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3D printers, as its name implies, can create three-dimensional items out of a range of materials. They’re becoming more widespread, with 3D printers and materials available from a variety of online vendors. 3D printers are becoming more common on workbenches, in rec rooms, and in kitchens—and potentially even in your own house.

TOYBOX Review: About
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3D printing, at its most basic, is a manufacturing technique in which material is placed down layer by layer to create a three-dimensional item. Although 3D printers use a range of materials and processes (such as plastic or metal), they all have the capacity to transform digital files containing three-dimensional data into physical objects.

Users may make useful items at home using 3D printing. The Toybox 3D printer does precisely that. It produces toys and other models in the easiest and shortest way possible for consumers. The company provides a range of 3D toy models that consumers may choose from and print using this incredible equipment. You will find out more about this device in this Toybox review article. Not only about the 3D printer device, but you can also get to know about the company behind the brand, the product specifications and reviews, pros and cons, and various discounts that you can get while purchasing the products.

Overview of TOYBOX

Toybox is a family-friendly and kid-approved 3D printer that was founded in 2016 on the floor of the inventors’ shared flat. This California-based company attempts to reduce the entrance hurdles to 3D printing by concentrating on use and simplicity.

Toybox makes it simple to discover, create, and construct your own toy factory from the comfort of your own home. By making innovative technology accessible to the future generation of young and creative minds, Toybox is empowering the next generation of young and creative brains. The firm is dedicated to creating wonderful things that make people happy.

TOYBOX Reviews

The Toybox 3D printer is a printing machine that lets you make toys for your kids. This product has an easy-to-use interface and a large assortment of children’s toys. Everything about the product exudes a sense of fun and convenience. It allows youngsters to make toys in a fun and easy manner.

TOYBOX Reviews
Image:fb @Toybox

This low-cost 3D printer lives up to its name by producing a slew of little toys with ease. It allows you to print basic things with one touch from an iOS or Android smartphone or a web browser, with the excellent print quality and no misprints. You may pick from over 2,000 printed items or projects in the Toybox, or import 3D files made anywhere. You can even sketch and print anything.

Toybox not only makes a great 3D printer, but they also offer some great printer food rolls. The printer foods come in a variety of colors that may be used to create fun toys. Worry not, the polylactic acid used in these multicolored printer foods is inexpensive, non-toxic, and biodegradable. With the Toybox 3D printer and Toybox printer food rolls, you can make the finest toys you can imagine.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

The Toybox is a 3D printer aimed at children. The printer is controlled via Wi-Fi and an app that allows kids to print drawings or select files from a catalog. It’s easy to use and can create various kinds of toys for the kids. The Toybox printer is made entirely of metal and is partially enclosed for safety. It can outperform some more costly versions right out of the box. The Toybox 3D printer gets a good mark in this review.

The Toybox 3D printer arrives already completed, unlike other 3D printers, and all you have to do is unpack and connect it. The pre-assembled printer, understandably, comes with cushioning around the print bed, extruder, and frame. All you have to do now is insert the filament when it’s been unpacked and plugged in, and you’re ready to print.

The Design

The Toybox is a little printer with a width of fewer than 8 inches and a height of slightly more than 9 inches. The printhead and replaceable print bed are visible via open places in the metal frame. The print bed is a magnetic sheet that adheres to the base firmly but slips off easily after the print is completed. Because its foundation is flexible, you may stretch it until the prints come loose.

The Control

The controls on the printer itself are kept simple by the Toybox. The printer’s status is shown on a single tiny LCD touch screen, which also serves as a simple interface for loading filament, setting up the printer, and configuring a few other basic parameters. Because the printer communicates with the Make.Toys website and app through 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, you’ll need to create an online account in order to manage it.

Make.Toys has a wide range of free toys, including trains, tracks, castles, small figurines, seasonal toys like a lovely pumpkin, and oddities like an owl cookie cutter. You may also make your own toys using the Make.Toys online interface, either by changing one of the provided models or by uploading your own.

To print one of the current models, just choose it and press the print button. There’s no need to transfer data, connect cables, or process files since the service takes care of everything. You may use an online editor to construct bespoke figures or to extend and scale an existing model.

Printing Quality and Speed

The quality of the prints created by the Toybox will amaze you, as they were clean and nicely printed. Toybox performed well, producing prints that adhered to the print bed and were readily removed afterward. The Toybox can print very quickly for a tiny 3D printer. You can get approximately an hour for one object if the printed object doesn’t contain a lot of detail.

Printer Specifications

Supported OS’s: iOS, Android, or any web browser
Print Volume: 7 x 8 x 9 cm
Print Speed: 60 mm/s
Print Resolution: 200 microns
Extruder: 4mm Smooth-Flow Extruder Head
Print Bed: Easy-Peel bed
Compatible Systems: STL OBJ gCode
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz band
LCD Screen: Touch Screen
Dimensions: 7.4″ x 7.4″ x 9.05″
Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs)
Print Materials: PLA non-toxic plastic
Voltage: AC 100V-240V

How to Setup Toybox 3D Printer

After reading the review, the next thing you need to do is install the 3D printer. The setup of the Toybox 3D printer is fairly easy. As you don’t need to assemble any parts like other 3D printer products. If you are a complete beginner in terms of 3D printing, here are steps by steps setup of the Toybox 3D printer.

TOYBOX Review: How to Setup Toybox 3D Printer
Image:fb @Toybox
  1. Plugin the printer and go to your device’s “settings.”
  2. A list of available networks will appear. Select the Toybox network from the drop-down menu.
  3. You’ll be taken to a blue/green page with a network list. Select the printer’s WiFi connection and input your WiFi password. The printer should be linked to the network by the time this screen closes.
  4. Select the “account” thumbnail on the Toybox LCD. Select the little settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen if you don’t see the account thumbnail. If the Toybox is linked to the internet, a code will show.
  5. Go to “my Toybox” and then “add printer” in your Toybox account to enter this code. After that, the printer should be able to connect to the account.
  6. On the Toybox LCD, press “food.”
  7. Place the spool holder on the rear of the printer while it heats up, and then place the printer food with the solid side of the spool facing away from the machine and the holes pointing toward the printer
  8. Push the filament into the printer head by pressing “insert” on the Toybox LCD. You’re now ready to print.

You can also check this page if you meet with problems when installing the Toybox 3D printer.

Toybox Pros and Cons

There isn’t any product that is created perfectly. Although the Toybox 3D printer comes up with many useful features and excellent printing capabilities in this review, it also has some downsides. Before buying one, it is a good thing that you check the pros and cons of the Toybox below.


  • Printing that is reliable and free of error
  • Easy to install
  • Noncomplex control
  • Thousands of free printable toys project
  • Can create your own printable item


  • Small printer means small build dimension
  • Does not ideal for printing projects from another platform
  • Work subpar when using materials other than PLA

Toybox App

As previously stated, you must operate the Toybox 3D printer using either the Make.Toys website or the Toybox mobile app. Both Android and iOS smartphones are supported by the Toybox app. You may get them from the Google Playstore or the App Store with ease. The app operation is also easy, to get started, just choose a toy from the Toybox app’s hundreds of collections and toys, then tap Print. It will begin printing to your Toybox printer right now. As this review is published, the app still doing great in giving you a simple way of printing.

TOYBOX Review: Toybox App

Despite its poor App Store and Playstore review, the app proved to be quite responsive. It’s likely that since those reviews were written, updates have been made. Printing from the online browser catalog was also responsive and simple, and kids would have no trouble using it. Another plus is having access to other people’s work. When you make a design, you may share it so that other Toybox owners can see it.

Toybox Creator Space

In the so-called Creator Space, you can create or customize your own toys. For example, you may make Block Buddies, printable human figurines with your own hairstyle and color, face characteristics, skin color, and many clothing styles and colors. After you’ve finished, name your Block Buddy and save it. When you log in to your account, you’ll see your Block Buddies.

When you tap on a Block Buddy in the app or on the website, you’ll see a list of components that must be printed before you can put it together. You may print all of the components in one color, then swap filament spools and print more in a different color until the parts are finished. After that, you may put them together.

Other than Block Buddy, you can also create a car. The Build a Car feature works in a similar way: you can construct a car and customize it with features and colors. You may make a design or doodle in Draw and then print it in 3D. You can also input a picture to be recreated in 3D and printed. The Toybox performs a commendable job in rendering the picture into a 3D model. There is also a feature where you may use STL, OBJ, 3MF, or GCODE to import an existing 3D file. All in all, the creator space feature from the Toybox gives you freedom in creating your imaginative toys and printing them. The creator space deemed as a good feature in this review.

Toybox Refund and Return Policy

If your product is found to be substantially faulty within the 6-month Warranty Period, you may be eligible for a refund. Please wait up to 10 business days for Toybox to complete your return and for your bank to post your refund when Toybox receives it. While printers are protected under warranty, food reimbursements are only valid for 30 days after delivery, and there is no guarantee for Play Packs after delivery.

Domestic orders delivered inside the continental United States may be exchanged once for free within 30 days of delivery, no questions asked. Toybox does not pay the cost of international delivery. To get a return or refund after 30 days, your product must be proven to be substantially faulty throughout the 6-month Warranty Period.

If your printer is still experiencing problems, the device must be returned in its original packing and in the same condition as when it was shipped. If you don’t have the original packing, please wrap the item carefully in a similar-sized box to avoid damage during shipment. Toybox has the right to deny returns and refunds if these conditions are not met.

Where to buy TOYBOX?

After reading the review, you may wonder where to buy Toybox products. The Toybox 3D printers and their printer food rolls can be purchased from various marketplaces. It is a certain that you can buy them from the Toybox official website. You can also purchase Toybox products from marketplaces such as Amazon and MashableShop. It is recommended to buy Toybox products from the official website to get the best deals and discounts.

TOYBOX Promo Codes & Coupons

This article is not only about review, you can also find discounts in this part. Using discount coupons while purchasing Toybox printers or food printers might help you save money on your purchase. The following are some of the best coupon codes to utilize on your Toybox purchase:

  • PAIREYEWEAR – Extra 5% savings
  • LUCKY10 – Get up to 10% off sitewide
  • SPECIALRESERVE – Save $20 off on selected items
  • TOYBOX25 – Get $25 off with this code on the selected items
  • MEGA_BUNDLE_PLAY_PACK_DISCOUNT – $55 off for selected items

Please keep in mind that these discounts are only valid on Toybox’s official website. You should also keep an eye on the validity date, since some of the codes may stop working after that date. At the time this review was published, all of the promo codes were active.

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TOYBOX Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for TOYBOX. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

TOYBOX Review: Questions & Answers
Image:fb @Toybox

What makes Toybox special?

Toybox was built from the bottom up to be entertaining and simple to use. By offering a simple interface and a large range of high-quality toys and content, this 3D printer allows youngsters to 3D print their own toys. Toybox allows children to construct their own toys on the move, allowing them to have more adventures and tales with their toys.

How long does Toybox take for printing a toy?

The length of time it takes to print a model is entirely determined by its geometry. A little ninja star, for example, might be completed in less than 5 minutes because of its thinness. Larger models, on the other hand, take longer. Because there are so many moving components in a Block Buddy, it might take up to 4 hours to complete.

What kind of printing material does Toybox use?

Toybox uses PLA in their printer food rolls. PLA rolls are used by Toybox because they are non-toxic and biodegradable. On a single roll, you can print roughly 500 cat rings or 8 full-size action figures. It’s a good idea to print things in a variety of colors to make them more interesting.

What format does the Toybox model support?

STL, OBJ, and gCode are presently supported by the Toybox platform. You may also import models made using computer-aided design (CAD) software or models downloaded from the internet. By going to the Creator Space and using the import button, you may import your own models.

What exactly are bolts in the Toybox catalog?

Bolts are a kind of digital money that can be used to get access to Toybox’s premium toy collection. Following your purchase, you will get an email with a code. The code is then entered into the Toybox app and redeemed. Toybox premium toys combine branded content (such as DC, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time, and others) with more complex designs. These designs include things like cracking open mystery eggs or printing action figures in multiple parts for you to assemble and play with.

How to change the printer foods?

  1. Wait for the Toybox LCD to heat up by pressing the ‘food’ button.
  2. Press ‘remove’ once the thumbnails have been highlighted in white. The printer food will be pushed out of the nozzle by the printer.
  3. On the spool holder, replace the printer food (back of the printer).
  4. Fill the nozzle with the new color. Optional: use scissors to trim the new food’s tip (this just makes it go in easier).
  5. Press the ‘insert’ button. If the food does not go in, press ‘insert’ while pushing the filament into the nozzle until it grips.
  6. Press ‘insert’ many times until the new color appears.
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TOYBOX Expert Reviews

As a 3D printer for kids, the Toybox 3D Printer is an excellent option. It printed a variety of products reliably and without errors in my tests, several of which had hinges or other moving elements. These lovely, innovative toys left a lasting impression on me. Toybox has a huge inventory of toys and projects, and its Creator Space allows young (and not-so-young) artists to build and print their own ideas, either hand-drawn or from images.

Full Review

Toybox is a family-friendly and kid-approved 3D printer that was founded in 2016 on the floor of the inventors’ shared flat. It attempts to reduce the entrance hurdles to 3D printing by concentrating on use and simplicity. This 3D printer has transformed one of our most inexperienced workers into a 3D printing maniac and delivered on the company’s mission promises in a totally non-threatening manner.

3D Sourced
Full Review

The Toybox is a lot of fun since it allows you to print simple, bright, and engaging toys on demand, which may teach a young maker about the manufacturing process. And the procedure is quite straightforward: there’s no need to fiddle with installing programs or setting slicers. It’s as simple as pressing print, waiting, then playing. The Toybox is an excellent and not excessively pricey printer for older children who know where not to poke their fingers and who want to add a creative edge to their play.

Tom's Guide
Full Review

The Toybox printer was created with children in mind. Its incredible simplicity of use removes obstacles to one of the most fascinating sorts of technology, and the well-designed app and website stimulate in-depth design investigation. It’s also fun to play with a toy that you manufactured yourself. I’m talking about allowing your child to play with a toy that he or she created.

Business Insider
Full Review

Toybox is a device that helps you to print simple, colorful, and entertaining toys on demand. It’s a fantastic method that’s also really simple to carry out. Users may just start printing and witness their 3D drawings come to life without having to bother about extra calibrations or bed leveling. Overall, it’s a fun item that would make a wonderful present for your children. Adults may also utilize the printer to make functional and aesthetic products for their homes and businesses.

Pick 3D Printer
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Conclusion of TOYBOX Reviews & Ratings

The ToyBox is an excellent choice for any parent wishing to add a creative element to their children’s play. It has been created with children in mind. It’s simple to educate kids on how to use it, even if they have no prior experience with 3D printing, and it can produce a variety of bright, simple, and enjoyable toys that they will like.

TOYBOX Review: Conclusion
Image:fb @Toybox

All in all, Toybox is an excellent brand of 3D printers and printer foods. You can get the best quality products from this brand. Purchase one to make your imaginative toys become alive. Thank you for reading this Toybox review, we will be happy if you have any feedback for us. Hope that this review helps you in finding the best 3D printer, happy shopping!


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