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About Snuggle Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into the family is a joyous and joyful event, but it can also be a difficult one as both the puppy and the pet parents learn to live together as the puppy grows from a little fluff ball to an adult dog.

Snuggle Puppy Review: About
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Trying to get a puppy to sleep is one of the most irritating things. Pet owners not only desire a break now and then, but they also fear that if their dog does not receive enough rest, he will not grow up strong and healthy.

Finding the greatest dog toys to send her to sleep is one method you can assist your puppy in sleep, particularly at night when everyone else is trying to sleep as well. If you’re still looking for dog toys to help your dog sleep, consider purchasing a Snuggle Puppy.

Snuggle Puppy is a company that produces a dog toy with the same name that includes heat packs and a heartbeat. The dog toy from Snuggle Puppy might become your dog’s new cuddling companion.

Snuggle Puppy not only created an innovative dog toy but also produced a variety of items. This Snuggle Puppy review will provide you with a wealth of information about this brand. This review also includes information about the Snuggle Puppy’s product ranges as well as possible discounts for buying their items.

All in all, we can say that Snuggle Puppy is the ideal brand to go with if you or your dog desire a better night’s sleep.

Overview of Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy was founded in 1997 by a novice breeder who wanted to make it easier for her litter of pups to find new homes. She realized how beneficial Snuggle Puppy was and determined to increase the line so that as many dogs as possible might benefit.

Snuggle Puppy has improved and increased its product range throughout time. Over the previous two decades, advances have included stronger stitching, new designs, better material, enhanced real-feel heartbeats, and longer-lasting heat packs, to name a few.

During this period, Snuggle Kitty, a plush dog toy brand, must-have supplies for new pups, and other products were developed, saving the lives of thousands of orphaned kittens.

Snuggle Puppy is now authorized for human use, and all of the materials are completely safe for both humans and dogs, demonstrating the high quality you get when you buy one. Snuggle Puppy has been a much-needed buddy for hundreds or even thousands of pets since its debut.

Snuggle Puppy Reviews

Snuggle Puppy has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety in hundreds of thousands of animals. Snuggle Puppy is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller for Plush Dog Toys, and it routinely gets positive feedback. Snuggle Puppy‘s products have aided both pet parents and pets in overcoming obstacles.

Bears, minks, squirrels, wolves, otters, and a variety of other creatures have all benefited from Snuggle Puppy. Snuggle Puppy is currently expanding its product lines to include durable plush dog toys, puppy goods, and other necessities for pet parents.

Snuggle Puppy provides the highest quality goods, is backed up with multiple good reviews, and has an affordable price, there isn’t any reason for good pet owners to not buy Snuggle Puppy products.

Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Review

Whether they’re new to the family or going through a difficult period, the Snuggle Puppy has been created to bring comfort and assist ease anxiety for your four-legged pal. Whatever the situation is, whether it’s crate training, fireworks, or a rainstorm, the Snuggle Puppy will be there to assist.

Snuggle Puppy Review: Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Review
Image:Original Snuggle Puppy

Once your pet has formed a link with their Snuggle Puppy, they will seek them out for comfort, even if you are unable to be there. Snuggle Puppy can be the next favorite toy of either senior or junior puppies.

The Snuggle Puppy is a plush behavioral assistance toy from the same-named company that is intended to help stressed dogs relax. It comes with disposable heating packs and a battery-powered heartbeat simulator that you can place inside it, and it’s designed like a dog so your pet can have a cozy BFF.

The warmth and heartbeat are intended to give your worried pup a sense of closeness, which will calm him down, help him sleep, and even prevent him from barking or whimpering.

Snuggle Puppy comes with two AAA batteries that should last two weeks and is machine washable. The heating pack lasts for 24 hours, but if you run out, you may buy more. Snuggle Puppy is available in a variety of colors, so you may choose your favorite or collect them all.

Snuggle Puppy may help with:

  • Anxiety about relocating to a new house.
  • Crate training causes whining and barking.
  • Distress that caused by thunder and lightning.
  • Separation anxiety when you must leave your pet alone.
  • Whenever your pet needs some assistance in resting.


  • The Real-Feel throbbing heart is simple to activate and deactivate.
  • The kit comes with two AAA batteries.
  • It has two modes: continuous 24/7 and auto-off after 8 hours.
  • In continuous operation, the batteries may last up to two weeks.
  • For an added source of comfort for your pet, one single-use, disposable heating bag (each bag lasts 24 hours) is included.
  • Snuggle Puppy may be washed on a mild cycle in the washing machine.

Snuggle Puppy Kitty Review

Snuggle Kitty is a new Snuggle Puppy product geared towards cats rather than dogs. After snuggling up with this Tan Tiger Snuggle Kitty, your kitty will fall off to sleep. With tactile warmth and a real-feel heartbeat, the Snuggle Kitty recreates the closeness of a mother cat. As a consequence, your pet will be calmer and more serene, with less loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

The Snuggle Kitty has a “real-feel” throbbing pulse, batteries (included) that last up to 2 weeks with continuous 24/7 usage, and an on/off button on the heart that enables you to use it whenever you choose. One disposable warmer pack is included with every Snuggle Kitty as an added source of comfort for your cat. This medication-free, all-natural solution relaxes your pet by appealing to their natural inclinations.


  • Helps pets feel better when they are crying, feeling lonely, or worried about being alone in a natural way without any drugs.
  • Recreates maternal bonding via bodily heat and a Real-feel Heartbeat.
  • Used by animal shelters worldwide.
  • Provides a source of warmth and safety for orphaned kittens.
  • The disposable warmth bag lasts 24 hours and is non-toxic and suitable for both humans and animals.
  • The pulsing heartbeat is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries and can operate up to two week
    Gentle cycle machine washable.

Snuggle Puppy Heat Pack Review

Not only does the original Snuggle Puppy have a heartbeat function, but it also has a heating feature. The heating element provides a very relaxing experience for the dog by simulating human warmth. Heating packs within the plush animals provide warmth to Snuggle Puppy.

With their purpose, the heating packs may be regarded to be really useful. However, the heating packs will not continue indefinitely; each pack is projected to endure for 24 hours.

Don’t worry; after the heating packs are empty, you won’t have to think too hard. A new heating pack is also available from Snuggle Puppy. Snuggle Puppy’s heating packs are disposable and environmentally friendly, so you may use them whenever you need them without worrying about harming the environment. Purchase the heating packs to give your pets the warmth they need.

Heating Packs Instructions:

  • Simply open the packaging and the heating procedure will begin. (It may persist up to 24 hours in most cases.)
  • Place the pack (pulsing heart or not) into the underneath Velcro pocket.
  • Simply put it in a plastic bag and press out the air to halt the heating process if you won’t be using it for 24 hours.


  • Environment-friendly.
  • Keeps you toasty for up to 24 hours.
  • All-natural.
  • Heat packs are offered in sets of three, six, or twelve.
  • Disposable.
  • Odorless.

Snuggle Puppy Blanket Review

Snuggle Puppy is a dog toy company that also makes an excellent blanket for dogs called Snuggle Blanket. Designed to withstand years of frequent usage while giving a warm and pleasant spot to sleep in the house or while traveling to help pets feel less anxious.

Snuggle Puppy Review: Snuggle Puppy Blanket Review
Image:Original Snuggle Puppy

The Snuggle Blanket is constructed of machine washable double-sided fleece that is designed to collect and hold pet hair. You can choose between three cute colors for your beloved pets, White, Pink, and Blue. Keep your pet warm with Snuggle Blanket!


  • The high-density fleece of 300 grams lasts wash after wash.
  • Maintains your pet’s calm at home or on the road. With familiar odors and texture, it makes any space comfortable and pleasant.
  • Washing machine safe.
  • Any dog, big or tiny, will fit in the large 48″ x 30″ dimension.

Snuggle Puppy Dog Toy Review

Snuggle Puppy is a terrific toy for giving your dog a snuggling buddy, yet it cannot be chewed. If Snuggle Puppy gets chewed, it may be ruined, which is not an option if your dog is an active man. With that in mind, the brand also provides a selection of robust and adorable dog toys that can be used to accompany your beloved dogs.

Snuggle Puppy dog toys will become your dog’s favorite toys for years to come. If you are indecisive about which toys to buy, why don’t you check the Buzzy Space Pup dog toy?

Buzzy, the blue Space Pup, has arrived! Teder-tuffs Buzzy Space Pup is an interactive dog toy that is ideal for a retrieve or tug activity. Tender-tuffs dog toys are for pet parents who desire a plush squeaky dog toy that will last more than a day for their dog. Tender tuffs are made using TearBlok Technology and are soft, robust, and long-lasting.

This squeaky dog toy from Snuggle Puppy is made to endure, with a puncture-resistant squeaker that will keep your pet entertained for hours. TearBlok Technology is used to create this charming play toy, which allows your dog to play longer. This durable dog toy is the ideal size and shapes for all dogs. If you buy Buzzy, he’ll bring your dog to the space!

Snuggle Puppy Treats Review

Snuggle Puppy has expanded their product line beyond toys to include pet treats. This brand has teamed up with Einstein Pets and Remy’s Kitchen to provide you with the best snacks available. Einstein Pets specializes in all-natural, organic products made in small batches that your dog will like.

Remy’s Kitchen offers single-ingredient beef or turkey, as well as a very healthy beef medley rich in protein, vitamins, and fatty acids that are suitable for dogs and cats. All of these treats are prepared using human-grade ingredients and are sourced and manufactured in the United States. You’ve been requesting treats, and your pet will go crazy for them.

The PB’N Jelly Time Dog Treats are a good choice for your first purchase. Snuggle Puppy with Einstein Pet Treats is a delicious treat for your pet. These treats are 100 percent natural and prepared with only human-grade ingredients like protein-rich peanut butter, blueberry, and heart-healthy oatmeal, so your dog will enjoy them.


  • Original Recipes in Small Batches
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Made and sourced in the United States.
  • Low-Calorie Dessert
  • Free of wheat, corn, and soy.
  • Chia Seed is included as a superfood.
  • There are no chemicals, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, colors, fillers, or preservatives in this product.

Ingredients: Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Blueberries, Chia Seed.

Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit Review

First and foremost, congratulations on your new puppy if you are a new dog owner! Snuggle Puppy then supplies you with a beginning package to help you with the chore of introducing the puppy to your house.

Snuggle Puppy Review: Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit Review
Image:Original Snuggle Puppy

Make the transfer to your new home as easy as possible with these essential puppy items. All of them are intended to calm your new animal family member and provide comfort. You and your dog will no longer have to endure restless nights.

Snuggle Puppy‘s beginning set includes four major items: Snuggle Puppy, Puppy Teething Aid, Snuggle Blanket, and a Dog Toy. When opposed to purchasing each item separately, this beginning kit may help you save a lot of money. The things in the Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit will benefit your dog in some way.

Snuggle Puppy includes a Real-Feel Heartbeat that is modeled after your puppy’s mother and littermates. This makes it easier for your dog to sleep through the night without screaming or barking.

Puppy Teething Aid lessens teething pain in puppies. The melting ice numbs and soothes inflamed gums while massaging fingers and ridges satisfy your puppy’s need to chew. Simply add water and place in the freezer.

The Snuggle Blanket is constructed of high-density fleece. This extra-soft fabric keeps you warm and peaceful while trapping and keeping losing hair. Washing machine safe.

Puppy’s First Toy is made to keep your puppy happy and interested so they don’t destroy your beloved pair of shoes. Made of puppy-friendly fabric and rubber.

Included in the Kit

  • 1 Biscuit Color Original Snuggle Puppy
  • 1 Real-Feel Heartbeat (batteries included)
  • 3 disposable heat packs
  • 1 high density, super soft fleece blanket. Large 48″x30″ size. (You pick the color!).
  • 1 Puppy Teething Aid. Fill with water and freeze to help soothe irritated gums.
  • 1 Puppy’s First Toy. Easy to carry and chew – specially designed for playful puppies.

Snuggle Puppy Shipping Info

Check out this Snuggle Puppy shipping information to make sure you receive your things as soon as possible. Snuggle Puppy goods are delivered straight from the company’s Florida warehouse. If it’s listed on the Snuggle Puppy website, it’s in stock and ready to ship right away.

All products bought before 2:00 pm EST Monday through Friday will be sent the same day. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. EST on Friday and during the weekend will be delivered on Monday. Depending on the product and region, Snuggle Puppy ships by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. If you need a certain delivery method, please contact Snuggle Puppy customer service.

Estimated Shipping Fee and Time

  • Purchases over $50 – FREE Standard Ground Shipping

  • Standard Ground Shipping under $50 – $6.95

  • Expedited Shipping (2-3 Days) – $14.90

  • Express Shipping (1-2 Day) – $29.90

Snuggle Puppy ships all packages with tracking information. When the delivery arrives at the Snuggle Puppy warehouse, you’ll get an email with tracking information. Please give the tracking 24 hours to update. Standard shipping takes at least 5 business days, however, it is generally sent faster.

Snuggle Puppy Return Policy

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the items you bought from Snuggle Puppy, you may return them. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return products bought directly from Snuggle Puppy. The items must be new, unopened, and in their original packing. To begin your return, you must first contact Snuggle Puppy customer service.

It’s rare, but if you have a problem with a broken or faulty item, or if you get the incorrect item, you may call Snuggle Puppy and they’ll take care of it right away. Please note that, unless there is a company mistake, the client is liable for return postage. Original shipping expenses are not refunded by Snuggle Puppy. Gift cards are also not returnable at Snuggle Puppy.

Once Snuggle Puppy receives and inspects the returned item, refunds are provided to the original mode of payment. When a refund is given, the firm will send you an email. The amount may take several days to appear on your bank or credit card bill. For the exchange option, once the initial product is received by the Snuggle Puppy warehouse, exchanges will be sent to the original delivery location.

If you bought anything from other retailers, you’ll have to contact the original merchant to handle any returns. They will be in the greatest position to assist since they have their own style of dealing with these issues.

Snuggle Puppy Contact

If you run into any issues or have any concerns about Snuggle Puppy, you may contact customer service for assistance. Fill out the form on this page to submit your concern, and Snuggle Puppy customer service will respond as soon as possible. If you want immediate help, please call Snuggle Puppy customer service at the addresses listed below.

  • Telephone: +1 (800) 463-4107
  • Email: 
  • Instagram: @originalsnugglepuppy
  • Office: 41180 Vincenti Court, Novi MI 48375

Where to buy Snuggle Puppy?

Snuggle Puppy is the finest gift you can offer your pets. In addition to evaluating the brand, this review includes information on where to purchase Snuggle Puppy items. Snuggle Puppy goods are available from a variety of retailers, including Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, Amazon, and even Walmart.

If you buy Snuggle Puppy from the official website, you may be eligible for discounts and special offers, so be sure that you buy Snuggle Puppy products from there.

Snuggle Puppy Promo Codes & Coupons

This review will also show you how to save money while purchasing Snuggle Puppy items. To begin, if you spend $50 on Snuggle Puppy items, you will get free shipping. Then, if you want to show off your pet’s sweetness while getting free stuff, enter the Snuggle Puppy video contest here.

Simply record your pet playing with Snuggle Puppy toys, and the video with the most adorable pet will win a $100 gift card. Finally, you may obtain numerous discounts by using the coupon codes provided in this review below.

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Snuggle Puppy Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Snuggle Puppy. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How does Snuggle Puppy work?

Snuggle Puppy works by replicating your puppy’s feeling of security when laying on their mother with their littermates. If you’ve ever seen a litter of puppies napping or resting together, you know how serene they seem. The Real-feel throbbing pulse and heat pack in the Snuggle Puppy replicate the noises and feelings they perceive.

How should I use Snuggle Puppy?

Keep in mind that Snuggle Puppy is not a toy. It is an answer for you and a buddy for your pet. You may choose to devote some time to introduce the Snuggle Puppy to your dog in order to facilitate their bonding. If your pet is chewing on the Snuggle Puppy, just remove it for an hour or two and place it out of reach before reintroducing it. They will recognize the difference and connect rapidly.

What should I do if my dog chews?

Snuggle Puppy is not intended to be chewed on. When your dog is initially exposed to Snuggle Puppy, keep a tight eye on him. Please remove Snuggle Puppy away from your dog if you see them nibbling on it or attempting to open the Velcro pouch in the tummy. Remove the heat pack and heartbeat from Snuggle Puppy and reintroduce it to your dog without them. Continue doing this until your puppy understands that if they attempt to chew on Snuggle Puppy, their companion will be taken away. If your pet ingests the contents of the heat pack by mistake, contact your veterinarian right once.

Is Snuggle Puppy easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning Snuggle Puppy is simple. Your Snuggle Puppy may be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with light detergent. Snuggle Puppy should also be air dried. Fabric softener should not be used since it will deteriorate the Velcro. Before washing, remember to remove the heartbeat and heat pack!

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Snuggle Puppy Expert Reviews

It is remarkable that the Snuggle Puppy proved successful in calming down some of our most aggressive and nervous dogs to the point that they were able to sleep quietly in their crates without making a sound. The heartbeat and heating packs give your anxious dog the impression that he is snuggling up with another dog, which is honestly the cutest thing. However, this only works if your dog is willing to cuddle with the pack rather than just wrestle with it; however, at this price point, it is worth a shot to give it a try! Aside from that, there is truly nothing nicer than having your puppy carry his favorite toy with him everywhere he goes, particularly when it is a toy that has so many advantages for both the dog and the owner.

The Dodo
Full Review
Snuggle Puppy Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Original Snuggle Puppy@fb

What followed was nothing short of miraculous. Mordechai absolutely clung to his Snuggle Puppy right away. The man began forcefully flinging his doppelgänger about, but guess what? Fine. Anything for a few minutes of peace and quiet. We nestled him into his kennel later that night and primed the Snuggle Puppy’s internal ticker. This one was blissfully, gloriously quiet after many nights of melancholy howling from his kennel. Dr. Mordechai Pepperoni was over heels for his Snuggle Puppy.

Input Mag
Full Review

The cuddle puppy is the perfect toy for your dog when you need to leave him alone for an extended period of time; yet, this pup anxiety toy does more than just soothe your dog. Your canine won’t be able to tell the difference since the product has a beating checked heartbeat incorporated into the body to mimic that of a human. The main purpose of this plush toy is to mimic human characteristics. In a model, the pulse acts as a warming pack, providing warmth as well as necessary hugs.

Full Review

Snuggle Puppy is helpful for elderly dogs, as we learnt in this article. It has shown to be a soothing companion for dogs suffering from separation anxiety, travel anxiety, loss, or the addition of a new family member, as well as assisting rescue dogs in adjusting to their new environment. It may take a few efforts to get your older dog to connect with Snuggle Puppy if he doesn’t attach straight away. You may need to remove the heat pack and heartbeat and reintroduce it without them on occasion. Every dog is different, and although Snuggle Puppy may work well for your dog, it may not be as effective for other dogs. However, I believe it is worthwhile to give it a go.

First Time Dog Mom
Full Review

Conclusion of Snuggle Puppy Reviews & Ratings

When it comes to how lovely and practical Snuggle Puppy is, this review is not overstated. Snuggle Puppy items will undoubtedly become your dog’s new best buddy. You could even be envious of your dog’s love for Snuggle Puppy.

Snuggle Puppy Review: Conclusion
Image:Original Snuggle Puppy@fb

Thank you for taking the time to read our Snuggle Puppy review; we hope you will consider purchasing Snuggle Puppy items. Have a good time with your dogs!


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