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Odd Coffee Co. Review: About Odd Coffee Co.
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Do you realize how much great coffee is thrown away each and every year? There are thousands of tonnes! Around the world, we waste about 2.25 billion pounds of coffee each year. That is a lot of coffee, isn’t it?

The question that might arise is; who doesn’t like coffee?

Well, we think most of you love this morning routine drink. Coffee has been around since the 15th century and it has since become a reliable morning routine for millions of people around the world.

It makes you feel more awake and energized, but more importantly, it tastes great! Not only that, there are many different ways to enjoy coffee, such as iced coffee, hot coffee, or even blended drinks. Thus, you can drink your coffee as you like.

It’s true that coffee is a popular beverage around the world. There are also a number of brands that offer their best version of coffee, one of them is The Odd Coffee Co. By partnering with top-rated roasters around England, The Odd Coffee Co is able to assist them to cut down on waste.

With their repackaged coffee, you may get premium roasted beans or pods for much less money, just as they said on their official store, “Coffee That Doesn’t Cost The Earth.” Now let’s have a look at today’s Odd Coffee Co review.

Overview of Odd Coffee Co.

Despite minor flaws that have no effect on the coffee’s quality or taste, supermarkets and retail shops often reject it due to severe esthetical and quantity standards.

The Odd Coffee Company repackages rejected and excess coffee in totally recyclable packaging so that consumers can enjoy sustainably produced, high-quality roasted beans or pods at a lower cost.

The Odd Coffee Co, founded by two boyhood friends Laurence Stevens and Harrison Dark, has already made a six-figure profit in its first eight months of operation. Over a million coffee pods and tons of quality whole bean and ground coffee have also been saved.

The business is also concerned about the environmental effect of unrecycled coffee pods and has launched a series of social videos to teach users how to properly recycle coffee pods.

“Let’s rescue the earth, one coffee at a time,” they say, and they’re certain that their company will have a good impact on the environment while also providing consumers with a more cost-effective way to consume great-tasting, quality coffee.

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Odd Coffee Co. Review

Odd Coffee Co. Reviews: Odd Coffee Co. Review
The Odd Coffee Co@fb

Odd Coffee Company has faced the issue of not being able to share additional information and specifics on what coffee is within their pods. However, they are familiar with the roasters and are aware that they make high-quality coffee, but due to their existing procedure of rescuing the pods, they are unable to share more information.

Some believe the uncertainty adds to the excitement, but if the mystery doesn’t appeal to you, they’re looking at another option where they can offer detailed information about the coffee within the pods. But it’s a little too early to provide any further details.

The Odd Coffee Co uses 100% recyclable coffee pod packaging, and its freshly ground or whole bean coffee is nitrogen-flushed and wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging.

They will offer 500g bags for £8.99, with dark and medium roast mixes available in both whole bean and ground options.

All collections they offer to you:

  • Bean & Ground Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods
  • Sustainable Accessories

While one-time purchases are possible, The Odd Coffee Co also provides a subscription service for all three products.

How Odd Coffee Co Works

You’ve surely heard of crooked vegetables and crumbled biscuits; saved coffee works on the same idea. All of The Odd Coffee Co pods are made by high-end manufacturers but aren’t attractive enough to sell, which is where they come in.

  1. Odd Coffee Co collects wasted coffee pods, as well as tons of freshly roasted beans and ground coffee from select premium roasters.
  2. You get to choose the sort of coffee you wish to save.
  3. Odd Coffee Co delivers it quickly, and you can enjoy the rescued coffee as a one-time purchase or as part of a subscription, sent directly to your home for a fraction of the cost.


Odd Coffee Co may produce new products involving rescued coffees shortly, such as RTD coffee drinks and coffee-flavored ice cream, according to the founders. Longer-term plans include expanding operations into other European areas and, eventually, the United States.

“We’re open to every single option,” Stevens and Dark said. “There are so many routes for us to pursue, whether it’s new product development, retail locations, or foreign growth.”

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Review

Odd Coffee Co. Review: Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Review
The Odd Coffee Co@fb

With the rescued coffee pods that are compatible with all Original Nespresso machines, you can get your caffeine fix while sampling a varied assortment of coffees from a variety of locales and flavor notes.


  • Coffee from premium brands that have been rescued — great flavor without the expense
  • Expert roasting processes enable you to enjoy fine coffee in the comfort of your own home
  • The Odd Pods Co – a mixture of brands, regions, notes, flavors, and scents to sample
  • 100% recyclable aluminum pod case — one coffee at a time, saving the earth
  • All original Nespresso coffee machines are compatible with the rescued coffee pods


You can choose between the two options for buying this product:

  • One-time purchase: £24.99
  • Subscribe & save (10%): £22.49

There is also a choice, of how many pods quantity you want to obtain; 100 or 200 pieces. You decide to save!

Bean & Ground Coffee Review

Coffee beans and ground coffee from the world’s most renowned producers are now available for you to enjoy. Whatever your preference in coffee, they’ve got you covered with excellent beans and grinds for much less than the normal price.

What you need to know from this product

  • To assure the greatest possible level of flavor and freshness, all of the coffee is rescued and thoroughly tested.
  • This product is sourced from suppliers that comply with strict sustainability criteria.
  • Grown by farmers that are paid fairly for their beans, and they only sell beans that have been ethically obtained.
  • Bring the world’s best coffee barista experience to your own house — without spending a lot.


  • One time purchase: £15.99
  • Subscribe & save (10%): £14.39

If you choose the subscriptions price, you can decide you want to get delivery every 1 to 8 weeks.

There are also other choices that you have to decide, choose your size; 500g – 1kg, and choose between a medium or dark roasting profile, then the format; whole bean or ground.

Dualit Ecopress Review

Odd Coffee Co. Review: Dualit Ecopress Review
The Odd Coffee Co@fb

Odd Coffee Co‘s Nespresso compatible coffee pods are all 100% recyclable at home. They’re made entirely of aluminum with no plastic and include coffee grounds, making them infinitely reusable. They feel that this is the most environmentally friendly approach to recycling your coffee pods since it decreases the amount of ‘coffee miles.’

Dualit EcoPress is a convenient way to recycle spent aluminum coffee capsules without making a mess. The incredible, portable EcoPress extracts the coffee grounds from the capsules, making recycling a breeze. All brands of aluminum coffee capsules are compatible with Dualit EcoPress (excluding capsules for professional, ‘built in’, and Nespresso Vertuo devices).

Huskeecup & Lid Review

Meet HuskeeCup – a cup and lid that has been made from the waste husk that has been leftover from the manufacturing of coffee. With that material, this product is a great way to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious. About the size, this excellent cup comes with 2 size options; 8oz and 12oz, thus, you can choose what suits you.

What is Coffee Husk?

When coffee is processed, the skin and fruit are removed first, followed by drying and hulling. This is the thick fibrous shell that the wonderful HuskeeCup is made of. It is soft, but still sturdy enough to hold any type of beverage without spilling.

Why only 2 colors?

Yups, HuskeeCup only has two color options: natural which are no colors, just the color of the husk, and another one is charcoal. While they think it’s cool, the primary reason is that it’s simple to separate and recycle after they’ve served their purpose.

Sustainable, versatile, and beautiful.

Bulk Buy Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Review

Whether you’re drinking Odd Coffee Co‘s saved coffee pods at home or at work, it’s become clear that the Odd Coffee Co community includes some serious coffee drinkers!

As a consequence, Odd Coffee Co has offered a bulk-buy option for their rescued pods that is even cheaper than usual. To offer you the greatest pricing, the bulk-buy rescued pods will be delivered out in plain unbranded boxes and may only be ordered alone (not with any other Odd Coffee Co product) to give you the best price possible.

  • 500 = 20p per pod
  • 1000 = 19.5p per pod
  • 1500 = 19p per pod
  • 2000 = 18p per pod

Odd Coffee Co Pros & Cons

We can say that it’s not a complete review if we only show you the advantages of the product you will buy. That’s why here we make a list of some pros and cons of the Odd Coffee Co that you should know before, so you can make a great decision about the right product you want to buy. Read them to add to your considration.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Many discounts available
  • Affordable
  • Save the earth
  • Great flavors


  • Unable to know the recipe
  • Some of the pods don’t fit or are slightly stuck in the Nespresso machine
  • Fewer colors choice
  • Unable to choose the coffee

Odd Coffee Co Shipping Policy

Odd Coffee Co understand how important coffee is to you, therefore they will make every effort to ship your coffee the same day you request it. This only applies if you order before 4 p.m.; otherwise, they will pack it and prepare it for the next day’s collections!

They are currently offering two delivery services:

  • Standard Shipping is £3.49 per order, and there is no minimum order amount. In most cases, this service takes between 2 – 4 days.
  • Express Delivery is available for a fixed fee of £4.49, and since it is a next-day delivery service, it should arrive at your location within 1-2 days.

Orders made over the weekend will be processed and sent the next working weekday. This means that any order made after Friday will not be processed until Monday. Once an order is confirmed, the shipping carrier will pick up your product on the next available weekday.

To make a note, you have to make sure you write your addresses correctly, because for any wrong shipment addresses, you will be liable for your own shipping charges. The cost of shipping is non-refundable. If you get a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from it.

The good news is that all purchases above £20.00 are eligible for free delivery!

Unfortunately, there may be some delays due to increased demand and probable staff shortages with Odd Coffee Co delivery partners. The above shipment timings should only be used as a reference; however, if there are any significant delays, Odd Coffee Co will always inform you.



Odd Coffee Co Return Policy

Odd Coffee Co has made two sections for their return and refund policy, the explanations are the following:


Odd Coffee Co has a return policy that lasts 30 days, which means after the 30 days have gone by from the date of your purchase, sadly they can’t provide you a refund or an exchange.

The rule of Odd Coffee Co return or refund is your coffee pods, beans, and ground coffee must be unused and in the same condition as when you got them to be eligible for a refund. The coffee must be in its original package as well.

Only partial refunds may be granted in specific cases, such as the following:

  • Any of the coffee is not in its original state, for example, the pods are broken or there are missing pods for causes other than their fault.
  • Returns made more than 30 days after delivery.


Odd Coffee Co will inspect your return after they get it and send you an email to let you know that it has been received. They’ll either alert you that a refund or exchange is on the way, or they’ll contact you for further information.

If your refund is granted, it will be handled automatically to your original payment method. All you have to do is just wait a few days for this.

Don’t forget to always double-check that you have supplied the proper address at checkout, as Odd Coffee Co will not be able to refund any addresses that have been entered incorrectly and your delivery has gone missing.

Odd Coffee Co Contact

Odd Coffee Co will always do its best to provide you with the excellent products they have. Not only that, but they also allow you to keep in touch with them whether you have any questions about their products and anything.

The easiest way to reach Odd Coffee Co is to use the live chat in the bottom right corner once you open their official store; if it doesn’t work, you can kindly send them an email at: help@oddcoffeeco.com.

Or, you can directly go through the Contact page and fill out the form. They need your name, and e-mail, then send them messages about anything you want to ask. Then, let them process your messages, they will give the feedback as soon as possible; wait up to two days for the reply.

Odd Coffee Co. Expert Reviews

Odd Coffee Co. Review: Expert Reviews
The Odd Coffee Co@fb

Excellent coffee, given much better by the thought that it has been spared from the landfill! All of the pods we’ve tried have worked well in our Nespresso machine and had a delicious flavor. I’ll certainly be ordering again.

Shopie at Judge
Full Review

I really like the concept, and all of the pods operate well in my machine. When I had a problem with a missing item from my purchase, customer service was excellent as well.

Jane at DailyCoffeNews
Full Review

The off coffee pods are fantastic. We like sampling new flavors and never knowing what kind of coffee we’ll drink on any given day. We purchased a Dualit pod crusher, which allows us to recycle pod cases more simply. We like the Odd Coffee Company’s goal of recovering goods headed for the landfill.

Holly at ExpertReviews
Full Review

Where to buy Odd Coffee Co.?

After reading the whole review about Odd Coffee Co products, you might wonder where to buy the original coffee packages from this excellent brand. As we don’t find any marketplace that sells this product’s brand. You can buy the saved coffee directly on the official website.

You can get the coffee packages you want on there and choose from a box of 100 coffee pods for £24.99, a 1kg bag of whole bean coffee for £15.99, or a 1kg bag of ground coffee for £15.99. For more information about the price, you can check Odd Coffee Co official website.

    Odd Coffee Co. Promo Codes & Coupons

    Odd Coffee Co gives their customers free shipping on all orders, not only that but they also give 10% off when they subscribe to their newsletter! Isn’t it nice?

    Don’t forget to follow their social media like their Facebook page and Instagram as Odd Coffee Co will inform any discounts and promotions by events there.

    The good news is, you can find any other discount promo codes available by visiting the site that we already provide to you through the button below.


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    Odd Coffee Co.

    Odd Coffee Co. Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Odd Coffee Co.. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Odd Coffee Co. Review: Questions & Answers
    The Odd Coffee Co@fb

    Q: Can I choose the coffee I receive?


    They are incapable to provide choices since they have no control over which coffees will be rejected.

    They exclusively collaborate with coffee businesses that produce great-tasting coffee and have a strong ethical stance.

    As a result, they are convinced that you will not only love The Odd Pods but will also feel good about it.

    Q: How much do the Odd Pods cost?


    Odd Pods are superior aluminum Nespresso compatible pods for a fraction of the RRP when purchased one time, and you can save much more by subscribing!

    Q: What coffee companies do the Odd Pods work with?


    They only collaborate with coffee producers who have the same values as the brand, are environmentally conscious, and create excellent coffee in aluminum capsules.

    However, because of legal restrictions, they are unable to reveal the precise coffee brands with whom they collaborate.

    They apologize for not being able to provide this information, but they must adhere to the agreement if they want to continue saving thousands of capsules from garbage and providing you with good coffee at a great price.

    Q: Why are the Odd Pods only aluminium?


    Aluminum capsules, in their view, are the greatest and most sustainable sort of single-serving coffee.

    Not only that, yet aluminum is the only material that isn’t porous in any manner, extending its shelf life and ensuring that each cup you drink is as fresh as the day it was ground.

    Q: Are Odd Coffee Co products fairtrade and organic?


    They only collaborate with coffee businesses that share the same ethical values as them, which is why their coffee partners will be part of one or more of the following organizations: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association Organic, or EU Organic.

    Q: Is there an expiry date?


    Because the aluminum used in the Nespresso pods is not porous, there is no expiration date associated with them.

    However, the scents begin to diminish gradually 12-14 months after manufacturing, therefore the best before date is 12 months from the date of purchase.

    Ask a question?

    Conclusion of Odd Coffee Co. Reviews & Ratings

    Odd Coffee Co. Review: Conclusion
    The Odd Coffee Co@fb

    Overall thing, the objective of this Odd Coffee Co product is great and beneficial for the sake of saving the planet, so that makes us move to take part in it. What’s more, the coffee products they offer are also worth trying for their quality and tastes. That’s why it’s truly nothing wrong to give this Odd Coffee Co a shot to complete your morning routine.

    From what we discussed in our Odd Coffee Co review above, again, the Odd Coffee Co products are high-quality, flavorful, and roasted on demand. No matter what blend you put together, we think you’ll be impressed with the rich coffee flavors.