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About MillerCAT Cat Shield

Trust your automobile in the hands of the catalytic converter specialists. However, MillerCAT Cat Shield has over 30 years of experience in the catalytic converter manufacturing sector and uses that knowledge to create the finest converter protection device in the industry.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Review: About MillerCAT Cat Shield
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Every MillerCAT Cat Shield design has been evaluated by the engineers to ensure the optimum fit, the least amount of noise and vibration, and no obvious temperature changes under the car. Hours of testing, R&D investment, and a dependable supply chain of high-quality hardware to stand out from the competitors.

Here we want to introduce you more to what MillerCAT Cat Shield has offered to you. Just stay with our honest MillerCAT Cat Shield Review for detailed information and see how easy to shop online. 

Overview MillerCAT Cat Shield

Before we continue with the product review, let us explore more about what actually the brand is. Alright, to provide the greatest catalytic converter protection devices, MillerCAT Cat Shield combines their comprehensive knowledge of converters with in-house manufacture and design.

MillerCAT Cat Shield ensures the greatest quality and continual improvement in the products by managing the whole development process. That is why MillerCAT Cat Shield is the only shield available for the Toyota franchise over their Associated Products Program

The industry for catalytic converter anti-theft items is increasing, but there is still a reason why MillerCAT Cat Shield is the only shield manufacturer to be a member of Toyota’s Associated Products program, making their products accessible to every Toyota dealership nationwide.

Review MillerCAT Cat Shield

MillerCAT Cat Shields come with unparalleled customer care and support. The detailed directions videos and manuals, as well as the response to enquires, will help you in your research, purchasing experience, and ownership of MillerCAT Cat Shield. Alright, let’s take a look at the MillerCAT advantages.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Reviews: Review MillerCAT Cat Shield
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The catalytic converter anti-theft device industry is increasing, but there is still a reason why MillerCAT is the only shield supplier that is a member of Toyota‘s Associated Goods program, making our products accessible to every Toyota dealership nationwide. Put your trust in the catalytic converter professionals.

Furthermore, MillerCAT has been in the catalytic converter manufacturing company for over 30 years and uses that knowledge to create the greatest converter protection device on the market. Every design has been thoroughly evaluated by the MillerCAT experts to guarantee a proper fit, little noise levels, and no significant temperature changes under the vehicle.

Hours of testing, ongoing R&D investment, and a dependable supply chain of high-quality hardware help MillerCAT distinguish apart from its competitors.

Thus, the Cat Shields comes with unrivaled customer care and support. Keep scrolling up for the next review product of MillerCAT down below!

MillerCAT Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 4x4 Review

With MillerCAT Cat Shield, you can keep your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 safe. The three-piece design is a full bolt-on solution (no rivet nuts required) that offers the highest degree of deterrence from catalytic converter theft. Toyota Tacoma Cat Shield is made of premium material, 14 gauge Premium Grade 5052 aluminum. The material may have minor aesthetic surface flaws. 

MillerCAT shields use industry-leading tamper-proof screws that are not available anywhere else, whereas rivals use standard Torx bits. Also, MillerCAT Tacoma shield reduces the number of holes that burglars may exploit. Their stamped louvers and logos enable adequate heat dissipation while displaying MillerCAT quality and production capabilities.

Visit the installation guide for more detailed information. 

MillerCAT Toyota Tundra 4x4 Sequoia Review

Moving forward, let’s continue to the next review product of MillerCAT Cat Shield – MillerCAT 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 4×4/2008-2022 Sequoia 4×4 Cat Shield.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Review: MillerCAT Toyota Tundra 4x4 Sequoia Review
Image:Miller CAT Shield

You can secure your Toyota Tundra 4×4 and Sequoia 4×4 with MillerCAT Shield.  The 3 pcs design needs no drilling and offers the finest prevention on the market. In comparison to other metals, 3/16″ aluminum material provides the maximum degree of protection and weight savings. MillerCAT scrutinizes every element of the products to ensure your safety!

Another extra benefit, MillerCAT Toyota Tundra uses add-on options like Rear Wing and AVK Tool. The Rear Shield (x2) add-on for your 2018-2021 Toyota Tundra 4×4 provides maximum protection for all four converters. While The AVK tool will help in the installation process of your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Cat Shield, removing the need to lift the gearbox for installation.

The use of AVK tool is not intended to be used for many items since it will lose effectiveness after every installation. Additionally, MillerCAT applies tamper-proof screws on the whole mounting point. This is a trademarked design that cannot be purchased on the market. It is not the same as other firms that claim to have tamper-proof screws if they are just using regular 6-lobe Torx screws.

MillerCAT shield wings are secured using tamper-resistant screws that are set in the shield, making it impossible for anybody to replace the wing by cutting off the screw head. The shield is strong enough to work as a skid guard and keep pebbles and debris off your car. To help you use your cat shield, visit the installation guide and follow the process. 

There are dozens of Tundra and Sequoia versions that this product may fit. While MillerCAT tries its best to verify and evaluate each model, it is hard to be certain. They ensure that if the shield does not fit enough (assuming you ordered the suitable shield for your car), MillerCAT will provide a complete refund as well as the return shipping. If you ever have a problem, take a picture of the products and send them an email. 


MillerCAT shield will suitable enough on a 2WD Tundra. While it’ll work on a particular 2WD Tundra, you can rest certain that the primary shield will prevent thieves and that they may purchase the extra wings to protect more of the rear converter when the product is available. Please contact them if you have a TRD Pro skid plate and they will send you additional long screws to use with your skid plate.

MillerCAT Shield Honda Element Review

Stainless Steel MillerCAT 2003-2011 Honda Element Cat Shield is the most modern, comprehensive, and efficient Honda Element protection system. It is a two-piece design constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel that enables the energy from the converters to escape rather than being trapped behind a shield. The shield is fastened with tamper-proof fasteners, allowing it to be detached for maintenance while remaining safe from thieves.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Review: MillerCAT Shield Honda Element Review
Image:Miller CAT Shield

Fits all your Honda Elements featuring an OEM converter. Except if the extended bracket is removed, the shields will not fit with side steps at this time. Front and rear shields are also included, as well as installation hardware, a tamper-proof screw kit, a Cat Shield Protected badge, and a complete installation guide.

Some tools needed for installation such as Rivet Nut Tool with M6 Mandrel (M8 for 2WD models), 1/4″ bit driver, 10mm and 12mm socket, drill, and 25/64 drill bit. Visit the Honda Element installation guide for more detailed information. 

How about the benefits? Alright, let’s talk about the design process and the benefit you will get from Honda Element Cat Shield.  However, integrity is really important. MillerCAT feels it builds confidence in the company and the products. Every product is extensively examined and checked to ensure that it produces the greatest quality for the customers. MillerCAT wanted to share the experience with one specific application to illustrate the process.

Because of the car’s high clearance and black market costs, Honda Element is highly desired after the converter. MillerCAT spent the past several months developing a solution that will secure the converter with modern designs. The approach was difficult since they had to find out how to make a mechanism that would dissuade robbers while the converter was just so visible. They need to build a 3D structure and turned up with the first design idea.

The first idea is just a box that covered the converter. It seemed to be a good idea since it covered the converter and resembled the Element’s boxy shape. While the solution met the first purpose of securing the converter, it fell short of the second purpose of protecting the car and its passengers.

MillerCAT put a prototype through a number of driving tests to evaluate temperature, vibration, and noise. The temperature testing revealed that the first concept failed miserably. During the drive cycles, they use thermal sensors to detect temperature changes within the regions that the shields protect. They have probes installed between both the converter and the vehicle’s floor to measure how hot it gets.

MillerCAT is astounded to see that by covering the converter, the temperature between both the converter and the floorboard rose to 700 degrees (almost 300 degrees higher with a shield than without) while the car was stopped. They were basically constructing an oven underneath the automobile. The heat was trapped within the building since there was no way for it to escape.

What make them concerned most was what may happen if someone fitted the shield and the converter failed or overheated. Temperatures in a faulty or failing converter may exceed 2,000 degrees. This scenario was unacceptable, so they set to work devising a solution.

In the end, MillerCAT learns from mistakes in the past. In the final design, they essentially avoid anyone from cutting and pulling off the converter while leaving it exposed to allow heat to escape. This design leaves no room for a robber to cut and poses no risk to the car or its passengers. In addition to protecting the converter, people, and vehicle, they make your shields entirely detachable and secured with tamper-proof screws for your convenience

MillerCAT 2004-2009 Prius Gen 2 Cat Shield™ Review

MillerCat also provides you with the Prius Series. And, this one is a great the 2004-2009 Prius Gen 2 Cat Shield™. This product fits all Prius Liftback Trims from 2004 to 2009 with OEM converters. This package includes Cat Shield, installation hardware, tamper-proof screw kit, Cat Shield Protected label, and full installation instructions.

The Aluminum Gen 2 Cat Shield is totally detachable, resistant to galvanic corrosion, and does not have any huge gaps for thieves to cut through (but allows you to visibly see the converter part number to pass smog).

The MillerCat strongly advises pairing this shield with the Deadbolt. There have recently been a number of situations when skilled thieves have bypassed shields in locations with a high concentration of shielded automobiles. Owners in California should think about this possibility.

If you are looking for other MillerCat Prius series, simply visit the MillerCat official store, then choose the one that perfectly meets your need.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Pros & Cons

After knowing the product review of MillerCAT Shield, let’s jump into the product’s pros and cons since every product always has a positive and negative impact. 


  1. Quick delivery.
  2. The cover allows plenty of space for heat to escape from the converter.
  3. Made of stainless steel. There will be no material scrimping.
  4. High-quality equipment is provided.
  5. Exhaust hanger (optional)
  6. There is no discernible increase in noise.


  1. The installation instructions might be confusing at first. 

MillerCAT Cat Shield Return Policy

MillerCAT Cat Shield Return Policy

MillerCAT offers 30 days of return, which means you can request a return within 30 days of receiving your product.  To be acceptable for a return, your product must be unused and in its original packing, and it would be in the same condition that you received it. Returns may be subject to a restocking charge of up to 20%.

If you have any queries about returns, please contact MillerCAT Customer Service at

Damages and Issues 

Please take a look at your purchase upon receipt and notify MillerCAT immediately if the item is defective or damaged. Thus, if you get the incorrect product they can review your product issues and make it as right as possible. 


MillerCAT will inform you after they have received and reviewed your return and will let you know whether the refund was accepted or not. If it is authorized, you will be instantly returned using your original payment method, less a 20% restocking charge (if applicable). Please keep in mind that it may take a little time for your bank or card provider to process and send your refund.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Shipping Policy

Congratulations! You’ve got FREE SHIPPING within the United States orders. 

MillerCAT Cat Shield offers the option of the quickest shipment but is just a pass-through for any payments. They earn no money from this service. Please keep in mind that delivery services will close on weekends and holidays, and orders placed after 1:00pm PST could be confirmed to arrive that day.

Because of COVID-19 and the large number of products, couriers are often not able to reach their target delivery schedules. Please keep in mind that MillerCAT have no control over shipping tracking or timings once the product has left the warehouse. If you live on the West Coast or in California, you don’t need quick delivery. UPS Ground may deliver your package in one up to two days.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Customer Service

Need to get in touch with MillerCAT Cat Shield?

Don’t worry, please contact MillerCAT Customer Service at for any inquiries you need or by dropping your comment here. Another choice, you can call them at (408) 510-5224 only during working hours. 

Where to buy MillerCAT Cat Shield?

The official MillerCAT Cat Shield Store is the best place to acquire their products. Nonetheless, it is available for purchase on a number of large online markets, including Amazon and Ubuy.

However, since they are often sold out there, you may wish to wait till the products become available. It is still suggested that you buy MillerCAT Cat Shield items from their official website to take advantage of the best deals and discounts.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Promo Codes & Coupons

It’s time for your purchase decision, buy all products at MillerCAT Shield with code CATSH5 and enjoy 5% OFF on your orders. Sign up for the newsletter to get the latest current MillerCAT news, such as forthcoming product releases, special offers, and discounts.

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MillerCAT Cat Shield

MillerCAT Cat Shield Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for MillerCAT Cat Shield. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Does the Cat Shield make my car hotter?

MillerCAT completed testing on the front and rear converters with and without the Cat Shield under a variety of driving conditions. The data shows that while driving in the city or on the motorway.

There are minimal temperature rises (10 degrees maximum) and actually lower temperatures with the Cat Shield in the rear position when traveling on the interstate.

Based on the temperature data, MillerCAT conclude that the shield will have no effect on increased cabin temperature, and will not pose an increased risk to flammable material beneath the car (in fact, the shield provides protection material from having to touch the hottest part of the exhaust, the transformer.), and will not prematurely wear down exhaust components.

Can’t someone just cut the shield?

There is no effective barrier to catalytic converter theft. Any anti-theft protection mechanism may be removed by anybody with the necessary tools, time, and motivation. The objective has been to prevent the thief to the greatest extent feasible.

MillerCAT has shown a deterrent from the customers, demonstrating that criminals perceive the shield and walk on. If someone attempted to cut the shield, they would make a lot of noise and take a long time to get off the shield.

When a criminal simply wants to spend a few minutes stealing a converter, they will reconsider if the process requires different equipment, more time, and noise. MillerCAT put the shield through its paces with a Sawzall, it’s not nice, and it’s certainly noisy and time-consuming.

Why are people stealing Prius converters?

Many people wonder why the Prius converters are now being stolen at an alarming rate. Why do people choose hybrids over huge trucks? Prius is supposed to be an environmentally friendly automobile. Palladium and Rhodium are the answers.

It is true that Prius vehicles are clean and are categorized as Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicles (SULEV), but Toyota had to guarantee the Prius passed a stringent emissions test in order to get that certification. Because hybrids regularly switch on and off the gasoline engines to save gas, they contain some of the greatest precious metal content of any vehicle.

However, the majority of the dangerous emissions are created during the engine’s first start, known as a cold start. A catalytic converter must achieve an ideal temperature in order to properly convert hazardous gases, but repeated cold starts reduce that temperature and render the converter ineffective in reducing harmful emissions.

What about galvanic rust or corrosion?

Some competitive items may include rivets or claim to use corrosion-resistant hardware, but when different corrosion-resistant metals come into contact, they can erode by a process known as galvanic corrosion also called bimetallic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially in the presence of an electrolyte when it comes into electrical contact with another. Once 2 distinct metals come into touch with one other, it may result in early rust and corrosion.

To avoid rust and corrosion, MillerCAT Shield utilizes only zinc-coated rivet nuts and stainless steel hardware. The Prius’s underbody steel frames are covered but do not come into frequent contact with the aluminum shield.

Also after drilling holes in the frame, the only items that come into contact with uncoated steel are the zinc-coated rivet nuts and the zinc functions as a protective shield between the metals. MillerCAT considers each piece of hardware to ensure that none of the components cause early rust or corrosion. 

Ask a question?

MillerCAT Cat Shield Expert Reviews

Catalytic converter thefts continue to be common around the nation. I have a favorite target, a slightly elevated Toyota Tacoma, which allows for simple under-and-out theft. So I got this MillerCAT Cat Shield and it was installed by my technician. He and another of his men had Tacomas, and they were extremely satisfied with the design & fit of this shield, as well as the security Torx screws. It is acknowledged that this will not avoid theft, but since it fits so nicely and utilizes those screws, no thief will spend time attempting to take MY converter – therefore proceed.

I’m no longer worried about where I park!

Laurie Hunchar
Full Review
MillerCAT Cat Shield Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Miller CAT Shield@fb

After searching the Internet and studying other manufacturers, I chose to purchase the MillerCat for my daughter’s 2008 Honda Element. I have three Elements friends who had their animals taken lately, one of them paid $3000 to fix it. My selection was influenced by various factors, including pricing, delivery time, and the manner it was constructed. Mostly it was stainless steel and didn’t surround the whole cat, and I believe stainless would be more difficult to cut.

The installation was rather simple, however, I didn’t know I need a rivet nut tool for it. I may not have studied the tools required well enough to realize that, but no worries, I’ve always wanted one, and they’re easily available at Harbor Freight for $50. I did it myself, it took around 2 hours, although it would have gone quicker if the vehicle was further in the air and my eyes can see better (I’m elderly). So far, so good. It’s a clean installation.

Debra Blaylock
Full Review

I ordered both the main shield and the rear shield add-on. Everything came swiftly and in perfect shape. Good directions, all of the great quality was supplied, and the single installation was simple. Excellent fitting all around! I was a little surprised that the rear shields were barely half the thickness of the primary shield (around 3/32″ instead of 3/16″). In addition, the rear shield installation swapped out the much-desired flush mount bolts for buttons head bolts on the two rear positions alone. Overall, I am quite pleased with the purchase and the quality/design of the shield.

Full Review

My MillerCAT Cat Shield arrived one week after I purchased it. I had it installed by my area Toyota dealer for $159 and was up and running in no time. Excellent goods and service. My Toyota dealer indicated it was simple to install and that they’d likely suggest it in the future. I’m a thrilled and happy client who no longer has to worry about my kitties being taken from my Tundra truck. Thank you so much, MILLERCAT.

Axel Arder
Full Review

My MillerCat Honda Element Cat Shield came in very fast. We had the installation done by a local auto shop. They said it was a pain to install and took them three hours. After installation, there is also no rattling or noise. To me, it seems to be a deterrent. I’d move on if I were a thief. I am quite pleased with our purchase. It provides comfort. And I’m certain that not having to deal with theft will save us time and money. We were fortunate to have completed this prior to a credit card fraud. Thank you, MillerCat.

Elizabeth C.
Full Review

Conclusion of MillerCAT Cat Shield Reviews & Ratings

Finally, it comes to the end of the MillerCAT Cat Shield Review. All the features, benefits, product reviews, and product pros & cons have already been discussed. We think all the product by MillerCAT is worth trying.

MillerCAT Cat Shield Review: Conclusion
Image:Miller CAT Shield@fb

You can find your finest Cat Shield with high quality and best price in MillerCAT complete with the installation guide. If you are in doubt, you may read once more of our review, hope it will help you enough!


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