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About OdinLake

Chairs are useful piece of equipment that facilitates a variety of activities and tasks. Most individuals spend extended periods of time sitting on chairs, which may have major health consequences if the chairs are not intended to be comfortable and soothing.

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Long-term usage of typical, conventional chairs is one of the causes of neck aches, shoulder problems, and upper and lower back difficulties in many people. People must now move to ergonomic seats in order to enhance their quality of life. If you need an ergonomic chair, you should consider the OdinLake brand.

OdinLake is a business located in the United States that makes ergonomic chairs. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for Americans, particularly those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

In this OdinLake review, you’ll learn more about the company, why OdinLake could be a good fit for many individuals, OdinLake product lines, and more. You could even discover some OdinLake product deals here. OdinLake is a must-try for anybody who suffers from neck or back discomfort as a result of poor sitting habits.

Overview of OdinLake

OdinLake, a global B2C cross-border eCommerce company founded by King.J Chao, specializes in creating and producing office chair items for Americans. OdinLake’s ergonomic chairs, designed for the American people, are the result of months of study and research by King and German engineer Justus Kolberg.

The founding of OdinLake started from the problem suffered by its founder. King started to endure physical discomfort as a result of his hectic work schedule, so he phoned his buddy Jim and told him about his desire to construct a comfy chair for his long hours at the office.

After examining many seats, King concluded that they were ineffective and sought assistance from his uncle. His uncle was enthusiastic about his idea and contacted Justus Kolberg, a German designer, to work on the chair’s design and development. Today, King’s partnership with Justus Kolberg has resulted in the creation and production of OdinLake ergonomic chair designs suitable for both home and business use.

OdinLake Reviews

OdinLake is now a prominent producer of ergonomic office chairs, with items such as the Ergo PRO 633, which has a reclining footrest, the Ergo ART 643, which has a high backrest design, and the Ergo Core 625, which is the company’s newest addition. All of OdinLake’s chairs are made with quality, durability, and comfort in mind.

Customers’ comfort is greatly improved with OdinLake ergonomic seats. BIFMA and SGS have approved OdinLake office chairs, and OdinLake passed the 300-pound static pressure test. Every component of this computer office chair has undergone rigorous safety testing, including cushion impact testing, handrail fatigue testing, and chair foot static pressure testing, among others.

Silent castors roll, spin, and move without making a sound. The double-backed frame is strong and long-lasting. Anyone can assemble a chair in eight easy stages using basic instructions.

OdinLake Ergonomic Chair

You most likely have no idea what ergonomic is. Before discussing OdinLake ergonomic chairs, it is necessary to first define ergonomics. Ergonomics is a discipline of science that analyzes how individuals interact with the components of the systems they work with. The basic purpose of ergonomics is to maximize system efficiency by providing a totally pleasant and helpful environment for the user.

Ergonomics simply refers to product design that is in accordance with the physiological structure of the human body. Your shoes are made to accommodate both right and left feet. However, wearing the right shoe on your left foot is unpleasant in any position, and this design does not adhere to the anatomy of the human foot, which is against ergonomic design.

Another product of this study is the ergonomic chair, which has been utilized to assist users to concentrate better on their job by improving posture and minimizing back and neck discomfort, which may lead to other problems.

Ergonomic chairs are often used in businesses and workplaces where workers must remain in the same posture for extended periods of time, such as while working 9 to 5 on a computer screen. Ergonomic seats may also assist freelancers who work from home to be more productive.

Deep vein thrombosis, in which a clot develops in a deep vein, may be avoided with the use of an ergonomic chair. It primarily affects the lower extremities, such as the legs, owing to immobility. Another disorder that causes inflammation of the cervical joints and discs is cervical spondylosis. It frequently happens when a person is focused on something without tilting his neck, particularly if no neck support is available.

The ergonomic seat-adjustable components assist you in achieving the ideal customized posture and prevent you from illnesses of this kind. You are more likely to concentrate on your activities after you are no longer in danger of such ailments. It has the ability to make you more “productive” while also increasing your talents. Colleagues may appreciate you if you finish your task on time and don’t exhibit signs of weariness.

Many designers and buyers focus on the looks and style of chairs while overlooking the ergonomics of the chair. Some stores may claim to sell ergonomic chairs as a ruse to get you to pay for them; they may not know whether or not their seats are really ergonomic. That is why, you need to buy OdinLake, as this brand is the one that really manufactures ergonomic chairs.

As an ergonomic chair maker, OdinLake incorporates its best expertise into its product to prevent numerous illnesses that might arise as a result of poor sitting habits. OdinLake ergonomic chairs are now available in three models: Pro 633, Art 643, and Core 625. They all have characteristics that may help you improve your sitting habits while staying comfortable for lengthy periods of time. Here are some unique characteristics of OdinLake ergo chairs that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Waist Ergonomics – Back Curve

The back curve is the most significant aspect of the chair since many individuals pick the incorrect chair and suffer from back discomfort or lower back pain. To prevent unequal spinal force, maintain your spine in an S shape to relieve low back discomfort. The weight of the upper body will be shared by the OdinLake seat back, minimizing strain on the waist and spine.

  • Neck Ergonomics – Headrest

Not only does bending your head or straining your neck forward to stare at a phone or computer screen put a lot of pressure on the cervical spine, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the surrounding muscles and soft tissues, causing neck and shoulder discomfort. To prevent unequal neck force, maintain your neck in a C shape to relieve neck discomfort. The OdinLake ideal C-Curve headrest distributes the weight of the top head and relieves neck strain.

  • Arm Ergonomics – Armrests

Shoulder ache is often caused by armrest height and a head bow. Allow the upper arm to droop naturally while keeping the forearm horizontal and vertical to the upper arm to relieve shoulder discomfort. The armrest will distribute the weight of the forearm and relieve shoulder strain. Ergonomic armrests must be adjustable, and all OdinLake chairs allow you to modify the armrest height to fit your arms.

  • Highly ergonomic – liftable gas lift

Height is a factor that has an impact on the entire. Too high or too low will put too much strain on the legs, as would being too low or too high in relation to the desktop, and having a line of sight that is too high or too low. As a result, the ergonomic height must be movable. All OdinLake chairs allow you to modify the seat height to fit your height.

  • Hip Ergonomics – Seat Cushion

The force area of the hips and thighs is affected by the forward and backward movement of the seat cushion (also known as depth adjustment). In a sedentary condition, increasing the force area will enhance the blood circulation of the buttocks. Hip discomfort is caused by the magnitude of the force area. It is vital to expand the force area of the buttocks in order to alleviate hip discomfort. The seat cushion completely supports the thighs and distributes the weight of the legs and torso, eliminating buttock strain. To address this issue, the OdinLake chairs include a front and rear adjustable seat design.

OdinLake Ergo Pro 633 Review

Work-related exhaustion? OdinLake Ergo Pro 633 will re-energize you in a professional manner. The OdinLake Pro 633 is the company’s only model with a reclining footrest. Allow nothing to come in the way of your relaxation. You may convert an office chair into a reclining chair by removing the built-in footrest beneath the seat and adjusting the recline angle.

OdinLake Review: OdinLake Ergo Pro 633 Review

The OdinLike Ergo Pro chair’s engineering-grade construction enables it to last for 10 years, much longer than the majority of office chairs on the market. The chair can sustain 35,000 cycles, or at least 10 years of continuous usage, thanks to its Class 3 and BIFAMA-approved Gas Lift. Furthermore, all structural sections made of polymer materials will not oxidize or lose elasticity for a period of ten years.

Ergo Pro pays close attention to the structure’s intricacies. The floor will not be damaged by the high-quality wheels. The silky PU leather 3D armrests are nice to the touch. The fabric is flexible, silky, textured, and very breathable. Extra-thickened seat cushions may be rather pleasant and supportive: they completely support the person’s weight, distributing tension equally throughout the body.

OdinLake Ergo Pro is made of fabrics that are pleasant to wear. The high-density sponge is very elastic, making it ideal for everyday usage. Ergo Pro is comprised of high-quality materials with a soft feel, excellent flexibility, and elasticity, and is both skin-friendly and long-lasting. OdinLake Ergo Pro Chairs have undergone extensive testing and may be utilized for office work, gaming, and other activities. Your newest workplace companion will be the OdinLake Ergo Pro 633.


  • Height, armrest, headrest, footrest, and back recline are all ergonomically adjustable (back tilt angle and tension).
  • Footrest built into the seat.
  • Armrests may be adjusted in height, fore/aft, and right/left.
  • Lumbar support is provided via a follow-up mesh back and adjustable seat depth.
  • Firmer density contoured foam cushion for added comfort.
  • The urethane wheels slide softly and silently on the floor.
  • Holds up to 300 pounds.
  • Maximum reclining is 135 degrees.


  • Chair Width: 28.30”
  • Base Size: 20”
  • Height Range: 44” – 49”
  • Recline Range: 45° recline
  • Chair Weight: 49 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: up to 300 lbs

OdinLake Core 625 Review

OdinLake Ergo Core 625 is the next device in line. This is the most recent addition to the OdinLake product range, and it was designed just for ladies. Because the OdinLake Ergo Core is designed specifically for women, it offers a comfortable size, seat cushion, and micro-curved shape that relieves thigh discomfort caused by extended sitting. Height adjustment, armrest, and back reclining are all ergonomically designed to accommodate the majority of positions. The maximum back reclining angle is 130 degrees.

OdinLake Review: OdinLake Core 625 Review

Ergo core has a more durable chassis and more comfortable 3D PU armrests. Simple design, breathable mesh, a smooth topline, and a better ergonomic fit The mesh has a smooth surface, a distinct texture, and constant grid size, ensuring that it will not distort over time. The seat cushion of this OdinLake chair is c2-inch thicker, making it very comfy and supportive. When sitting, it is more comfortable than regular chairs. Furthermore, the Ergo Core 625 is OdinLake’s cheapest offering.


  • Height, armrest, back reclining (angle and tension), and seat tilt are all ergonomically adjustable.
  • Armrests may be adjusted in height, fore/aft, and right/left.
  • High-density foam cushion and breathable mesh back.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs. with a lumbar support pad


  • Chair Width: 26″
  • Base Size: 17.5″
  • Height Range: 37″ – 40″
  • Recline Range: 30° recline
  • Chair Weight: 31lbs
  • Weight Capacity: up to 400 lbs
  • Stackable: No

OdinLake Art 643 Review

The OdinLake Ergonomic Chair Art 643 is the third and final product. Tall individuals have a difficult time finding an ergonomic chair since most chairs have a low back rest, leaving part of their back unsupported. Thankfully, OdinLake fixed the problem with Ergo Art 643. This ergonomic chair has a high back rest, so this OdinLake model is ideal for tall persons. Ergo Art is suitable for 95% of individuals, with heights ranging from 4 ft 10 in to 6 ft 4 in (150-190 cm).

Not only is OdinLake’s Ergo Art a chair for tall individuals, but it also has a sophisticated style that fits into any workplace atmosphere. The OdinLake Ergo Art 643 wonderfully epitomizes the combination of ergonomic chairs and contemporary art, which shows the epitome of Nordic minimalism.

The Ergo Art utilizes Italian fabrics to create the greatest aesthetic and beautiful texture by combining the beauty of fabrics with excellent art. Ergo Art from OdinLake employs a 5-star aircraft aluminum alloy basis for the construction, which has a low density and excellent strength. OdinLake Ergo Art 643 showcases the elegance of industrial design while also assisting in the creation of a fantastic contemporary workplace.

OdinLake Shipping Policy

Check out this OdinLake shipping information to learn more about how your shipments are delivered by them. They currently only offer free delivery to the lower 48 states of the United States (Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico excluded). OdinLake does not ship to PO BOXES or APO addresses. All products are supplied from a warehouse in California, United States.

OdinLake order delivery time is divided into two parts: processing time and shipping time. Processing time is one business day, and shipping time in the United States is 3-6 days. Because of COVID-19, shipping may be delayed; please contact them if you have not received the goods within 10 business days.

Please double-check all delivery details. If there is erroneous or missing information, OdinLake may be obliged to contact you to adjust the delivery information, which may cause delivery delays.

Your purchase may be delivered to you by the post office or a local courier. Most orders will be sent by your local post service, so the parcel will arrive with your normal mail, depending on your location. If you are not at home when the delivery is made, the postal service may leave a notice card informing you of how and where your delivery may be picked up.

There will be no reshipping arrangements made if packages are returned due to incorrect or partial addresses or unavailability.

OdinLake Return Policy

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund or exchange it for another one. In the event of a return due to a consumer mistake, the customer must pay a 15% restocking charge. You have up to 30 days from the day you got the merchandise to return or refund it. Any goods returned must be in the same condition as when it was received and in their original packing. Please save your receipt.

OdinLake Review: OdinLake Return Policy

OdinLake will inform you after your return has been received and examined, and will let you know whether or not your refund has been granted. If you are authorized, your original payment method will be instantly reimbursed. Please keep in mind that it may take some time for your bank or credit card provider to process and publish your refund. Please contact OdinLake customer service if you have any questions about returns or refunds.

OdinLake Contact

If you have any questions, please contact OdinLake; customer service will respond as quickly as possible. Some questions may also be found on the FAQ center page. Fill out the form on this page to submit your questions or concerns, and OdinLake customer service will respond within 24 hours. You may also contact OdinLake customer service at the following addresses.

  • Email: customers@odinlake.com
  • Phone Number: +1 213-222-6167
  • Warehouse: 1589 E Nine St Pomona, CA 91766
  • Headquarters: Room 2103,21/FHo King Commercial Center, Mong Kok, Kowloon, HongKong
  • Headquarter Phone Number: +852 51269435

Where to buy OdinLake?

After reading this review, everyone who suffers from back and neck problems will want to invest in OdinLake ergonomic seats. Don’t worry, you can get OdinLake from two places: Walmart and the OdinLake website. Try purchasing such ergonomic chairs from the official website of OdinLake for the lowest pricing!

OdinLake Promo Codes & Coupons

When this review states that OdinLake offers the greatest pricing on its official website, it is not lying. As can be seen on the official website, they offer discounts on their Ergo Pro and Ergo Art seats.

Well, if you do a bulk order on the OdinLake official website, you can also enjoy a special price. Furthermore, OdinLake provides Free Shipping to any US location. If that isn’t enough, take advantage of the promo codes provided by this review below. If you utilize the codes, you could receive a good discount!

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OdinLake Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for OdinLake. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Can I obtain a sample of furniture or a desktop from OdinLake?

As a preventive step against COVID-19, the sample request program at the OdinLake showroom has been temporarily suspended. OdinLake will address product-related queries and give more comprehensive product photos in the meanwhile.

Why am I unable to complete the checkout process?

If you are unable to checkout because OdinLake is a US-only brand, you may buy the OdinLake directly through a distributor or authorized reseller.

Ask a question?

OdinLake Expert Reviews

The new Ergo Core 625 chair is based on research of general body posture in the United States and is intended specifically for women. It comes in a stylish grey color, is lightweight, swings back, rolls effortlessly, and has a flexible and supportive backrest. A ventilated mesh back and a high-density foam cushion with a Lumbar support pad are also included in the chair. It supports up to 250 lbs. and has a 130° recline at max.

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The curved back of Odinlake’s chairs was designed with a holistic perspective of people’s health in mind while they work from home, taking into consideration a variety of elements such as the user’s physiological condition, tiredness level, and more. All Odinlake chairs are designed to be entirely ergonomic, with dynamic lumbar support to change the curvature of the whole waist, maintain weight distribution evenly at the hips, and relax the back vertebrae to relieve sedentary pain. Each chair also has a clean and beautiful style that complements any office setting.

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Conclusion of OdinLake Reviews & Ratings

OdinLake manufactures the finest ergonomic chairs on the market. OdinLake ergo chairs may alleviate any discomfort due by poor sitting position. Purchasing OdinLake ergonomic chairs is a smart long-term health investment. Thank you for taking the time to read this OdinLake review. We hope that sitting on OdinLake chairs can relieve your back and neck discomfort.

OdinLake Review: Conclusion


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