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About Profit Protector Pro

Initially, you may be able to manually reprice your goods on Amazon. However, as you expand, you should choose a premium repricing service that uses algorithmic repricing strategies and tactics to increase sales. Profit Protector Pro is one of the every Amazon merchant needs. But does it really work? 

Profit Protector Pro Review: About

In this Profit Protector Pro review, we will thoroughly dissect ProfitProtectorPro, including a detailed instruction on how to use the Profit Protector Pro repricer, get free trial, login or install the Chrome/Mozilla Firefox extension, and deeply understand how it works.

Profit Protector Pro Strategies

Manual repricing is an extremely time consuming and difficult procedure for new Amazon sellers. So they may need for a repricing tool. Profit Protector Pro is a software company that offers unique algorithmic repricing strategies in order to extremely pursue the buy box 24 hours and 7 days with target to increase your selling price.

Profit Protector Pro is a repricing solution designed for Amazon Sellers. It supports all Amazon FBA markets. In order to increase earnings, it tries to first win the Buy Box price. There are more than 23 different repricing strategies available at present, with more being added regularly in the future.

Profit Protector Pro Reviews

Profit Protector Pro is a very useful Amazon seller repricing software. It attempts to get into the Amazon Buy Box and then raise pricing to maximize revenues. Profit Protector Pro works with numerous Amazon marketplaces and uses real product prices in repricing estimates. There are charts for repricing and sales analysis.

Benefits of Using Profit Protector Pro

  • Profit Protector Pro offers one of the best Amazon repricing tool user interfaces we’ve encountered. It’s pretty simple to use and it displays all necessary information without complicated graphs or confusing tables.
  • Save time by not having to manually verify the pricing of every item in your inventory.
  • Your life will be better and easier. Sometimes sellers ‘tank’ postings to sell quickly. This will relieve you of the hassle of constantly altering pricing, you will have this stress taken off your shoulders. This is a great time where you can use to source more items!.
  • Profit Protector Pro is one of the few repricers that genuinely works for you. Most other repricers do more harm than gove good solution by reducing prices, but algorithm seeks to raise prices wherever feasible.

Profit Protector Pro Review: Benefits of Using Profit Protector Pro

Profit Protector Pro Training Videos & Documentation

Profit Protector Pro’s training manuals are quite valuable. They are video tutorials that take you through the whole website. They go through each approach, how to set up your account, and even advanced tactics for paid members. When we emailed them regarding our account, they responded swiftly through email. We only had to contact customer support once, but it was a great experience.

Profit Protector Pro Features

Here are several of features that you will get when using Profit Protector Pro:

Profit Protector Pro Review: Profit Protector Pro Features
  • All Amazon marketplaces included: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL, SE, PL with no extra charge
  • Instant repricing: It is really fast, as fast as Amazon allows
  • Algorithmic AI & Rules Based repricing: Available 12 smart AI strategies and also 11 rules based strategies
  • Unlimited custom strategies: You can also build or make your own algorithm
  • Up & down repricing: Most Amazon repricers say they reprice upwards,  but onl6y PPP actually does
  • Night repricing mode: A very useful Night mode in order to keep pushing the prices upwards when you are sleeping. Set your product listings to rise prices every night when sales are at the lowest point to maximize your ROI.
  • Buy Box Learning Technology: PPP strategies get smarter and more innovative over time with better results
  • Auto min & max: This is calculated from your breakeven
  • Automations: Simply doo this, then that. Sit and relax
  • Dedicated Android & Apple iOS mobile app: Profit Protector Pro offers dedicated repricing app
  • On-page repricing chrome extension: For instant in stock repricing setup
  • One click repricing history: You can enjoy 30 days history of PPP actions on every ASIN
  • Penny under repricing ‘traps’: So you won’t need to start a penny war (which often leads to losing money).

  • BuyBotPro integration: BuyBotPro is a prominent retail arbitrage program that is completely integrated into Profit Protector Pro
  • Unique Buy Box ‘Profit Climbing Technology’: Another game changer. A user community informs the tool whether you may charge more for your items. So, after you have the Buy Box, you may raise your prices and make more money.

  • Multiple marketplace repricing from one screen: This saves time. Other repricers need you to hop from screen to screen to reprice your things in other markets. Uninteresting. Profit Protector Pro allows you to reprice items across all EU Amazon marketplaces.

Profit Protector Pro Pricing

Profit Protector Pro offers 3 subscription levels, and it depends on the amount of products listings you have at Amazon.

It costs $49.95 / £34.95 per month for 1000 product listings or fewer. This is the greatest strategy for new Amazon FBA sellers, since it is quite probable that you will have less than this. We recommend this for new Amazon beginner sellers.

  • 1000 Listings
  • All marketplaces included
  • On page repricing chrome extension
  • No setup fee
  • No contract cancel anytime
  • Grandfathered in price – never pay more
  • 14 day money back guarantee

It costs $54.95 / £39.95 a month for 5000 product listings or fewer. However, you would be utilizing more data resources, which I believe is OK. If you have done with the 1000 listings and you want to scale up, this bundle is your next challenge as Intermediate to Advanced sellers.

  • 5000 Listings
  • All marketplaces included
  • On page repricing chrome extension
  • No setup fee
  • No contract cancel anytime
  • Grandfathered in price – never pay more
  • 14 day money back guarantee

It costs $59.95 / £44.95 a month for 10000 products listings. This is a perfect solution for Advanced Professional amazon sellers.

  • 10000 Listings
  • All marketplaces included
  • On page repricing chrome extension
  • No setup fee
  • No contract cancel anytime
  • Grandfathered in price – never pay more
  • 14 day money back guarantee

There are no startup costs or contracts at Profit Protector Pro. There will be no sneaky price increases throughout your membership.

Profit Protector Pro Chrome Extension

You can add the Chrome Extension for Profit Protector Pro to your browse by clicking here.

Profit Protector Pro Review: Profit Protector Pro Chrome Extension

We really recommend using Chrome Extension since it will be the fastest methods to add items to your inventory. In order to sync a product with Amazon’s servers, you must use Seller Central. If you choose to list via the Chrome Extension, the PPP repricer will start to work immediately and bypassing the delays which Amazon bring.

Profit Protector Pro Login

If you are already a member of Profit Protector Pro, you can directly login using this link. In case you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

Where to buy Profit Protector Pro?

The only website where you can get their software is at

Profit Protector Pro Promo Codes & Coupons

There is no Profit Protector Pro coupon code available right now, but you can still get FREE Trial promotion. Basically PPP offers 30 day 100% money-back-guarantee, which is work pretty similar to FREE trial. 🙂 Try in 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the software, take your money back.

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Profit Protector Pro

Profit Protector Pro Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Profit Protector Pro. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is there a Profit Protector Pro Free Trial?

Unfortunately at this time, there is no Free Trial available at PPP. However, there is a 30 day money back guarantee policy. You can the advantage of this, which works in a very similar way to a Free Trial Period.

What is a repricer?

There are several repricers available. Some of them are simple and designed to assault the purchase box. You’ve probably encountered the situation where no matter how low you lower the price, someone else lowers it.

This presents a problem, resulting in a ‘race to the bottom’ among sellers. A sale at any cost is not guaranteed by Profit Protector Pro.

Does Profit Protector Pro really work?

PPP really works perfectly. We used to believe that repricers could never outperform human contact.

Using a repricer, particularly an automated one like Profit Protector’s, has several advantages.
Even more, the Algorithmic method works for you over time. It’s an adaptable method that will only improve ROI.

How does Profit Protector Pro work?

Profit Protector Pro relentlessly pursues the purchase box. Once on the Buy Box, the AI is designed to raise the price of the listing to keep you there. Making more money and selling more is just what an Amazon Seller needs.

There are several techniques to choose from, which we will explain later. Let’s begin the instruction on how to set up Profit Protector Pro. Profit Protector Pro is amazing, despite some repricing features being difficult to use.

Is Profit Protector Pro better than Amazon’s Free Repricer?

What you should realize is even when you are selling on Amazon, you can’t fully 100% trust that they are not tweaking their algorithm and system to offer the best experience for customers. So PPP is a worth to try software that you will never regret.

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Profit Protector Pro Expert Reviews

EASY TO SET UP – I can automate my break even, minimum and maximum, and I can click and go without worrying about my listings.
Prices IN MULTIPLE WAYS – I can verify and evaluate pricing on the Profit Protector Pro website. Use the Google Chrome plugin (my favourite). Alternatively, use the smartphone app to price while on the go. It also works in tandem with the Amazon deal program Buy Bot Pro, which I also use.
ALWAYS INNOVATING – Profit Protector Pro software developers are continually seeking to improve and add features, they listen to what their clients need, and their team is fantastic. Their customer service is amazing, and the total package is good for the price.

Cindy Jackson
Full Review

Helped me generate an estimated 10-15% greater return on nearly all of my goods than if I had left the default cost alone. My Buy Box % has improved considerably, including a few of things where I am not even close to the lowest cost! Customer service is excellent! Product development is ongoing, and new systems are being tested.

Ben A
Full Review

Pricing strategies range from conservative to aggressive, depending on your hunger for sales versus profits. I enjoy how I can define my settings and be confident that Profit Protector Pro will work for me. My sales have grown, as have my profit margins. It’s given me a lot more time to work on other aspects of my business.

Terry Clapson
Full Review

I’ve been using Profit Protector Pro program for a few months and it’s absolutely fantastic. Signing up for this was the finest decision I’ve ever made. I have no clue how it works or what methods are utilized, but it has always produced excellent results for me. It will maximize earnings in all scenarios by using a variety of algorithmic parameters, not just the standard ones. It will create sales at a price considerably over the purchase box on a regular basis, often several pounds higher, so that this program will pay for itself in no time!

Russell H
Full Review

Profit Protector Pro is quite simple to use. I just set it up and then forget about it. So far, it has earned about £1,115 in additional profit on top of the typical amount it has helped me gain. This is a complete game changer for me. It’s something I couldn’t live without.

Paul Morris
Full Review

Conclusion of Profit Protector Pro Reviews & Ratings

When we began looking and reviewing at repricers and creating this Profit Protector Pro review, we wanted something affordable, inexpensive and simple. Basic guidelines like ‘ensure best pricing’ resulted in lower profitability. Repricers triggered an all-out fight among sellers. Multiple Amazon sellers adopted Repricers and it caused an all-out war on pricing.

Profit Protector Pro is packed with a huge bunch of features. Their algorithms are very unique. Profit Protector Pro will start pushing your pricing up, recovering and collecting larger earnings. This software tool is a real deal and foolproof. It suits both new and experienced Amazon sellers.

When the time comes, you’ll be glad you have a solution that focuses on income, not simply sales. Using another technique costs money. The ability to set your repricing plan straight on your listing page while surfing Amazon is obviously a HUGE WIN. Using Profit Protector Pro requires simply that.

If you have fewer than 10-15 product listings, you may not be ready for a repricer. But if you want to scale up, increase your sales, then your search is at the correct spot!.


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