About Revopoint 3D

Revopoint 3D Review: About Revopoint 3D

Say goodbye to both handheld and turntable scanners! Revopoint 3D is intended to act as a portable and turntable scanner, with incredible precision and simplicity of use in all of these modes. You’ll never need another 3D scanner after this, really!

Conventional 3D scanners are large, unwieldy, power-hungry, and perpetually entangled in a tangle of cords. In general, they are inconvenient and provide a bad customer experience. Revopoint 3D is a solution for you by being small, lightweight, and simple to use.

You don’t need any particular abilities to make use of its potential. There is no requirement for an alternating current power source. Revopoint 3D includes a single charging cord that can be easily linked to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet for rapid 3D scanning, considerably simplifying the user experience. This is also a useful device with energy-saving technologies.

By reading our honest Revopoint 3D Review, you will get to know more about the features, benefits, pricing, and all about Renovopoint 3D products. Make sure don’t miss any single part of our review! Happy Reading!

Overview Revopoint 3D

Initially, a group of young doctors and scientists from MIT, Kent University, and other institutions began developing 3D technologies in 2014. They designed and tested the high-quality, easy-to-use, and cost-effective 3D scanners and cameras that can provide 3D models for multiple applications such as image recognition & modeling, machine vision, and so on.

As time goes by, Revopoint 3D was founded as a worldwide business to bring 3D technology, products, and solutions to the United States industry and the entire world. Revopoint 3D is dedicated to creating more extremely intelligent and accurate 3D cameras which are simple to use for everyone.

Revopoint 3D has made significant investments in order to give better products. The R&D facility has first-rate facilities and equipment. The hardware development area is located in Shenzhen, where the local economic and industrial climate is suitable. Revopoint 3D manufacturing facility is 1,500 m2 in size and has a filled production line.

Moreover, Revopoint 3D has been awarded multiple patents on essential technologies after years of industry experience. Not only did the products satisfy the needs of customers, but they also passed the ISO 9001 certification.

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Review Revopoint 3D

Revopoint 3D Reviews: Review Revopoint 3D

Are you in a rush? Let’s take a deep breath and see what Revopoint 3D offers to you in this review section. Revopoint 3D has two main items: POP 3D Portable Scanner and POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner with great quality features. Not only that, but Revopoint 3D also offers some accessories like carrying cases, mobile kits, protective cases, mobile connectors, etc.

Unlike other 3D scanners, which require complicated software that might be frightening, the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is incredibly inclusive. All relevant progress and data are seen in real-time on the Revopoint 3D scanner software interface, with frequent notifications of the scanning status and outcomes.

In addition, if an issue arises during the scanning process, you may halt, undo, and make changes at any moment. To prevent harsh light stimulation, the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner uses infrared visible light, the same light you’ve been using for decades to operate your TV with a remote.

The POP algorithm is both efficient and lightweight. Because the built-in chip can complete the majority of the calculating and mapping work, the Revopoint POP 3D scanner doesn’t even need a powerful GPU or CPU from the connected PC/Pad/Phone.

Whereas, Renovoint POP 2 3D Scanner is small and portable, weighs just 195g, and comes with a carrying bag that can accommodate POP 2 3D Scanner and all of its components, allowing you to take them anywhere you choose.

Renovoint POP 2 3D is powered by a single USB connection and can be easily linked to a phone or laptop for rapid 3D scanning, substantially improving the customer experience. This is also a useful item with energy-saving technologies. Only with 5000 mA Power Bank, you can simply scan with your smartphone for an extended period of time.

Later on, we’ll review each product for detailed features and information. 

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner Review

The newest product of Revopoint 3D Scanner family – Revopoint Pop 3D Scanner. Designed with innovation for captivating 3D scans in the confines of your pocket, which means portability.  The POP generates exceptionally high-accuracy scans with margins of 0.3mm, which the human naked eye cannot even catch. Revopoint 3D Scanner is suitable either for indoor or outdoor use. Included easy to use the software.

The Revopoint POP 3D Scanner features binocular structured light, assuring the obtained 3D point cloud data is accurate. The maximum single-frame accuracy is 0.3mm. This device offers combined texture scanning modes and high-precision, allowing you to produce vibrant 3D models for color 3D printing immediately.

Accuracy is something you don’t want to compromise since scan accuracy is directly tied to 3D printing quality. Traditional customer 3D scanners often compromise precision, providing consumers with silhouettes that are unsuitable for 3D printing. Thus, Revopoint POP 3D Scanner was invented to modify the course. With its auto-alignment technology, it can sync various distinctive scan angles to constantly reinforce the same model.

Moreover, Revopoint POP 3D Scanner enables you to get fixed scanning, free scanning, and human scanning either inside or outdoors.  You may scan a 6-foot-tall statue while holding it in your palm. Even if you’re not yet experienced enough, you may still enjoy 3D scanning by watching it completed automatically using a turntable. When scanning a human body or face, choose the human model to get a realistic 3D body or face model.

However, it’s impossible to conceive of scanning an animal or human face with a white light 3D scanner or a laser. Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is the solution for you! You may scan someone in front of the face and they will not see anything from the scanner, resulting in a high-precision, realistic face with texture. Whenever it comes to animals, you will get a perfect 3D model without the need for a bright laser light, which might terrify them.

Another feature, The Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is a little bigger than a smartphone with a weight of about 200g, making it handy enough to go to outdoor landmarks or most inside museums. Only with POP scanner, you may take a very unique 3D picture and take it back to 3D print a copy of anything you choose.

In addition, Revopoint POP 3D has one cable with two functions. Traditional 3D scanners with too many cables are hard to connect and use, which is unacceptable for a true artist. This is why Revopoint 3D built the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with a simple approach with just one USB cable that serves as both a power connection and a data transmission cable.

Let’s take a look at the product specification of Revopoint POP 3D Scanner down below:


  • Product model: POP 3D Scanner
  • Technology: Dual camera infrared structured light
  • Single capture precision: Up to 0.3 mm
  • Single capture range: 210 mm x 130 mm
  • Working distance: 275 mm ± 100 mm
  • Minimum scan volume: 30 x 30 x 30
  • Scan Speed:  Up to 8 fps
  • Light source: 1 class infrared laser
  • Alignment: Feature alignment, marker point alignment
  • Output format: STL, PLY, OBJ
  • Texture Scan: YES

You can access Revopoint 3D guided study on the website and free download. Get Revopoint 3D scanner price 25% OFF with only a purchase of $544.00. The package box is included POP 3D Scanner, Scanner Holder, USB A & C, Plastic Sheet, Markers, and Blue Tack & Sample Sculpture. 

Revopoint POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner Review

Revopoint 3D Review: Revopoint POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner Review

Another variant from Revopoint 3D with professional-grade quality – Revopoint POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner. Revopoint POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner brings reality to your 3D world.  If you’re a 3D printing enthusiast, a VR/AR model designer, or your creative work requires reverse design, POP 2 will make a huge impact on your projects.

It is available in 2 sets: POP 2 3D Standard Package and POP 2 3D Premium Package. The differences are included a carrying case, power bank, and portable turntable in the premium package. 

High-precision 3D scanners are typically expensive and built for specialized customers. Making it unaffordable and inappropriate for the general market. That is one of POP 2 3D innovations. Although it delivers professional-grade high accuracy, this 3D scanner is affordable for the customer. It’s just one 3D scanner at this price point. Let’s take a look at the features below:


  • High Precision
  • Fluent Scanning
  • Better Color
  • 2 in 1 Versatility
  • Eye Friendly
  • Easy Software

What makes POP 2 outstanding is the great features within the product such as binocular micro-structure light, high precision, perfect scanning fluency, fantastic color effect, 2-in-1 versatility, easy to use, easy to carry compact & lightweight, and easy to power. 

Revopoint POP 2 3D basic hardware operates on the binocular micro-structured light principles, the latest upgraded hardware. It is a patented micro projection chip that assures that quickly collected 3D point cloud data with excellent Precision and with the maximum single-frame Precision reaching 0.05mm.

POP 2 has an upgraded projector and higher-resolution IR cameras, and an improved high-precision calibration process assures that POP 2 exceeds professional-grade precision, with a 3D point cloud data of 0.15 mm and accuracy of up to 0.05 mm  This enables to capture of 3D objects with more resolution and greater dimensional precision.

The hardware improvement of Revopoint POP 2 allows the scanning fps to reach 10 frames with perfect scanning fluency. At the same time, it has an incorporated 10 Hz fps, 6 Dof Gyroscope to help in faster and more precise spatial positioning, eliminate stitching mistakes, increase scanning smoothness, and enhance the scanning process easier and faster. 

Revopoint POP 2 3D can immediately create a fantastic color effect with global exposure RGB sensors. 3D models in 3D animation, color 3D printing, and other applications. It is because of the high-resolution global exposures sensor and hardware trigger synchronization with the depth camera. That could be used straight in AR and VR. Alright, the following down below are the product specifications of Revopoint POP 2 3D:


  • Product Name: 3D Scanner
  • Product Model: POP 2
  • Technology: Dual camera infrared structured light
  • CPU: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7
  • Single capture Precision: Up to 0.50 mm
  • Single capture range: 210mm x 130mm
  • Working distance: 150 ~ 400 mm
  • Minimum scan volume: 20×20×20 (mm)
  • Scan speed: Up to 10 fps
  • The light source: 1 class infrared Laser 1
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz
  • Press button: YES

Revopoint 3D Pros & Cons

Revopoint 3D Review: Revopoint 3D Pros & Cons

After we get into the entire review, here’s a brief summary of the Revopoint 3D POP Pros and Cons.


  • High Precision
  • Great at pricing
  • Eye Friendly
  • Easy Software
  • Lightweight


  • The scanner is quite sensitive
  • For a smartphone scanning, need to connect Wi-Fi hotspot

Revopoint 3D Return Policy

Revopoint 3D wants you to have a happy experience when browsing, comparing, and purchasing items as a present, for business, or for yourself. However, if you are unsatisfied with the product, Revopoint 3D also offers a RETURN and REFUND service within 14 days

If the product is in new/unused condition, they will refund your money within 14 business days of receiving it. If the product is in a problem or defect, it must be returned within 14 calendar days after receipt.

First thing first, you need to send an email to Revopoint 3D at customer@revopoint3d.com to ask for a return or refund. You must provide some following information such as order number, registered email, return product name & quantity, acceptable reason, and videos or images of the product with the original packaging. Otherwise, they may not proceed with your request. 

After receiving your email, Revopoint 3D will complete your return and refund request within one or two business days. Refunds will be handled using the similar method that the payment was made. According to the credit card or bank provider, the refund procedure will take 7-14 business days. In certain cases, approximately 30 business days may be required.

NOTE: Customers must pay for any return shipment to the authorized return center unless the refund is exclusively due to performance defects.

Revopoint 3D Shipping Policy

Revopoint 3D Review: Revopoint 3D Shipping Policy

Great News! Revopoint 3D gives FAST SHIPPING and FREE SHIPPING within the US and Europe orders. After payment, all orders are completed within 2 to 3 working days except weekends and holidays. When your purchase has shipped, you will get an email notification. Please keep in mind that Revopoint 3D is unable to cancel your shipping orders. They are unable to recover the item after it has been delivered to the courier. 

Nowadays, Revopoint 3D will send your package from the local warehouse to the following countries;  Europe countries (except Croatia, which will be sent from the DE warehouse) and the United States. Otherwise, all your packages will be sent from China. Visit the Revopoint 3D Shipping Policy for other shipping costs and estimates. 

Revopoint 3D Warranty

Nothing to worry about the warranty! Revopoint 3D products come with a one-year warranty. Revopoint 3D appreciates its customers and strives to resolve any product issues. They checked the things before they sent it. However, if there is a problem or defect product, Revopoint 3D may either resend a new one or refund the repair bills. 

Revopoint 3D Customer Support

You may contact Revopoint 3D customer support if you have any inquiries or issues about their services or products. Send them an email to customer@revopoint3d.com to get in touch with Revopoint 3D customer support. They will send you feedback within 24 hours. 

In addition, Revopoint 3D provides a customer hotline at 18124196779 only during working hours. You may also contact them by filling out the form here with your registered email. 

Revopoint 3D Expert Reviews

When I tested the Revopoint, I noticed that anything black or even somewhat bright was almost undetectable to the POP’s sensors, which is entirely expected for a 3D scanner, particularly at this price. If you use AESUB, you didn’t have to worry about this problem anymore. It’s a spray that covers the surface with a white, matte substance that makes scanning anything shiny or dark a breeze.

The Revopoint POP results may be on a level with more costly entry-level scanners for things that exactly match its capabilities, like the little, white, matte statue that was given. I used it to scan a pair of shoes, and it was able to provide a high-quality image. As promised by Revopoint, the 3D scanner is portable, fast, and easy to use, therefore it meets all three of these claims.

Full Review

To get started, Revopoint sent me the POP 3D starting kit, which contains the turntable and a mobile phone mount system. This is a portable 3D scanner that Revopoint claims to scan with an accuracy of 0.3mm utilizing twin thermal cameras and an RGB camera. With the RGB camera, you may gather RGB color information for every data point and produce full-color 3D models.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner’s performance and would highly suggest it to anybody interested in making 3D models at home or seeking a portable and economical scanner.

The DIY Life
Full Review

I got this Revopoint 3D as a result of my contribution to their Kickstarter campaign.  I adore this device, after becoming acquainted with it, I can scan anything with ease. I do a lot of prototyping with Solidworks and 3D Printers, and this device is the perfect solution since it is far less expensive than professional scanners while producing the same results.

I may either directly import the scanned pictures into Solidworks or use Handy Studio to convert them to mesh.  I’m scanning several enormous things. In body mode, you can see where the scan will go next, producing a gorgeous mesh. I’m using the Revopoint 3D Scanner much more often than I expected; with precise scans, I can utilize the data verbatim for size.

Larry G
Full Review

My Revopoint POP journey.  When I spotted this small scanner on Kickstarter, I was immediately interested and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I unpacked it and began playing with it, despite my little familiarity with the Xbox Kinect and its terrible outcomes.

The gadget arrived in a strong box with an extra black sheet, scanning dots, gloves, USB-C and USB 3.0 connections, a turntable, and some blue putty for gluing things to the turntable. Working with the POP and getting experience has been really satisfying, as has to watch my scans improve with time and my experience with their customer care has been fantastic.

James L. Shupe
Full Review

Where to buy Revopoint 3D?

Have you decided to buy Revopoint 3D products? Over here are some easy ways to make an order at Revopoint 3D:

We suggest that you purchase at the official website since you will get an exclusive deal there. 

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    Revopoint 3D

    Revopoint 3D Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Revopoint 3D. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: Which are the smallest dimension object the scanner can capture?


    The minimum scan size is 30x30x30 mm, which indicates that you may get a decent result at sizes more than 30x30x30 mm. Please visit the Revopoint 3D tiny item scanning page on YouTube Video

    Although there is no restriction on the largest size, scanning a room takes a long time. There is another video on YouTube for scanning an automobile. Please use this as a guideline.

    Q: How do I set up wifi mode?


    For iPhone and iPad users,

    • Step 1: Please switch off your wifi and ensure that your WiFi status is not connected.
    • Step 2: Navigate to Settings-General-About-Name and set your phone’s name to “POP.”
    • Step 3: Return to Setting-Personal Hotspot-WLAN Password and set the password to 12345678 before turning on the “Allow Others to Join” button.
    • Step 4: After 10 seconds, you should see a blue connection symbol in the upper left corner of your phone.
    • Step 5: Navigate to Handy Scan-Settings-Scan Mode-Connect Mode-WiFi Mode-Export Format (click the one you like)

    WiFi mode has now been configured using the five procedures outlined above. You may now relax and enjoy the scanning. Here’s an additional video that might be useful for you. 

    Q: What's the resolution of POP?


    Revopoint 3D POP is packed with a 2Mega RGB camera of 2 megapixels. The depth camera has a resolution of 1280800. It also reaches 64000 points every frame.

    Q: What format does it support?


    Revopoint 3D POP output formats include stl, ply, and obj.

    Ask a question?

    Conclusion of Revopoint 3D Reviews & Ratings

    Revopoint 3D Review: Conclusion

    Overall, If you really like devices and high technology in general, Revopoint 3D scanner is one thing you must have. Therefore, whether you’re a 3D printing designer, a VR/AR model maker, or your creative profession involves reverse design. This Revopoint multi-functional 3D scanner can make a significant difference in your projects.

    However, Revopoint 3D technologies are satisfying, recognized worldwide by professionals, have the highest number of 3D scanners sold on Kickstarter, and are recommended by a 3D industry expert. Find out more in our Revopoint 3D Review above if you are still uncertain about the products. Thank you for reading! Hope this review will help a lot!