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The sports goods industry has seen significant expansion. Furthermore, the sports equipment business earns a substantial amount of revenue each year. Many sports are well-known around the globe, and these games have increased the need for sports equipment. As a consequence, there are a plethora of Sports Equipment Companies all over the globe.

Because there are so many sports, sports equipment makers must continuously produce the necessary gear to keep up with demand. Sports equipment manufacturers must maintain brand awareness in addition to product quality in order to compete with their competitors.

When purchasing sports equipment, it is crucial to remember that product quality and style are quite significant. If you’re a lacrosse player looking for a great lacrosse sports brand that produces the greatest product quality, go no further than StringKing.

StringKing is a Los Angeles-based sporting products and clothing company. StringKing specializes in lacrosse sticks, baseball, face masks, and custom-fit clothing. With excellent and inexpensive items, this company hopes to encourage confidence, community, and well-being in every sports player.

This StringKing review will inform you about this fantastic sports company, its product ranges, and some of the discounts available. Are you prepared to elevate your game? Purchase StringKing items after reading this review!

Overview of StringKing

StringKing was founded in 2011 in Medfield, Massachusetts, by two former college lacrosse players, cousins Jake McCampbell and Luke Aronson, who channeled a strong enthusiasm and knowledge of the game into a mission to create the best performing and most consistent mesh sticks in lacrosse.

This brand is presently headquartered in Gardena, California, and produces lacrosse, hockey, and baseball equipment for players of all skill levels, as well as premium custom-fit gear.

Their goal is to develop the most consistent lacrosse mesh on the market. StringKing swiftly developed to become the #1 stick maker in lacrosse after recognizing the necessity for uniformity in every component of men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks.

Metal and carbon fiber manufacturing skills are used to create high-quality baseball bats and hockey sticks. StringKing can deliver superior goods at competitive pricing by concentrating on creating the finest materials and production procedures.

StringKing also applies its years of textile understanding gained from producing lacrosse mesh to the creation of luxury custom-fit clothes. StringKing delivers high-quality, custom-fit clothes as excellent as any sportswear product in the market with just a few requests from the customers.

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StringKing Reviews

StringKing Reviews

StringKing has been involved in lacrosse at all levels, from youth lacrosse fields through NCAA championships. StringKring understands what it takes to compete and win at the top levels, and this brand understands what you want from your equipment.

That is why StringKing produces the finest, most consistent lacrosse equipment on the market. StringKing quality has been acknowledged by players at all levels throughout the years.

StringKing lacrosse sticks may be found at the top levels of high school, NCAA, and professional lacrosse. The finest sticks are required for the greatest players. That is why the elite players rely on StringKing.

StringKing not only provides the greatest lacrosse equipment but also offers other high-quality product lines. StringKing also produces an excellent range of baseball bats. StringKing will also provide a face mask line in 2020 to aid in the battle against the epidemic.

If you like fashion and athletics, StringKing also offers personalized clothes goods. StringKing’s extensive selection of high-quality sports equipment will satisfy you as a sports player.

StringKing Lacrosse Stick Review

Many businesses claim to offer the must-have cool lacrosse sticks or cutting-edge lacrosse sticks for sale at exorbitant prices. Other times, they sell inexpensive lacrosse sticks that are hardly “useful.” StringKing, on the other hand, does not use gimmicks. They provide steadiness rather than showy hues.

When you purchase lacrosse sticks from StringKing, you receive excellent performance at an incredible price. Take the guesswork out of purchasing your next lax stick.

StringKing’s lacrosse stick section is known as the Complete series which includes two models: the original Complete and the Complete 2. Both models come in a variety of ages, so you can choose the one that is appropriate for your age and skill level. You don’t even need to wonder about the construction quality of the StringKing Complete series; these sticks are built to compete in any tournament.


StringKing Original Complete Stick was designed for value and is the greatest lacrosse stick created by StringKing. The StringKing Complete lacrosse stick has an elite quality head and pocket on a lightweight shaft that provides flexibility for intermediate players.

This Complete stick will provide steady and worry-free performance. You can choose between the original Complete stick for ages 10 to 14 and the Complete stick for juniors ages 9 and under.

Complete 2

StringKing Complete 2 Lacrosse Stick is the next level of Complete sticks designed for lacrosse players of all ages. The StringKing Complete 2 Complete Lacrosse Stick combines high-quality components to make an amazing stick for any player.

The Complete 2 has a Legend head strung with Type 3 Semi-Soft mesh and an A series 155 & 175 alloy shaft for attack or an A series 380 alloy shaft depending on location. The Legend and A series shafts work well together to deliver long-lasting durability and toughness, as well as worry-free performance.

StringKing Complete 2 Lacrosse Stick delivers excellent performance at an amazing price. For the Complete 2 series, there are three age models to pick from: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. They are all capable of excelling in any competition.

StringKing Mark 2F Review

StringKing Review: StringKing Mark 2F Review

The StringKing Mark 2F Lacrosse Head is designed for a face off midfielders who want authoritative control, durability, and overall performance at the face off X. Using rigorous study and design, StringKing created the Mark 2F to outperform other face off heads on the market in every way, with a greater flare, precise scoop, and innovative hybrid material.

The Mark 2F’s extended face shape and narrower channel give it a big head start over most other face-off heads because of its ability to outreach and dominate an opponent when facing off. This method provides a greater flare and straighter sidewall design across the Mark 2F, giving players a new degree of control. With a steep and well-rounded scoop, this head can attack ground balls from any angle, resulting in easily gained possessions.

StringKing created a new hybrid plastic with a snappy flex for consistent performance during and after face-offs, focusing on the optimum mix of flex and stiffness. A shorter neck with a tri-locking bolt system allows players to get their hands closer to the ball before the whistle, resulting in a faster response time.


  • Higher flare produces a straighter, extended face shape, resulting in improved control by extending out to other face-off heads.
  • Players may attack ground balls from any angle with a steeper, well-rounded scoop.
  • The new hybrid material provides the ideal mix of flex and stiffness, resulting in snappy and long-lasting performance.
  • A shorter neck enables players to move their hands closer to the ball before the whistle, resulting in a faster response time to control the ball.
  • StringKing’s 6-month durability ensures unrivaled purchasing protection.

StringKing Mark 2V Review

StringKing Mark 2V lacrosse head is designed for flexibility. With a carefully balanced design, the StringKing Mark 2V lacrosse head is meant to do it all at every level of play. StringKing created the Mark 2V to be the most adaptable head on the market, capable of performing in any location on the field.

For improved ball control, the Mark 2V has a traditional face design that is somewhat narrower than StringKing’s prior model, the Mark 1. StringKing’s Mark 2V design achieves the right blend of strength and weight for this lacrosse head. StringKing recommends the mid-pocket ball placement for the Mark 2V for the robust all-around player.


  • Engineered for maximum strength-to-weight ratio for greater durability and lightning-fast speed.
  • StringKing’s Classic face shape gives any stick more feel and control.
  • The Mark 2V is intended to be used with the mid pocket for maximum flexibility.
  • StringKing offers a 6-month durability guarantee.
  • Legal NFHS/NCAA.

StringKing Composite Pro Review

StringKing has a large selection of men’s lacrosse shafts to accommodate every age, position, style of play, and preference. StringKing is not like other firms that create amazing lacrosse shafts with showy patterns and vivid colors.

StringKing does not produce a single shaft and claims that it is suitable for everyone. StringKing provides the closest thing to personalized lacrosse shafts by allowing you to choose the shaft, weight, and color choices that work best for you. One of the best lacrosse shafts made by this brand is the StringKing Composite Pro series.

StringKing Composite Pro can only be described in three words: light, stiff, and strong. These fantastic lacrosse shafts have the finest strength-to-weight ratio on the market. However, this does not imply that these lacrosse shafts are heavy; the Composite Pro series from StringKing is light enough to let you play swiftly and outperform your opponents. Composite Pro is available in three distinct models: Attack, Defense, and Faceoff. You may choose whatever models best fit your gameplay.

The StringKing Composite Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft is designed for premier offensive players. StringKing created this shaft with Smart Taper Technology, which spreads substance throughout the shaft for optimal balance and enhanced strength profile in high impact regions. The rigid shape of the Composite Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft provides improved shot power without compromising accuracy for consistent results.

The StringKing Composite Pro Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft gives the best faceoff midfielder an added edge. StringKing built this shaft with a unique grip to provide users with greater power, speed, and control at the whistle. The rigid contour of the Composite Pro Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft provides consistent performance and dependability when slugging it out at the X.

StringKing Composite Pro Defense Shaft is an ultra-stiff lacrosse shaft designed for premier defensive players. The Composite Pro is one of the most lightweight and most powerful defensive shafts in the world, thanks to industry-leading production processes and the best-grade carbon fiber. The stiffness and impact resistance of the Composite Pro results in a more constant release and more forceful checks.

StringKing Bats Review

StringKing Review: StringKing Bats Review

StringKing has been manufacturing and selling the most technologically sophisticated lacrosse goods since 2011. StringKing introduced a range of premium baseball bats in 2018 after years of study and using the company’s competence in metal fabrication.

Recognizing that the baseball market is costly and that baseball bat pricing has made the sport less inclusive, StringKing‘s mission since entering the baseball market has been to make the top performing bats at the best feasible price. In the baseball bat category, StringKing offers an outstanding Metal Bat Series.

StringKing Metal Bats come in two varieties: the original Metal and Metal 2. Both are available in “Pro” and “Pro Metal” variants. The Pro Metal employs a better quality alloy than the other, yet both operate well and offer top-tier performance.

StringKing also offers Metal bats for several certification standards, such as BBCOR, USSSA, USABat, and USA Softball. StringKing Metal Bats are most likely the greatest value purchase on the market today. Few people are aware of the bats, and their availability is limited, but those who have used them are enthusiastic about their value, performance, and longevity.

StringKing Metal

The StringKing Metal Bat is the first generation of the brand’s value line of bats. The StringKing Metal Bat has been designed to rake from the start of the season till the conclusion. It boasts the widest sweet spot to offer you the most power and consistency. This type has a slightly end-loaded weight distribution to boost power across the zone while maintaining speed.

StringKing Metal Pro

The StringKing Metal Pro BBCOR aluminum alloy baseball bat blends the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship to provide a strong baseball bat with consistent performance. The Metal Pro baseball bat has a BBCOR rating of over.499, which is as near to the permissible maximum of.500 as possible. Metal Pro outperforms other top alloy baseball bats in terms of maximum BBCOR rating and overall power production, all at an incredible price. The Metal Pro baseball bat has a balanced weight distribution that is somewhat end-loaded, allowing you to swing quicker and with greater force. The Metal Pro baseball bat’s high-quality metal alloy is stronger than metals frequently utilized in the aerospace, automotive, and military sectors.

StringKing Metal 2

StringKing utilized the same premium alloy as the previous Metal Pro BBCOR and completely revamped the production process to make a superior baseball bat in every aspect. Design and production collaborate to produce exceptional performance.

Metal 2 BBCOR bats have a higher rating than Metal Pro bats, ranging between .494 and .499—literally as much pop as the regulations allow. Metal 2 employs the same advanced alloy as the original best-selling Metal Pro BBCOR. BBCOR is the baseball bat standard in NFHS and NCAA baseball. The Metal 2 raises the standard for high school and college competitions.

StringKing Metal 2 Pro

Metal 2 Pro is constructed with the best materials StringKing has ever utilized in a baseball bat. With a new and better design and a revamped production method, this may be the greatest bat on the market. Swing after swing, it provides long-lasting, consistent power and performance. You receive a stronger bat that throws the ball further.

StringKing created Metal 2 Pro, their most durable BBCOR bat. The sweet spot has a changeable wall thickness, a modified taper, and an upgraded wall design. Metal 2 Pro is significantly stronger and more durable than Metal 2 since it is manufactured with better-grade materials.

StringKing Apparel Review

With custom apparel becoming more popular online, there are a surprising number of shops now providing not just custom tailoring but also customized casual products, all the way down to the modest tee shirt. However, not all organizations can supply high-quality customized goods; in fact, most of them exploit custom choices as the major selling feature of their products. That is not the case with StringKing personalized apparel goods.

Although StringKing is a lacrosse company that shifted to creating a lot of masks in the early days of Covid, they also offer a very great customized clothing part of their business. Tees and polos are available with and without pockets, as well as long and short sleeves. They also make fantastic hoodies. You choose a handful of fit choices, submit some very basic size information, and they mail you a custom-made shirt in about 2 weeks, which is fairly speedy.

Most shocking of all is the high quality of StringKing Apparels. They are light, elastic, and really comfy. And the fit is flawless. StringKing clothing products are certain to become your new favorite. StringKing also sends you a Fit Feedback questionnaire once each product arrives, ensuring that your fit improves with each subsequent purchase.

Perhaps even more shocking is the price – it’s incredibly reasonable and not much more than a basic shirt from a mainstream brand. If you are interested in custom apparel at very affordable prices, you should check StringKing apparel.

StringKing Face Masks Review

StringKing‘s primary business is often the manufacture of men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks. When the current quarantine forced the postponement of the whole spring lacrosse season, they set to work devising ways to keep people working despite the conditions.

They totally transformed their whole production and supply chains to create Personal Protective Equipment in a couple of days. They started supplying 3-layer disposable masks instead of lacrosse sticks. Instead of custom-fit clothing, its Los Angeles facility began producing washable fabric masks. One of the most popular products of StringKing Face Masks product lines is the StringKing Cloth Face Mask.

The 2-ply washable Cloth Face Mask has elastic ear rings and two layers of excellent Supima cotton for a comfortable, reusable face mask. StringKing’s superior Mask is handcrafted in Los Angeles from high-quality, California-grown cotton. Small, Medium and Large sizes are available for everyone from children to adults. Choose between regular elastic ear loops and adjustable ear loops for a more secure fit.

StringKing makes the washable face mask with two layers of California-grown Supima cotton. It fits over your nose and mouth to give minimal protection as you go about your business. To help reduce the transmission of coronavirus and COVID-19, the CDC recommends using a double-layered, well-fitting cloth face mask. It is critical to choose a face mask that delivers a good combination of breathability and filtration. As a result, there is no space for a replaceable filter insert in this fabric face mask.

StringKing’s reusable 2-ply Cloth Face Mask is soft, comfy, and machine-washable. It adheres to all CDC standards and criteria for the use of a well-fitting cloth face mask to aid in the prevention of the transmission of coronavirus and COVID-19. Elastic or adjustable ear loops assist create a better fit, and the double layer of Supima cotton knit fabric provides covering. StringKing prefers knit fabrics over woven fabrics for their comfort, breathability, and moisture absorption.

StringKing Return Policy

StringKing has a mission to provide the finest-performing items possible, backed up by the greatest buying experience and customer service accessible. That is why StringKing developed a quick and simple Return policy.

Items bought from the StringKing official website that have not been used may be exchanged for a refund after 30 days of the initial purchase date.

StringKing provides free return shipping. When signed in to your account, you may get a return shipping label from the “My Orders” tab, or you can request the shipping label from StringKing customer service.

StringKing will give a refund to the form of payment used to make the original transaction after returned products are received and validated by the StringKing returns department. Refunds take 5–10 days to show on your statement once they are issued. You may contact StringKing customer service to inquire about the status of your return.

In the case of a carrier delay, StringKing is unable to reimburse shipping payments. StringKing also does not provide returns on used goods acquired from other merchants. If you want to return an item purchased from another shop, contact them for details on their return policy.

StringKing Contact

This review may not provide all of the details you need regarding the StringKing brand. But don’t worry, StringKing customer service can still provide you with further information. StringKing customer service may be reached at the following addresses.

StringKing Expert Reviews

StringKing Review: Expert Reviews

No one can disagree that value speaks volumes. When you buy something, you want to receive your money’s value. Getting a good price on anything, whether it’s food, clothing, or entertainment, makes it a better purchase. When it comes to lacrosse, cheap is usually not the best option because quality will suffer.

StringKing Lacrosse Full 2 Line has re-evaluated the market for complete lacrosse sticks and now focuses on specialty. The Complete 2 Jr., Int., and Sr. all offer excellent value for money and feature cutting-edge technologies never seen before in complete sticks. For the first time, good stringing has shown in entire sticks, and my eyes couldn’t believe it. They still can’t, but I’m glad that when kids buy entire sticks, they now get better-strung sticks.

Full Review

To summarize, the StringKing Metal 2 goalie shaft is one of the most lightweight and comfortable goalkeeper shafts on the market, in my opinion. I liked how it felt in my hands, and throwing outwards was easy and consistent. The durability was also outstanding, with several hefty checks not bending at all. If you want the StringKing Metal 2 to be the only goalie shaft you ever buy, this is crucial. Overall, I believe that this shaft will fit any goaltender at any level.

Lax Goalie Rat
Full Review

The most major functional advantage of the Mark 2V is how simple it is to pick up groundballs. The corners of the scoop are high enough to snare balls off the floor with the stick horizontal, making this light and very rigid head adaptable enough to mount on a pole as easily as a shortstick. The scoop’s hard angle is ideal for getting underneath groundballs. The plastic on the rear of the scoop has a beveled edge that swiftly and easily lifts it off the carpet.

Inside Lacrosse
Full Review

The Type 2 series has been a complete improvement, with a lot of effort put into how to improve the product, making it a definite mesh to pick up and try. There are no gimmicks here, just beautiful mesh. String King has been one of my favorite firms to work with on a review, and they have garnered my and my teams’ support. This should be a major consideration for companies and players since it indicates that by choosing String King, you are choosing a product that will last a long time, and as they say, “consistency is king.”

Lacrosse Playground
Full Review

Where to buy StringKing?

Whether you are a casual sports fan or a professional player, you may love StringKing products after reading this review. If you want to get one of the StringKing products, this review also got you covered. StringKing’s outstanding sporting items and accessories are available from a variety of shops, including Amazon.

StringKing items are also available via sports markets such as Lacrosse Unlimited, Universal Lacrosse, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. StringKing items may be purchased directly from the StringKing official website if you wish to take advantage of numerous discounts and deals.

    StringKing Promo Codes & Coupons

    StringKing not only manufactures high-quality sporting equipment and gear, but they also provide numerous discounts if you buy their items via their official website. You may join the StringKing email list to get product updates and specials.

    Furthermore, this review includes some StringKing coupon codes for you! Use the promo codes listed below on the checkout page to get a discount on your StringKing product purchase.

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    StringKing Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for StringKing. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: What baseball bat types should I get?


    The most crucial aspect to consider when deciding on which baseball bats to buy is the laws of the game. Distinct ages and leagues have different regulations, and those restrictions dictate which bats you may use. BBCOR is the NFHS and NCAA baseball bat standard. USABat is utilized by little league groups for children aged 6 to 12. USSSA baseball bats are intended for younger players ages 7u to 14u. USA Slowpitch bats are required for softball leagues in the United States.

    Q: Is the StringKing location is a store?


    No, the StringKing site in Gardena serves as the company’s headquarters and distribution hub. StringKing has all items at this location and offers local pickup on purchases ordered online, while this is a corporate office.

    Q: When placing my order, I'm encountering technical difficulties. Is the website down for maintenance?


    The most common cause of issues with the StringKing website or ordering process is outdated web browsers. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please use an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, or purchase using a smartphone or tablet.

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    Conclusion of StringKing Reviews & Ratings

    StringKing Review: Conclusion

    StringKing has you covered for anything from lacrosse to baseball. This brand of sporting equipment is of the highest quality. As a lacrosse player, you may appreciate the excellent performance of their equipment.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this StringKing review. If you’re interested in StringKing’s products, visit their official website right away. We hope you will be pleased with StringKing’s high-quality goods.