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About Office Timeline

Every organization, no matter how little or large, must frequently deal with a variety of activities, projects, plans, and people. Teams of managers, members, and leaders collaborate to create effective applications. Without using any project management tools, it may be quite difficult to complete work effectively as more individuals get involved.

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Therefore, it is highly anticipated that you will have some tools that can keep your firm structured when planning and carrying out a project in an efficient, predictable, and trustworthy manner. In essence, project management software is used for scheduling projects, allocating resources, managing time, and keeping track of performance. The remote development team you employ for your app development manages project management systems.

If you’re looking for a reliable project management tool, you’ve come to the right spot. To understand more, keep reading our Office Timeline review.

Overview of Office Timeline

Office Timeline LLC is a Bellevue, Washington-based private software firm. In 2012, Tim Stumbles and Eddy Malik co-founded it. Tim and Eddy used to spend a lot of time creating and updating projects and planning visualizations for client and executive meetings before Office Timeline. When they founded the business, their goal was to offer cutting-edge software that consumers could easily use, integrate with existing technologies, and swiftly produce stunning project images.

Office Timeline Reviews

Office Timeline is a software product road map meant to assist workers in the creation of project plans, Gantt charts, swimlane diagrams, and deadlines. Teams may create roadmaps, tweak visuals, export presentations in a variety of formats, and share them with other team members using its PowerPoint add-in and online timeline generator.

Project planning, role-based access control, collaboration, data import or export, task management, and other features are included in Office Timeline. To create timelines automatically, professionals may use the program to pick a built-in template, input significant milestones, add slide titles and footnotes, and enter matching dates.

Managers may apply unique colors, names, or grid lines to swimlane diagrams and add outlines to emphasize important elements using the layout engine in the Office Timeline.

Office Timeline gives managers the ability to delegate projects to teams, provide invitation links, manage user rights, and add status indicators to tasks to monitor workers’ progress in real time. Additionally, it offers a collection of templates from which designers may choose designs in the pharmaceutical, project management, IT, and software development industries.

Office Timeline Add-In Review

The Office Timeline Add-In is a powerful and user-friendly PowerPoint add-in that makes it simple to quickly build Gantt charts, roadmaps, and swimlane diagrams using well-designed, completely configurable templates.

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Since the interface is a perfect match with the default PowerPoint one, anybody using it will immediately recognize it. You have complete control over the design of every aspect thanks to the intuitive drag and drop operations, which also minimize the learning curve often associated with project management software.

You may import external data into well-known programs like Excel, MS Project, Smartsheet, or Wrike without manually inputting the tasks and milestones. To maximize your time, save the templates and share your work straight from the add-in.

The Office Timeline Add-In application offers four options. Free, Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus are among the available options. The Free plan allows you to rapidly create and manage up to 10 milestones and tasks with stunning timelines, Gantt charts, and Swimlane slides. Before committing to the other paid plans, you may sign up for the free plan.

Beautiful timelines that everyone can comprehend are created using the Office Timeline Basic add-in. Use its simple features to make presentations that your audience will remember while saving time. Excel or Microsoft Project files may be imported into Office Timeline Basic Edition to generate stunning PowerPoint presentations right away. Every time the data in Excel or Project changes, you may instantly refresh your timelines.

Complex project data is transformed into attractive PowerPoint presentations that executives can readily grasp with the Office Timeline Pro add-in. Beautiful Swimlane visualizations and roadmaps are produced by Office Timeline Pro Edition for your most crucial messages. Create your own template or choose from hundreds of pre-made options to produce eye-catching graphics even quicker. With only a click, you can rapidly modify the appearance of your timeline by switching between layouts.

Impress customers, VPs, and steering committees with timelines and roadmaps that are swiftly created using the Office Timeline Pro+ add-in. Display projects or work streams that span numerous Swimlanes. Visually arrange your project portfolio to make it simple to communicate the status of programs to coworkers, executives, and other stakeholders. You may use premade templates with Swimlanes inside of them thanks to the Pro+ add-in. Impress teams and stakeholders right away with stunning presentations that display many initiatives and projects at once.

Office Timeline Online Review

Office Timeline Online is ideal if you want a portable solution that can be accessed from anywhere. You may create PowerPoint timelines and roadmaps online with this application. Easily edit and distribute your slides with the web’s most user-friendly timeline maker. Online timeline creation is simple and proficient.

Create visually appealing web timelines that are easy to grasp. Office Timeline Online is a freeware, simple-to-use online application that allows users to build memorable PowerPoint presentations. Utilize the web timeline generator to generate online Gantt charts that can be readily downloaded or shared.

Office Timeline Online makes it easy and safe for teams to collaborate. To allow colleagues to see your timeline and edit it or share it further, create a view-only link to it or ask them to contribute. On the timetable, assign specific tasks so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and nothing is overlooked. Performance may be easily optimized while keeping track of who is doing what.

Office Timeline Online is the first cloud-based timeline creator that generates authentic PowerPoint presentations in the browser. With the online Gantt chart and timeline creator, you may get the best of both worlds. Now you can create timelines and Gantt charts for the most widely used presentation software in the world with the simplicity of the web.

Office Timeline Download

Office Timeline is a fantastic program that might boost your output. You should check the list below for download links for each model as there are several models available for this program. The URLs that go to Office Timeline Online are also included in the list below.

Office Timeline Contact

If you ever have problems using Office Timeline, you may receive assistance by contacting customer service. The following addresses are where customers may contact Office Timeline customer service.

  • Product-related questions:
  • Enterprise inquiries:
  • Phone Number: +1 (425) 296-9002
  • Office:
    Timeline HQ
    1400 112th Ave SE, Suite 100, Bellevue WA 98004, USA

Where to buy Office Timeline?

Your presentation could appear better if you use Office Timeline. Visit the official website right away if you’re interested in utilizing the program. Either the add-on software or the web version is available there. Overall, Office Timeline will provide you with a useful project management tool.

Office Timeline Promo Codes & Coupons

On its website, Office Timeline offers a number of promotions. One of them is the option to download a trial version of the add-on. If you want a bigger discount, you may always utilize promo codes. If you don’t have any codes, this Office Timeline review has you covered. Get your discount codes from the area below, then use them to get more discounts.

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Office Timeline Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Office Timeline. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Office Timeline Review: Questions & Answers
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Why do I need to reimport data when attempting to update Smartsheet data?

You could see a warning requesting that you reimport your data before refreshing a timeline that was imported from Smartsheet. This occurs if you imported your timeline using an earlier version of Office Timeline, which wasn’t yet able to update data from Smartsheet. Because the add-in cannot depend on any references in such circumstances to automatically update your timeline, you must first reimport your Smartsheet data in order to enable refreshing.

I have the Plus Edition, but my license now reads "Basic." What is happening?

You may have noticed that your Office Timeline Plus license now reads Office Timeline Basic if you recently upgraded Office Timeline to the most current release or checked out the Subscriptions tab in your account. Your Plus Edition license is still valid; the corporation has just changed Plus Edition’s name to Basic Edition. Therefore, “Office Timeline Basic” is the same Plus Edition you are already acquainted with, complete with all the features you adore.

What distinguishes Office Timeline Add-in and Online?

Office Timeline Add-in and Office Timeline Online are both timeline creators, but although they are comparable in functionality and data accessibility, they vary in features and one offers a few benefits over the other.

How can I modify my product key?

You may change your current Basic, Pro, or Pro+ Edition license key to a new or alternative key by following the instructions in this article. This can be required if your company has combined many product keys into one. You may deactivate the current license and reactivate it with a new product key by following these instructions if you have Office Timeline version 3.9.5 or more:

  1. Launch PowerPoint, then choose the Office Timeline tab. Here, choose Deactivate the machine under Help.

  2. When asked to deactivate your license, choose Yes. This will turn Office Timeline back to Free Edition mode and delete the current license from your machine.

  3. The Office Timeline page will display the Upgrade and Activate buttons as soon as you successfully deactivate your device. To see the product activation dialog box, click Activate.

  4. To activate Office Timeline, copy it or put in your new product key and click the Activate button.

Can I use Office Timeline for MAC?

Office Timeline can’t be installed on Mac OS, and it doesn’t work with PowerPoint for the Mac. It can be installed on a virtual Mac system running Windows using desktop virtualization programs like Parallels or Bootcamp, however this scenario has not been tried. Instead, Mac users may use the online version of Office Timeline.

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Office Timeline Expert Reviews

Users get access to Office Timeline, a user-friendly application with a recognizable and easy layout that makes it easier to create and update crucial project visualizations and plans. Users may concentrate more on data analysis and project execution by spending less time working on timetables and graphics. Users who often produce timelines and project visualizations in PowerPoint reports and presentations for executives and clients should utilize Office Timeline. Both a desktop-based Windows PowerPoint add-in and a web-based utility are offered by Office Timeline. You may also get a free add-in for PowerPoint.

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Office Timeline Review: Expert Reviews
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Office Timeline Pro+ frees stakeholders from having to look at your sophisticated project data software without replacing it. On a slide, users may instead see a Gantt chart that has been condensed and made simple to grasp. Let’s face it: despite the fact that many PPM technologies include executive reports and dashboards, your stakeholders may still prefer slideshows. You have access to a wide variety of expert-looking alternatives with Office Timeline Pro+ to make it happen. A precise project timetable will make your communications stand out and assist stakeholders in understanding what is occurring.

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Nobody enjoys squandering hours each week making updates to a project schedule in preparation for a crucial project review meeting. Office Timeline is a simple yet effective PowerPoint add-in that enables you to swiftly transform complicated project data into understandable visualizations for your stakeholders. To save time on future projects, purchase many templates or make your own. Add your own flair by customizing the form, size, and color. Data from your preferred project planning tools should be included.

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Office Timeline is a fantastic tool that enables you to create creative timelines directly in PowerPoint. More significantly, the flawless integration of Office Timeline gives you the impression that you are working inside of PowerPoint. The Office Timeline interface is consistent and respects the PowerPoint theme colors. Office Timeline is available in two versions. Simple timeline creation is possible with the Free Edition. By switching to their Plus Edition, you may also get extra benefits.

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Office Timeline is a simple timeline maker that is integrated right into PowerPoint, making it simple for me to get started quickly. In the hectic, fast-paced, and frequently overwhelming world of project management, any reliable tool with a minimal learning curve grabs my attention (and yes, I also detest asking for directions). Its user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to build timelines and Gantt charts with a professional appearance for important presentations.

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Conclusion of Office Timeline Reviews & Ratings

The finest tool for making effective presentations is Office Timeline. Office Timeline makes project management simple. In conclusion, you may rely on this tool for any project planning you may need to do.

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