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About Spimbey

Adolescence is a special period for both children and their parents, and it is important to make it as enjoyable as possible. Children like having an intriguing playground because they see it as a new universe full of invention and experiences. Your backyard might become your child’s favorite location to burn off some energy with the correct playground equipment.

Spimbey Review: About
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Spimbey, a US-based company with a unique assortment of fresh and inventive items, has introduced some of the best playsets available. The Spimbey brand specializes in removable modular playsets that are simple to install and provide your children with the most thrilling experience possible in your garden or at home.

With an innovative line of modular toys, Spimbey not only adds a magnetic appeal to your home playground but also reinvents how a kid perceives their playground. In this Spimbey review, you will get a lot of information about the Spimbey brand, their products line up, and the best deals from this brand. Get ready to learn about the best playset brand, Spimbey.

Overview of Spimbey

Spimbey is born from the childhood memories of Mark Romera, the CEO of Spimbey itself. Mark’s friend found delight in the neighborhood park and playground, where they built fantasy scenarios out of playthings such as climbing platforms and swing sets, just like any other little kid.

Mark wanted to replicate the experience for his kid since it reminded him of so many happy memories from his childhood. Mark’s alternatives for outside play equipment, on the other hand, were all massive, heavy, and expensive. He started working on his own model, which he dubbed Spimbey and built in his garden.

After several months, the families of his son’s classmates began to inquire about where they might get this wonderful, fashionable, and functional wooden playground. Mark came to the understanding that there is a market for these items. With that realization, Mark introduced Spimbey as a brand in 2021.

Spimbey Reviews

Every element of the Spimbey product has been intended to be modular. You may choose from a number of different combos in the set, which comprises a playhouse, swings, slides, chairs, and more if you simply want a great playhouse that you can purchase on its own.

Spimbey Reviews

Each element of the Spimbey set may be interconnected to create a one-of-a-kind interconnected play area for kids of all ages. This is really a long-term, low-cost option that maximizes space use.

As a key objective, all Spimbey products are made using responsibly sourced materials. Spimbey made it a point to use timber from properly managed mills and ecosystems while making these products. The ceiling and side tiles are pre-assembled with Spimbey, minimizing the time it takes to erect the structure.

Spimbey toys are created by a team in Switzerland and comply with all necessary standards for this sort of children’s plaything. Spimbey modular parts come with a lifetime guarantee and are ready to assemble using the clear and simple instructions that come with the purchase of the kit.

Spimbey Play Deck

The Spimbey play deck XXL is sleek and one of the industry’s largest play decks. The enjoyment is separated into two primary sections on the play deck. The play on the top deck: a whole upper play deck with 32 square feet (3m2) of playing space and plenty of vision for parents. Not only is it roomy, but it’s also jam-packed with features including an 8-foot high rail rapid slide, a high rail, a telescope, and safety grips.

Second, there’s the covered open below deck play area, which includes a huge sandpit and a lemonade kiosk, as well as two separate picnic seats. The 4ft tall entry ladder’s flat-rung ladder with broad rungs offers a secure and simple access point to the upper deck and the concealed playhouse entrance. It’ll be a hit with your kids.

Colorful tarps for the lemonade stand and enormous sandpit may be added to your Spimbey play deck XXL. The tarps may be cut into whatever pattern you choose, or you can use one of the Spimbey creative designs. The modular design allows you to mix and match the play deck, playhouse, and swing set modules for even more fun. You may also utilize them in your yard independently. The assembly is simple and quick, taking less than 6 hours.


  • 8ft (220 cm) a fast-moving wave slide for more enjoyment and safety in Spimbey brand colors
  • 4ft (120cm) tall play deck
  • One of the industry’s largest play decks
  • A large play deck with a play area of 32 square feet (3m2) and plenty of view for parents
  • Above-deck high-railing
  • Flat-rung ladder wide rungs on the 4ft tall entry ladder create a secure and convenient way to get to the upper deck and the hidden playhouse entrance
  • For extra comfort, there are additional safety handles
  • 5 climbing rocks
  • 1 telescope
  • Large sandpit shaded under the deck
  • Lemonade stand with a separate entrance and bar
  • Climbing wall
  • 2 picnic tables with heavy-duty seats
  • Heavy duty and UV-protected tarps with 2-way fasteners for a two-sided colored lemonade stand. Easily detachable
  • Heavy duty and UV-protected two-sided colorful sandpit tarp with two-way clips

Spimbey Swing Set

On this great-looking realistic and attractive full 3-position Spimbey swing set Deluxe, four children may swing at the same time. 2 on every elastic heavy-duty belt swing and 2 at the very same moment with the heavy-duty twin glider. This swing set module comes with four ground anchors and may be used on its own or simply added to the play deck module.

Spimbey Review: Spimbey Swing Set

The Spimbey swing set is the industry leader in attractive and durable wooden swing sets thanks to its robust construction characteristics. The swing lanes allow for worry-free swinging, and the swing ropes avoid finger entrapment.

The natural-looking style and colors used were specifically chosen to fit in nicely with your surroundings. Instead of screams of strong hues, pastels and gentle colors are used to achieve ideal harmony. Because of the modular design, it’s simple to combine the swing set and the play deck for even more enjoyment. You may also utilize them in your garden independently. The assembly of this Spimbey swing set is simple and quick, taking just under 2 hours.


  • 1 x heavy duty double glider
  • 2 x heavy duty adjustable swing seats
  • Pinch free swing ropes
  • For extra security, each leg comes with 4 ground anchors
  • Huge heavy duty legs
  • Branded nameplate included
  • Spimbey flag
  • Sturdy metal Spimbey corner brackets
  • Swing beam with a lot of support for safety assurance
  • A-frame with a heavy-duty angled design for ultimate stability
  • Wooden frame for maximum durability and stability

Spimbey Play House Combo

It undoubtedly provides hours of enjoyment as well as healthy outdoor fun. The Spimbey Swing Set Deluxe + Play Deck XXL + Play House Grande + Monkey Bars Combo is a swing set and climbing frame in one. That’s a fantastic toddler swing set that offers lots of outdoor fun for smaller kids.

The Spimbey playhouse Grande module has a full top play deck with 32 square feet of playing space and enough view for parents, as well as one of the largest play decks in the market, the play deck XXL. Not only is it large, but it’s also jam-packed with features such as a playhouse with a hidden trap door, an 8-foot rapid wave slide, a telescope, and safety grips.

Both the fun sandpit and lemonade stand, as well as two separate picnic seats, are accessible from the covered open below deck play area. You may either connect the whole swing set and playhouse to the play deck or just place it in your backyard on its own.

Each Spimbey set is meticulously crafted to guarantee that there are no sharp edges or rough edges. Each piece of the Spimbey swing set and backyard playhouse is firmly fixed with sturdy bolts and ground stakes. The visibility of these wooden outdoor playsets is excellent. This means that parents and caregivers can see precisely what their children are doing as they play — there are no hidden corners or risks out of sight.

Spimbey Swing Set Assembly Instructions

After reading the review, you may be wondering about how to install Spimbey Swing Set. It was all about getting the perfect space and the necessary support when it comes to installing Spimbey swing set. Before continuing with the installation procedure, be sure to cross the following things off your list:

Spimbey Review: Spimbey Swing Set Assembly Instructions
  • Most lawns have uneven formings, but a swing set needs a solid and flat terrain to work well. Make sure there are no mounts or hills in the play area. Maintain a safe distance in front and behind the swing set.
  • No soft ground is allowed: the swing set’s foundations are one of the most critical aspects of the whole construction, hence they must be on firm ground. Look more closely at the soil to see if there are any soft patches once you’ve determined where the swing set’s anchors will be. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need to pour some asphalt into the soft parts. This piece of advice is applicable to any kind of playset installation.

Following the installation of any playset, the surface should be covered with some shock-absorbent material. Unfortunately, playground mishaps occur much more often than we would like to believe. You should think about getting a decent protecting surface immediately soon.

Spimbey Refund Policy

Even with a good review, it is also a possibility that you don’t satisfied with Spimbey products. You have the right to cancel your purchase within 45 days after receiving the products, without providing any reason. The deadline to cancel a purchase is 45 days from the day you obtained the products or when a third party you have chosen, and not being the carrier, gets possession of the goods supplied.

To use your option to rescind, you should notify Spimbey by sending them an email at this address. Spimbey will compensate you within 14 days of receiving the returned goods. Spimbey will repay you using the same method of payment that you used for the purchase, and there will be no costs associated with this reimbursement.

Spimbey Product's Warranty

Spimbey places a premium on your child’s safety. Proven by a review, Spimbey constantly uses high-quality construction materials within the products in order to manufacture the greatest playsets in the business.

Spimbey is able to provide great guarantees on its playsets because of the high-grade materials used. Based on the parts included in the exact set, each playset provides a lifetime or two-year guarantee. Please refer to the list of approved parts to check whether your particular playsets are covered.

If your product meets one of these indicators, you may not eligible for Spimbey warranties:

  • Components susceptible to general wear and tear
  • Inappropriate use or abuse
  • Incorrect assembly or care
  • Vandalism
  • Changes or customizations
  • Acts of God and/or nature
  • Purely aesthetic concerns such as rust, scratches, and discoloration
  • Usage of the item in ways other than originally meant or planned

All timber components (from ethical mills and forests) are covered by the Spimbey Lifetime Warranty. Surface fractures, knotholes, and knots in the wood components are not included. Natural defects such as surface cracks, knots, and knotholes will be present in your Spimbey playsets. These are wood’s natural qualities. Natural flaws like this, which do not compromise structural integrity, are specifically excluded from the Warrant.

On the other hand, Chains; Brackets & Plates; Screws; Wave slide; Swing chairs; Flexible Belt Swing; Double Glider; Climbing Rocks With Hardware; Telescopes; Hand Grip; Tarps; and Ground Anchors are all covered by the Spimbey two-year warranty.

Spimbey Customer Service

This review already mentioned most of the important things about Spimbey brand, but it is possible that you still have questions about Spimbey. If you need assistance finding the proper Spimbey product, placing an order, or registering a product, please contact Spimbey customer service.

To have your questions addressed, send an email to Spimbey’s primary customer service email. Spimbey customer care employees will respond to you within 48 hours due to the busiest season of Spring and Summer. The response time may get shorter if it is feasible.

Where to buy Spimbey?

After reading the review, you may be wondering how to obtain one of Spimbey’s fantastic playsets. Spimbey playsets and other Spimbey items are currently exclusively available on their own website. But, worry not, as they still have some good deals for you if you want to purchase Spimbey’s products.

Spimbey Promo Codes & Coupons

After reading the review, you may wonder about the best deals for Spimbey products. Unfortunately, there is now no Spimbey promo code available, however, free delivery is still available. Free shipping is available for various countries, including the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. Spimbey also provides a 45-day refund if you are not happy with the products you bought.

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Spimbey Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Spimbey. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is the color of the items on delivery always the same?

Because of the global logistical issues and delays, your product may spend more time than intended in a sea container or warehouse. So Spimbey decided to spend twice as much and add an additional clear stain to your item to keep it free of moisture troubles. Don’t be concerned. After a short time, this clear stain will fade and reveal the wood’s natural beauty. Because this is a natural product, the suggested wood hues may differ somewhat from what you see on the internet.

The color you see on the website is the color the product will have after being exposed to UV radiation. After that time, it takes on the appearance of softwood. Keep in note that freshly installed buildings may seem yellow/ orange at first, however, this will fade with time.

How many children can this playset accommodate?

Spimbey playsets are built to meet or surpass international playset safety requirements. Multiple children may play at the same time since the business designed them tough and lasting. The full playset can accommodate up to 11 children, which is greater than the industry norm.

The swing module is intended to accommodate four children at once. The Playdeck can accommodate up to 5 children, while the slide can accommodate up to two children.

What kind of materials are used for Spimbey products?

Spimbey goods are created from environmentally friendly wood harvested from responsible mills and forests. Chinese Cedar is the kind of wood used that belongs to the Cypress family. The woods of the Cypress family are soft yet durable, easy to work, insect and termite resistant, and rot-resistant.

The woods of the Cypress family are inherently resistant to insects and deterioration without the need for chemicals. It will be less prone to developing minor fractures coming from knots due to the small and tight knot structure. The long-lasting wood proved to be rot-resistant and naturally decay-resistant. The wood is pressure treated without the use of any dangerous chemicals. For a smooth and clear look, all timber pieces have round edges and are pre-stained with a water-based stain.

What are the payment options for Spimbey products?

You may pay for your purchase in a variety of methods that are both safe and secure. Your payment will be processed by Stripe, an online payment platform. When sending your payment data, Spimbey ensures the greatest degree of security possible.

Stripe accepts the following payment methods, which will appear on your payment statement:

  • Credit cards
  • Affirm
  • Sofort
  • iDeal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
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Spimbey Expert Reviews

Spimbey’s Swiss-engineered modular playsets are becoming a popular option among children and parents all over the globe. The brand has accomplished its objective and is continuing on a quest. Spimbey’s revolutionary modular playsets allow parents to redefine playtime for their children.

Full Review
Spimbey Review: Expert Reviews

Spimbey is a playground that is totally modular. Depending on the amount of space available, parents may buy more or fewer components. The traditional 3-position swing, the playhouse, playdeck, climbing wall, ladder, slide, sandpit, picnic seats, and more are among the available parts that may be used alone or in combination. The playset is meant to be as simple and fast to install as possible, with an average assembly time of less than an hour. Spimbey comes with a four-color palette of readily interchangeable pastel tarps and accessories. Parents may pick from a variety of entertaining templates or snap on or off tarps to create various color combinations.

Pragmatic Mom
Full Review

Despite the fact that the Spimbey Modular Playground is more costly than the average playset, it offers excellent value. Especially considering your youngster will be able to use it for up to ten years. It checks all of the boxes that parents look for, including convenience, safety, accessibility, durability, and, of course, entertainment value. Parents may purchase one or more components that will fit properly and artistically in their backyards since Spimbey innovated on their modular playsets through their years of knowledge. For youngsters aged 3 to 13, this gives years of imaginative fun.

Spiral Toys
Full Review

The Spimbey is a relative newbie to the playset sector; after debuting in late 2021 as a contemporary and “modular” playset, Spimbey has been advertising for the spring of 2022 all over social media. It’s a beautiful-looking playground, and the color selections are a wonderful addition. In a sea of playsets that look the same, it’s a welcome change of pace. Given its $750 price tag, this is unquestionably a budget playset.

Full Review

Spimbey’s tiny modular structure makes it an excellent solution for households with tiny yard, in my opinion. However, if you have more room than we have, Spimbey’s modular solutions offer you a variety of expansion options. One of my brothers is the father of four children and has a large property. I can easily see the All Deluxe Swingset + Play Deck XXL + Play House Grande in his backyard, and it’s a far better price than many of the playsets I’ve seen at large box shops.

High Low Baby
Full Review

Conclusion of Spimbey Reviews & Ratings

Spimbey is a terrific playset brand that provides the finest outdoor play experience for your kid. Spimbey playsets are built from environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials. You won’t have to worry about any accidents since these playsets were designed with kids in mind, therefore Spimbey added several safety measures.

Spimbey Review: Conclusion

All in all, Spimbey is a fantastic children’s playsets company from which you can purchase any playset, swing set, or playhouse. Purchase one to provide your children with a fun outdoor experience. Thank you for reading our Spimbey review; we wish your children like Spimbey playsets as much as we do. Any comment on this review is welcome; please contact us as soon as possible.


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