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About Netvue

Welcome to the Netvue Review! All about home security are available there.

Netvue Review: About Netvue
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Buying security cameras has never been easier. With so many security camera options available today, it can be challenging to know what to look for. The number of brands and types of security cameras is expanding rapidly as more and more people realize the benefits of a home security camera system.

If you’re new to the world of home security cameras, you might not know what to expect when you buy a particular model. In this review, we’ll cover some key details about the Netvue product so stay with us!

Overview Netvue

Hold on! Why you’re in such a hurry? Let’s get to know more about Netvue company first before reading the product review. 

The Netvue story started in 2008 while working for a world-renowned security camera brand. The security business was gradually shifting from analog to digital. Digital, high-definition, internet-connected, smart gadgets are always the future of security cameras.

However, at the time, IP cameras is not only hard to install but also complicated to operate. Netvue believed there must be a solution to this situation, so they started reaching out to technical experts and scientific resources.

Netvue is an innovative technology company that develops and produces new smart home solutions. It has a world-class software and hardware development crew and offers a full solution for mobile Internet smart hardware solutions.

Furthermore, Netvue started to produce security cameras in 2010. For now, they have 5 utility model patents, 5 invention patents, and 9 design patents. 

Netvue Review

Netvue is a Shenzhen-based creative smart home solution firm that was founded in 2010. Netvue offers a full solution developed with portable internet-connected smart gear to help people in all areas of home life and lend a human dimension to contemporary technology.

Netvue Reviews: Netvue Review

Since its founding, Netvue has same purpose. They seek to produce high-quality smart gadgets that may serve as a “steward” of a consumer’s house – a helpful but powerful resource that makes people’s lives simpler and more convenient.

In 2008, Netvue started creating security cameras and refined its skills while expanding its interest to include baby monitors and doorbell cameras.

As they work towards the ultimate objective, Netvue prioritizes enhancing their customers’ lives by developing the greatest smart products in the market – bringing your home to you no matter where you are. Finally, Netvue has successfully grown internationally by 2021, having over 300,000 users worldwide.

Why is Netvue Reliable?

Start with the question Why is Netvue Reliable? Begin with Amazon, a well-known internet marketplace. Netvue appeared on Amazon in the United States in 2016. Six years of product innovation have resulted in Netvue’s well-designed brand positioning.

Unlike other smart home products on Amazon, Netvue offers well-branded solutions and product services with a better search ranking to ensure the product quality and your Netvue App experience for the long term.

Netvue offers all in one package,  a full solution that includes both hardware and software. It allows its consumers to manage anything from the Netvue App. In the smart home sector, certain companies provide various software solutions to their hardware devices.

However, all Netvue products have full access to the Netvue App, which enables the company to provide services that are both reliable and consistent while also facilitating the constant development of new features.

Built on AWS, Globally Expansion. Netvue has collaborated and produced the first cloud platform solution on AWS since January 2012. This collaboration has expedited development while also improving data security. Netvue has developed worldwide over the last 9 years by completely using AWS and being accessible in over 7 major countries across the globe.

The last reason is R&D Innovation. Netvue has received over 20 invention and appearance patents since 2010. Netvue not only offers hardware devices, but also software products – Netvue App.

Moreover, the Netvue App is allowing the customers to obtain a comprehensive experience of smart home items. The cornerstone of Netvue’s business is the unique creation of smart home devices.

Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam Review

Improving Your Birdwatching Experience with one of the Netvue best-selling products – Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam Smart AI Recognition. Let’s start with the features of the product.

Netvue Review: Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam Review

Netvue Birdfy Cam captures every moment in 1080P FHD. With an 8X digital zoom, you can easily see all of the intricacies of the birds. Birdfy’s innovative battery design enables it to record continuously for up to 6 months at 200 seconds each day. Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam’s IP65 is waterproof construction which ensures it operates in rain, wind, snow, and sun.

The other features is that Netvue Birdfy Cam can identify over 6000 bird species for you. The lifetime free function will be enabled automatically with your Netvue account. Birdfy Cam has LED lighting that will offer you full-color night vision mode.

What makes interesting in the Netvue Birdfy Cam is the AI Recognition and PIR Motion Detection.  Notifications are sent instantaneously each time when Birds Arrive. Netvue Birdfy is a bird-watching app that also sends out quick alerts. In addition to this, it is able to distinguish more than 6000 species of birds and share the findings of its recognition with you.

This product is perfect for Bird Lover Community. With automatically capture, save, and record your bird collection for you. For sure, it can be for your future birding reference, every instant that a bird comes into view will be photographed, recorded, and stored in the cloud by Netvue.

Quickly export photographs and videos of birds and share them with the members of your community who are passionate about birds. In addition, Netvue Birdfy live streams all of the birds that are about to arrive for you. Open the Netvue app whenever you wish and enjoy the beautiful bird arriving moments on your smartphone.

Because of the unique design, Netvue Birdfy become the best birdwatching & bird feeding experience for Bird Lovers. Birdfy’s unique product design gives the greatest experience to enhance your birding experience. The details reveal how useful it is for keeping a watch on your outdoor activities.

Moving forward, the other features of using Netvue Birdfy Cam are 2-Way Audio, 6700mAh Battery, and IP65 Weatherproof. With the 2-Way Audio, you can say go away when squirrels are detected.  When squirrels arrive, the Netvue app will notify you immediately. Use the 2-way audio, siren, or white light to deter them from taking the bird seeds.

6700mAh Battery Birdfy is designed to keep you connected to birds and nature all year. It has more than double the run time of the present market. Install it and enjoy peace of mind. Connect Birdfy to a Solar Lite Solar Panel for 365 continuous battery power for your birding adventures.

For the next one, Weatherproof IP65 365-Day Resistance. Netvue Birdfy’s IP65 weatherproof design allows it to function effectively wherever and whenever it is needed. It will always be there for your greatest birding experience, from summer to winter, whether from sunlight to snow.


Content Specs
Resolution 1920*1080P
Live Video On Smartphone/Tablet/Computer
2-Way Audio Hands free
Motion Detection Detection, real-time alerts, zone & time setting
Night Vision Distance 10m
Works With Alexa Not Supported
Bird Detection Lifetime Free Plan
Cloud Replay Charge
Motion Video Charge


Content  Specs
Color White
Camera Dimensions 89 x 58 x 59 mm / 361 x 282 x 190 mm
Camera Weight 265g
Package Dimensions 180 x 100 x 100mm / –
Package Weight 510g / 1330g
Material ABS (Body), Polycarbonate (Black sphere)

In The Box

  • Birdfy Feeder Cam × 1
  • Quick Guide × 1
  • Power Adapter (2m Cable) × 1
  • Drilling Template × 1
  • Mounting Bracket × 1
  • Screws × 2
  • Anchors × 2

Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam captures, detects, and identifies every minute of bird activity and records it for you. Upgrade your birding experience with Birdfy right now!

Netvue Indoor Security Camera Review

The Netvue Home Cam Indoor Security Camera is an excellent indoor safety device. With its broad 130° lens, the House Cam will observe everything that occurs in your home. The motion sensor, infrared sensor, and night vision keep a close eye on your home at all times.

You can also ensure that you will never miss a moment while you’re gone with its HD camera system and 2-way audio. With the Home Cam Indoor Security Camera and Netvue’s smart-device software, you can communicate with your dear ones and be certain they’re secure. Let’s take a look at the features of the products:


  • Smart Motion Detection & Instant Alert
  • Night Vision & 130° Viewing Angle
  • FHD IP Camera & Two-Way Storage
  • Alexa Compatible & Two-Way Audio Simple
  • Setup & Privacy Protection

Netvue 2020’s most recent AI Human Detection feature is now available! This indoor camera has customized motion detection zones as well as adjustable motion sensitivity.

Furthermore, you will only get messages when human motion is detected; natural motion will be filtered. It will significantly minimize the number of unpleasant false notifications. When a motion is detected, your phone will receive a real-time alert.

Night Vision & 130° Viewing Angle also supports the Netvue Home Cam. The Netvue wireless security cam is fitted with 10*850nm infrared LEDs that automatically convert to night vision mode as the surroundings dim.

This smart camera with high-resolution photos enables you to zoom in and out to see live video using the Netvue app. With its 130° field of vision and infrared camera, you can capture Live Full HD video even in total darkness.

Moreover, this Netvue home camera has a 1080p resolution, a 130° viewing angle, and a 4x zoom. This wireless interior camera, which includes a Smart-Clip, also offers motion video editing. Plus, the Netvue indoor camera takes advantage of AWS Cloud to enable up to 30 days of cloud storage. A Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB may also be installed for storage.

Netvue has Alexa compatible & Two-Way Audio. This means Netvue interior security cameras, such as the Echo Show, work nicely with Alexa. Thus, with great two-way audio, the wireless security camera enables you to converse with your family and friends or pets in real-time, just as you would on the phone.

In addition, communication with the Netvue security camera is now simpler, clearer, and easier. You can simply nest the camera inside and set it up Netvue App on your Android smartphone or iOS by following the video instructions on the Netvue App.

The Netvue Wi-Fi IP camera is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and includes Smart-Clip for motion video editing. Moreover, with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption and TLS Encryption Protocol, this wireless security camera will safeguard your data storage and every crucial moment, as well as preserve your privacy.

Great News! Netvue Home Cam Indoor Security Camera is in SALE! Grab it fast with 50% OFF! Remember, the discount is for a limited time only. 

Netvue Vigil Plus Review

Moving forward for the other review product from Netvue – Vigil Plus 100% Wire-Free Battery Outdoor Security Camera. 

Netvue Review: Netvue Vigil Plus Review

Netvue’s first battery-powered camera. Netvue  Vigil Plus, an unparalleled outdoor home security camera, allows you to connect with anything fully wire-free. Install it and get real-time outdoor notifications with 1080P, 9000mAh, and IP66. 

Everything is captured in high definition. With the Netvue app’s 8X digital zoom, you can see every detail.  The superior battery quality lasts for over a year. After only one charge just s imply place it there. Vigil Plus has a free motion detection tool that records movements as static photos.  

A video upgrade is available. Even at night, the water is very clear. Infrared lights with a wavelength of 940nm enable you to see details up to 20m away. Netvue Vigil Plus operates well in sun, rain, wind, and snow becuase its IP66 waterproof design.

With Add-Ons Solar Panel, 1 Charge Lasts Forever. The solar panel is available separately. Please choose the solar panel option to ensure that you get one with your Vigil Plus.

In addition, Netvue Vigil Plus includes 1080P FHD both of Days and Nights. Every Day and Every Night Vigil Plus’s Colorfully Enhanced live streaming captures every minute of outdoor living. For both days and nights, whatever time of day or night, and anytime you check the Netvue app to see all the information crystal clear for up to 20m.

Same with the other Netvue product, the Vigil Plus has PIR Motion Detection, Human Recognition, and AI Recognition. When motion is detected, Vigil Plus will capture it and notify you through smartphone notification.

With a few clicks, you can change the motion sensitivity level, motion duration, and motion zone through the Netvue App. A smart identification upgrade to recognize persons, animals, or automobiles from items is on the way.

The most important is simple to install and recharge. Netvue Vigil Plus enables for entirely wire-free installation. You’re no longer have to be concerned about the lenght of the power wire or connection. When the battery runs low, just recharge it with a power connection or solar panel.


Content Specs
Resolution 1920 X 1080P
Live Video On Smartphone/Tablet
2-Way Audio Netvue App
Motion Detection Detection, real-time alerts, zone & time setting
Night Vision Distance 20m
Human Detection Charge
Cloud Replay Charge
Motion Video Charge
Micro SD Card Replay Support 16-128GB (Not included), up to 44 days

In The Box 

  • Vigil Plus × 1
  • Quick Guide × 1
  • Power Adapter × 1
  • Drilling Template × 1
  • Hex Spanner × 1
  • Mounting Screws × 3
  • Anchors × 3

Netvue Vigil 2 Review

Get peace of mind with Netvue Vigil 2 security camera. This 1080P outdoor camera with FHD night vision, two-way audio and IP66 waterproof rating is designed to give you all-day protection from the elements and capture everything happening around your home or business.

With the AI human motion detection feature and real-time alert, you’ll always know when something’s amiss so you can take action before it escalates into a serious incident.

Netvue Orb Cam Review

Next up, we’re going to review the Netvue Orb Cam Seamless PTZ Camera. Let’s find out what you’ll get from this product.

This Camera pans and tilts to provide a broad field of vision, making it a great choice for the busy home. The 2-way audio capability is intended for parents or owners to communicate with their loved ones, such as kids and animals. The Orb camera strives to provide more than just protection; it also provides peace of mind.

Moreover, the seamless PTZ indoor camera keeps you connected to your house, family, baby, and pets at all times. Never miss a great moment at home. Like the other Netvue product, the Orb Cam has 1080P HD, 360° PTZ, Motion Detection, Night Vision, and AI Recognition. 

Netvue Orb Cam’s 1080P full HD live streaming allows you to see every element in great clarity. Download the Netvue app and you’ll be able to connect to your house from anywhere. When darkness falls, it switches to invisible 940mm infra lights, which are safer for children and dogs and allow you to see everything clearly.

By clicking on the rotating button in the Netvue app, you can easily alter the view angle of the Orb Cam. You can view your house at 360° horizontally and 140° vertically because of the seamless pan and tilting function.

Additionally, this Netvue Orb Cam may be installed in four ways. Place it on the table or use the bracket to mount it upside down or upside down. You may put it anywhere you wish. 

In The Box

  • Orb Cam × 1
  • Quick Guide × 1
  • Power Adapter × 1
  • Drilling Template × 1
  • Mounting Bracket × 1
  • Screws × 2
  • Anchors × 2

Netvue Orb Mini Review

Never worry about your home again with the Netvue Orb Mini Security Camera. With two-way audio, 2.4 GHz Wifi connection, and 1080P FHD for 360 degree full view, this camera is perfect if you want to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

The real-time human detection alert will let you know when someone is in your space and the cloud storage and privacy protection ensure that no one can access or steal your information. The night vision lets you see what’s going on even in the dark and work with Alexa so you can get all the benefits of voice control without having to touch a button.

Comes with two color options, which are black and white, you can choose the one that best meets your need–especially for those of you who are concern into your home decoration.

Netvue Return Policy

Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your purchase at Netvue. No need to worry! You can return your item within 30 days from the day your item arrives for an acceptable reason.

Netvue does not claim ownership to return products until the products reach the fulfillment facility. A refund may be provided without requiring a return at their discretion. Netvue will not accept your returns on items purchased from other merchants.

These products are subject to the return policies of that store. Netvue denies all responsibility in the case that such products are returned. Once your return request has been approved, Netvue will give you return instructions and arrange for a refund or replacement as quickly as possible. 

Send your product within 10 days after receiving return instructions from Netvue.  It includes any cables, documentation, adapters, and accessories within the product in original packaging. If you do not do so, Netvue may refuse your return of the product.

Netvue Shipping Policy

Congrats! Enjoy online shopping at Netvue with FREE SHIPPING on your order within the United States only. Learn more about the following shipping policy down below to check the detailed shipping information. 

Estimated Delivery

Except for pre-order products, orders are typically sent within 48 hours. Please take a look at the pre-order item’s expected shipment date. Once your product has shipped from the Netvue warehouse, you will get an email with a tracking number. For additional details:

  • Orders made before 2:30 p.m. PST Monday to Friday are normally shipped on the same day.
  • Orders made after 2:30 p.m. PST Monday to Friday are normally shipped to the next business day.
  • Orders made on weekends are usually handled and shipped on the following Monday.

Please keep in mind that there may be delays caused by a high number of purchases on particular days or holidays. If you are in a hurry, Netvue suggests that you contact them before completing your order.

Shipment Cost

Netvue only provides Free Shipping to the United States. International shipping is offered at different fees according to the destination. For further details, please see the delivery cost chart. Netvue works with the industry’s top carriers to provide a positive shipping experience. Sometimes, global shipping may occur for delivery, and they’re not responsible for any customs costs.

Track Your Order and Shipment

How can I track my orders? There are two easy ways to track your orders:

  • You may check the progress of your purchase by clicking the link in the email confirmation which you will get after placing your order.
  • You can quickly track the status of your purchase using the online order history. You may easily access your purchase history on the official website.

Ownership, Terms, and Risk

You’re responsible for ensuring that your address is valid and accurate. Netvue may not be responsible for any financial loss caused by the actions of entering an incorrect address or false transaction.

Orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled. If you wish to cancel an order that has already been sent, you will be charged for the delivery costs.

Netvue is not responsible for any obligation or fee. When the items arrive, it is your responsibility to ensure that the order is correct and undamaged. Before signing for the delivery, carefully inspect the products for any damage. If there is any damage, you have the right to reject the delivery and notify the courier of your decision.

Netvue Warranty Policy

Are you wondering about the warranty of the product? Great! You will get a one-year warranty and lifetime service from the day you purchased the product. This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original buyer.

At Netvue‘s exclusive option, repairs or replacements may be undertaken with new or refurbished items or parts. If the product or a component included in that product is out of stock, Netvue may restore the product with the available model that comes closest to the original model’s design, functionality, and performance.

In order to request a warranty claim, please contact customer service. Also, please include the order number or sales invoice in your support ticket. Then, you might ask to return your item for your warranty claim to be processed. You’ll get the return instructions later. If the product is defective due to human error, no refund or replacement is available.

Netvue Customer Service

Please bear in mind that Netvue provides live chat support. You can ask anything that you’re curious about the product the other questions that are not mentioned in this review. 

Where to buy Netvue?

Want to purchase a smart home security camera?  Alright then, you can buy that product at Netvue’s Official Website. Also, you can buy them at a marketplace like Amazon. To obtain the greatest pricing and discounts, get Netvue Security Cam products from their official website only. 

Netvue Promo Codes & Coupons

Do you wait for the discount section? Great! Netvue products may be purchased at a lower cost if you’re eager to take the advantage of special deals and discounts. For this month in May, Netvue is on big SALE for selecting items. Check out the Official Website then you will get up to 50% OFF. Also, by subscribing to the newsletter you’ll get the most recent news and updated product right into your inbox. 

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Netvue Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Netvue. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Can someone hack my Netvue camera?

Because none of the Netvue devices includes a background management port, hackers will never get access to them. It is difficult for someone who doesn’t have access to the account to obtain information about your device or even control it.

Why does my Netvue camera keep going offline?

When the wifi connection is unstable, the camera will often go offline. You may also check the option – wifi analysis to verify. If your wifi signal is poor, we recommend that you relocate your device closer to a stronger signal, switch to another device with a better 2.4G wifi signal, or install a WiFi extender.

Why is my Netvue camera not working?

Please disconnect the camera and re-insert the SD card before reconnecting to power. It will function once again. If you still have the same problem, please submit your device ID or contact Netvue Customer Service through the APP live chat for a quick response.

Ask a question?

Netvue Expert Reviews

Netvue Birdfy is a well-made bird feeder with an integrated security camera that has the greatest battery capacity of any security camera I’ve ever seen. It’s a lot of pleasure for a newbie birdwatcher to be able to see the birds up close as they visit the feeder. However, as a smart feeder, it falls short since the AI element that purportedly identifies birds fails miserably. If the software is improved, the price may be justified, but, as it is, I believe it is significantly overpriced.

The Gadgeteer
Full Review
Netvue Review: Expert Reviews

Is the Netvue Vigil 2 suitable for monitoring your home? Definitely YES. The pricing is fantastic at just $35.99. It’s a dependable camera that’s really easy to set up and use. The Netvue Vigil 2 Outdoor Security Camera makes it simple and inexpensive to monitor your front entrance, yard, or other areas surrounding your house. Weather is not a concern since it is IP66 weatherproof. I like that you don’t need a cloud membership, and the cost is very low. You may use the Netvue Vigil 2 Outdoor Security Camera to make your house a bit more secure.

Full Review

Netvue promotes the camera like a dog monitoring, allowing you to communicate with your pet while you are away. This function works nicely, though the strange voice coming from the camera in a darker environment might frighten dogs. The app displays what the camera sees and notifies you if motion is detected. The camera may then be twisted and rotated for a better view. If the motion is detected, the video is saved to the SD card and accessible through the phone app. You may save the video to your mobile phone.

Full Review

Conclusion of Netvue Reviews & Ratings

When you’re in the market for a new security camera, you want to make sure you’re getting something that provides solid quality and reliability. It’s especially important to find a reliable security camera system, given how many threats we face today.

Netvue Review: Conclusion

A good home security camera system can make all the difference if you’re in an emergency and need to check on your family. With all of these factors in mind, there are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for a new home security camera. However, Netvue has all the factors, you do need to worry about where you can buy the best home security camera.

Hope this Netvue Review will help you a lot! 


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