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Addiction is a major issue in the United States. There are a lot of depressing statistics about how bad addiction is affecting everyone in the United States. One of them is that just 1 in 10 addicts receives treatment. Even worse, a key investigation revealed that most therapies are not evidence-based. If you are battling addiction(s), want to receive assistance, and need evidence-based support, this review may point you in the right direction. Review: About
Image: is a private, virtual addiction rehabilitation service. Its research-based, on-demand addiction service is open to anybody who needs assistance overcoming an addiction. You will learn more about this rehabilitation service in this review.

In this review, you may discover various discounts while buying the service. Recovering from addiction is not impossible, and we hope that reading our review will help you get started.

Overview of

Daniel Hochman, a physician, launched Dr. Hochman has worked and taught in various therapeutic settings, including private addiction rehabs, outpatient addiction clinics, an academic rehab facility, Department of Defense programs, and the Veterans Administration. He often educates and lectures for addiction treatment institutions, hospitals, and professional organizations to promote addiction therapy.

The addiction crisis in the United States inspired Dr. Hochman to establish He was enraged that patients with addiction seldom get treatment and that many addiction therapies are not evidence-based. He wants to tackle this problem but is constrained by the fact that he can only deal with one person at a time. With this in mind, he sought a technique to rescue more individuals from addiction.

After viewing a random internet program, Dr. Hochman was inspired to establish an addiction treatment program that is evidence-based and accessible to a large number of people at any time and from any location. This resulted in the establishment of

This online service was developed to make the finest accessible addiction treatment methods available to everyone online. The program relies on varied medical skills, psychiatric experience, and research from hundreds of studies to give a comprehensive approach to addiction therapy that may benefit everyone. Reviews may assist you in creating the life you want. It simplifies the challenging process of addiction treatment by smoothly combining all of the finest proven tactics that would typically need many sessions to uncover.The holistic program leads you through the underlying emotional roots of your addiction, allowing you to go beyond recovery and create a meaningful, permanent life transformation. Reviews

It was created to address real-life issues like demanding schedules, family requirements, restricted funds, and fear of criticism. The online, on-demand method of enables you to effortlessly investigate the origins of your addiction at any time and on any device.

You may be as private or as open as you choose while still achieving the great change you deserve. This review may not cover all of the advantages of the program. Try it on your own and you will be free of any addiction. Program

The Self Recovery Program will help you understand what is causing your addiction. You’ll finally get control and stop causing yourself pain. A physician who specializes in addiction created this comprehensive online treatment program. Video courses and mindfulness meditations may assist you in gaining a better knowledge of yourself and the factors contributing to your addiction.

The program is divided into six modules: addiction science, addiction, cravings, false pleasures, emotional pain/distress, and health. Lessons are generally 3-10 minutes long to fit into your schedule and help you concentrate. The curriculum is self-paced and may be finished in 12 weeks. It employs exercises, reflections, challenges, concentrated writing, and therapeutic music to rewire the ideas and emotions that underpin addictive behavior. You may use the application to practice topics you’re working on whenever you need to. 6 Days Challenge also offers additional courses in addition to the Self Recovery program. One of them is the 6 Days Unwanted Habit Challenge, one of the most popular courses. In this course, Dr. Hochman challenges you to look at your habit/addiction in a fresh light. This 6-day challenge leads you through a useful model and includes thought-provoking questions and advice.

Most treatment programs emphasize the negative consequences of your addiction on your life and the lives of your loved ones. They then use a mix of guilt, humiliation, and micromanagement to attempt to persuade you to alter your ways. And in the long term, these tactics are seldom effective. None of this explains why you do the things you don’t want to. It’s a futile exercise to try to manage behavior without first dealing with it.

There is a single reason why you have developed an addiction. It’s an unwelcome habit involving a learned pattern of seeking pleasure to alleviate misery. To get away from the agony, you resort to your vices. Craving is just your mind and body attempting to find a solution to alleviate the misery you are experiencing.‘s 6 Days Challenge addresses this issue to help you overcome your addiction. This 6-Day Challenge covers the most important truth and assists you in:

  • Find out what motivates your habit.
  • Acquire a better knowledge of your mental condition.
  • Control your behavior by gaining fresh insights and knowledge. Toolbox

Addiction Recovery Toolbox is another short course offered by The science of addiction, cultural misconceptions, how it develops, and an introduction to a holistic strategy for ending it are all covered in this short course. This Toolbox is a great place to start if you want to understand how addiction works and what you can do about it. It is intended to assist you in better comprehending the illogical nature of addiction and being more productive in your efforts. Review: Toolbox


  • The 5 Biggest Addiction Beliefs – This course will start with a discussion of the destructive myths about addiction that lead to conflict, judgment, and relapse.
  • What Causes Addiction in the First Place? – After that, you will go through the most recent studies on how addiction develops so you can see yourself in a new light.
  • A Systematic Approach – This course will finish by teaching you a highly successful, compassionate approach to addiction that incorporates science and the most effective proven tactics for breaking the cycle. Pricing offers many ways for you to get their program. Choose from three different programs starting at $6 to treat your addiction. All the programs are self-paced, so you may do them whenever and wherever you choose. Check this page to get complete pricing information about programs. The programs and prices are summarized below.

  • 6-Day Habit Challenge – $6
    This 6-day challenge will lead you through a successful approach while providing thought-provoking questions and advice.
  • Addiction Recovery Toolbox – $79
    This short course covers the science of addiction, cultural beliefs about it, how it develops, and an introduction to a holistic strategy for ending it.
  • Self Recovery Full Program – $99/month
    This is the main program of, which will walk you through every facet of your addiction step by step. You’ll evolve in unexpected ways. Refund Policy offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back warranty on all programs during the first month of usage. If you are dissatisfied with the course’s material or delivery, you may seek a refund by contacting or emailing their customer service team within that time limit. They will provide a refund after thirty (30) days of receiving your request.

Please be aware that holds the authority to cancel your freedom to buy course materials and refuse or constrain your privilege to use any current or future products, if they identifies that certain conduct indicates abuse of the Company’s refund policy. Contact Information

If you have any difficulties or queries about, please contact the customer service team. This review also provided the customer support team’s address list. Before contacting the customer service team, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page; you may find your answer there. If you still can’t find your answer, contact the customer service team at the following addresses.

Where to buy

After reading this review, you may like to use their services for yourself. This online service offers the most effective way to overcome addiction. You may obtain their service by purchasing the plan on this page. Don’t worry, offers the greatest service at the best price for you. Promo Codes & Coupons offers a variety of discounts and deals. You may obtain it by joining the email list. They will send you frequent notifications on product changes and specials if you subscribe to the email list. You may also use the coupon codes listed below to obtain a discount on your purchase.

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Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Can a virtual program such as really be trusted?

Yes, the results from research conducted comparing online mental health therapy against regular, face-to-face treatment found that the online group had superior outcomes (symptoms, hospital admissions, etc.). While it was previously considered that only customized, “live” connections might benefit, research continues to demonstrate that this is outdated thinking.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Everything is prerecorded, so you can take your time. It’s supposed to take roughly an hour every workday for three months. Even if you have some spare time right now, it is not advisable to rush through the content. The teachings on are quite in-depth, and you’ll need time to think about and practice each skill. You are invited to work at your own speed and to return to classes and refresh topics as needed.

Is simply going to teach me coping mechanisms or offer me information that I already know?

Not at all. Everyone is aware of what healthy choices entail (“drugs will kill you,” “don’t relapse or you may lose your job or relationship,” and so on). The true trick to altering habit is to focus on the aspects that make healthy choices seem so difficult. The core cause of addiction, emotional suffering or stress, is addressed through You’ll never achieve true serenity if you don’t know what you’re fleeing from.

Can I enroll in while doing other treatment?

Although this is intended to aid on its own, it also assists you in getting the most out of other common treatments. Sometimes folks have a therapist or psychiatrist but need more urgent assistance than their present therapy can provide. Others are aware that they will want assistance after another therapy has ended in order to maintain their health.

Also, because of the reality of insurance approval or waiting for an opening, the search for a physician or residential treatment may take days or months, and this can be utilized as a tool to get started right away and get most out of your next step in treatment.

Ask a question? Expert Reviews

Self Recovery is a comprehensive treatment paradigm that includes the underlying reasons of addiction into a self-help program. The approach also considers personal pressures such as hectic schedules, family commitments, financial difficulties, and criticism from others. The program is entirely online and on-demand, providing busy people with private access to treatment.

The purpose of Self Recovery is to help you understand what caused your addiction and to employ evidence-based recovery practices in the context of real-life situations like as your family, work, relationships, and so on. The goal of Self Recovery is for everyone to accomplish profound and permanent transformation in their choices and beliefs.

Hochman strives to transform addiction rehabilitation from the one-on-one treatment arena into an easily accessible self-help program via its comprehensive and scientific approach.

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This review has previously discussed the advantages of utilizing this service. Thousands of individuals have overcome their addictions with the support of This online service is a great start if you’re battling poor habits or addiction. Review: Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. We hope that might serve as a beacon of hope for you as you work to overcome your addiction.


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