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There seems to be a misperception that younger women don’t need lubricant and that if they do, it’s a problem. People use a variety of unusual materials as lubricants, but selecting the right one may have a significant influence.

Exhaustion, discomfort, pain, a lack of enthusiasm, or the fact that it isn’t especially nice are all reasons why people don’t desire sex.

It’s time to dispel the myth that lubricants are exclusively used to “treat” sexual problems. Many women experience vaginal dryness at a certain time in life but are embarrassed to discuss it or seek help.

Lubricants may be used to increase pleasure and excitement during foreplay or when you are unable to perform penetrative intercourse. If you want to learn more about your sexual life, you can try Tabu products.

Tabu is a hormone-free and body-friendly brand of sexual health products. Tabu aims to support sexual well-being from the peri-menopause through the post-menopause period.

In this Tabu review, you’ll discover a lot about this business, their outstanding sexual health products, some facts about menopause that ladies should know, and even some discounts you can enjoy from Tabu.

This Tabu review is for any woman of any age who wants to enhance her sexual life.

Overview of Tabu

Tabu, a pun on the term taboo, is the antidote to decades of miseducation and disinformation about what adult sex looks like. What sex looks like for women as they become older, in particular.

Following an eye-opening talk with her mother, Natalie Waltz, CEO and Founder of Tabu, became interested in learning more about the lack of debate and effective remedies around menopause.

This culminated in the introduction of a sexual wellness product that defies the concept that female libido has an expiry date by stressing the advantages of sexual health practice.

One of the objectives of Tabu is to help people realize that sex can be beneficial rather than a problem. By having these uncomfortable talks with loved ones and healthcare experts, as well as making the distinction between wellness and satisfaction, women may begin to completely normalize sex and the crucial part it plays in their lives.

Tabu consults physicians, therapists, and real-life menopausal women to ensure that everything they develop is in line with their objective of celebrating and honoring sexual wellbeing as women age.

This involves modest packaging and information of Tabu products to help women navigate this new world of utilizing a sexual health product, which they may be experiencing for the first time.

Tabu will guide you around items to help you address your difficulties.

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Tabu Reviews

Tabu Reviews

Tabu offers a kit that includes a Personal Massager and Organic Lubricant. Tabu developed the Kit with the help of doctors, therapists, and, most importantly, the individuals who use their services.

Tabu highlights that the kit is intended to make it easy for the user to begin and maintain her sexual health routine. A lightweight, discreet massager and an organic, healing lubricant are included in the Tabu Kit.

Customers may purchase the organic lubricant separately, which is a natural, soothing treatment for sensitive skin. It is all-natural, never sticky, and recommended by leading GYNs and menopausal care professionals.

The Kit from Tabu can help women in many ways possible. Tabu products already got many good reviews from various websites and customers. Purchasing Tabu products is a good way to maintain women’s sexual wellness and improve sexual life.

Tabu The Kit Review

Tabu Review: Tabu The Kit Review

The Kit from Tabu has a variety of sexual health tools, such as a personal massager, organic lubricant, and a handbook that explains how to utilize everything. The Kit from Tabu represents the brand’s ambition to disprove the myth that female libido vanishes once you start getting older.

The Kit is designed to address a variety of sexual wellness issues that women encounter. While most individuals appear to realize that sexual wellness is an important element of overall health, they aren’t sure why.

Many people believe that sex and pleasure are beneficial to their stress levels and relationships. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Regular sexual activity has been linked to greater sleep, lower blood pressure, enhanced lubrication, stronger vaginal muscles, less incontinence, higher desire, and even increased body confidence. With so many advantages to frequent sexual activity, it’s easy to see why you should establish a habit.

The Kit‘s products are all developed with simple, natural, and body-safe ingredients to aid with problems like vaginal dryness and soreness during sex. Which, by the way, can happen even if you’re not in menopause.

The Kit is consist of two excellent products for women’s sexual wellness, a massager and a lubricant. It has a slim shape that looks like a vaginal dilator and weighs less than a pound. This massager contains three speeds mode and a warming function to encourage blood flow.

Furthermore, Tabu‘s water-based lubricant is packaged in a glass dropper vial to resemble skin serums that its clients may be acquainted with. It includes organic aloe and fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, and calming and hydrating plant-based components.

Each of the Tabu lubricant substances was selected for its ability to repair and nourish vaginal and vulvar tissues, which can hardly be found in other lubricant products on the market.

For anybody wishing to establish a self-pleasure habit, everything in The Kit makes the experience of self-play (or partner-play) more enticing. The Kit from Tabu also allows women to rearrange portions of their present routine.

Tabu Lubricant Review

Tabu Organic Lubricants is a therapeutic, natural product for your most delicate places. Tabu is a water-based lubricant created with aloe and strong plant ingredients that nourish your tissues with every use. It’s completely natural, never sticky, and recommended by top GYNs and menopausal care professionals.

It is created with powerful herbs to nourish, heal, and mend. Its potent antioxidants fight against aging-causing free radicals, triggering your body’s natural defensive systems to aid in the regeneration of your vaginal tissues. To guard against dryness, the lubricants contain omega-6 essential fatty acids, as well as plant-based anti-inflammatories to soothe and relax your most sensitive regions.

You can purchase Organic Lubricant from Tabu in two ways. You can do a one-time purchase for $34 per bottle or subscribe to the Tabu Lubricant subscription service where you can save 20% on each purchase. You will get Tabu Lubricant for only $27.20 per month if you subscribe to Tabu subscription.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf, Organic Peony Root, Organic Passion Flower, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Allantoin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Organic Stevia, Sorbitol, And Potassium Sorbate.

Menopause and Tabu Products

Tabu Review: Menopause and Tabu Products

People identify “menopause” with “hot flashes” and leave it at that for the majority of their adult life. If you’re fortunate, a close friend or family member will share her story with you.

However, far too frequently, women only begin to comprehend or address menopause after they have gone through it. It’s one of the most powerful lingering taboos that women endure throughout countries around the world.

Every day, over 6,000 women in the United States reach menopause. This equates to two million women every year. A woman was lucky to survive long enough to reach menopause a hundred years ago; nevertheless, nowadays, women will live for at least a third of their lives following menopause. That’s why you should be aware of how menopause affects women’s sexual health, without minding the taboos.

Menopause is a biological process that occurs as a result of growing older. It is described as the moment in time when you have not had a period for a complete year and signals the end of your menstrual cycle and reproductive years.

Perimenopause is a transitional period leading up to “The Change,” during which many women may suffer symptoms. Perimenopause usually begins in the mid-40s, although it may start as early as 35 for certain women and continue anywhere from 4 to 10 years.

Perimenopause occurs when your ovaries stop generating estrogen, which has a variety of effects on your body. Estrogen has an impact on many regions of the body (skin, joints, blood vessels, glands, other hormone levels, and so on), and as a consequence, women suffer a variety of symptoms when their estrogen levels decline.

While the hot flash is the most well-known symptom of perimenopause and menopause, women experience a wide variety of symptoms at this time in their lives.

Because estrogen receptors are abundant in the genitals, the vulva, vagina, and lower urinary system are likely to be the most affected by menopause. Although these are not often the initial signs of menopause, many women suffer a gradual worsening of dryness and soreness over time.

Due to a lack of estrogen in the circulation, blood flow to the vagina and vulva is reduced, resulting in diminished vaginal lubrication. These alterations may also shorten and constrict the vagina, resulting in painful intercourse as well as a slew of other vaginal and urinary symptoms. The Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, or GSM, is a combination of vaginal and urine symptoms.

There are, fortunately, therapy alternatives available. The sooner you get started, the more effective they’ll be. One of them is to establish sexual health routines in which you may improve the comfort of your sexual activity. To commit to sexual wellbeing, you will want the assistance of appropriate tools, such as a personal massager and a moisturizing lubricant.

Tabu created solutions with the help of professionals and in collaboration with women. You may start a sexual wellness routine with Tabu Massager and Organic Lubricants to boost your sexual activity experience.

You may be able to reduce the mental effects of menopause, such as sadness and anxiety, by improving your sexual activity experience. Overall, Tabu kits may help women live better throughout menopause with correct usage and routines.

Tabu Contact

It’s fair to assume that this review does not really cover all information about Tabu’s products and services. If you have any concerns or queries concerning Tabu, please fill out the form on this page, and Tabu customer service will respond within 24 hours. If you need urgent assistance with your concerns, please contact Tabu customer service at the addresses listed below. To ensure that you get a quick response, please contact Tabu customer service during working hours.

  • Email: support@heytabu.com
  • Phone: (650) 200-0453

Tabu Expert Reviews

Tabu Review: Expert Reviews

Tabu appealed to me as a health enthusiast because of its straightforward, sophisticated approach to sexual well-being. The brand does not scream “sex toy” with its clean white package and nondescript massager design. I found value in utilizing Tabu once a week, as indicated by the manufacturer, re-framing it as another type of self-care, comparable to my weekly face masks or Power Dot (the smart muscle stimulator) sessions. While I expected Tabu to win on the basis of stimulation, the brand is much more than that. To combat stigma, Waltz and her team of physicians created what they feel is a clever and beautiful product experience. I congratulate the company for accomplishing their goal. The link between stimulation and higher libido, improved sleep, and general happiness was obvious almost immediately. The Tabu Kit will improve vaginal muscles and self-lubrication over time, removing the barriers that make sex more difficult as we get older. I would recommend Tabu to ladies who are suffering any of the thirty-four (and counting) perimenopause symptoms.

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I constantly encourage everyone to discuss difficult (and taboo) things as often as feasible. Tabu is on my list of brands to keep an eye on for this reason alone. The business provides a genuinely holistic approach to menopause treatment, as well as all of the tools you’ll ever need to develop a high-quality and economical sexual health regimen. If you were to decide for the first time that you wanted to test a sexual health product and came across Tabu’s website, you’d feel confident and excited as you scrolled down the page. Waltz is careful and caring in her work, which is more than any of us can expect for when a new business emerges. And there’s much to be said about shedding light on menopause and identifying strategies to make this stage of a woman’s life more joyful and manageable in the most natural and accessible manner possible.

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Tabu is another organic lubricant that has been authorized by the FDA. Tabu’s lubricant is made with only the most nourishing components, which have been investigated and approved by GYNs and menopausal specialists. It is packaged in a stylish dropper that looks fantastic in your medicine cabinet, on your bedside, or wherever else that things can get hot and heavy throughout the day.

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Women in their menopausal years will benefit from Tabu, a new sexual health brand aimed exclusively for them. The objective of the firm is to assist women in making the connection between sex and their physical and mental well-being throughout menopause. There is a package available that contains a massager as well as lubrication as their first product. The massager comes with a warming feature, is waterproof, and is composed entirely of medical-grade silicone (100 percent). The lubricant has received FDA approval and is organic, meaning it is devoid of scent, glycerin, hormones, and parabens. A useful education leaflet is included with the package. If you are new to vibrators, this is a simple and straightforward entry-level option.

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Tabu’s vibrator boasts a sleek design and a silky silicone coating. It warms up to 97 degrees Fahrenheit at the touch of a button, promoting local blood flow. It’s designed to be used as part of a workout program to keep your sexual function in good shape. The vibrator complements the water-based lubricant in the Kit, which is produced with aloe leaf, peony root, passionflower, and hyaluronic acid. (Latex and polyisoprene condoms are both safe to use with this lubricant.)

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Wouldn’t it be great if all health practices were as enjoyable to follow? You won’t have to remind yourself to utilize Tabu’s kit on a daily basis. The attractive, sleek personal massager is wonderful in every way, and it has a number of features that set it apart from the competitors. The heating function is the most important. Heat promotes blood circulation, which aids tissue engorgement, resulting in pleasure and orgasm. Then there are the controls, which are both straightforward and basic. The two controls that regulate the heat and vibration are elevated and positioned well. There’s no fumbling for directions or frustration looking for buttons. A fantastic water-based lubricant comprising aloe, peony root, and passionflower is also included in the kit. The lubricant’s hyaluronic acid also has hydrating effects, which is a nice addition.

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Purchasing any sex-related item may be daunting and perplexing. There are a plethora of possibilities available, and it’s difficult to know what to look for in terms of materials and contents. The vast majority of items are constructed of synthetic, low-cost materials that may cause irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, and general discomfort. You won’t have to worry about anything with Tabu goods. The massager is completely waterproof and constructed of medical-grade silicone, therefore it’s not inexpensive. Organic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, pH-balanced, vegan, FDA-cleared, and devoid of glycerin, parabens, and hormones, this lubricant ticks all the boxes. Tabu is also very open about their ingredients and sources, which gives me a lot of confidence as a buyer.

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Where to buy Tabu?

Menopause and other sexual or vaginal issues may be difficult for most women. Tabu, on the other hand, arrives to assist. Tabu excellent Kit and lubricant are available for purchase on the Tabu official website. Buying Tabu items from their official website may provide you with a variety of perks, including discounts and special deals. If you’re looking for a different choice, Tabu’s The Kit is also available on the Goop marketplace.

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    You may be wondering how to purchase their fantastic sexual health goods at the best costs after reading this Tabu review. Tabu offers a variety of discounts and deals on its products. If you want to save money on Tabu Organic Lubricants, you may buy them using the subscription service from Tabu and get a 20% discount. Furthermore, you may buy a mother’s day bundle on the Tabu website at this time to obtain a reduced price on the finest present for moms. Tabu also offers free delivery to anywhere in the United States. If you want even more savings, use the secret codes listed below.

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    Tabu Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Tabu. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: Is Tabu's packaging subtle?


    Tabu goods arrive in a basic brown envelope with no marking on the outside. Tabu keeps the thrills locked up in the box, only for you.

    Q: What is the correct method to charge the massager?


    Connect the cord to a USB adapter or a power source to charge it. Place the opposite end of the massager into the base. Please note that if the massager is still hooked into a power source, it will not turn on.

    Q: How to activate the heating system of the Tabu massager?


    When the massager is turned on, press the power button one more, and the button will begin to flicker. This indicates that the massager’s head is heating up. Allow the massager to heat up to 97 degrees Fahrenheit for a few seconds.

    Q: Is Tabu lubricant approved by the FDA?


    Yes! Tabu organic lubricant is manufactured with just the best components and is FDA approved.

    Q: Is the lubricant from Tabu hypoallergenic?


    Indeed. Tabu is a glycerin-free, paraben-free, hormone-free, and fragrance-free organic lubricant for sensitive skin.

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    Conclusion of Tabu Reviews & Ratings

    Tabu Review: Conclusion

    To summarize this review, it is reasonable to conclude that Tabu is an outstanding brand that offers a solution for women’s sexual wellness. Through the name Tabu, they confront any taboos that exist in the realm of women’s sexual wellness. Tabu opened the door to more open dialogue about sexual difficulties that women confront, and they continue to do so. If you like this Tabu review, please feel free to leave comments or recommendations; we would really appreciate any feedback. We hope that Tabu goods and services will be able to give you the answer you need for your sexual well-being. Have a wonderful day!