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Shakti Mat Review 2023 → Does It Really Work?

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About Shakti Mat

Are you interested in acupressure? This is an excellent place to begin!

Shakti Mat Review: About Shakti Mat
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For your information, acupressure is a well-trusted and long-standing practice that comes from Eastern roots. Although acupressure is relatively new to the Western, it has been studied for over 2,000 years and is currently used by qualified practitioners all over the globe. In this review, we’ll introduce to you a magical mattress with produces an original acupressure mat to release your pain – Shakti Mat.

Shakti imitates the ancient method of acupressure in order to recreate the advantages and make acupressure more widely accessible. Please look through our honest Shakti Mat Review to get more information about the product, the benefits, the features, discount code, expert review, and so on. 

Overview Shakti Mat

Why are you so rushed? Before we go on to the following review, let’s have a look at the story behind Shakti Mat!

The idea of Shakti Mat is to give pleasure and beneficial change to everyone who comes to wear Shakti Mat, beginning with the individuals who produce them. All Shakti items are handcrafted in India using some methods that benefit their craftspeople and well-being. Your purchase supports people and traditions in India, helping families to grow better. Let’s meet the Shakti craftspeople – Team Varanasi & Team Delhi. 

The Home of Shakti Mat and base home production is located in the holy city of Varanasi. Shakti is produced by 72 women in an all-female purpose-made in the rural outskirts of the Varanasi city. Mostly, it is made by women due to the difficulties women have in getting jobs there.

In the Sanskrit language, the word Shakti refers to feminine empowerment that represents empowerment, abundance, and transformation. Shakti is the Goddess of Primal Energy in Hinduism. It is a sacred force or power that represents divine feminine strength and energy. It appears as physical nature on the outside and as soul or energy on the inside. Thus, the whole female production is in line with that idea. 

All of the women at the workplace are given a living salary, as well as sick and holiday time. They get daily meals and pooja, as well as free medical treatment and a medical emergency fund for themselves and their family. Shakti has started supporting private schools for eight of their workers’ daughters and will continue to do more. 

Shakti Mat wants to create a place where welfare and community prioritize over productivity, and where workers are motivated and treated as equals, despite caste in the Varanasi workplace. The space is growing as well as the renovations, they aim to have enough room for 200 women there shortly. 

Moving forward, since the production moved to Delhi, their goal was to develop a business strategy that responded to the specific demands of the craftspeople. It means making the family’s top priority, financial independence, and flexible working hours.  They have a long and personal connection with the craftspeople here, where they initially obtained the Shakti spikes.

As time goes by, Delhi has evolved to become the new engine center for Shakti production. Delhi production is a network of tiny family enterprises all contributing to the creation of The Shakti Mat, unlike the Gratitude Factory in Varanasi.

About Shakti Mat

Shakti Mat produces the original acupressure mat. It is applied as a wellness device that improves general health and vi­tality. Also, Shakti Mat is most typically used to promote deep sleep, good circulation, muscular relaxation, stress alleviation, relaxation, and overall vitality. All of the advantages are available through the concepts of acupressure, by using Shakti you can get the convenience of acupressure in your own home.

Shakti Mat Reviews: About Shakti Mat
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When you use Shakti Mat, hundreds of spikes push on your muscle skin. At first,  you’ll find this unpleasant experience and prickly. This will remain for a few minutes until a prickly feeling similar to deep heat comes as the region heats. The discomfort then decreases, muscles begin to relax, and tension begins to dissipate. This procedure may result in sensations of ecstasy and such profound relaxation that you may fall off to sleep.

Shakti Mat has different pain limits sensitivity. Adjusting to your Mat may take just a few minutes for some people, while it may take many hours for others. As your body learns to react more quickly to the pressure placed by the Mat, you will gradually overcome the initial pain.

Meanwhile, Shakti is made with cotton, spikes, and foam. Shakti is made of 100% organic cotton and non-toxic colors that have been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS accreditation is recognized as the world’s top organic textile processing standard, requiring compliance with stringent environmental requirements.

Each item is used hand-clipped with reusable ABS plastic. Of course, ABS plastic is very strong and impact-resistant, enabling Shakti spikes to retain their sharpness, strength, and efficacy even after years of regular usage. Also, polyurethane (PU) foam is used in each Shakti Mat case. This foam was selected for its quality, performance, and longevity. PU is also often used for bedding, offering softness and giving an exciting experience.

Shakti Mat Benefits Review

Shakti Mat was originally launched in 2007 but has grown in significance in recent years as a health and wellness tool. The pattern is inspired by Indian nail beds, which have been functioning as relaxing aids for over 5,000 years. Generally, you should remain on the mat for at least 20 minutes to receive the benefits.

You can use Shakti Mat to unlock decompression and deep relaxation, improve your quality of sleep, reset a restless mind, muscle tension recovery, reduce stress, soothe headaches, ease back and neck pain, and increased energy.

However, there have been several imitations since the production of Shakti Mat in 2007, only a few of them with the same ideals. Apart from the benefits, there are other things you need to consider when you buy Shakti Mat such as design, manufacture, charity, craft, and sustainability.

Shakti Mat is concerned about the effectiveness of acupressure mats defines by the quality of the materials. Definitely, the use of an acupressure mat has been shown to have little or no side effects. For this reason, Shakti Mats is designed to be longer, sharper, and more durable.  It makes a great result with a strong and effective acupressure experience. You may be certain that your Shakti Mat will endure for many years. 

Meanwhile, they think that everyone involved in the creation of The Shakti should be given significant and fulfilling work. That is why they provide a livable salary, an emergency medical fund, and investments in their children’s education to all Shakti’s employees in India. When you lay down on your mat, you can be certain that their wellness products are looking after more than just your personal health.

Moreover, well-being includes more than just ourselves, it also includes how the attention of Shakti people. As a result, Shakti distributes 10% of proceeds to humanitarian organizations. In Shakti Mat, your purchase brings to big effect. All the production of Shakti items uses local craftsmen to create each Shakti Mat since they believe in preserving tradition. This process begins with a piece of cotton and finishes with a product that is special to you.

Everyone has some responsibility for their environmental effect.  For this reason, they use organic certified cotton and dyes, and they’re dedicated to reducing their co2 emission by donating to Cool Earth. Have a relaxed knowing that Shakti products are non-toxic to both you and the environment. Feel good about your purchase.

In addition, Shakti Mat is available 3 colors with a different number of spikes, starting from Shakti Mat Light Intensity, Shakti Mat Original Intensity, and Shakti Mat Advanced Intensity. Shakti Mat also produces  Pillow as a perfect pillow for Shakti Mat. Stay with us, we’ll talk about it later in the next review below.

How to use Shakti Mat?

Shakti Mat is most often used on the neck, shoulders, back, and legs, but it might help your whole body. Simply add pressure to your body to feel a deep warming feeling that eases muscles, relaxes the body, and encourages natural repair. 

Shakti Mat Review: How to use Shakti Mat?
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The most common method to use Shakti Mat is to lie on your back for at least 20 minutes. Your mat may be placed in any place, but the most common is a bed. Soft materials allow making a contact between your mat and your lower back.

Use Shakti Mat in your bedtime daily routine to release muscular tension and prepares the body for a deeply comfortable sleep. Shakti Mat is 10cm longer than regular acupressure mats, allowing for complete back and neck treatment.

Meanwhile, Some people might be concerned about their physical stress and frustration in the back, neck, and shoulders for around 10 minutes. Thus, the shape of the Shakti Mat may be very beneficial in supporting relaxation. Use Shakti Pillow or roll up your Shakti Mat to gain more benefits.

Bringing the mat to the shoulders and neck relieves fatigued and strained muscles caused by bad position, exercise, and ordinary stress. The Shakti Mat includes clipped discs that enable the spikes to move and conform to the shape of your neck.

If you suffer from stomach aches, Shakti Mat may be the ideal tool for you. Simply lie face down on the bed or floor for around 5 or more minutes and apply your Mat to your belly. This will help you to relax and soothe while also providing focused relief.

However, Shakti Pillow is the ideal size for a ShaktiMat. When exploring new areas, put your Shakti Pillow over your mat to minimize the strength of the effect. If you are in doubt, the following tips down below might help you:

Tips for your first Shakti Mat

  • These are only a few of the most common ways to use Shakti Mat, there are no rules as well. Simply choose a tense area to focus on and proceed.
  • It is common to feel sensitive for the first time in a new area, but your body will adapt quickly as possible.
  • Some areas may simply need a few minutes of preparation. Others, such as your back, will need more time.
  • The areas that feel the hurt often need it the most, since this might be a reflection of stress stored in the area.
  • When you first begin in a new area, you may adjust the intensity by restricting or increasing body weight on the mat.
  • Normally, you should use the Shakti Mat with bare skin, but you may always begin with thin clothing over your skin and the mat as your body adapts.

Shakti Mat Pregnancy -- Is It Safe?

We all know how great the Shakti Mat is in maintaining your overall health and v­itality as it can support deep sleep, healthy circulation, relaxation of tense muscles, relief from stress, relaxation, and general vitality. But, for women who are waiting for their little one to come up into this world, the brand does not recommend using the Shakti Mat while pregnant, particularly during the first trimester.

The Shakti Mat utilizes acupressure, which has been effective in certain circumstances to induce labor. Thus, the brand recommends you before using the Mat, always check with a medical expert. The Shakti Mat, on the other hand, is a lovely and fully safe tool in the postpartum trimester. New mothers may experience back pain, hip tightness, insomnia, stress, and other symptoms, for which The Shakti Mat may give excellent natural support.

Shakti Mat Original Intensity Review

Shakti Mat Original Intensity (2.000 spikes) is your key to deeply relaxing and rejuvenating acupressure treatment. An excellent blend of complexity and reward. Available in 4 different colors: black, pink, orange, or green with 29” length, 16” width, and 1” height. Shakti Mat Originally Intensity has 6.000 spikes and is suited for massage treatment in order to properly treat deep tissue and relieve stress. You’ll realize why it hurts so nice after a few teething experiences.

The most common way to connect with Shakti Mat is in bed before going to sleep. It’s simple to have a book or a favorite TV in your sleep routine. It just takes 20 minutes of laying down beneath your covers to get started.  As part of your order, you’ll get a free 5-part Shakti Mat lesson series to help you get started with Shakti Mat sessions. 

What to expect from Shakti Mat? To be honest, laying on sharp spikes might be a bit intense initially, but your body will love it.  To begin, you will feel a scratchy discomfort that will be hard to prevent. When you push over, the sensations dissolve into a tingling warmth known as the addicting Shakti burn. After 20 minutes, the true reward begins the full-body feeling sets in, tension is wiped away, and you’re ready for deep sleep.

Shakti Mat Light Intensity Review

Do you feel a bit intimidated? Ease into Shakti Mat with Shakti Mat Light Intensity (8.000 spikes). This is a good way to start if you’re new to the Shakti Mat experience. Gentle yet effective, as well as quite calming.

Shakti Mat Review: Shakti Mat Light Intensity Review
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It has 2,000 more spikes than the Shakti Mat Original (6.000 spikes) and all the spikes but none of them is biting.  Perhaps you’re not ready to take the full Shakti Mat leap of faith on the more popular one – Shakti Mat Original Intensity – so the Shakti Mat Light Intensity is the perfect option for you.

Shakti Maty Light Intensity is available only in one variant, yellow with 29” length, 16” width, and 1” height. Grab yours now and the endless massages in Shakti Mat packages!

Shakti Mat Advanced Intensity Review

On the other hand, if you wish to join the Shakti Master, Shakti Mat Advanced Intensity (4.000 spikes) is perfect for you. Try to combine a heated sauna and a chilly plunge. Not for the faint of heart, but well worth the payoff if you’re up for the challenge.

This is your Shakti journey’s black belt, with 2,000 fewer spikes than the Original Intensity to increase the addicting Mat burn. If you’ve tried the Original Intensity and are searching for something new, this is the Mat Advanced Intensity for you. Enhanced intensity for Shakti experts or brave first-timers!

It is available only in one variant, indigo with 29” length, 16” width, and 1” height. Choose your Shakti Mat and unlock all the benefits of acupressure!

Shakti Mat Pillow Review

Do you want to ease into the area of acupressure? Or perhaps you’re ready to step up your Shakti next level? Shakti Mat Pillow is certain to amaze! You may anticipate stress alleviation and relaxation for all of your nagging issues. It is available in 4 variants you may choose: black, pink, orange, or green with 16” length, 6” width, and 4.3” height. 

The Pillow is designed with a half-moon shape that allows it to fit nicely beneath your neck, lower back, feet, or legs. Get incredible tension release and relaxation for your nagging trouble areas with the Pillow and use it together with Shakti Mat, it was such a perfect combo!

Shakti Mat Pros & Cons

After reading our review above, for sure you must consider whether the product has a positive or negative effect on you. Now, let’s take a look Pros and Cons of the Shakti Mat product to help you make a purchase decision. 


  • Decompression & deep relaxation
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Reset a restless mind
  • Muscle tension recovery
  • Reduce stress
  • Soothe headaches
  • Ease back and neck pain


  • Can’t be used by pregnant women and children
  • Not recommended for people who are sensitive to pain
  • It hurts a lot when used for the first time

Shakti Mat Return Policy

Are you unhappy with the purchase you’ve made? Nothing to worry about! You may return it for a full refund within 60 days after receiving your order. The product must be in the same condition in which they were received. To return your mat, please contact the customer service team at, who will provide a pre-paid return mailing label, or visit their official store at:

Shakti Mat Store

8 Raycroft Street
Waltham 8023
New Zealand

NOTE: Kindly include a note stating your name, order number, and the available reason for the return. Within 5 business days of receiving and processing the item at Shakti Mat warehouse, they will reimburse you the entire amount of the product.

Shakti Mat Shipping

Not only focus on the detailed product review, but also you need to know the shipping policy of the brand when you decide to shop online at Shakti Mat’s official website. Surprisingly, you get FREE SHIPPING for all economy shipping within the United States orders.

Currently, they ship internationally to New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. If you want to purchase for a friend or family member who lives in a different country from you, please contact their customer service team at to arrange a special order.

The shipping time might take 2-7 business days, depending on your location. Need the express one? Relax, you can use Express Shipping within 2-3 business days. Check your email to get the track order, if there’s no message then please check your spam folder. If you’re still in doubt, contact their customer service staff by email above. 

Shakti Mat Customer Service

Do you have inquiries or need a consultation about Shakti items? Get in touch with them by sending an email at or by filling out the form here, wait within 1-2 business days and you’ll get the feedback soon. 

Shakti Mat Review: Shakti Mat Customer Service
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Where to buy Shakti Mat?

Have you made a decision to purchase Shakti items? Well, Shakti items are available at a variety of stores. Firstly, you may get exclusive deals when you buy at their Official Website. Later, you can also make an order at some marketplace including Amazon and Walmart

Shakti Mat Promo Codes & Coupons

It’s SALE time! Hurry up and celebrate World Health Day with code WHD and get 15% off on your order and FREE SHIPPING within US orders. It’s a perfect combo deal, right? You can also get more discounts, receive wellness tips, VIP deals, and many more only with subscribe to the newsletter. 

Shakti Mat Review: Promotions & Discounts
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Shakti Mat

Shakti Mat Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Shakti Mat. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What do the Shakti symbols mean?

The symbols on both Shakti Mats and Shakti Pillows are all inspired by Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry may be seen everywhere around us, particularly in nature. It represents peace, harmony, connection, healing, and natural development or movement patterns. The Shakti Mat’s upper corners include the Seed of Life symbol, which represents the building blocks of life & existing. It indicates that all life on Earth is connected.

Can my child use the Shakti Mat?

Unfortunately, this product is not recommended for your children due to the sharpness of the spikes 

Can I use Shakti Mat with a medical condition?

Don’t use Shakti products if you have the following circumstances:

  • Coagulation Issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Significant Skin Damage
  • Neuropathy
  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Fever or other acute illness

If you have any other medical disease or condition and if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, they suggest you consult with your doctor or health physician first before using this product. 

Will my weight affect my Shakti experience?

We discovered that a person’s amount of skin sensitivity, not their weight, impacts how they feel. Create a Shakti experience that fits you by using The Shakti Mat and Accessories. For a more effective session, you need to consider combining both Mat and Pillow. However,  Shakti doesn’t have to contact every part of your back to get effective treatment. 

Ask a question?

Shakti Mat Expert Reviews

We’d tried acupressure mats earlier, but with 6000 spikes, this one provided strong and efficient therapy that we’d certainly suggest if you want strong physical experiences and feel that a massage, for example, is beneficial to you. It’s also worth noting that the mat is built to endure, with no elements that need to be replaced, making them an excellent investment if you use them frequently.

Full Review

It is obvious that Shakti may be addicting. If you desire a more intense feeling, the Shakti Mat advanced features 2,000 fewer spikes than the original, distributing your body weight in fewer areas for increased intensity, and is suggested for professionals and experienced users searching for an upgrade.

Get the Gloss
Full Review

Overall, I believe that this mat is worth buying. After all, I achieved the goals I set for myself. If it’s something you’re thinking about, I suggest giving it at least a week until making a decision. I would have given up if I had just used it the first night, but my two-week effort allowed me to adapt and appreciate it. And, whatever else, the Mat allows me to concentrate on myself every day. Only for  20 minutes, I’m away from my blazing phone screen, my to-do list, and everything else. For that reason, I believe it is worth trying.

Full Review

Over the following three days, I noticed myself going for the Shakti Mat when I sat down for work and later in the day as I crawled into bed. It was no longer painful to lie on the mat. I felt calm and comfortable, and I knew I was going to go asleep peacefully. Every time I slept on it, I had an overpowering sense of relaxation and weariness. And guess what else? My lower backache is totally gone.

I was — and continue to be — astounded by the outcomes, particularly given that I’ve been working at home for over a year and have also been suffering almost the whole time. While we continue to remain at home, the Shakti Mat seems to be a perfect alternative to spa massage or acupuncture treatments. Now that my body is used to the experience, I’m questioning why I didn’t get them earlier.

Full Review

Conclusion of Shakti Mat Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, Shakti is a wellness tool with the concept of acupressure that enhances all general health and vitality. Commonly used for improving your quality of sleep, healthy circulation, relief from stress, and other general vitality.

Shakti Mat Review: Conclusion
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The variety of Shakti is depending on the number of spikes, it will give you an exciting experience. For sure, you must consult with your doctor first before using Shakti Mat. If you are still in doubt, check through in Shakti Mat Review above and read it carefully for some important parts. 


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