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Techwear Club Review 2023 → Are You Ready to Perform Fancily?

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About Techwear Club Ultimate Technical Wear Apparel

Are you looking for weatherproof apparel for a casual occasion? If so, products from Techwear Club will be the best option! This brand offers affordable technical wear, streetwear, and cyberpunk style

Techwear Club Review: About Techwear Club Ultimate Technical Wear Apparel

In addition, every stylish item from this company is well-made at cost-effective prices. You won’t regret buying from this place since its designs are fancy. 

Moreover, the company tends to create products for all genders. Therefore, customers may purchase their preferred items ASAP, whether men or women.

Even though this UK-based company does not appear in publications or press, it boasts more than 20K followers on Facebook and 91K on Instagram. 

So if you want more insights concerning this Techwear Club review, stay with this article until the end. Hence, let’s prepare a snack and begin with an overview now! 

Overview of Techwear Club Ultimate Technical Wear Apparel

Techwear Club was founded in 2020 under the supervision of Paicker UK Ltd company. Although it doesn’t mention the founder, this apparel brand has grown significantly and provides international shipping. 

Furthermore, customers will find various collections of tops, bottoms, footwear, accessories, etc. Not only is the product varied, but also they are made of high-quality materials. 

This brand creates every apparel with love, resulting in fancy designs. Moreover, they are filled with black-and-white combinations! So before digging deeper into the brand, find the pros and cons in the list below. 

Techwear Club Pros 

  • Ultimate designated technical wear
  • Promotes durability and weatherproof
  • Suitable for men and women 
  • Affordable prices
  • Ships internationally
  • Complimentary shipping fee for orders $69+
  • 30-day return policy

Techwear Club Cons 

  • No information about the founder
  • No customer reviews

Techwear Club Ultimate Technical Wear Apparel Review

Since now you have insights concerning the brand, you may have wondered about its products. Below, I’ll list the products in this section thoroughly. 

Techwear Club Reviews: Techwear Club Ultimate Technical Wear Apparel Review

Currently, there are different categories between men and women in Techwear Club. You can find the classification in the list below:

Men’s Collections Women’s Collections
Hoodies Tops 
Bottoms Bottoms

However, I decided that this Techwear Club review will focus only on the best-selling, including:

Therefore, let’s continue reading the first product review now without further ado! 

Techwear Club High Street Turtleneck Hoodie Reviews

Say hi to the essential technical wear, High Street Turtleneck Hoodie with the black color! It fits regularly and is available in M to 2XL. In addition, it is perfect for daily occasions

Techwear Club Review: Techwear Club High Street Turtleneck Hoodie Reviews

This hoodie suits all seasons, with a high neck and pullover placket type. Furthermore, it features long sleeves, which allow you to protect your body from heat and cold. 

The brand creates it with comfort due to polyester material. Even better, you can mix and match the hoodie with a black hat and a black mask. So, your appearance is incredibly fancy to attract other people’s attention. 


  • M to 2XL sizes
  • Casual look
  • High neck, regular fit, and pullover
  • Long sleeves
  • Polyester material
  • Suits all seasons

Therefore, let’s prepare a budget for $37.95, and click the link below to buy the hoodie now! 

Techwear Club Zipper Pocket Smiley Hoodie Reviews

This Zipper Pocket Smiley Hoodie is one of the most searched products from this company. This hoodie is available in M, L, and XL sizes. In addition, you may choose between white or gray shades. 

Techwear Club Review: Techwear Club Zipper Pocket Smiley Hoodie Reviews

If the previous product makes you seem mysterious, this second option gives you a more friendly look. Moreover, you may even buy two of these items and have a couple of items with your lover! 

Not only is the hoodie cute, but also it is made of polyester material. It will fit regularly to your body with long sleeves and hooded features. Therefore, the hoodie will accompany you for the whole season! 


  • M to XL sizes
  • White and grey
  • Cute look
  • Hooded collar, regular fit, and pullover
  • Long sleeves
  • Polyester material
  • Suits all seasons

Hence, let’s shop for this product for $61.95. But if you click the link below now, enjoy a 13% discount which only results in $53.95! 

Techwear Club Pocket Hooded Long Trench Coat Reviews

Last, this Pocket Hooded Long Trench Coat will be the best option during the cold season. I can say that because it is windproof and waterproof. Moreover, the coat is genderless, so men and women can wear it casually. 

Techwear Club Review: Techwear Club Pocket Hooded Long Trench Coat Reviews

In addition, you may not feel shivering due to the double layer, which promotes extra warmth. You don’t have to worry about catching a cold since the polyester fabric is ready to warm your body. 

Even better, the coat is available in khaki and black, which are acceptable to mix and match. Therefore, customers will be happy since they can choose the most suitable sizes from M to 2XL


  • M to 2XL sizes
  • Khaki and black
  • Fashionable look
  • Hooded collar, regular fit, and long sleeves
  • Polyester fiber material
  • Suits cold seasons

Hence, start shopping for this coat at only $56.95 to cover your body from chill weather! 

Techwear Club Size Guide

Before purchasing your preferred men’s products or women’s fashion, you must learn about the sizing. Below, the brand attaches a Size Guide for the clothing. 

Techwear Club Review: Techwear Club Size Guide

You may check the size with a measuring tape and fit it to your body. Therefore, you won’t make mistakes from purchasing your preferred products. 

Who is Techwear Club For?

You may have stereotyped that the clothing from this company is intended only for men. In contrast, the apparel is also suitable for women! 

Techwear Club Review: Who is Techwear Club For?

This company has impressive collections for all genders. So whoever you are, you can wear your preferred clothing and style the best outfit you may perform. 

Is Techwear Club Worth It?

After understanding the product explanation, I must say that Techwear Club is worth-it. Why? Because it only provides the best material for all products. 

In addition, it offers products for men and women. As a result, customers can mix and match their purchased items and become as fancy as they want. 

Not to mention its generosity on free shipping over $69 order. Therefore, you may purchase your wishlist and get ready to perform outstandingly for the next occasion! 

Is Techwear Club Legit?

Many people try to check the brand’s legitness by searching on Reddit. However, you do not need to do that since Techwear Club is legit

Why? Because this company has a secured SSL and provides its profile well. Furthermore, you can contact customer service immediately if you need assistance. 

Although you cannot see the customer reviews, its social media on undetected Techwear Club is permanently active. Thus, you won’t get scammed for purchasing men’s and women’s clothing from this company! 

Techwear Club Shipping Policy

The team will only dispatch packages from Monday to Friday. Moreover, they need three to five business days to prepare and send your order. 

I can say that all customers who purchase from this place are lucky. Why? Because the brand ships internationally to the utmost countries worldwide. Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Free standard shipping fee for orders over $69 
  • Standard shipping fee under $69 costs $10 and will arrive 15-20 business days
  • All expedited shipping fee requires $20 and will arrive between 10-15 business days

Once your order ships, you’ll get a tracking number via email. Therefore, you may monitor every progress until the package arrives at your destination. 

If you find a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service at Then, the team will assist with your concern thoroughly. 

Techwear Club Return Policy

Sometimes life happens in the opposite direction as your expectation. Luckily, the company accepts returns for new items with tags and original packaging. So what are the terms and conditions? Here they are:

  • Buyers can cancel orders before the shipment to receive a full refund
  • Customers must return the product within 30-days of receiving it
  • Please contact the team at to initiate a return
  • The company will not accept a return before unnotified messages
  • You’ll get a refund to your original payment method if your return is eligible

Therefore, you no longer need to doubt but follow the abovementioned steps to qualify for a return and refund. 

How to Contact Techwear Club

Are you going to purchase technical wear but are confused about several terms? If so, do not worry; the team is available on these reaching-out methods:

The team will respond to your message within 12 to 72 hours. In addition, please do not send a message twice because it may postpone the response. Also, it is the written address if you need to visit the brand headquarter. 

Techwear Club Office Location
41 Devonshire St Ground Floor Office 1,
London, United Kingdom

Where to buy Techwear Club?

This company only serves purchases from the official website. So ensure you order from this place to get your preferred item as soon as possible. 

Techwear Club Promo Codes & Coupons

Buying fashion items may be too expensive to order. However, purchasing from this company is different. So find the promotions and discounts you may get from this Techwear Club review now! 

  • Subscribe to the official website for up to 50% coupon code for your first order.
  • Save 10% off for the new-comers
  • Buy two items and receive 30% off on your third order
  • Purchase three products to get a 40% discount on your fourth purchase
  • Buy 5, get 70% off on the sixth purchase 
  • Purchase seven items and get the eight for free 
  • Free shipping fee when you buy over $69 

Therefore, let’s choose your wishlist and use the code for lower prices now! 

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Techwear Club Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Techwear Club. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Who owns Techwear Club?

This clothing brand is led under the supervision of Paicker UK Ltd company. 

Where is Techwear located?

This clothing company is located in London, United Kingdom. 

Is Techwear still in fashion?

Definitely! Technical wear is a fashion that combines paramilitary and athleisure, promoting durability and comfort. 

How long does Techwear Club take to deliver?

The team requires 3 to 5 business days to send your package. 

Does Techwear Club ship internationally?

Yes! The brand ships to most regions and countries worldwide. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Techwear Club Reviews & Ratings

Streetwear and technical wear bring the utmost comfort. In addition, most of them are weatherproof, allowing you to stay healthy during hot or cold seasons. 

Thanks to Techwear Club, you do not need to seek another trusted brand. Instead, let’s check which product attracts you the most and place an order now! 


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