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About Smoke Cartel

This Smoke Cartel review will greatly assist everyone who smokes or takes cannabis in finding high-quality pipes and bongs. When it comes to cannabis pipes, bongs, and accessories, there are nearly as many alternatives as there are strains to use them with. There are many different stores for you to choose from if you are interested in purchasing a new accessory at this time.

Smoke Cartel Review: About
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A wide variety of high-end retailers with websites can deliver their wares to your home in a couple of days or less. Only one company, Smoke Cartel, is worthy of your confidence when looking for the widest variety of items available at the lowest possible costs, with lightning-fast delivery and excellent customer support.

Smoke Cartel is an online headshop that offers the best smoking accessories. The Smoke Cartel smoking gear collection mixes various smoking gadgets to appeal to stoners’ distinct smoking patterns and tastes.

In this Smoke Cartel review, you’ll learn about the story of this fantastic business and some of its greatest items. In this review, you may also discover some discounts. As previously said, this Smoke Cartel review is written for smokers and tokers like you.

Overview of Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel was created in 2013 in Savannah, Georgia. They opened the business with three primary objectives: excellent service, great products, and great people. Smoke Cartel’s business tactics and product choices exemplify this ethos; you’ll discover pot accessories, bongs, pipes, and vapes from world-renowned companies as well as smaller-scale local craftsmen, all under one roof – all at highly inexpensive costs. That’s where you come in with the “good folks”!

Smoke Cartel began as a necessity, as do many excellent enterprises. The brand’s founders were seeking cannabis accessories online and had problems locating a pipe store that provided everything they needed at a reasonable price. Whatever they discovered would take weeks to come from abroad.

The creators, following in the footsteps of Outstanding American Entrepreneurship, took things into their own hands and founded Smoke Cartel, promising to bring excellent cannabis goods and accessories to American clients swiftly. Then, this brand finally exceeded their expectations.

Smoke Cartel Reviews

Smoke Cartel offers everything, no matter what you’re searching for; dab rigs, nails and bangers, bongs, rolling trays, joint sheets, and so much more are all available. Don’t worry, all of the products are distinctive and attractive, with a variety of colors, sizes, and themes.

If you like to smoke from a bong, Smoke Cartel offers a large range of distinctive and contemporary bongs to choose from. Choose from a broad range of colors and designs in beaker bongs, silicone bongs, straight tubes, small bongs, and extra-thick bongs. The possibilities are endless, and there is certain to be something that strikes your attention.

This online headshop is usually running special offers. Staying up to speed on their promotions or specials, as well as their newest accessories and products, is always worthwhile. Explore and appreciate Smoke Cartel’s extensive range of high-quality stoner equipment and accessories, regardless of where you are in your cannabis journey.

Smoker Cartel Beaker Bong Review

Smoke Cartel has long been regarded as the top bong headshop on the internet. Breaker bongs are among the most popular bong types on the Smoke Cartel website. Beaker bongs are traditional water pipes with a broad bottom that provides more stability and a smoother burn. In addition, bongs in the beaker shape are more durable than those in the straight tube type, making them less likely to be pushed off the tabletop by the cat.

Smoke Cartel Review: Smoker Cartel Beaker Bong Review
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Percs have lots of area in beaker bongs so that you may add more filtering to your smoking experience. Because some kinds of percs won’t fit inside a straight tube water pipe, the beaker’s large base is crucial if you’re keen on utilizing certain perc. Because there is greater surface space to deal with, beaker bongs have more diversity and ingenuity in their designs.

Oh, some designs feature a lip, a ring, or a slightly flared base to strengthen the piece’s stability. If you’re seeking a unique piece of glass, one with a beaker bottom is likely to be found.

Smoke Cartel customers always prefer beaker bongs and water pipes. In the Smoke Cartel collections, you’ll find simple beaker bongs, sophisticated ones with percs already installed, and even recyclers. If you want to get a high-quality beaker bong, it is recommended to go with LA Pipes Beaker Bong.

The LA Pipes Beaker Bong comes in 12″ and 14″. It has 4.5mm thick durable transparent boro glass, a replaceable 18-to-14mm diffuser down stem with recessed 18mm F ground joint, a single or double showerhead perc for maximum diffusion, and a tall straight neck mouthpiece, and a broad flask base. A glass funnel herb slide with a handle is also provided.

What’s more, the neck is adorned with a permanent LA Pipes logo and symbol. In addition, this beaker bong comes with a heavy wall of 38mm diameter.

Smoke Cartel Vaporizers Review

Smoke Cartel now offers vaporizers in addition to bongs as they are one of the most recent and exciting advancements in the smoking business. Vaporizers heat your preferred dry herb, dabs (waxes & oil – see dab pens), and other smoking materials to the perfect temperature for a smooth inhalation.

A vape’s mechanics are designed to heat your herbs or concentrates just enough for you to experience the benefits and tastes without actually combusting them. Because combustion releases carcinogens and other pollutants harmful to users and others around them, vaporizers have grown in favor of a safer alternative. Smoke Cartel offers various models of vaporizers with various heating components; choose the one that complements your style.

Check out Ooze’s ultra-compact Slim Twist PRO vape if you want to enjoy your concentrates discreetly. The thin design of this vape pen instantly sticks out, making it simple to hide in your hand and carry in your pocket. It is powered by a 320 MAH battery with voltage choices ranging from 3.3 to 4.8 V.

The smart shutoff saves battery life, and the 15-second pre-heat feature speeds up and simplifies sessions. This Slim Twist PRO package includes everything you’ll need to get started with oils and waxes right now. Three twin quartz coil atomizers, a 510 threaded USB charger, and a dab tool are included.

Smoke Cartel Pipes Review

Smoke Cartel has a beautiful selection of glass pipes, hand pipes, and spoons for your smoking enjoyment. You can match the pipes with your paw, from simple models to complex patterns. But, of course, the traditional, old-school smoking instrument used by your parents and grandparents is the hand pipe. Smoke Cartel borosilicate glass pipes, often known as “bowls,” are ideal for all types of smokers. Glass hand pipes often provide dry smoke, which means there is no water-based diffusion.

While some prefer bongs or dab rigs, hand pipes like spoons and Sherlocks are more portable and simple to travel with. To use your hand pipe to smoke dry herbs, tobacco, or any other legal substance, just put the material into the bowl chamber, light it with a flame, and smoke. Buy hand pipes from Smoke Cartel to have a handy smoking instrument in your life.

Try the Genius Pipe if you’re unsure which Smoke Cartel items to purchase. The Genius Pipe is one of the unique hand pipes currently available. This clever tiny pipe employs three essential elements to create nice hits by diffusing smoke with metal ridges.

The metal ridges are kept together by four powerful magnets in the corners of the two main components. These sections detach primarily for cleaning purposes, enabling the Genius Pipe to be easily cleaned by soaking it in alcohol and warm water.

The third component is the metal slide on the front of the piece, which is used to uncover the mesh bowl. The bowl is lighted via the slide’s cutout design, and the flame may be instantly extinguished by sliding it down. This pipe is ideal for the smoker who enjoys keeping up with the newest technology, the discreet smoker searching for a pipe that fits neatly into any bag or pocket, and the on-the-go smoker in need of a portable pipe that delivers cold hits.

Smoke Cartel CBD Review

CBD (cannabidiol) has grown in popularity as a hemp/cannabis plant product (cannabis). To put it another way, when you smoke marijuana, you are experiencing the impacts of two major cannabinoids. First, THC is the psychoactive component that causes you to feel “high.”

CBD is the more subtle and physiological component, with the ability to relieve pain and anxiety, among other things. Cannabis is forbidden on the federal level because of THC. CBD, on the other hand, is legal in every single state. So if you’re looking for CBD products, Smoke Cartel has you covered.

Sleeping. Apart from being awake, it’s the only stuff to do. However, for some, one is far easier than the other. Many people use CBD to aid their sleep. CBD can be used to help people sleep better and feel less anxious. If you have trouble sleeping, consider purchasing CBD products from Smoke Cartel. The “Night Crawler” Nighttime Gummies are one of the greatest products for improving your sleep.

The lovely symphony of cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and CBG is here to sing you a lullaby from Charleston Hemp Collective, one of the most refined and renowned names in the hemp market. Their newest product, the “Nighttime Crawler” Nighttime Gummies, may help you sleep better. This ratio of cannabinoids, which comes in a 10 or 30 count and contains 10mg CBD, 5mg CBN, and 5mg CBG, could just be your ticket to a sleepy town.

Smoke Cartel Subscription Box Review

Smoke Cartel not only has the right equipment and accessories for you, but they also offer great gift ideas for that special stoner in your life. To assist you to narrow down your search, they provide a whole section devoted to presents, divided into two categories. Purchase one of several different subscription boxes for the most committed stoner in your life if you want to go the additional mile. Alternatively, get one for yourself as a special treat or gift.

Smoke Cartel Review: Smoke Cartel Subscription Box Review
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The Recruit, the Cartel, the Executive, and the Boss boxes are among the subscription boxes available. Each package is tailored to a certain sort of stoner. The Recruit Box, for example, is ideal for newcomers seeking the ideal startup bundle. It contains ranging from four to six fantastic goods and is jam-packed with smoking needs. This is the way to go if you want to treat anyone in your life who is inexperienced with smoking.

Perhaps you’re a seasoned, enthusiastic cannabis lover seeking a subscription box that will fulfill your demands and complement your own style. The Executive or possibly the Boss Box would be excellent choices. The Executive Box is ideal for cannabis enthusiasts since it contains seven to ten high-quality items.

Smoke Cartel Shipping Information

You may be curious about how Smoke Cartel delivers your purchases to your door. To guarantee that your shipment arrives securely, you should read this shipping information section. All shipments from Smoke Cartel are sent through USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Through these carriers, Smoke Cartel offers a choice of delivery speeds.

Oh, once the product is picked up by the shipping company, tracking labels are sent to you. You won’t get an email with a tracking number until your product has been processed, wrapped, and labeled for postal service pickup. On this page, you may track your order.

Smoke Cartel provides free domestic shipping and inexpensive international shipping on all orders. International First Class shipping prices begin at $19.95, while International Priority Mail starts at $29.95. Smoke Cartel ships anywhere in the United States and to a number of overseas regions, including Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

Once your purchase has been placed, the Smoke Cartel delivery crew works diligently to package and transport it. The vast majority of purchases made before 10 am are sent the same day. However, sometimes unanticipated delays may occur, and processing times might take up to two days. In rare circumstances including holidays or special promotions, processing times may extend to two to three days.

Rest assured that the extended processing time is merely due to the fact that the shippers need a little more time to thoroughly handle each purchase. On holidays and other occasions when postal services are closed, orders are not packed. Shipping estimates are not a guarantee of when a product will arrive.

Smoke Cartel Return Policy

If your item is damaged or you feel it may be faulty, please do not return it immediately. Instead, please contact customer service as soon as possible, and they will help you with your problems. Smoke Cartel accepts returns on unused items and equipment in their original, undamaged packaging for up to 30 days after the purchase.

Smoke Cartel cannot accept returns for orders sent outside of the United States. International purchases are non-refundable.

First, log in to your Smoke Cartel account to make a return request. Then submit your return request by following the procedures below.

  1. Verify your email address through the Smoke Cartel Return Portal.
  2. Choose which order you’d want to return. Please remember that only purchases purchased within the previous 30 days are eligible for return.
  3. Choose the item(s) you want to return. If you bought more than one of the same items, update the return quantity to reflect how many you’ll be returning.
  4. Review your return for correctness before submitting your refund request. You’ll get your mailing label and a gift card for the amount of your return, less return shipping costs, right away.
  5. Download and print your shipping label, put your things in the original packing materials and box, fasten the mailing label to the box, and drop it off at your local post office.
  6. Use the gift card code to begin looking for a substitute right away! Gift cards are accepted at stores much like cash. They may be combined with discount coupons, used for any Smoke Cartel transaction, and never expire! Start shopping immediately, and Smoke Cartel will send your item as soon as your return arrives at the warehouse.

Smoke Cartel Contact

On their website, Smoke Cartel offers a broad range of items. It’s possible that you’re bewildered and have questions about their merchandise. You may obtain immediate answers to your concerns by contacting their customer care.

Smoke Cartel Review: Smoke Cartel Contact
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Fill out the form on this page to send your question. You may also contact Smoke Cartel customer care directly at the addresses listed below.

Where to buy Smoke Cartel?

Finding out from this review that Smoke Cartel has a wide range of smoking and weed products, you may want to buy one for yourself. If those smoking and marijuana goods pique your curiosity, you can get them right now from the Smoke Cartel official website.

Smoke Cartel Review: Where to buy?
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And, if you’re looking for a bargain, Smoke Cartel’s official website has a variety of discounts to help you save money.

Smoke Cartel Promo Codes & Coupons

This brand offers a variety of specials on its main website, as stated before in this review. One of them is that every order over $300 at Smoke Cartel qualifies for FREE SHIPPING. Smoke Cartel also provides limited-time discounts for various items on their official website. You may also enjoy a 5% discount by signing up for their newsletter.

If you want to acquire more, consider joining the Smoke Cartel Rewards program, which allows you to earn points when buying Smoke Cartel items. These points may be redeemed for a variety of deals and merchandise. Finally, utilize the promo codes listed below to save even more money!

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Find promo codes and coupons for Smoke Cartel in other countries

Smoke Cartel Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Smoke Cartel. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is Smoke Cartel legit?

Smoke Cartel is a brand that stands out above the rest, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Glass Award and being featured on high-profile sites like Forbes and Weedmaps. Smoke Cartel is, thus, a legitimate brand. Smoke Cartel offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis and smoking items at a reasonable price.

Is Smoke Cartel discreet?

Smoke Cartel understands the importance of privacy and discretion to customers. Smoke Cartel will package everything in simple cardboard cartons, with no markings on glass pipes or smokeware. Smoke Cartel is not mentioned on the shipping labels, and the company will keep the shipments concealed. Smoke Cartel goods are thus sent to you in regular shipping boxes (Either a plain brown box or a USPS priority mail box). Smoke Cartel goods are delivered discreetly, with no reference of the “Smoke Cartel” on the outside. Your payment card bill, however, will show “”

Is Smoke Cartel safe?

Smoke Cartel is committed to preventing fraud. Any sales to anybody under the age of 21 are strictly prohibited by the Smoke Cartel. Smoke Cartel, in reality, employs a team of experts that aggressively search for and block purchases to minors or those who use a counterfeit card. Orders made by minors will be promptly canceled and charged a $10.00 restocking fee. This implies that if the algorithm flags an order as questionable, a Smoke Cartel professional will contact the consumer to confirm their identity and age.

What should I do if there is something missing from my package?

If you discover anything is missing from your purchase, just contact Smoke Cartel with the details, and Smoke Cartel will review the order photographs and videos for any discrepancies. If the photographs or video reveal that Smoke Cartel committed a mistake, you will soon get a new package from them.

Ask a question?

Smoke Cartel Expert Reviews

A portion of the pleasure of smoking cannabis is derived from the distinct equipment and accessories available. You may acquire smoking accessories that express your individuality and stoner lifestyle. With Smoke Cartel’s sherlock pipes, you may flex on friends with magnificent, creative pieces of glass or show off your sophisticated nature. Smoke Cartel can help you show off your distinctive style and release your inner stoner, whatever it is you’re searching for.

Full Review

I’ve shopped at several of the finest online cannabis accessory companies, including Grasscity, Smoke Cartel, Dankstop, Daily High Club, and many more, and Smoke Cartel is the one I constantly return to. That’s because I trust them to supply high-quality items and deliver them to my house swiftly, safely, and discreetly.

Free delivery for orders over $300 and frequent discounts also help. Bongs and water pipes, as most cannabis fans know, may be quite delicate, and having them handled by the postal service increases the danger of getting a broken, or at the very least chipped, product. Smoke Cartel takes pride in carefully packaging items; everything I’ve gotten from them has arrived undamaged and ready to use.

American Marijuana
Full Review

Smoke Cartel sells items from a range of categories and brands, whether you need an electric cannabis grinder, a silicone bong, or a very unique stash box. Quality does not come cheap, and quality does not come cheap.

However, the greatest cannabis accessories may be quite expensive. You can trust Smoke Cartel’s pricing to be well-researched and always at fair market value. Smoke Cartel’s price-matching policy ensures it: if you discover a product cheaper elsewhere, they’ll match it to the penny.

Big Daddy Smoke
Full Review

Smoke Cartel is one of the top online glass shops since it offers all of this while also providing some of the greatest online discounts! They always have flash sales with ridiculously low pricing on high-quality glass. They also offer one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases—if there’s anything you need to know that isn’t already covered on THCoverdose, you can find it there.

What I like most about Smoke Cartel is the ability to create a unique bong instrument. You get to pick the base, percs, and any other accessories for your bong. If you’re looking for a bong, Smoke Cartel is the ideal place to go since they sell bongs online.

The Cover Dose
Full Review

Conclusion of Smoke Cartel Reviews & Ratings

If you want to buy multiple smoking and marijuana items, Smoke Cartel is the place to go. At this brand, you can buy Bongs, Vaporizers, Glass Pipes, and even CBDs. Smoke Cartel’s varied discounts make it tough to discover a better marketplace to purchase marijuana items.

Smoke Cartel Review: Conclusion
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Thank you for taking the time to read our Smoke Cartel review. If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, you should also check out our Galaxy Treats CBD review.


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