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It might be difficult to decide which college to attend at times. But it is feasible to choose which course to follow after high school with the appropriate knowledge. Where can you get the knowledge that will help you become ready for college life?

One website devoted to assisting students to achieve a more seamless transition from high school to college is Peterson’s. Peterson’s assists students in getting ready for standardized examinations like the GRE or SAT as well as licensing exams. If you wish to study for your college exams, read this Peterson’s review.

Overview of Peterson's

Peterson’s was established in 1966 and has developed into a dominant force in the market for educational services. By assisting them in preparing for life in college and providing funds for their study, Peterson’s has committed its resources to assisting students in continuing their education beyond high school.

High school placement tests, college entrance tests, professional certification examinations, online degrees, and college search guides are among the many services that Peterson’s provides to students.

The Peterson’s are a group of curious, enthusiastic, aficionados of education with their headquarters in the beautiful city of Denver. The company consists of a global team of more than 50 full-time editors, teachers, developers, data scientists, and instructional designers.

Peterson’s team assists you in choosing the educational route that is best for you, navigating it, and completing it. Continue read this Peterson’s review to know what this brand has to offer.

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Peterson's Reviews

Peterson's Reviews

Peterson’s is the top educational services corporation in the world, focusing on education after high school. You may find, plan for, and pay for your education with the aid of Peterson’s, from culinary school to medical school and all in between.

Peterson’s offers the facts and information you’ll need to make an educated choice, whether you’re seeking advice on what to do after high school or how to be ready for examinations like the SAT, GRE, or NCLEX. Over 500,000 students depend on Peterson’s every year for reliable guidance and education.

The common objective of high school instructors, guidance counselors, and college admissions professionals is to assist students in achieving their academic objectives. Unfortunately, there aren’t many one-on-one contacts due to the enormous quantity of pupils. Peterson’s can be of assistance here. To make your work simpler, Peterson’s offers well-chosen advice, tutorials, and introductions.

By offering printed and online exam preparation materials as well as knowledge and training in fundamental skills, Peterson’s also supports service personnel across all branches of the military.

When it comes to college placement exams, military examinations, and credit-by-exam tests, Peterson’s assists thousands of service members and their families, transitioning service members, and those beginning their military careers to earn better scores, improving their future prospects. You can find out more about their service in this Peterson’s review.

Peterson's Test Prep

Peterson's Review: Peterson's Test Prep

The main service from Peterson’s is exam preparation, but it also provides a wide range of test-taking resources. You may access 185 test courses and more than 5,000 flashcards, study materials, and practice exams from Peterson’s as part of a membership program. These areas include assistance with high school preparation, such as obtaining a GED, college preparation for taking the SAT or ACT, or graduate school preparation, such as preparing for the MCAT.

It doesn’t end there; it also provides job preparation for a variety of fields, from healthcare to correctional officials. The military preparation with the ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is the most spectacular of all. Since this type of service is unique and unavailable elsewhere.

Given that you’ll get access to hundreds of study resources and courses, this major feature test prep service does have a cost. For a flat $49.00 monthly fee, Peterson’s offers you access to all test preparation resources. You won’t have to spend a single fee to prepare or study as a result. There are also more affordable three-monthly and annual options available.

Peterson's Scholarships

Most people probably remember Peterson’s best as a preparation test provider. In addition to their test preparation service, they also provide a cutting-edge, user-friendly scholarship search tool.

It is possible to use this tool without creating a profile, which may be advantageous for students who want to look for scholarships using keywords. Filtering options for the search results include award amount, major, state of residency, gender, and others.

In addition to its scholarship search engine, Peterson’s provides a wealth of information for students selecting colleges and those preparing for graduate school. Although there are numerous extra exam preparation products on the Peterson website that may be bought, the scholarship search tool is absolutely free to use.

Although Peterson’s is well known for its test preparation service, they also provide extensive college and graduate school search tools to assist you in finding the best institution for you. It’s simple to look up every educational choice or to limit your search to online programs. They categorize it to further reduce it.

Say you’re looking for a parent-friendly institution. You may easily locate one by going to their website, selecting the College & Scholarship Help tab, and then selecting the ‘Parent-Friendly Schools’ filter. Similar alternatives are provided for certain disciplines and occupations, such as “Health & Nursing Schools,” “Liberal Arts Schools,” and so forth. In addition to offering a platform for each student taking an exam, Peterson’s also offers options on the student’s future.

Peterson's Customer Service

You may ask for assistance from customer service if you ever have questions about Peterson’s services. From Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm US Mountain Standard Time, Peterson’s support staff is accessible. Anytime you contact them, their customer service will respond to you as quickly as they can.

Peterson's Expert Reviews

Peterson's Review: Expert Reviews

Peterson’s may be a useful tool to employ if you need that additional push, drive, and knowledge to pass your crucial scholastic examinations, according to the study we’ve done on it. If you’re planning to take a significant exam in the near future, such as the GRE, LSAT, NCLEX, SAT, or NAPT, Peterson’s may be the tool and support you need by your side. You’ll get access to all the courses, practice exams, flashcards, and study aids you need to ace your major exam. They seem to have all the tools necessary to support adult college students in whatever tests they would need to pass in order to go forward with their lives.

Full Review

When comparing Peterson’s test preparation resources to other test preparation solutions, you’ll see that Peterson’s offers far more for a much lower price. Peterson’s will give the appropriate test preparation resources to match their budget for many students, even if other programs do offer more individualized coaching and in-person training. It’s difficult to get such an excellent alternative from another firm at such a cheap cost. For students transitioning from one level of study to another or into a job, Peterson’s is a top choice in the educational services market and provides a number of beneficial resources. When you’re prepared to advance in your education, Peterson’s provides a variety of resources to support you, including the appropriate exam preparation materials.

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Test preparation, college admissions counseling, writing assistance, and scholarship databases are just a few of the educational services provided by Peterson’s. You may be able to utilize the organization as more than just an ACT resource since they provide services other than exam preparation. Everyone may get ACT assistance from Peterson’s ACT Prep Online Course at any time, anywhere. With its adaptable learning platform, you may go through the material at your own pace. You may study on your phone, tablet, or computer since the course is intended for both mobile and desktop platforms. Depending on when you want to take the exam, you may choose a short, medium, or long route. Games, lengthy practice exams, quizzes, and interactive courses are all part of the course material. This course could be suitable for you if you want an engaging, guided route that gets you right up to exam day without feeling the need for a teacher going through the content with you.

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American business Peterson’s provides test-preparation programs. Three online practice exams are available for its courses, all of which are in accordance with the most recent ACT examination. In order to assist students assess their strengths and limitations, they provide a diagnostic exam. This aids students in determining where they are in terms of their knowledge and the areas where they need to advance over time. With their course, you may learn at your own speed. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. More than fifty specially prepared subject-based courses created by their professionals make up Peterson’s ACT online prep course. You will be able to master every topic on the ACT with this. They also incorporate quizzes and flashcards in their course, which are both excellent study tools.

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Where to buy Peterson's?

For each student seeking higher education, Peterson’s offers a wide range of services. Peterson’s has everything covered, from exam preparation to scholarship searching. You may subscribe to their service on the official website if you’re interested in using it. Since Peterson’s service isn’t available anyplace else.

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    Peterson's Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Peterson's. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Peterson's Review: Questions & Answers

    Q: How to convert Peterson's prep test score?


    Although Peterson’s does not provide a chart for every exam, it is widely agreed that if your average score was 65 percent or greater, you were test-ready. Keep in mind that the data banks for the CLEP, DSST, ASVAB, MCAT, PCAT, and LSAT include thousands of questions. The practice tests are only meant to be used as a learning aid and should not be used to gauge your progress. You must study the subject matter. Many of the customers take the first exam and then utilize the results to determine what they need to learn. Instead of memorizing the solutions, you should study the subject.

    Q: How can I access my Peterson's test?


    Visit the Peterson website. Click Log In in the upper right corner. When asked, enter your email address and the password you used to register, then click Log In. Hover over the ICON in the top right corner of the following screen. Access Your Tests may be found by scrolling down. To view your test, click on it and scroll down. Because you now have access to every exam that is suggested for you, utilize the search box to look for specific tests by name.

    Q: How to review my Peterson's test?


    The procedure for accessing your test review has altered as a result of Peterson’s website recently switching to a new gateway. This is how you review it. Quizzes may be selected by clicking Class Progress. Click the test that you have completed in the Quizzes section, for instance, Practice Test 1. Then, once you’re on that page, a drop-down menu that says Summary – Practice Test will come at the end of the title and give you the choice between submissions and report. You may examine your test results by clicking on submissions and then, after you’re on that page, attempts.

    Q: How to withdraw from the subscription?


    Subscriptions are configured to automatically renew. Clients must cancel their subscription 48 hours before the renewal date in order to prevent an account from renewing automatically. If you don’t cancel before the renewal date, another subscription term will be added to your bill. If you neglect to cancel before the renewal date, Peterson’s does not provide refunds. When you’re prepared to cancel, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Visit Peterson’s website, first.
    2. Click Log In in the upper right corner. The email address and password you used to create the account will be required before you can log in.
    3. Hover over the ICON in the top right corner of the next screen, scroll down, and choose Order History.
    4. Click “Manage Subscription” on the next screen’s Subscriptions section, then click the “Manage Subscription” box, and finally click the “Cancel” button.
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    Conclusion of Peterson's Reviews & Ratings

    On Peterson’s website, you’ll discover all the resources you need, whether you’re preparing for one exam or five. Everyone, from high school students to medical professionals to members of the military, may find something in Peterson’s broad collection of test preparation materials. Additionally, you may get a scholarship and college search tool. Overall, Peterson’s will be very helpful to you. We appreciate you reading Peterson’s review. Please read our other review as well before you depart.