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About Speediance

Get the results you’ve been looking for with the Speediance Home Gym! All the full-body weight training you need, directly from the convenience of your own home. You may also use smart attachments to focus various muscle parts.

Speediance Review: About Speediance
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This folding home gym’s space-saving design allows it to fit in even tiny locations, making it ideal for apartment dwellers. It has over 100 distinct motions, as well as automated weight and noise reduction, and can be used anywhere.

However, this is an excellent device that may help you easily achieve your workout goals with unbeatable pricing. Need to know more about Speediance products? Enjoy this Speediance Review, we’ve already gathered all the information regarding the product, features, benefits, and many more. 

Overview Speediance

Before diving into our Speediance Review, let’s talk about the original story background from Speediance. In the beginning, Speediance is found in 2020. It is a prospective high-tech company. The purpose is to produce a series of smart fitness products with extremely valuable content.

In April 2021, Speediance earns millions of dollars in funding from Chuangxiang Future. A month later, Speediance completed the first batch of samples. Next up, Speediance launched the first product named Gym Monster in July 2021. 

Gym Monster is an all-in-one portable home gym that was initially released on the crowdfunding portal Kickstarter on November 9. Earning over $100,000 in 10 hours and exceeding 400,000 US dollars in 14 days, with a total of 560,000 US dollars raised in 30 days. Incredible!

However, Speediance will continue to use cutting-edge technologies to design an unforgettable experience, rediscovering the importance of exercise and bringing enjoyment into people’s lives.

Speediance‘s philosophy is to work out should be a spiritual purification practice. Training is a means to pleasure, empower, and push oneself from the heart to the body. Keep scrolling to the next review for more detailed information!

Speediance Review

This Speediance product produces a scientific fitness environment and introduces smart fitness scenarios for home gym customers. Speediance is intended to be an intelligent home gym for strength training under the concept of hardware + content + AI personal coaching + community.

Speediance Reviews: Speediance Review

In addition, Speediance has a mission to provide the customers with a more secure, scientifically, and consistent fitness lifestyle. While the goal is to create the world a more lively place. Crafting a dynamic training environment that gives a distinct satisfaction you receive from a good workout experience for the value.

Speediance offers the best Gym Monster and comes with the added smart accessories that Gym Monster has developed just for you. Those accessories include Smart Handles, Ankle Straps, Tricep Rope, Skiing Handles, Controller, Barbell, Flat Bench, and Rowing Bench. 

Speediance Smart Fitness Review

With Speediance All-In-One, you’re no longer confined by space or gears in the traditional training technique. Feel free of the limits of traditional training. Some points you’ll get to know from using this smart fitness are the dynamic weight modes, spotter, picking your own level, tuning in to your body, and managing your workouts by phone easily. 

Let us break them down one by one. Start from the dynamic weight modes. Alright, Speediance has four clever modes. Each mode has different levels of resistance and strength. Later on, you’ll get the best spotter. Your exercise partner will keep you safe. Speediance Gym Monster will track your progress throughout your exercises. Reduced resistance is required to avoid injuries and help in the completion of the movement.

Next up, you can pick your own level that works best for you. This smart digital weight system has a maximum capacity of 220lbs/100kg and an adjustable precision of 2.21lbs/1kg. It is perfect for all levels of exercise.

For workout guidance and statistics will be offered to help you understand more about your body. This will help you to tune in your body effectively. Adjust the weights and establish a new monthly training goal based on your workout record and analytics to enhance your muscular growth.

For the last one, track and evaluate your progress on Speediane and the Speediance App. Thus, you can manage your workout by phone easily accessible. 

Speediance Software Review

Speaking about software design, Speediance is designed with different modes including 1 (Spotter), 4 (Standard, Chains, Eccentric, and Constant).  

Spotters help you in finishing your final few repetitions when your muscles feel exhausted, which is much more difficult to achieve while exercising alone. The digital weight offered is constant, you may imitate the sensation of actual chains by pressing a single button.

In addition, the eccentric will add more resistance once your muscles are at their strongest, allowing you to train your muscles more with every rep. The other mode is to maintain the balance of stress and contraction forces, which are used in strength testing and rehabilitation exercises.

However, the accessories of Speediance include a gyroscope. It can detect and remind you to correct your motions by working with the motor to calculate the speed, distance, location, and other information about the activity during training. Hence, the gyroscope offers feedback on the form and posture corrections of your position. 

Meanwhile, Speediance has AI technology to treat someone with chronic illness. To further develop the Speediance AI, they will gather some information from a variety of categories including gender, age, and health condition.

Speediance is now working with the Progress One organization at Duke University and a Ph.D. in rehabilitation medicine provided them with assistance and advice. Also, Speediance will also collaborate with other organizations in the future to continually improve the rehabilitation training.

In terms of voice control, Speediance left a MIC for accepting voice control, even if the program does not now support it. However, the software will be changed in the near future to support it.  Also, Speediance can provide a data assessment report for each workout session and use big data information to guide strength development training.

No need to worry, the system will be continuously updated, and new features will be added on a regular basis. Upgrades are immediately sent to your device with a single click.

Speediance Course Review

Make a huge deal out with Speediance courses. Speediance provides a number of professionally designed home training courses that take control of the necessary planning and demonstration of movements in your place. Your only tasks need to stick to the program and focus on your workouts.

Speediance Review: Speediance Course Review

Some courses you may get include hip & thigh-burning, HIIT, chest & back training, and yoga. Speediance courses offer a scientific training program that will help you balance your weekly exercise schedule. Volume and time spent on lifting weights, cardio, breaks, and so on. Therefore, Speediance will support you in achieving your goal in a scientific and efficient manner.

Speaking about efficiency, Speediance offers 200+ 15-minute courses to help you work out and get your muscle stimulated and heart rate up in the most effective manner possible. Over 100 videos of expert trainers teaching and inspiring you throughout your exercise. 

The Speediance movements library will provide you with a great training experience. You can explore some courses in the movement library including how to workout with full-body, upper body, core, and lower body. 

For more information, you can watch the Speediance Youtube Video. All the exercises regarding workouts, Speediance guidance, and some tips & tricks are already post it there. 

Speediance Gym Monster Review

Unlike the traditional fitness product, Gym Monster uses a different form of weight. Gym Monster uses two direct-drive motors to provide consistent muscular tension across the whole range of motion, while the former relies on the gravitational force of physical weight.

Simply by tapping the screen, customers may change the weight to the precise pound they choose. The two most important factors to success the Gym Monster includes algorithm technology and drive circuit. The two factors establish the groundwork for future technological advancements and innovation in the smart fitness industry, allowing for an almost limitless number of options.

The digital weight system uses built-in sensors to modify training techniques, posture, and load in order to minimize injury. Also, the Gym Monster is able to learn and adapt to the particular fitness requirements of each user.

Then, Speediance Gym Monster can support connections over Bluetooth. Bluetooth serves as the control mechanism for both grips and barbell bar controllers. The current version of Bluetooth is 4.0.

However, this Speediance All-in-One design allows Gym Monster to complete full-body training with a minimal number of extra pieces of equipment. It is possible to work out every major muscle group. The Gym Monster may also be used as a rowing machine, ski machine, squat rack, and gantry rack, as well as a full-body training machine.

Let’s take a look at the table package you may choose either in 8 pcs or 9 pcs:

Works (8 pcs package)  Family (9 pcs package)
Gym Monster X 1 Gym Monster X 1
Smart Handle X 2 Smart Handle X 2
Barbell X 1 Barbell X 1
Ankle Strap X 2 Ankle Strap X 2
Tricep Rope X 1 Rowing Bench X 1
Skiing Handle X 2 Tricep Rope X 1
Flat Bench X 1 Skiing Handle X 2
Barbell Controller X 1 Flat Bench X 1
  Barbell Controller X 1

With Speediance, you can say goodbye to metal plates. Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises to meet all training requirements. The course series is updated regularly. Strength training, Yoga, HIIT, Yoga, and more expert training classes are on the way. All of this has turned Speediance Gym Monster into a complete work machine. 

Oh! Yes, you can customize the training content, timings, number of groups, and many more when using Speediance. Make it easy, right?

Speediance Return Policy

If there is a problem or quality concern with your product and you want to return it to Speediance, please notify them within 7 days after receiving your product by sending an email to after-sales@speediance.com with the details listed below.

Speediance Review: Speediance Return Policy
  1. Order Number
  2. Product problem.
  3. Product images or videos, as well as whole packaging:

After receiving your email, Speediance will give you a response within 2 business days.

Return & Refund will not be provided if:

  • It is requested more than 7 business days after getting a product.
  • A product delivered to Speediance for a return does not contain all original accessories, packaging, attachment, or any product that is damaged and not in the original condition.
  • A legal receipt, purchase, or invoice is not given or generally considered to be forged or interfered with.
  • Unauthorized use or trying to change the product including exposure to moisture, the entrance of foreign substances (water, oil, sand, etc.), or incorrect installation or operation, causes any defect or damage to the product.
  • Tampering or alteration is evident on product labels, waterproof markings, serial numbers, and so on.
  • Uncontrollable external elements such as fire, floods, severe winds, or lightning strikes cause damage to the product. The items are not returned to Speediance within 7 business days of Speediance’s confirmation of the Return & Refund Service.

Refund Time

Normally, refunds will be processed in the same way that the payment was made. It d Depend on the bank or card provider, the refund procedure might take between 7 – 14 business days.

Return Shipping

Consumers have to pay for any return shipping to the authorized service center including international shipping and cross-border fees, if applicable, except if the return is due to performance issues.

Replacement Fee

Speediance will pay for two-way replacement shipping for any products turned in for replacement because the performance flaws. Alternatively, the customer is liable for the two-way replacement shipping for any products returned for replacement after the warranty term has expired.

Please note that, do not return any product until you have received a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from Speediance, as well as instructions on how to proceed.

Speediance Shipping Policy

Certainly, Speediance tries to provide you with the greatest shipping alternatives. The terms and conditions that comprise the shipping policy are as follows down below:

Shipment processing time

All orders are completed within three to five business days. The shipping time will close on weekends or holidays. If the store gets a large number of orders, the delivery may be postponed by a few days. Please allow for additional transit days for delivery. Speediance will notify you through email if there will be a major delay in the shipment of your product.

Shipment Coverage

Speediance currently delivers to North America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia. If the shipping partners are unable to deliver to any specified countries or areas, they will contact the customer through email and negotiate a refund.

Shipping charge and Tax

The unit price does not include shipping. The shipment will be determined automatically when you make an order based on your detailed address. The customers are responsible for any customs and taxes. If the customers refuse to pay tax, Speediance is not responsible for delivery failure.

Shipment confirmation & Order tracking

Once your purchase has shipped, you will get a Shipment Confirmation through your email, as well as your tracking number. Wait within 24 hours, your tracking number will be activated. At first, most Speediance products are shipped by sea, then will pick by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT to your address.

You might get more shipment information from your local DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT. The shipping time is around 45 business days. After a shipment has been made, the shipping address cannot be changed. However, Speediance doesn’t send to P.O. Box or APO/FPO/DPO destinations.

Damages Package

Speediance is not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged during shipment. If you have a problem with your package during shipment, please email them at service@speediance.com within 7 days with images/videos proving package damage.

Speediance Warranty

After scrolling up for a complete review, you have to know that Speediance gives warranty service. The warranty process began on the day the product is bought and lasted 24 months or 2 years for the machine plus 12 months for the accessories.

For warranty purposes, the customer must present acceptable proof of purchase. After the warranty term has expired, replacement items are available for purchase.

The following components will not be accepted under warranty:

  • Damage caused by incorrect usage, maintenance, or storage, as well as force majeure.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by illegal product repairs
  • Products that have been re-sold or second-hand products

You may request Speediance product warranty service. If there is a service problem occurs within the applicable warranty term, please send an email to service@speediance.com, and they will respond as soon as possible. 

Speediance Customer Service

Certainly, all the product of Speediance has the highest quality. So, if you’re already curious about this product and have any queries, here are some alternative selections you need:

  • All your inquiries regarding the product should be sent to their email at after-sales@speediance.com. Simply wait 12 hours and they will provide you feedback.
  • Call by phone number: +86 0755 26907574, or visit the store at

Speediance Office Store

Rm1003, Block3, Sunmax Technology Park,
Nanshan, Shenzhen City

Where to buy Speediance?

This Speediance Review may encourage you to try out Speediance Smart Home Gym. The official website of Speediance is the best-recommended option for purchasing Speediance Gym Monster.

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Speediance Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Speediance. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How to maintain the Speediance machine?

Keep the item away from direct sunlight and from heat sources. To avoid rust and loss of the insulating effect, do not put it in moist or watery areas. When washing the item, please use a soft towel or sponge soaked in clear water or a non-corrosive neutral detergent. Then wipe them with clean water and leave it with a dry cloth. After cleaning, do not switch on the power source until the product has dried.

Can it be taken apart so it can be easily moved?

Unfortunately, this Speediance product cannot be disassembled. It has two wheels on the rear side of the bottom that allows for simple moving. The product weighs 85kg and may be moved by putting it on a trolley.  However, the host machine does not need any assembly, but the rowing bench and fitness bench need simple screw work.  The package dimensions are 2380 mm x 800 mm x 480 mm 


How long is the lifespan of Speediance Gym Monster?

The motor is supposed to last 10,000 hours, and if you use it for 2 hours every day, it will last 13 years.

Can Speediance determine weight based on my own strength score?

Definitely YES, after you have finished the strength assessment, Speediance will be able to select the right weight for each individual action automatically.

Will the workout play even if there is no internet connection?

You won’t be able to access the online classes if you don’t have internet, but you may still watch the videos you’ve downloaded.

Ask a question?

Speediance Expert Reviews

Speediance is not only a one-person device. It includes profiles, allowing each member of the family to use it and monitor their own plans and progress. Speediance is a genuinely unique method to get a complete exercise from the comfort of your own home, with a foldable, touchscreen, space-saving design, and A.I. help.

When it comes to accessories, Speediance has its own collection of smart accessories. A resistance straps, bar, bench, and other items are included. There’s a workout for every specific muscle in your body. Speediance lets you lift up to 220 pounds of digital weights and have over 100 workouts including bicep curls, back squats, and everything in between.

Full Review
Speediance Review: Expert Reviews

This product has a significant space-saving benefit. For beginning, since the resistance is achieved by motor torsion, the machine isn’t as heavy as standard home gym equipment, and with a fold-up size of just 3.2 square feet, you can put the Gym Monster almost anywhere.

The “All-In-One” design allows for an excellent training experience with just a few accessories rather than swapping out separate equipment sets to target different muscle groups. Next , Speediance may be used right out of the box, with no drilling, mounting, or other preparation required. It is effective to remove some of the obstacles associated with at-home or office gym installations.

NCN Nebraska
Full Review

Conclusion of Speediance Reviews & Ratings

Normally, doing fitness is all about getting to the gym & working out with various pieces of equipment. However, the Covid-19 epidemic has put a halt to that idea. Many of us are now unable to use the gyms as they used to.

Speediance Review: Conclusion

Here, after you read Speediance Review you get the solution about doing workouts easily at home. With Speediance Gym Monster, you’ll get more than a workout machine including AI technology analysis and some courses from experts. 


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