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About NYXI Gaming

Gaming on the Nintendo Switch has been a joy, especially with new releases and DLC in recent months. In multiplayer mode, the handheld mode is one of the most popular ways to play, with the occasional usage of the dock.

NYXI Gaming Review: About
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The Official Nintendo Joy-Cons have the distinction of being on the smaller side. The negative side of the small size of the official Joy-Con is that longer gaming sessions are unpleasant while using them, particularly in racing games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

NYXI Gaming’s third-party Joy-Cons are a reasonably priced solution that, because of their bigger form size, may alleviate this issue. If you have a bigger hand, you may want to choose the NYXI Gaming controller for a more comfortable gaming experience.

NYXI Gaming is a switch controller brand that aims to improve your gaming experience. NYXI Gaming may become your new favorite controller because of its many features and ergonomic design.

In this NYXI Gaming review, you’ll learn about NYXI Gaming, why their controller is regarded as the finest, and how to receive discounts on NYXI Gaming items. Purchase an NYXI Gaming controller and be prepared to beat your friend in Super Smash Bros!

Overview of NYXI Gaming

NYXI Gaming is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of B2C Switch controllers. The firm specializes in Switch controllers. NYXI Gaming primarily serves the European, American, Australian, and Middle Eastern markets, as well as other consumer markets.

The NYXI Gaming brand was formed in October 2014, and its mission has been to “make Switch players happy” ever since. NYXI Gaming already sold various products to over 220 nations and areas throughout the globe.

NYXI Gaming has always prided itself on providing Switch players with a higher-quality and more enjoyable gaming experience. As a result, the objective becomes “to build controllers that are more in accordance with the game settings and gaming experience surrounding the Switch games.”

NYXI Gaming has been concentrating on this objective for product development and manufacturing since the brand’s inception. And NYXI Gaming aspires to provide attractive, high-quality items at affordable costs to every user on the planet.

NYXI Gaming Reviews

When it comes to third-party controller replacements for the Nintendo Switch, the NYXI Gaming devices are a decent alternative. Not only does the NYXI controller include unique features not seen on the official controller, but it is also reasonably priced.

NYXI Gaming Reviews
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If it isn’t enough for the consumer, NYXI offers a generous discount. NYXI’s after-sales service is very great, so if you are dissatisfied with an NYXI product, you may request a return or refund. Buy NYXI to improve your Switch gaming experience.

NYXI Gaming Joy Con Review

The NYXI Joy-Pad (Joy-Con) Eight Color LED Controller is one of the numerous Nintendo Switch alternative controllers available. The joypads come in a basic box with all of the necessary equipment, including left and right joypads, a joypad center frame, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and an instruction booklet.

The connecting procedure was fairly straightforward after packaging the item. The two joypads will instantly sync up when docked on the side of the Switch like traditional joy-cons. After the first connection, the joypads may use the home and screenshot buttons on the joypads to turn on the Switch wirelessly, which is a very useful function.

The joypads have a variety of functions to play with when they rumble. Six-axis gyros, an eight-color LED with three color options, and a turbo function are all included. For a third-party attachment, the joypads are amazingly accurate.

The joypads’ battery life is estimated to be eight hours of play and twenty hours of standby, with a charge period of two to three hours. The joypads may also be charged on the Nintendo Switch, through USB-C connections, or via a charging station.

The turbo and button mapping functionalities are the last features. Setting a button as a turbo feature, then mapping clones a button from the joypad that may include any face or trigger buttons from the right or left joypad, respectively, is a straightforward task.

The turbo feature enables you to quickly push that button while holding down the back button. This feature may be switched on or off, however it was useful in shooting games for guns that didn’t have full auto capabilities.


  • Brand: NYXI
  • Product Material: Polyester Fiber Composite
  • Item Weight: 11.7 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.59 x 4.53 x 1.57 Inches
  • Rechargeable Battery: 500 mAh/ 8 Hours Playtime
  • Receiving Distance: 10 M
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours

Inside the Box

  • 2 x Joy-Pad for Switch
  • 1 x Frame
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

NYXI Gaming Transparent Pro Controller Review

The NYXI Transparent Pro Controller is a fantastic third-party controller for the Nintendo Switch. This gadget brings back memories of the previous generation’s Nintendo 64 translucent controllers and is always a hit with players. The pro controller is packaged simply, with just the controller, a charging wire, and instructions.

Connecting the controller to the switch was as easy as plugging it in or pushing the pairing button near the shoulder buttons and choosing to change grip order from the controller menu after it was unpacked. When the controller is linked, holding the home button turns on the switch.

Turbo mode, RGB illumination options, and many vibration modes are among the features of this pro controller. Each has its own set of options and is simple to use. Starting with the turbo mode, which enables each button to be hit once and then repeated a predetermined number of times, ranging from 5, 12, or 20 bullets per second, it may be useful in shooting games.

The RGB lighting is a little different, with seven distinct colors shown on the controller’s six LED lights. By holding the lighting button near the second joystick, these lighting systems may be switched on or off. You may use these LEDs in a variety of modes in addition to the variety of colors.

The first mode consists of color lights that show a single color with adjustable brightness, ranging from blue through red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple, and pink; these colors are consistent across all modes.

There’s also a breathing mode, which has a constant breathing rhythm with the LEDs, a vibration mode, which enables the lights to work while the vibration is happening, and a sticks mode, which varies the light intensity depending on the angle of the sticks. The controller also has a vibration feature with four settings: 100 percent, 75 percent, 30 percent, and off.

In general, the NYXI Transparent Pro Controller is a fantastic replacement for the Nintendo Pro Controller. The controller is comfortable to hold, the joystick motions are fluid, and the battery life is adequate. The LED lights and other features make using this controller much more enjoyable. This controller is lightweight and stylish, and it will quickly become your go-to for everyday Switch gaming.

NYXI Gaming Charging Dock Station Review

As an experienced gamer, you don’t want your joy-con Switch controller to go off unexpectedly due to a low battery level. A decent Nintendo Switch controller charger is required to prevent this. If you don’t already have one, why not get the NYXI Gaming Switch Controller Charging Dock Station?

NYXI Gaming Review: NYXI Gaming Charging Dock Station Review
Image:Nyxi Gaming

This Charging Dock Station from NYXI Gaming is not only capable of charging your controller quickly, but it also has an attractive appearance. Some individuals may detest the appearance of Nintendo’s official dock charger, since the enormous box station may be an eyesore. That is not an issue for the NYXI Gaming Charging Dock Station, as it has a slide-in pole design that does not detract from the aesthetics of your gaming setup.

Furthermore, the NYXI charging dock station features a smart indication LED that not only reveals if your controller battery is full, but also functions as a safe protection from over-current and low/overvoltage. This charging dock station can also charge up to four Joy-Cons. Finally, this dock has an anti-slip base, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping and falling to the floor.

NYXI Gaming Carrying Case Review

The Nintendo Switch and its controller are not indestructible items. It is preferable to keep your Nintendo Switch in a high-quality case. NYXI Gaming has you covered if you want a robust, multi-functional Nintendo Switch carrying case that also looks gorgeous.

NYXI Gaming Review: NYXI Gaming Carrying Case Review
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The NYXI Upgraded Carbon Fiber Texture Carrying Case can easily secure your Switch console. This case’s carbon fiber is very robust, so you won’t have to worry about it when traveling with your Switch. This carrying case is also waterproof and anti-drop too. Furthermore, due to its large size and 40 card slots, you may store a variety of products in this case.

NYXI Gaming Bundle Review

NYXI Gaming also offers bundles of its goods. Purchase the package if you want a better discount while purchasing NYXI Gaming. When compared to buying the products separately, the NYXI Gaming bundle might save you up to $42. NYXI Gaming has six different packages to choose from.

Either the Joy-Con and Carrying Case set or the Joy-Con and Pro Controller combo is available. NYXI Gaming additionally sends you a random gift in addition to your primary purchase.

NYXI Gaming Free Products

The Free Products Application Program is a service provided by NYXI Gaming to all consumers. As Switch fans like everyone else, NYXI understands how lovely it is to have a one-of-a-kind Switch controller, thus NYXI invites all Switch fans to join this program and share NYXI’s high-quality and cool items with their family and friends.

At this time, NYXI Gaming has accepted and qualified over 1000 persons throughout the globe for our Free Products Application program. Because of their partnership with NYXI Gaming, they can get NYXI Gaming items for free, which dramatically enhances their Switch gaming experience. At the same time, there are more people who may benefit from NYXI’s high-quality goods.

To join the Free Product Application program, send an email to NYXI Gaming’s customer service department or message them directly on Facebook Messenger. NYXI Gaming will respond and engage with you about particular issues.

It’s easy to participate in our Free Product Application Program. To begin, make a dedicated Staler try-on haul video on your YouTube channel. You’ll also need to take four photos of various clothes and combine them into one Instagram post. NYXI Gaming also requests coverage on Instagram stories or Snapchat.

NYXI Gaming Shipping Info

NYXI Gaming strives to offer items to clients as quickly as possible. When self-designed NYXI Gaming items are completed, they will be distributed to NYXI Gaming warehouses throughout the globe first.

When a client makes an order on the NYXI Gaming website, the company will choose the warehouse that is nearest to the customer’s postal address for distribution and send the product from that warehouse. This method may greatly reduce the shipping time to the customers.

The delivery period for NYXI Gaming is divided into two parts:

  • Time to package your order: Following receipt of an order via the NYXI Gaming website, NYXI Gaming selects the product requested by the client from the warehouse, inspects it for quality, and then packs it for logistical delivery.
  • Shipping time: After the customer’s items are sent from the warehouse, the items will be carried by sea, land, and air. This period of time varies according to the kind of transportation used. On this page, you can see the projected delivery times for each item.

NYXI Gaming Return Policy

Undamaged merchandise may be completely reimbursed within 30 days of delivery to the shipping address for any reason. The refund procedure will commence once the item is returned to the NYXI Gaming warehouse for examination. If you are unhappy with the goods you got, follow the steps below to get a refund.

  • For a refund, contact NYXI Gaming customer service.
  • Customer service at NYXI Gaming will respond within one business day.
  • You will be sent the necessary information after you have reached an agreement (such as a refund address).
  • Please return the items.
  • Within three working days of receiving the items, NYXI will arrange for a refund.


  • To be eligible for returns/exchanges, the returned items must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and unmodified.
  • All accessories must be returned.
  • Original packaging must be included.
  • The customer is paying for shipping expenses for warranty claims that are not connected to product quality.
  • NYXI Gaming will repay the entire cost of the goods for warranty claims pertaining to product quality.
  • The return request may be denied by NYXI Gaming if the product does not match the aforementioned standards.

After NYXI Gaming receives your delivery, refunds will be handled within 3 days. As requested, the reimbursement will be sent to your original payment account. The shipping and insurance fees are non-refundable.

Requests for refunds under the 30-day return policy must be submitted within 30 days of the warranty claim being filed. Returns will not be accepted for non-quality concerns with expired warranties.

If you want to exchange an item you got because of a problem with the color or quality, please follow the NYXI Gaming Return procedures and choose “Exchange” as your “Desired Resolution.” Exchanges are an alternative to Returns and are subject to the same standards and limits as Returns.

NYXI Gaming Contact

This NYXI Gaming review has already covered almost all of the relevant info regarding the company. However, this review does not cover everything. If you have any questions that this review does not address, go to NYXI Gaming’s Frequently Asked Questions page first.

You could have some other questions in addition to the ones that consumers often ask in the FAQs. If that is your case, you may contact NYXI Gaming customer service with any further questions. Customer service for NYXI Gaming may be reached at the following addresses.

  • Email: support@nyxigaming.com

  • Telephone: +1 (919) 635-6768

  • WhatsApp: +1 (919) 635-6768

  • Office Address: Room 401, No. 46, Heping South Road, Puyang Street, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province

Where to buy NYXI Gaming?

This review has already covered all of the advantages of the NYXI Gaming controller. If you’re looking for the greatest controller for your Switch, look no further than NYXI Gaming.

The amazing NYXI Gaming Switch controllers are available for purchase on the official website and on Amazon. It is always advisable to purchase NYXI Gaming products from the company’s official website. It’s because NYXI Gaming provides a variety of discounts and promotions on its official website.

NYXI Gaming Promo Codes & Coupons

NYXI Gaming not only improves your Nintendo Switch gaming experience but also offers a variety of discounts on its items. If you go to the NYXI Gaming website, you’ll see that all of their items are on sale for up to $23 each.

If you join the NYXI Gaming email list, you may enjoy a 30% discount on your first purchase. If that isn’t enough, you may also join the NYXI Reward Program, where you can earn points for buying NYXI goods. Additionally, this review provided some promo codes in the section below that you may apply to save even more money.

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NYXI Gaming Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for NYXI Gaming. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Are NYXI Controllers good?

It’s a great-looking controller, and the sticks really stand out in a dark environment! It’s a lovely touch to be able to customize the lighting on the controller. The rumbling on the controller is even another personalization option.

Is it necessary to reconnect these NYXI Gaming control devices to the console every time?

No, just the first pairing requires it. NYXI Gaming Joy-Pads and Controllers all offer a one-key wake-up feature. By hitting the Home button, you may return to the gaming console.

Are the NYXI Gaming JoyCons still prone to drifting?

Any device has an operational life, and each batch of NYXI Gaming goods will undergo one million times of stick and button testing to verify that the quality of the products is satisfactory. If you find any NYXI Gaming controller drifting, you can ask for a free replacement service from NYXI Gaming customer service.

Is it possible to switch on the NYXI Gaming controller without docking it?

Yes, but they must be docked the first time they couple. After that, hold the camera and home buttons down for a few seconds to switch them on.

Is it able to keep NYXI Gaming controllers in a travel case while connected to the switch?

Yes. It fits in the NYXI Gaming controller’s travel case and may be connected to the switch.

Is the NYXI Gaming controller compatible with Super Mario Party?

The NYXI Gaming controllers are compatible with each and every Switch game. Perform far better than the original Joy-Cons.

How do you charge the joypad from NYXI Gaming?

There are two methods to charge the NYXI Gaming controller: using the included TYPE-C connection or charging from your switch console.

How to change the color of the NYXI Gaming controller?

Use the toggle switch to turn it off and on (like a regular button). The bundle includes instructions.

When you place the switch on the dock/sleep mode, do the LEDs turn off?

When you put the Switch into sleep mode or connect it into the dock, the LEDs do turn off for a few seconds.

Ask a question?

NYXI Gaming Expert Reviews

In conclusion, the NYXI Joy-Pad Eight Colour LED Controller is something that I consider to be an excellent substitute for the standard joy-cons and the Pro Controller. The shape is pleasant to hold, and the increased size of the joysticks makes it much simpler to play and control the action. The controllers did not give me any problems, and the lengthy battery life ensured that even the longest gaming sessions went without a hitch. My level of comfort while playing was never compromised because to the fact that I could alternate between using a controller and playing directly on the Switch. I would suggest this controller to anybody who is seeking for something with a little bit more color and also to anyone who has bigger hands.

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Full Review
NYXI Gaming Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Nyxi Gaming

Do you like the convenience of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller but desiring the convenience of the Joycon? The Nyxi Gaming Joy-Pad is the answer, as Nyxi Gaming Joy Pad combines the best of both worlds, due to its ergonomic design and functionality similar to those found in first-party controllers. With a sleek but comfortable design, adjustable rumble and RGB, and high-quality buttons and analog sticks, this is without a doubt one of the best alternatives when looking for a new controller. It’s undoubtedly fantastic value for money for those who have yet to acquire Pro Controller or are searching for an alternative at a very cheap price. Don’t be frightened off by prior encounters with substandard third-party controllers; the Nyxi Gaming Joy-Pad will not disappoint.

Full Review

The first thing that struck me about NYXI’s wireless Joy-pads was their comfort, and here is where the device really excels. Unlike previous goods, I have yet to experience my hands falling asleep or cramping when using them. All of the buttons and triggers feel amazing, and the sticks are responsive. On my Switch, I play a range of genres, and these Joypad controllers made portable third- and first-person shooters seem a lot better. What I enjoy most about them is that they make me feel like I’m holding a contemporary controller, something I haven’t experienced with any other controller. The 8 Color LED options, turbo, customizable rumble, and an additional set of buttons on the rear are all unique to the NYXI Wireless Joy-pad. Small turbo and function buttons on the back of each controller allow for extensive customization of these functions.

Geeks Under Grace
Full Review

Both sections of this controller are very ergonomic. Not only do they fit nicely in my rough man-hands, but they also have a gripping texture on the back, a non-mushy D-Pad on the left side, and a flat edge on the bottom that enables you to stand the controller and even the whole console up without using the kickstand. They fit precisely into the rails and the connection components never twisted or became loose, which was a pleasant surprise.

GBA Temp
Full Review

Conclusion of NYXI Gaming Reviews & Ratings

NYXI Gaming is the greatest brand for a third-party Nintendo Switch controller. NYXI Gaming controller is not only an alternative to the official product, but it also has extra functionality. NYXI Gaming controller will also have a nicer design compared to the official one.

NYXI Gaming Review: Conclusion
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Thank you for taking the time to read our NYXI Gaming review; we hope you find the best controller from NYXI.


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