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About Remi

It’s no secret that many people have problems with their smiles. A terrible set of teeth may make you feel self-conscious and even avoid making eye contact out of fear of being criticized. 

Remi Review: About Remi
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Fortunately, you don’t have to do much effort to keep your smile from deteriorating. All you need is some effort and patience, which many of you lack when it comes to your teeth. Even the most careful home care regimen might fail if a professional dental healthcare professional is not seen on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are several tooth whitening available on the market. Some of them are so effective that you’ll think your teeth aren’t stained at all. That is Remi! Don’t know about Remi yet?

Alright then, this Remi Review will guide you to find the most effective teeth whitening at an affordable price. 

Overview Remi

Remi is on a mission to have perfect teeth. Remi also provides economical, high-quality solutions for the ideal smile.

Many people are put off buying night guard or teeth whitening kits because of the expensive pricing offered by dentists and the awkward one-size-fits-all solutions available in pharmacies.

At Remi, they have a mission to provide everyone with a good night’s sleep by offering the convenience of a custom mouth guard without the dentist’s costs. So that everyone may get a smile with confidence. 

Remi is your online shop for affordable high-quality custom-made night guards & teeth whitening mouthpiece kits. Starting in 2019, Remi has developed to become one of the top companies, focusing on delivering you wellness products that enhance your entire health.

Additionally, Remi put comfort first by using only the finest materials while yet offering an inexpensive choice for customers. 

Remi Review

Find out what actually Remi has offered to you in this review section!

Remi Reviews: Remi Review

Well, Remi provides custom night guards to protect teeth from crushing and whitening kits at a pricing that is up to 80% less than what dental clinics pay. It’s interesting, right?  Without sacrificing quality, offering you easy-to-use impressions and night guards with giving the comfortable. 

Every product in Remi is created in the United States of America with the best quality materials and components for the best comfort. Remi helps you to save your time and money as compared to going to the dentist. Thus, Remi is truly loved and trusted by millions of people around the country.

Why Choose Remi?

Remi Custom Night Guards Review

If you’ve ever spent time eating while rolling your tongue, you know how difficult it can be to clean your teeth. Bacteria grow in your mouth due to the tricky angles, the sensitivity of the roof of your mouth, and the softness of your gums. But believe it when someone says that the struggle pales in comparison to what your lips face on a daily basis.

Custom Night Guards created for the perfect fit and supplied directly to your home provide a pleasant, long-term treatment for teeth grinding. Cut off the expensive middleman dentist and save up to 80% on new night guards sent every six months. Get a better night’s sleep while protecting your teeth for much less with Remi

However, Remi Night Guards is produced of hard-soft 1mm BPA-free plastic. Each set is custom-made to provide maximum protection on the exterior and maximum relaxation on the inside. Remi makes the smallest and most comfy custom night guards on the market.

Your mouths respond differently every day, whether talking about how long the teeth naturally remain clean or how frequently you need to have them perfectly cleaned. Well, we’ll give you a solution by using Custom Night Guards from Remi. 

The top and bottom night guards against grinding are included in the lower price. Every night mouth guard is specially designed by dental specialists to suit your mouth. You may choose from a variety of materials, like silicone, plastic, and latex. 

Remi Custom Night Guards for grinding are intended to protect your teeth from injury, particularly if you grind or clench them while sleeping. It’ll keep food particles out of your mouth and lessen the risk of bruxism, or night teeth grinding. It may also help to minimize snoring and enhance breathing while sleeping.

In addition, Remi Custome Night Guards contains FSA – HSA Eligible Product Online. With subscribe and to save, you can have a new product of teeth mouth guard sent by Remi every six months for $49!

The following here are the steps to order Remi Custom Night Guards. 

  • Custom Fit
    Using the materials included in the kit, create your custom impression in minutes from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Take your impression
    Take your custom impression in a minute from the comfort of your own home using the materials in the kit.
  • Send your impressions back to Remi
    Put your impression into the mailing box, add the prepaid label, and place it in the mailbox. 
  • Receive your custom Remi Night Guard.
    Once you’ve got your night guard, you may start sleeping better and protecting your teeth for less money.

What if my Remi Night Guard does not fit enough? Alright, don’t worry about it. 

Remi is committed to offering the best night guard possible, which is why they offer a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason or need fresh impressions, please contact them and they will gladly assist you. For the information about Remi’s return policy, you can find it in the next review below.

Remi Custom Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Are you worried about your teeth? Yes! Some people might be worried if having an undesirable spot on their teeth. 

Remi Review: Remi Custom Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Teeth get stained when you consume meals, beverages, and sweets that include substances that are either detrimental to your teeth or do not mix well with them. Other than that, dark chocolate, red wine, and tobacco products are examples of these substances.

If you consume coffee, tea, or soda, you’ve probably seen how quickly your teeth may get stained. However, certain foods, such as strawberries and apples, have chemicals that may help whiten your teeth. 

Make smiling your best photos. Also, for favorite thing to do is if you have a set of shining teeth, you’re proud of. With everything delivered directly to you, Remi designs custom implants that you may wear easily overnight, whitening gels, and Night Guard Foam & Teeth Whitening Cleaning. Increase your confidence with the finest teeth whitening treatment.

No need to worry, Remi uses a formula that is free of parabens, gluten, and non-GMO ingredients. It is also cruelty-free and doesn’t include any products made from animals.

Brighten your smile with a new gel custom whitening kit by Remi!

Remi Whitening Gel Review

For the next review, the other variant in Remi – Whitening Gel.

Remi Review: Remi Whitening Gel Review

With Remi Whitening Gel, you may have whiter teeth in only two weeks. This advanced formula is intended to be worn overnight and works in tandem with your custom whitening trays to provide you with a brighter smile. The 14-day package contains three syringes of 10% CP gel and is produced in the United States.

Remi Whitening Gel is completely natural and contains no harsh chemicals. It’s the greatest way to whiten your teeth and make your teeth sparkling white, with no sensitivity or pain! Try this product if you want an at-home teeth whitening kit that is simple to use but does not cause sensitivity or pain.

This cutting-edge teeth whitening kit is the most effective approach to making your teeth as white as possible without the risk of harsh chemicals.  In terms of using, here are a few tips are given for you to use Remi Whitening Gel:

  • Apply a thin coating of gel to the top and bottom trays. Bite down completely and carefully brush away any extra gel from your gum. Wear trays for 14 nights in a row for the optimum effects.
  • Put the whitening trays at least half an hour before bedtime. You will hardly notice them by the time you fall asleep.
  • For cleaning, wash the whitening trays after use and shake/pat dry.
  • Keep continuing every 3 months to ensure your sparkling whites

For detailed information, please follow this guide to using Remi Whitening Gel.

You may get this advanced, mild whitening gel to be used with your custom Remi mouth guard for only $25. Make yourself a dazzling smile with a product produced in the United States that cares for your teeth while gently whitening them. Combine with your personalized guard for nightly usage and see how your smile grows without any pain.

Remi Whitening + Cleaning Foam Review

Say goodbye to yellow teeth! Your new smile is just around the corner. Here, Remi Whitening + Cleaning Foam will surprise you, really!

This dual-action product has been carefully designed with you in mind for a shining smile and a clean night guard. It not only cleans your night mouth guard but also whitens your teeth for a brighter smile. Remi provides dental excellence and new products at a fraction of the cost by removing the need for a dentist’s in-house staff.

For sure, having the best two-in-one mouth guard solution is like a dream. With Remi Whitening + Cleaning Foam, you get whiter teeth overnight and a clean mouth that is healthy in the long term.  This product was developed in the United States with safe and tested ingredients.

Remi Cleaning Foam foam is completely safe to consume and is intended for use in your guards/trays. Let’s check out the ingredients of the product:


  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Glycerine
  • PVP, PEG
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sucralose
  • Sodium citrate
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Etidronic acid
  • Mentha arvensis (mint) oil.

With this natural, gluten-free, and cruelty-free option, you can consume all the cheese you want.

Remi Return Policy

Remi believes in providing great customer service, which begins with the rules on returns and order cancellations or modifications. If you have any problems with the policies, please get in touch with them. Remi is ready to help!

However,  if you are disappointed with your Remi night guard for any reason, you may contact them within 30 days after receiving the package. Remi will gladly make it right by either making a new guard for you – or refunding your purchase.

For cancellations or modifications, please send an email at after getting your order confirmation. 

Remi Customer Service

If you have any more questions, please contact your Remi Support team at or complete this form, wait within 24 hours and they will give you a response. You may also reach them by phone at (800) 234-1874.



Where to buy Remi?

After reading this review of Remi, you may be persuaded to custom your whitening teeth.  Especially if you’re looking to get your teeth a little white, you can get them directly to The Official Remi Website or buy them through retail stores such as Walmart and Amazon

We suggest you buy at Remi’s Official Website for huge discount on your savings. 

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You can also join Remi Club as well as unlock FREE SHIPPING, a subscription plan that replaces your night guards every 6 months, and your whitening gel every 3 months. Saving you even more money. Remi can give you these discounts because they take out the middlemen and use their own in-house experts, removing the need for you to see an expensive dentist.

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Remi Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Remi. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How does Remi Club work?

Remi Club is a one-of-a-kind subscription service that sends you a new product of mouth guard whitening gel and a new night guard every 3 months for a percentage of the original price. Remi ask for just a single impression and an order, and you’ll usually receive all you need for a stunning smile. By getting in touch with Remi, you may stop, cancel, or adjust the period of your replacements at any time.

What if I have sensitive teeth?

Your teeth whitening is just perfect for persons who have sensitive teeth! Remi gel works best when used overnight, which is why we recommend ordering mouth guard whitening trays along with it. Remi does not need to put any harsh chemicals inside the mix since you get a longer exposure time.

Will the product work for my kid?

Remi does not already offer night guards for your children. Although a customs guard may bring momentary respite, it may generate major problems in the long term. Remi does this for their safety since any custom guard may interfere with the regular development and growth of a child’s teeth & jaw. They genuinely hope you can find a solution. Please contact them once your kid gets all of their permanent teeth.

Why do I need a new night guard every 6 months?

Bacteria and plaque buildup are expected with any night guard, and they may progressively wear down. Remi aims to help you avoid cavities and pain, which is why they offer Remi Club, which allows you to get a new night guard for 6 months.

How is Remi different from over-the-counter night guards?

The traditional “Boil and bite” night guards available at pharmacies are marketed as a solution, but many people find them unpleasant and stop to use. Remi guards are made with only the finest materials and are specially designed for you to provide maximum comfort and protection.

Ask a question?

Remi Expert Reviews

Daytime use makes sense, by the way, since Remi trays are also used for tooth whitening, Remi will offer you the whitening gel for an additional $26 when you buy the trays. Unfortunately, I also experienced issues with the whitening gel tubes. Arrived in an unsettling Ziploc bag with the top carelessly chopped off to make it appear more industrial. When I attempted to apply the gel to the trays, it exploded out of the syringe and made a mess. As a result, despite the fact that the three-tube supply is intended to last two weeks, I only received a single tube to last 3 – 4 days. After completing the three tubes, I didn’t detect any noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth, but that’s about standard fare in my experience with all these sorts of products.

Full Review
Remi Review: Expert Reviews

Remi night guard company runs differently, and different customers may prioritize different factors, yet Remi is the greatest overall deal – particularly for beginners. Their one-time $150 fee is in the center of the pack, but it contains twice as much as Cheeky or ClearClub. This is a terrific choice for those who aren’t sure whether they want a top or bottom guard or even both. The ability to expressly request two of their favorite options in the future is excellent. While it may not be clear from the official website, Remi does provide a variety of thicknesses and colors; all you have to do is ask! If you don’t specify a thickness, they’ll use their most popular.

Full Review

As someone who dislikes wearing Remi Night Guard, there was certainly a time of adaptation to have one again. My old night guard sometimes ended up across the room after I’d clearly pulled it out and flung it in my sleep. But my initial dislike for the Remi faded rapidly. I wear it most nights now with no problems. Above all, the discomfort in my jaw caused by grinding my teeth subsided almost quickly, and I haven’t had any problems since I began using this Remi Night Guard to bed. And, thankfully, I didn’t have to go to the dentist’s office during COVID 19 to give up my firstborn kid in exchange for an expensive night guard, which was fantastic.

Full Review

Anti-bite devices really aren’t inexpensive. It was $400 5 years earlier, and it may be close to $500 today. This is a significant financial investment in your oral health. Remi provides an incredible answer at a 20% discount, and it seems to be a superior product in terms of convenience and design. In fact, it comes with two protectors, making it a better to buy.

Remi will supply fresh putty if you make a mistake during the shaping procedure and the putty dries on you. If the Night Guards is not for you, they will refund your money within 30 days. Remi gives an outstanding client experience when combined with their effective communication.

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Full Review

Conclusion of Remi Reviews & Ratings

For the final thought, if you’re looking for a quick, effective, and affordable option to whiten your smile, then Remi Teeth Whitening Kit is the way to go. This kit comes with custom-formulated whitening toothpaste, an LED light, and a battery. All you have to do is brush your teeth with the whitening toothpaste, rinse your mouth with a whitening mouthwash, and follow the simple instructions to charge the light. That’s it!

Remi Review: Conclusion

By reading Remi Review, we hope it’ll help you to gain more information about whitening teeth, especially in the Remi store. You can buy other products in Remi at a great price.


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