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About Puraclenz

Just right before you read this Puraclenz review, you should think more about why you need a good mask. Whether or not there is a pandemic, it is critical that you improve your general health and well-being. Incorporating air purifiers into your environment is a simple change to make.

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, air purifiers have grown in popularity because of their capability to sterilize the air and minimize contaminants and pollutants such as COVID-19, allergies, poisons, microorganisms, and other elements.

While speaking about air purifiers, you need to include Puraclenz in the conversation. As Puraclenz provides several excellent air purifiers products. Moreover, the air purifiers use a powerful air cleaning technology named Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO).

In this article, you will find out the excellent features of Puraclenz air purifiers, the best product from them, and you can even get some discounts.

Overview of Puraclenz

Puraclenz is a technological firm that was founded in 2020 with the goal of cleaning indoor air all over the world. This firm is actively working on producing unique, powerful, and cost-effective solutions for usage in homes and companies throughout the globe. Puraclenz has created a PCO-based air purifier as a solution for a cleaner indoor air environment.

The innovation of Puraclenz’s PCO-based air purifier did not come easy. It started with the death of a friend of Wendell Minnick, the co-founder of Puraclenz. His friend died of hospital-acquired infection (HAI), which makes Chris and Wendell as the founder, discover the importance of clean and sanitized indoor air. They also want to create an air cleaner device that is not only usable for a hospital, but also for everyone.

Chris and Wendell saw an urgent need for a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and powerful air filtration system. The further question leads them to UVAIRx, Inc., a tiny Denver, Colorado-based corporation with unique ideas for boosting the performance of proven photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology — the same innovation used to produce better air quality for astronauts on the International Space Station.

Chris and Wendell invested heavily in UVAIRx during the following seven years, as well as providing technical and managerial support. UVAIRx successfully created the next-generation indoor air purification technology during that period. Puraclenz was created by Chris and Wendell in 2020, and via an asset acquisition agreement, Puraclenz purchased these patents and employed Jerrod Keith, the technology’s developer, as vice president of research and development.

Puraclenz added additional features to the patented design and commenced the manufacture of the next-generation version of PCO technology under the direction of this team. They revolutionized indoor air filtration to give a strong, safe, and cost-effective solution to assist families and businesses in navigating the present global pandemic, future viral-based dangers, and challenges posed by harmful bacteria and mold.

Puraclenz Reviews

Puraclenz’s next-generation PCO air purifier uses unique ionization technology to continually clean air and exposed surfaces, even hard-to-reach nooks, and crannies. Viruses are aggressively eliminated from your surroundings before they propagate. It’s never been more inexpensive to breathe cleaner air.

Puraclenz Reviews
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Not only it is powerful and efficient, but Puraclenz is also completely safe for everyone in the room to use. Puraclenz, unlike other ionic purifiers, has been shown to not produce VOC byproducts and is ozone-free. Puraclenz has a very cheap cost per square foot of coverage when installed. It also operates automatically, with no additional effort, equipment, or materials required to get started.

The air purifier from Puraclenz is also exotically designed so that it also becomes an eye candy in the corner of the room. Weighing around 3 pounds and about 11″ tall, each of Puraclenz air purifier is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve their home air quality without sacrificing much space and interior aesthetic.


Benefits of an Air Purifier

The air in a home or apartment is often contaminated by exterior sources as well as from inside the rooms. Air quality in the room has much impact on the human body. Scientific studies have shown that significant levels of indoor air pollution may cause many health risks from headaches, eye irritation, or even respiratory diseases in the long term.

Puraclenz Review: Benefits of an Air Purifier
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Because they remove particles that would otherwise remain in the air for long periods of time, air purifiers are beneficial to the skin and overall health. Consider cigarette smoke, pet dander, and dust, all of which may harm the skin and respiratory system in the short and long term.

Furthermore, by cleaning the air, air purifiers may help to treat asthma and/or severe allergy symptoms, as well as prevent future responses. They also lower the danger of airborne infections and clean items that contain harmful particles.

The air purifier is without a doubt the most effective method for improving indoor air quality. Using an air purifier to purify the air in your room or house involves removing allergies, tiny particles, and pollen. Using an air purifier for the long term may improve your health as you breathe in more clear air every day. Air purifiers also can help to remove bad smells from your house too.


Photocatalyctic Technology (PCO) Air Purifer

It is already mentioned several times above that Puraclenz used an innovative Photocatalyctic Technology (PCO) for their patented air purifiers. This PCO system made Puraclenz different from the rest, as most air purifiers use either Ultraviolet, HEPA, Electronic, or Carbon system. This is the exactly same system that is used by NASA to provide their astronauts with clear air in outer space. A scientific study has already proven the efficiency and ability of the PCO system in killing harmful pathogens and improving air quality.

Photocatalytic oxidation may seem sophisticated, but it is really rather simple. To break down contaminants, UV light is coupled with a catalyst in this procedure. PCO air filters often use a catalyst such as titanium dioxide, which functions as a semiconductor to attack pollution molecules. When a pollutant interacts with UV-activated titanium dioxide, it is broken down into less harmful molecules like carbon dioxide and water.

PCO system used by Puraclenz stands above the rest of the air purifiers as it cleans the air without any suction so that the harmful particles do not need to travel around the room before being cleaned. This system can dynamically kill any germs and pathogens either in midair or on any surface. Any place that is missed by your hand cleaning is considered safe with the help of the PCO system.

While a PCO system air purifier is categorized as an ionic, it does have an advantage over the average ionic purifier. Almost all ionic air purifier has a very harmful byproduct emitted when they are on, they produce O3 or ozone. Ozone may give multiple health risks and may have an impact on damaging the lungs. Inhaling ozone either in its pure or mixed forms may immediately induce chest pain, shortness of breath, and many others. PCO system on the other hand does not possess the risk of producing harmful substances such as ozone. The system is completely safe for the human body.

Puraclenz P750 Review

The Puraclenz P750 is intended to kill viruses, germs, and other pathogens in the air and on exposed surfaces in rooms up to 750 square feet. It provides genuine air and surface purification for smaller places such as offices, patient rooms, schools, and other settings.

Puraclenz Review: Puraclenz P750 Review
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This is the greatest little air purifier with non-ozone3 ion technology, which makes it suitable for both humans and animals. The patented PCO next-generation cell design is efficient, creating a large number of ions to clean the air and surfaces.


  • Ideal for spaces up to 750 sq. ft.
  • MS2 bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is 99 percent successful in reducing it.
  • Proven to be more than 99 percent efficient against viruses1, bacteria, and more than 95 percent effective in reducing hazardous mold2.
  • UL 2998 certified ozone-free ionic air purifier that is powerful, easy to use, and safe.

In the box:

  • Purifier assembled with PCO Cell, Top Cover, Pre-Filter and Power Cord
  • User Guide, Sticker, Warranty Card
  • Bottom Plate, 2 machine screws, 2 coarse thread screws, 2 anchors
  • Extra Pre-Filter

Puraclenz P3000 Review

P3000 is one of Puraclenz air purifiers that is applicable in larger areas compared to other models. It’s designed for standard-size workplaces, classrooms, retail establishments, entertainment facilities, doctor’s and dentist clinics, and labs. Designed for large areas does not mean the device is also bulky, the P3000 comes with 2.65 pounds weight and is 11″ tall, which is perfect to place in any space in your house.

Puraclenz P3000 used a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) system for cleaning the air. A pre-filter is also included in the P3000 to protect the device’s optics and catalyst from airborne particles, which may cause fouling and reduce the device’s performance over time. The P3000 device is quite effective in removing several kinds of bacteria and mold. The Puraclenz P3000 air purifier might help reduce the transmission of airborne illnesses, particularly during influenza season and epidemic situations.


  • Options for mounting on a desktop, a wall, or a ceiling
  • Commercial Large Cell Replacement
  • Battery indicator
  • Indicator for Automatic Filtering
  • Indicator for Automatic Lamp Change
  • Only for indoor usage

What’s included in the box?

  • Purifier assembled with PCO Cell, Top Cover, Pre-Filter, and Power Cord
  • User Guide, Sticker, Warranty Card
  • Bottom Plate, 2 machine screws, 2 coarse thread screws, 2 anchors
  • Extra Pre-Filter

Puraclenz P1500 Review

The Purazlenz P1500 is a compact air purifier that packs a punch. The P1500 is excellent for medium-sized places such as flats, living rooms, offices, and schools since it can clean up to 1,500 square feet. The P1500 uses PCO technology to eradicate biological toxins while also producing a purifying plasma that reduces mold and smells in the air without using ozone.

The Puraclenz P1500 is simple to transport from room to room due to its low weight and small form factor. For the most part, P1500 packs similar features to its big brother, P3000, but comes with a smaller size and coverage area, which may fit with your home. And also the mobility and low noise output will appeal to you as this product comes with a noise level of 48dBA, it is almost unnoticeable when operating.

Overall, the Puraclenz P1500 is an excellent air purifier with a bigger coverage area than most rival air purifiers and a small footprint. The P1500’s PCO cell means it’s ozone-free, and it’s great at removing pollutants, smells, mildew, and other unpleasant particles from the air. The Puraclenz P1500 is a terrific option if you’re searching for an amazing ozone-free air purifier with a big coverage area.


  • Options for mounting on a desktop, a wall, or a ceiling
  • Commercial Large Cell Replacement
  • Battery indicator
  • Indicator for Automatic Filtering
  • Indicator for Automatic Lamp Change
  • Only for indoor usage

What’s included in the box?

  • Purifier assembled with PCO Cell, Top Cover, Pre-Filter, and Power Cord
  • User Guide, Sticker, Warranty Card
  • Bottom Plate, 2 machine screws, 2 coarse thread screws, 2 anchors
  • Extra Pre-Filter

Puraclenz Air Purifiers Pros and Cons

Puraclenz Review: Puraclenz Air Purifiers Pros and Cons
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  • Powerful air cleaning ability
  • Various coverage size
  • Does not produce harmful byproducts
  • 24/7 air purification
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable price


  • Pre filter and cell need to changed regularly

Puraclenz Comparison with Other Products

Puraclenz went all out in developing the air purifier, as it solved several problems of air purifiers product at once. First of all, Puraclenz offers continuous air purification that not many air purifier products can do. In terms of cleaning the air, Puraclenz provides double purification as they not only purify the midair but also purify each surface in your home. They are also able to clean each nook and crannies of your furniture that your hand may be missed during cleaning or wiping them.

Puraclenz Review: Puraclenz Comparison with Other Products

Puraclenz air purifiers are also easy to install as they are lightweight and compact in size so they can be mounted almost anywhere in the room. In comparison, other air purifiers may need a complex setup before operating products. One last important thing is that Puraclenz air purifier does not produce any harmful substance, so you can be relieved while sitting across the room.

Puraclenz Refund Policy

You have 30 days from the date of receipt to obtain a full refund, including shipping costs, if you are dissatisfied with your puraclenz.com order for any circumstance. Any specific product bought on puraclenz.com may be returned in compliance with the following terms:

  • Puraclenz customer care staff must be contacted for a return authorization within 30 days of your shipping date.
  • The Product must be sent from a location inside the nation where it was bought from Puraclenz or an authorized Puraclenz reseller.
  • You must return the Product in excellent physical condition to Puraclenz. All accessories that came with your purchase must be returned with your transaction.
  • Along with any returned goods, you must provide the return authorization number

The refund policy will be voided if any of the following action is conducted:

  • Any product that has been dismantled or changed by other parties or individuals without authorization.
  • Careless operation or handling, misuse, abuse, and/or lack of maintenance or usage in violation of the Puraclenz User Guide are all prohibited.

Puraclenz Purifiers Warranty

When used for regular purposes in accordance with the Puraclenz User Guide, your Puraclenz purifier is assured against original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Please save your receipt as evidence of purchase. According to Puraclenz’s records, if you do not have your proof of purchase, your warranty will begin 90 days from the date of manufacture.

This guarantee covers all components required to keep your purifier in good working order throughout the warranty term at no additional cost to you. The warranty term will not be extended if any component of your equipment is replaced under warranty. Puraclenz will become the owner of any components that are returned to them. The warranty period for reconditioned equipment may vary; please refer to the warranty document provided with the machine for details.

Puraclenz Customer Service

If there are any issues or questions about Puraclenz and its products, you can easily contact them through the following address.

  • PHONE : 1-833-360-PURA
  • EMAIL: support@puraclenz.com

You can also submit your inquiry by filling out the form on this page. Puraclenz customer service is online from 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST Monday to Friday. Make sure to contact Puraclenz during working hours to assure a quick response.

Where to buy Puraclenz?

You can get Puraclenz products from several places. First and foremost, you can get them from the official website of Puraclenz. Other marketplaces such as MyBinding and Binding101 also sell Puraclenz air purifiers.

Puraclenz Promo Codes & Coupons

You can get a good deal by buying Puraclenz air purifiers from its official website. Each of the Puraclenz air purifier models has a 20% discount that will appear on the checkout. You can also get a discount by buying more Puraclenz products. You can get 10% off when you are buying 3 purifiers at once, and 12% off if you buy 4 purifiers. This discount is only applicable for a limited time, so grab your card and start buying a Puraclenz air purifier right now. Also use CLEAN10 Puraclenz coupon code to get extra 10% off!

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Puraclenz Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Puraclenz. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Can the Puraclenz air purifier remove molds and fungi?

Yes, a Puraclenz P3000 unit has been shown to reduce harmful mold Aspergillus brasiliensis within the environment by 95.1 percent. Aspergillus brasiliensis is a black mold endospore that induces allergic responses and may be used as a substitute for Toxic Black Mold, Dark Grey Mold, and other allergy-causing molds. To get the greatest results regarding mildew on objects in your home, clean the affected parts with bleach and water first. Then, for at least 7 days, operate your Puraclenz unit continually to avoid mold formation.

Do Puraclenz air purifiers produce O3/ozones?

Puraclenz products, unlike any other ionic air purifier, are certified ozone free and meet UL2998 standards. Puraclenz products feature a shielded UV lamp that emits no wavelengths less than 250nm. Puraclenz products do not release ozone since ozone is formed by light with a wavelength of 185nm. Puraclenz products allow you to breathe better air within your house while avoiding the negative impacts of ozone pollution.

Does installing Puraclenz air purifier hard?

Puraclenz purifiers are compact and practical for any area, with a flexible, easy-to-install design that may be used on a tabletop, wall, or ceiling. Mounting units in the most central section of interior space, in regions most often frequented by humans, is advised. Each device uses just 15W of electricity and is powered by a typical US electrical socket (120V/60Hz). Each comes with a 6-foot power chord with a three-prong Type B USA socket. So, it is easy to install Puraclenz products as they can be mounted anywhere and powered with a universal socket.

What are the maintenances needed for Puraclenz air purifiers?

Based on the pollution levels of the installation location, the Pre-Filter should be changed or cleaned every 6-12 months. Before it has to be changed, the Cell will last 2.5 years. These times are based on constant usage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The P series purifiers feature indication lights that alert the user whenever the Cell or Pre-Filter needs to be replaced. In only a few minutes, you can change the Pre-Filter and Cell.

Is Puraclenz legit?

Effectiveness testing shows that a Puraclenz P3000 unit may reduce the MS2 virus in the air by over 99 percent in normal indoor environments. MS2 bacteriophage is a SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) proxy virus approved by the FDA. So, yes, Puraclenz is a legit brand of air purifier that may help you improve your environment air quality.

Do Puraclenz products already certified?

The following certifications were done by Intertek Testing Service on the models P750, P1500, and P3000, and results are available upon request:

  • ETL-US listed and meets UL507 safety requirements.
  • CARB (California Air Regulation Board) – gold standard for air purifier safety.
  • Compliance with the FCC (CFR 47, FCC Part 15, Subpart B).
  • Free of lead, mercury, cadmium, and phthalates, as defined by ROHS and California Proposition 65.

The P3000 and P1500 models have received UL2998 certification for zero ozone emissions.

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Puraclenz Expert Reviews

Air purifiers don’t have to be bulky. The finest air purifiers, in fact, may simply integrate with your existing décor. For example, the Puraclenz P300 appears like a work of art. It’s great for tabletops, but it can also be hung on the wall. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be impressed with how well it cleans your air. It contains NASA-developed PCO technology, which uses UV-C light to produce ions that destroy microorganisms and odors. Larger trash is caught by a foam prefilter.

Woman's World
Full Review

Puraclenz is a new air filter that will assist people to fight viruses, germs, and mold (including Sars-Cov-2). Puraclenz works differently than passive air purifiers because it uses an advanced kind of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology that was first utilized in the International Space Station to deliver clean air to astronauts. Puraclenz generates ions in interior areas via a mechanism similar to that which happens naturally when UV rays from the sun interact with air molecules in the environment.

AB Smart Health
Full Review

Puraclenz employs a more advanced kind of photocatalytic oxidation that was created by NASA and has been used safely for more than 40 years. Produces the most strong positive and negative ions that can be produced chemically. Puraclenz employs technology that eliminates viruses, hazardous germs, and poisonous gases without requiring ozone to continually disinfect full interior rooms (3,000 square feet) – both surfaces and air.

Full Review

Conclusion of Puraclenz Reviews & Ratings

Purchasing a Puraclenz air purifier may benefit you in various ways. These air purifiers are easier to install than the others, may clean your environment in an efficient way and of course, these products do not break your bank. With its beautiful design, placing this air purifier will not reduce the aesthetic of your home. There isn’t any better time to buy these products. It is hoped that you can get the best experience with Puraclenz air purifiers. Purchase one, improve your breathing air quality, and give a feedback if you like this Puraclenz review article.

Puraclenz Review: Conclusion
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