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About Prints of Love

Greeting cards are undeniably a unique and traditional method to interact with those that are important to you and your brand. Greeting cards are typically given for birthdays and Christmas, but they could be used for so much more. Greeting cards may be used to welcome consumers to a special event, thank them for a recent purchase, promote repeat purchases, or just to show that you’re thinking about them.

Prints of Love Review: About
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If you plan to make some greeting cards, you may want to check out Prints of Love. Prints of Love is an online printing shop that provides you a high-quality printouts products with ease. Your greeting cards design will be printed in a short range of time and shipped free to your door the next day. In this Prints of Love review, you may get to know about this brand, what kind of products you can order from this brand, the best deals that you can get in your purchase, and many more. At the end of this article, you may already decided that this brand is your choice for printing anything.

Overview of Prints of Love

Prints of Love is an online print store that makes printing your creations simple. Simply provide some information, upload your design(s), and your printouts will be sent free of charge in no time.

Wedding-related designs, pregnancy/birth announcements, and holiday cards are all printed by Prints of Love. Prints of Love provides professionally printed things delivered swiftly, on budget, and without difficulty through their insanely simple-to-use upload and print service. Prints of Love has developed a more pleasant and efficient printing marketplace by working directly with independent graphic artists.

Prints of Love is dedicated to working in a responsible and sustainable manner. This corporation is responsible for its influence on the environment and the people who live in it. Every print purchase is accompanied by the planting of a tree as a certified Reforestation Partner of One Tree Planted. Additionally, recycled paper and vegetable-based inks are being phased out of Prints of Love’s printing procedures.

Prints of Love Reviews

Let’s get started with the review, which will give you an idea of what you can expect from this fantastic online printing company. Prints of Love is the finest place to have your design printed. While they may not be able to create a design for your order, they do produce the greatest printing in a quick and simple manner. Not only cards, but you can also print other products such as envelopes, signs, posters, outdoor signage, and many more.

Prints of Love Reviews
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Prints of Love takes pride in its online printing services’ simplicity, cost, and quickness. Simply submit your creations and go back to enjoying your life. Your purchase will be completed in a few clicks, and your personalized cards will be sent to your door. You can receive high-quality, professional printing without wasting time or breaking the bank.

Prints of Love Printing Service

Prints of Love makes it simple to create beautiful invitations and party printables. Prints of Love provides high-quality printing in an easy-to-use format. Best of all, in the United States, your printed order will be delivered for free within 2-3 business days. There are several types of products that you can print from this shop. Their products are including Cards, Envelopes, Signs, Posters, Canvas, Outdoor Signage, and they also provide Custom Samples for every printed product that may not be listed. You can also get free envelopes for your cards ordered.

Prints of Love has everything you need for your printing requirements, from invitation printers to poster-sized prints and even addressing envelopes. Sustainability and environmental sensitivity are important to Prints of Love. Prints of Love plants a tree for every purchase made.

How to Print Your Design?

Prints of Love has a variety of products that enable users to submit files for printing. Here are the steps to placing an order that is fast and simple to follow.

  1. Go to Prints of Love main ordering page to place an order.
  2. Choose the card’s type, orientation, size, corner type, number, and card paper, as well as the event.
  3. Add your card set to the basket after uploading your file(s).
  4. Prints of Love supports PDF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIF, PSD, and AI files for your design file(s).

It is advised that you choose PDF format (which delivers the best resolution) or JPG file (with at least a minimum of 300 DPI) to guarantee that your designs are printed in the most professional quality.

Please note that Prints of Love works only to give the best printing of your design. So, if there are typos or mistakes in the design, it is fully on customers’ responsibility. Please double-check your design before uploading one.

Prints of Love Cards Paper Type

Prints of Love’s whole product line are available for purchase on their website. One of the most popular orders is the cards. Not only that you can print your cards in vertical or portrait sizes, but Prints of Love also offers horizontal formatting. If you need to print any greeting cards with your own design, Prints of Love is certainly an easy choice.

Prints of Love offers three kinds of paper types for cards ordered. They also mention the material’s kind and precise usage suggestions. Choose one that is suitable for your needs and occasions.

  • Smooth Matte Card Stock

This is the most popular option when ordering Prints of Love cards. Matte is a thick and smooth card material with a quality that is nice to the touch and gives a clean, sharp background for your graphics. It’s also fantastic for writing on. This paper material has a weight of 130 lb and a thickness of 16 points.

  • Shiny Gloss Card Stock

Gloss paper is the next paper type. This paper quality is great for photo-heavy designs since it has a lot of color vibrancy. This thick, reflective paper might be precisely what you’re looking for. The weight of this paper is 130 lb, and the thickness is 16 points. Although you will get dazzling cards, this kind of paper is not advised for writing on this card.

  • Linen Card Stock

A linen card stock is the last alternative. Linen paper is a stunning choice for traditional weddings and other special events. Embossed linen has a lovely texture that gives it a subtle yet polished look. Linen paper has a weight of 100 pounds and a thickness of 12 points.

Prints of Love Pros and Cons

Like all online services available, Print of Love is not a perfect online printing brand. You may find some good sides and bad sides of this brand from any review on the internet. Before ordering from Print of Love, it is advisable to check the pros and cons in the list below.

Prints of Love Review: Prints of Love Pros and Cons
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  • Various printing sizes and materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free shipping for US regions
  • High-quality printing


  • Can’t print colored envelopes
  • Some customers reported incorrect orders received on mass orders

Prints of Love Pricing

Prints of Love provides a variety of price options based on the items you choose to purchase. The following are the procedures to know the estimated price that are fast and simple to do.

  1. Go to Prints of Love main ordering page by clicking here.
  2. Select your print type and all of the choices for your order from the drop-down menu. It is not necessary to upload a file in order to see the cost.
  3. As you make your options, the cost at the bottom of the page is updated dynamically as well.

If you can’t see the cost, it’s possible that you’re skipping a selection in one of the categories. Make sure the options are displayed by having a gray border around them.

Prints of Love Affiliate Program

If you have any private business that your clients need to print from time to time, you can join the Prints of Love affiliate program named Share the Love to get an additional income. Share the Love is an open partnership between Prints of Love and independent creatives. You just recommend your customers or followers to print with Prints of Love by sending them to the Upload & Print section through a unique affiliate link. You will be compensated if they order printing.

When you join Share the Love, you’ll be given a unique URL that allows you to easily monitor all of your referral traffic. You then provide this link to your customers, and you’ll get credit for any transaction they make after visiting Prints of Love using that link. You will get a 10% commission on any purchases placed via your referral link.

You, the affiliates, are not required to do much for this program. Simply provide your customers with a link to the Prints of Love website and encourage them to use their service. That is all there is to it. You may exit the Share the Love program whenever you choose. There is no obligation on your part, and there is no expense to you.

Prints of Love expresses love by offering a reward on every transaction; it’s really that easy. All of your referral counts are immediately tracked on your partner dashboard, and payments are instantly paid to your account. There are no payout limitations, fees, or hassles.

It’s simple to become a member of the Prints of Love affiliate program. You only need to complete the application form and respond to a few questions to become a partner. Affiliate program acceptance is also fairly quick. The approval process should not take longer than 24 hours. However, it is typically rather quick.

Prints of Love Return Policy

Because the goods offered by Prints of Love are custom printed, they are not returnable. The consumer will be responsible for all charges related to returning products to Prints of Love.

The order may be qualified for a courtesy reprint if the printed products are plainly flawed owing to a printing process mistake or if they were ruined during delivery. Notify Prints of Love through email if you feel this is the issue with your purchase. Include your name, address, and order number, as well as digital photographs of the damage or faults. Customer issues must be reported within 7 days of the product being shipped to the customer’s address.

The client is responsible for the file layout, content, and text. Each file is inspected for size and resolution by Prints of Love. The customer is responsible for any typos or other unintended problems. Please contact Prints of Love if an order has to be reproduced due to a design mistake. The customer services will gladly help the customer in arranging a reprint order at a reduced rate.

Prints of Love Shipping Policy

During checkout, the cost and conditions of shipping orders will be shown in the shopping basket. Free Shipment in the area of United States only applies to basic ground shipping. Any shipments outside of the area of the United States, as well as any expedited shipping, will incur an extra fee. Prints of Love is not liable for carrier-caused shipment delays. If your purchase is not delivered on time, please contact them for any help Prints of Love may be able to give.

If you wish to return any things, you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping charges. Orders dispatched to the incorrect address given by the customer will not be refunded. The cost of shipping is non-refundable.

The customer is not entitled to a refund if an order is not delivered within the specified timescales and/or returned to Prints of Love owing to an invalid or incorrect delivery address. If the order is returned to Prints of Love by the carrier, Prints of Love will reship it to a corrected address at no extra cost. Reshipped orders, including those that were originally shipped through 1-2 day USPS Priority Express, will be sent via 2-3 day USPS Priority.

Prints of Love Customer Service

If you have any questions about the Prints of Love services, affiliate programs, or if you have any problems with the final product, you can check the help page of Prints of Love. If you did not find the answer you seek, you can contact Prints of Love customer service at the following address.

  • Phone : (385) 213-0257
  • Email : 

Or you can also fill out the inquiry form on this page. It is advisable to contact Prints of Love customer service during working hours to get a faster response.

Where to buy Prints of Love?

After reading the review, you may want to order yourself a good print as soon as possible, so we also provide where to order Prints of Love printing service. Prints of Love services may only be obtained via their official website. But don’t worry; the official website of Prints of Love has the best deals and prices for you.

Prints of Love Promo Codes & Coupons

Aside from a review to help you decide what to get, we understand that a low price is also important to you. There are several ways to save money, and one of the most common is to utilize Prints of Love coupon codes. You may use the following valid coupons at the official website:

  • SHOPRANKER – 10% off your order of $49 or more!
  • NewLove – Get a 10% discount on your purchase
  • SpringLove – Get a 10% off sitewide
  • WinterLove – Enjoy 10% discount for your purchase
  • SummerLove – Get a 10% off for your purchase
  • Love10 – Spend $49 or more and get 10% off on your purchase

Please note that some of this code may not work if it is already passed the validation date. Worry not, the codes are working as this article was published. Use them to get the best deal when printing your design at Prints of Love.

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Prints of Love Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Prints of Love. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What kind of file format are accepted by Prints of Love?

Prints of Love accepts various kinds of file formats for printing. You can send them in either of these formats; .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .PSD (Adobe Photoshop), .EPS, .PDF, JPG, .TIF.

Can print colored cards?

Prints of Love exclusively utilizes white card stocks to provide the most precise transfer of the design colors to the paper surface. If there is a full color in the background, it will be reproduced exactly as it appears. If you want the colors on the rear to match the front. It is suggested that you include a remark to your purchase, which Print of Love designers will be able to do for you.

What materials do Print of Love uses for printing poster?

The unmounted Print of Love posters is printed on #80 Cover paper, which is comparable to poster paper. If you want to frame the design, it is advised that you print on this material. Mounted posters are printed on Foamcore 1/8″ thick. Photobooth frames, welcome signs, birthday signs, and anything else involving printing a huge picture for temporary usage are all popular uses. Canvas is recommended if you are seeking a print that will be used for a long time, such as for home decorations.

Does the outdoor prints made by Prints of Love is waterproof?

Yes, both yard signs and outdoor banners can withstand the elements. They can resist wind and rain as long as they have been propped up appropriately with an H-stake or rope/string to prevent them from blowing away. It will not degrade product quality.

What if I have custom formats for each of my guests?

It is advised that you transmit your files in PDF format, which will format as a multi-page file with all of the recipients. If you’re unable to do so, you may send all of your files to Prints of Love directly at Add a message to your purchase stating that the files will be given separately so that the designers are aware of the designs.

If I utilize template editing software, what type of settings should I use?

If you’re using a template editor like Templett or Corjl, It is suggested to export your work as a PDF and using the options below:

  • Turn on ‘Bleed’
  • Turn off ‘Trim Marks’
  • Turn off ‘Save Paper
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Prints of Love Expert Reviews

The most accommodating business I’ve ever encountered! For my daughter’s baby shower, I purchased a seating chart. All I can say is that they went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure I was satisfied. I was astounded by their honesty.

Sandra Sabbiosa
Full Review
Prints of Love Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Prints of Love@fb

For my baby shower, I ordered a personalized banner. I bought it on Etsy and posted it to Prints Of Love! The shipping was quick, and the packing was attractive and safe. The quality is excellent, and it didn’t cost a fortune! I’ll be sure to tell others about it!

Kristina Nicole Carpenter
Full Review

From the minute I got an email explaining that the files I had uploaded were of poor quality and that they wanted to repair them so that my prints would come out flawlessly, I was blown away by this business. They requested me to resubmit my pictures in better resolution to assist them. I received my confirmation email shortly after that, and my prints arrived less than three days afterward. Not to mention the reasonable prices on their prints. Prints of Love comes highly recommended! I’ll be ordering from you again.

Sara Hutton
Full Review

I can’t even begin to express how satisfied I am with this company’s customer service! I purchased signs for my son’s birthday celebration and quickly discovered that I had waited much too long. I called the firm YESTERDAY to see if they believed the signs would arrive in time, and they immediately rushed my order to the printer and upgraded my shipping at no charge—it’s been 20 hours since they texted me to say they were delivering my products, and I’ve already gotten them! They are wonderful, and I couldn’t be happier. (I reside in the Philadelphia region, so this is not local shipping for them.) Thank you very much!!

Jen Kane
Full Review

Conclusion of Prints of Love Reviews & Ratings

Overall, we can conclude that Prints of Love is a legitimate online printing store, as we said in our review. To print your order, you may choose from a number of sizes and materials. This company also offers free delivery and free envelopes. Thank you for taking the time to read our Prints of Love review; we appreciate any feedback, and we hope you like your Prints of Love prints!

Prints of Love Review: Conclusion
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