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About SheBird

A brassiere, often known as a bra, is a necessary item of underwear for women. Its only purpose is to provide the bust with sufficient support, coverage, and lift. The majority of bras include an underwire to provide support.

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Underwire bras, on the other hand, may cause anything from skin discomfort to obstructed milk ducts. The wire itself is a source of discomfort. If you are in need of alternatives from underwire bras, you can check out on SheBird fashion brand.

SheBird is a 100% female-owned fashion business that creates innovation on apparel basics for women, by women. SheBird believes that by redefining how women dress, they can transform the world one wardrobe at a time.

In this SheBird review, you will get to know more about the fantastic side of this fashion brand company. This review also provides you insight about SheBird products, size charts, and even some discounts and offers that you can get. This review will introduce you to the best innovation for women’s apparels named, SheBird.

Overview of SheBird

SheBird is a fashion brand that creates goods that provide delight to women all over the world, every day, by redefining the way they dress. It started with SheLove Bras.

The SheLove Built-in Bras are composed of superior performance materials that shape, lift, and support your breast while smoothing your back and sides for a sleek look with no bumps, bra straps, or hardware. Wire-free layers of bliss are entirely interwoven into all of SheBird shirts, dresses, and sleepwear. SheBird’s SheLove Built-in Bras are just what you’ve been looking for.

Sheila Attari, the company’s creator, came up with the concept for Shebird after years of battle with bras. As she stood in her closet one day, she realized there has to be a better way to get ready.

She envisioned and considered how she would perceive the world without bras. A magnificent liberated future where women’s garments are required to do the function of their bra. Sheila Attari caved into intense consideration after two years and began development, launching SheBird in 2019.

SheBird Reviews

Shebird has aided ladies in achieving comfort via their items. Their items are divided into categories and collections, such as tops, dresses, loungewear, and joggers. Each of these categories has sub-categories, such as the Freedom Tank, a wire-free bra layer that fits like a second skin.

SheBird Reviews

It smoothes your upper back and sides, lifts and contours your breast, and is unbelievably comfortable for all-day wear. This tunic dress is jet black and has a fantastic built-in bra, a modest A-line design, and side slit pockets. It reaches just above the knee. To conclude, SheBird products line up are all made to help women achieve maximum comfort.

SheBird Bra

SheBird is on a mission to liberate women from the confines of their bras. SheLove Built-in Bras, which smooth, lift, and shape all day without the need of underwires, are among the brand’s elegant wardrobe necessities. SheBird will carry you wherever every day.

Because there is no underwire, no hardware, and no separate straps, the Original SheLove Built-in Bras will keep you comfy all day. Bonded seams give the SheLove bra a sleek, smooth, and comfortable fit. SheLove’s curved construction forms lift and divide your breast.

This bra also has detachable cups that may be used for shape and privacy. This bra’s mesh center panel keeps you cool so you can be comfortable even while traveling on hot days. Bra band bulges and digging are eliminated with the back smoothing panel.

If you want to get more freedom with your bras, you can also check The Barely There SheLove built-in Bra. This lightweight mesh bra has a soft elastic band that gently embraces you to provide just the perfect amount of support. The Barely There SheLove bra is perfect to use either for streetwear or for sleeping.

Don’t worry about your size; SheBird apparel is based on your bra size and is made to fit your curves. Currently, the SheBird collection caters to breast sizes ranging from 32A to 40DD/42D. Your bra will have an incredible extremely soft support.

SheBird’s SheLove bra is comprised of superfine power mesh, which offers support, stability, and ventilation in the bra layer. SheBird’s buttery soft high-recovery nylon/lycra jersey molds and holds the bust without pinching or over compression.

SheLove’s compact knit modal fabric is the ideal weight for year-round pieces. It has a smooth shiny sheen, never clings, resists creases, is breathable, and drapes wonderfully. To conclude this review, SheLove bra from SheBird is the ideal traveling companion.

SheBird Short

SheBird does not want to stop inventing, despite the fact that their SheLove bra is an excellent innovation. SheBird’s solution wear now includes bottoms. The SheLove built-in shorts from SheBird have a layer of nylon jersey that gently smooths, molds, and avoids chaffing.

SheBird Review: SheBird Short

Because this underlayer is so light and functions so well, you’ll never feel bulky or see panty lines (VPL). This short blends in well with the SheBird Girlfriend Skirt collection. If you are an active or athletic woman, don’t worry since the short is constructed of moisture-wicking fabric.

This short can keep you dry if you are sweating, so just go do your activities without any worries. This wonderful short also has a sheer layer of comfort and modesty added to it!

Shebird Freedom Tank Review

Effortlessly fashionable. Unbelievably flexible. From the mattress time to the desktop time to the date-time. SheBird’s most popular and best-selling product, Freedom Racerback Tank, may be used to lounge, live, stroll, hike, ride, or work. With the Fly Free Built-in Bra – a wire-free bra layer that fits like a second skin — the Freedom Racerback tank makes doing any activities felt so effortless.

It smoothes your upper back and sides, lifts and contours your breast, and is unbelievably comfortable for all-day wear. Even some people noted that the SheBird Freedom Racerback Tank is also comfortable to sleep in.

SheBird buttery-soft modal jersey, a featherweight and non-clinging knitted fabric that gives a faultless finish, is used for the outer tee layer. The modal is made from responsibly harvested beech trees. With just enough booty coverage, the Freedom Racerback Tank offers a sleek silhouette.

A half-tuck in jeans or a side knot in a skirt or shorts are other options. Moreover, you can choose various colors for this tank too. Removable pads are included for nipple covering or extra shaping.

Shebird Tunic Tank Dress Review

SheBird Tunic Tank Dress may be worn alone or as a base layer over leggings and under sweaters and jackets throughout the year. The Shebird one-and-done racerback dress has a subtle A-line shape with side slit pockets, as well as SheBird wonderful built-in bra.

Above the knee is where this tunic dress hits the hardest. The design is based on the best-selling Freedom Tank from SheBird. This dress won’t cling since it’s made of SheBird special buttery-soft modal jersey. You can choose between three elegant colors, Jet Black, Navy, and Mineral Red.

All Shebird dresses, as you may know, have their trademark wire-free built-in support. Contour Bonded Support technology smoothes your back while shaping your contours and lifting your bust. The tank shell from the dress itself is comprised of a luxuriously soft modal fabric obtained from sustainable beech trees. Both the dress and the bra are so comfy that you’ll want to wear them all the time.

People also liked that the SheBird Tunic Tank Dress is easy to care for. You just need to wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. For optimum results, hang to dry. During the wash, bra pads may be taken out or left in. All in all, SheBird Tunic Tank Dress is a versatile fashion choice for work, travel, or even all-night party, as they are suitable for various occasions and you always feel comfortable wearing them.

SheBird Size Chart and Measuring Guide

SheBird’s goal is to make your life easier on a daily basis. SheBird wants to assist you in finding your ideal SheBird size and fit. You can start by looking at the SheBird sizing charts by style or SheBird master size chart. If you are still unsure about your size, you can also measure yourself by using the steps below.

SheBird Review: SheBird Size Chart and Measuring Guide

Finding Correct Bra Size

  1. First and foremost, take a complete measurement of your full bust. Measure the broadest region of your bust with your arms down at your sides (no push up or sports bras). Maintain a straight line between the tape and the floor.
  2. Then you’ll need to take a measurement of your under bust. You may do it by measuring beneath your bust against your ribs without a bra on.
  3. You may now determine your bra size based on your two measurements. To determine your size, you need to do subtraction. Your band is the measurement of your underbust, thus if your measurement is 36″, you have a 36″ band. The band size under the bust should be the one you are most comfortable with. If your measurement shows a 34″ band size, but you are comfortable with 36″, then go with a 36″ band.
  4. When you remove your full bust from your under bust, you get your cup size. For example, if you have a 40″ full bust and a 36″ underbust, your cup size is 4″. For the cup size measurement, A cup started with 1″, then you add 1″ more you will get a B cup, and so on. The difference in cup sizes is one inch, therefore if you have a 4″ cup, you are a D cup.

How to Measure Dresses and Bottoms

There are two extra measures that can assist you to decide your proper size if you are unsure what size bottom to get or if you want to verify the fit of the dress on your waist and hips.

  1. First and foremost, you must determine your waist size. Do a side bend and the crease of the bend is your waist, or measure around your natural waistline, the thinnest part of your waist.
  2. Then you’ll need to take a hip measurement. Measure around the broadest area of your butt/hips, keeping the tape parallel to the floor, while standing with your feet together.

Once you have your Bust, Underbust, Cup, Waist, and Hip measurements, compare them to the size chart above to see what SheBird size you should wear and how it corresponds to US Standard apparel sizes.

If you want to get more precise with your size, you can check SheBird size charts by style on this page. There, you will get measurements for each product category of SheBird, including SheBird Tops, Dresses, Pants & Shorts, Skirts, and even Layerings.

Not only that, but if you have any troubles with sizing for your SheBird purchases, you can contact SheBird customer service. You can also schedule a call with SheBird Fit Expert, Julie and Susie to get a better guide for your fitting. The fit expert will help you get the best fit and style for every occasion by answering your toughest fit questions.

SheBird Return Policy

SheBird‘s mission is to make ladies feel at ease and pleased. So, they have a return policy called a 30-day Fit Promise. In their return policy, you have 30 days to test out your new SheBird item, and if you don’t love it, they will give it to a woman in need and refund your money. SheBird offers free delivery and returns for every purchase.

SheBird would want to know why the item didn’t work out for you before returning it. This brand appreciates any input in order to enhance their goods. Please contact their customer care through email or phone, or include a note on the return form. SheBird will wash and give your clothing to girls and women in need after receiving it via their partnership with Operation Underground Railroad.

SheBird Shipping Policy

Currently, SheBird only ship around the US region only. But, you can contact their customer service if you want to order outside the US region and to know the additional shipping fee needed. If you are in the US region, they offer free shipping for all purchases over $135. You can also get free shipping by subscribing their mailing list.

Worry not about waiting for your orders, as they will always try to deliver your orders quickly. Orders ordered before 12 p.m. PST on weekdays will be sent the same day or the next business day. Orders ordered after 12 p.m. PST will be sent the next business day. SheBird does not ship on weekends or holidays.

SheBird Customer Service

This review may already tell you all about SheBird products and services, but it is possible that you may have questions to be asked. You may contact customer service at the address below for additional information about the company’s services, if you have any concerns, or if you want to file a complaint.

  • E-mail:
  • Phone or SMS: 844.222.1776 
  • Warehouse : 6138 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Where to buy SheBird?

You may be asking where you can get one of their bras or outfits after reading the review. SheBird dresses, bras, tunics, and other items are only offered on their own site at this moment. However, if you want to buy their items, don’t worry; they still offer some amazing bargains for you.

SheBird Promo Codes & Coupons

After reading the SheBird product review, you may question how to get the best deals on your purchase. A discount code is the greatest way to get bras and lingerie while saving your money. You can use MYCANCERCHIC code to get a 10% discount for your purchase on SheBird official website. The discount will be applied automatically at the time of purchase on the official website.

SheBird also offers free shipping if you subscribe to their mailing list. You can also get a $20 discount by referring SheBird to your friends, worry not, as your friends will also get a $20 discount. Lastly, you can join SheBird loyalty program named Me&She Club, where you can earn points for each of your purchases and trade the points with a variety of discounts during checkout.

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SheBird Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for SheBird. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

SheBird Review: Questions & Answers

How to maintain SheBird products?

Machine wash in cold water with like colors on the delicate/gentle cycle. Bleach or OxyClean should not be used. To dry, lay flat or hang. Clothing from SheBird should be handled carefully and not washed with heavy things like trousers or towels. Your garment’s life will be extended if you wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does SheBird offer sales promotions periodically?

Yes, SheBird has two annual sales: the Spring Sale and the Black Friday Sale. Because SheBird is a new firm, this information may change. For information on the promotions or sales, follow SheBird on Instagram or sign up for their email subscription list. Please keep in mind that the SheBird system only enables you to apply one promo code at a time at checkout, and promo coupons cannot be used on sale products.

If an item is on sale after I bought it, does SheBird do a price match?

Typically, SheBird does not provide price modifications after a transaction has been made.

Does SheBird willing to wholesale to other retailers?

Select retail accounts will be considered by SheBird. For additional information, contact SheBird customer support.

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SheBird Expert Reviews

SheBird’s beautiful little pajama set is as adorable as it is comfy. I’ve taken these items with me on vacations to sunny locales, and I’m completely smitten with the brand’s aesthetic and feel. SheBird is a personal favorite of mine since all of its tanks, dresses, and tops have built-in bras, which saves room in your baggage while also reducing back fat. This seductive tank is ideal for sleep, but it also looks great with jeans or leggings, or layered beneath a jacket.

Travel And Leisure
Full Review
SheBird Review: Expert Reviews

SheBird’s assortment of exceptionally soft shirts, tanks, and other wardrobe basics for all-day comfort. These shirts are considerably more polished than your ordinary tees, thanks to slinky, lightweight modal jersey fabric and delicate features like mesh edging. But there’s a secret behind the surface that makes them ideal for extended journeys. Built-in bras provide support without the need of skin-prickling hardware or bands, ensuring that these shirts remain comfortable even after a long flight.

Full Review

This is a shirt that I own and like! No more rummaging through my clean laundry pile (everyone has one, right?) for a sports bra and a T-shirt to wear to my exercises. I can simply throw this on and call it a day! A super-comfy two-in-one solution that’s appropriate for almost any activity or occasion.

Full Review

Take the Shebird 2-Piece Set: Freedom Tank & Tunic, which is the ideal tank and dress combination for any springtime event. These trendy garments not only come with built-in bras, but they are also constructed from renewable beech trees. The built-in bra is entirely incorporated into both the Freedom Tank and the Tunic Tank, allowing for quick on-and-off. The Tunic Tank not only has built-in bras, but it also includes pockets, silky luscious fabric that floats on your skin, and is suitable for every season, not just spring! As though you were wearing a bra, you’ll get the lift you desire, the support you need, and a sleek profile.

Daily Mom
Full Review

I have a few favorites from each brand, but there’s nothing at She Bird Shop that I don’t enjoy. Comfortable clothes with built-in elastic, supporting bras, like this lovely halter tank, and the brand’s distinctive airy tanks and tees, which can be worn alone or layered under jackets and blazers, are a must-have. She Bird Shop also offers a variety of attractive hues in a variety of styles, as well as a smooth profile from all angles.

Full Review

SheBird’s ‘Freedom Tank’ has been one of my favorites. Who wants to wear an underwire bra in the first place? I still want to feel comfortable while looking beautiful, therefore I’ve grown enamored with this business, which was started by three women (women creating products for women). They provide a variety of tops and dresses with built-in bras, so a woman may appear pretty while still feeling supported. Yes, it is correct!

Full Review

Conclusion of SheBird Reviews & Ratings

SheBird is a fantastic apparel brand incorporating cutting-edge technology to provide women with the most comfortable and supportive apparel possible. The SheLove built-in bra is a unique feature that provides a solution for any woman who does not like the unpleasant wire support of a traditional bra. Furthermore, this bra may be seen on practically all SheBird apparel on their official website. They are created just for you girls!

SheBird Review: Conclusion

Overall, SheBird is a wonderful women’s clothing brand from which you can purchase a variety of shirts, skirts, and shorts to suit your needs. Purchase one to experience the lovely and comfortable sensation that this brand provides. Thank you for taking the time to read our SheBird review; we hope you are able to choose the most appropriate outfits for your occasion. Any feedback on this review is appreciated.


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