have access to this back door, you have access to the whole internet. If kids get into a browser with Troomi, it will still restrict their surfing to the websites you have expressly permitted rather than the whole internet.

Family Tech Zone
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Conclusion of Troomi Reviews & Ratings

Look no farther than Troomi if you want your kid to stay attached while avoiding any bad social media. Troomi will protect your children from the negative aspects of smartphones. Please leave any thoughts or suggestions about this Troomi review.

Troomi Review: Conclusion

We hope that after reading this review, you will be able to provide the optimal gadget for your children.


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