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About MERIT Beauty

There’s an ancient adage that applies to a variety of fields: less is more. However, in a world where sophisticated 50-shade makeup palettes, multistep skincare regimes, and a never-ending stream of celebrity product releases are the norm, sticking to a basic approach is frequently much more difficult.

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Especially when the issues of sustainability and clean substances are discussed. However, Katherine Power’s new beauty line, MERIT Beauty, aims to alter all of that by providing products that live up to the expectations of “quality over quantity.”

Katherine Power, the co-founder of Who What Wear, Versed, and Avaline, established MERIT Beauty, a clean, minimalist beauty company. MERIT Beauty products are designed for the human body, skin, and environment. They’re hygienic, pleasant, and non-messy, as well as long-lasting. Everything they do is to make us appear like ourselves, only better.

MERIT Beauty is generally marketing itself as a “less is more” brand, promising a 5-minute cosmetic process. In this Merit Beauty review, you will get to know about this famous minimalist makeup brand. You can also know about their products lineup, reviews, and even the best offers that you can get while buying their product.

If you think this is the time to improve your beauty regime, MERIT Beauty will get the best for you.

Overview of MERIT Beauty

MERIT Beauty is a premium skincare cosmetics brand. Katherine Power created the firm in 2021, based in Los Angeles, California. This brand reinvents premium beauty by making it more approachable, clean, and well-edited. They believe in ethical luxury, creating products that are good for the body, the environment, and the environment’s health. MERIT Beauty is the antidote to the over-the-top world of beauty.

MERIT is made up of only seven “impossible-to-mistake” items that Power feels necessary for achieving a seamless five-minute makeup routine—an notion that she first shared with her Instagram followers in 2014. According to Power, each product was created for folks who, like her, aren’t huge on makeup but yet want a little bit more for their daily look—whether they’re going to work or working from home.

MERIT Beauty Reviews

MERIT Beauty maintains high beauty standards and prides itself on being a responsible luxury brand. The brand is Leaping Bunny certified, EU compliant, vegan, and cruelty-free. They also claim to have eliminated as much virgin plastic from their goods and processes as feasible. Merit’s formulae are also supposed to promote skin health as well as make your skin seem better while you’re using them.

MERIT Beauty Reviews

A foundation complexion stick, cheek blush, highlighting balm, lip tint, mascara, brow pomade gel, and a foundation brush were included in the MERIT Beauty product lineup. The costs vary from $24 to $38 and are considered to be in the mid-range. With MERIT Beauty products, you can do your makeup in a quick and minimalist way yet also get the best out of yourself.

MERIT Beauty Lip Oil Review

The Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil by MERIT Beauty is a cross between an oil and a faint stain. This lip oil is designed to be worn anytime and anywhere. It’s high in fatty acids and natural oils, which help keep lips moisturized over time. You may use this lip oil on a regular basis to assist maintain the natural moisture levels in your lips.

MERIT Beauty Review: MERIT Beauty Lip Oil Review

MERIT Beauty Shade Slick is described as “highly pigmented,” “creamy and light,” and having a “buttery smooth texture” that is simple to apply. Users also praise how long-lasting and nourishing this MERIT lip oil is. That is thanks to a few vital substances of MERIT Beauty Shade Slick that will improve and nurture your lips. Rosehip oil and essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9 promote good barrier function and give antioxidant effects. Shea butter and grapeseed oils also moisturize and soften lips. Jojoba oil helps to seal in moisture by forming a protective barrier.

The color is sheer, but it may be built up, particularly in darker tones like Pink Beet and Sangria. You’ll like how the substance feels on your lips; it’s silky smooth and quite comfy. It doesn’t have the same oily or sticky feel as other lip glosses. These tinted lip oils from MERIT give lips a coating of soft gloss, feel like a lip balm but aren’t sticky at all, and are fragrance-free.

MERIT Beauty Shade Slickhas a transparent tone that makes it your go-to for attaining a glossy, natural appearance, even if you don’t want to wear lip color on a day when all you need is a lip balm to keep your lips nourished. All in all, Shade Slick lip oil from MERIT Beauty is an excellent lip tint oil that you should have.

MERIT Beauty Blush - Flush Balm Review

The Flush Balm Cheek Color from MERIT Beauty is a flawless cream blush or balm that applies a creamy, translucent veil of color to your cheeks while allowing your skin to shine through. It’s reported to be silky and flexible, glides on smoothly, and has micro-fine pigment powders that provide a hint of color. This Flush Balm by MERIT Beauty comes in five different shades; Terracotta, Beverly Hills, Cheeky, Raspberry Beret, and Mood.

MERIT Beauty Review: MERIT Beauty Blush - Flush Balm Review

Unlike other cream blushes, which might be overly heavy or glittery, the MERIT Beauty Flush Balm is ultralight, so a little goes a long way and it still melts into the skin. For that ideal touch of color, apply a little amount over the apples of your cheeks and smooth it out with your fingertips toward your temples. This cream blush from MERIT Beauty is very easy and quick to use, so you can use them during a sudden Zoom meeting.

The shorter wear period (six to seven hours) wasn’t a surprise since this MERIT Beauty Flush Cream didn’t dry down and remained moveable hours afterward. The lotion was emollient throughout and didn’t feel corny. It also worked well on bare skin and didn’t “sink” into pores as other cream blushes do.

MERIT Beauty Highlighter Review

MERIT Beauty Day Glow Highlighting Balm is a midday highlighter that is hydrating. It’s formulated with squalane, which is derived from plants and helps to hydrate and condition the skin. The package is elegant and compact, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption. The design is also fairly simple, which is consistent with the rest of the brand.

MERIT Beauty Review: MERIT Beauty Highlighter Review

This highlighting balm from MERIT will give your face a dewy glow and a delicate glitter without being too overbearing. This highlighter isn’t as overpowering as other highlighters. If you want to go for a more dramatic appearance, layering is a breeze. It’s not only buildable but also blendable. It looks great on top of any foundation or base makeup, as well as any blush.

MERIT Beauty Day Glow has a creamy texture and wears exceptionally light. You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to use. The product’s design makes the application seem like sketching with a large crayon on your face. This highlighting balm is ideal for everyone, particularly if you’re a first-time makeup wearer looking for a surefire solution.

To sum up this highlighter review, MERIT’s Day Glow Highlighting Balm will quickly become your all-time favorite. This product is ideal for any regimen that necessitates a quick makeup application. This may be your next cosmetics passion if you’re seeking something new.

MERIT Beauty Mascara Review

MERIT Beauty Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara shapes, separates, and lengthens lashes for a wide-awake effect. The tubing formula of this mascara implies it wraps over each lash equally so you don’t have to constantly pile on the product. Because you want your lashes to seem light and fluttery rather than heavy and drooping, this is crucial. Smudge-proof, long-lasting, and simpler to wipe off, tubing compositions are also a good choice.

MERIT Beauty Review: MERIT Beauty Mascara Review

This mascara from MERIT divides and outlines each of your lashes with exactly the correct amount of product in each stroke, rather than clumping or flaking. All of the conditioning and strengthening come from ingredients like fatty acids, olive oil esters, and vitamin B5. Furthermore, rice bran wax obtained from plants lengthens. All of these elements work together to produce a cruelty-free, vegan product that works wonders for your lashes.

Furthermore, the long-lasting product remains on your lashes all day and just your lashes. MERIT Clean Lash stands up to the test of time. It endured the rigors of workdays and the after sleep. It defines lashes significantly better than the majority of clean formulations available. MERIT Clean Lash can become an option if you want a hassle-free yet still long-lasting mascara.

MERIT Beauty Lipstick Review

MERIT Beauty Signature Lip has a sheer-satin texture and adds a modest flash of color. Thanks to squalene and sunflower seed oil, two regularly used nourishing components, it applies without the weight of conventional lipstick. The papain enzyme helps to soothe and smooth out the lips, while raspberry oil adds moisture. To help blur fine lines, a stabilized version of vitamin C is incorporated.

MERIT Beauty Review: MERIT Beauty Lipstick Review

When initially applied, the buildable substances seem light, but with subsequent applications, the intensity may be increased. It comes in eight distinct hues, and if you’re not sure which one would look best on you, Merit’s website has lipstick samples on three different complexion tones. This lipstick is created with 30% recycled plastic and comes in a recyclable, reusable, biodegradable container, in keeping with the brand’s objective of creating clean, vegan, and cruelty-free goods.

The lipstick comes in a sturdy, transparent container with a sleek, twistable gold tube. The names of the shades are printed on a sticker that is put on top of the lipstick. The sticker isn’t the same color as the lipstick inside; instead, it’s a brownish hue. It’s not a big problem since you can see the lipstick inside. It seems to be a high-end lipstick due to its packaging and hues.

The application went together as smoothly as you could have wanted. Signature Lip was a dream to apply and didn’t take long to dry. It didn’t feel heavy on the lips, which was good since you may need to build up the color.

Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick by MERIT is ideal for a night out as well as daily use. This one product may take the place of your handbag’s lip balm, gloss, and lipstick. On the lips, it has a pleasant and elegant texture that is moisturizing and lightweight. The lipstick delivers a long-lasting color payoff and keeps your lips maintained.

MERIT Beauty Return Policy

All MERIT Beauty products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please contact their customer support if you are unhappy with the product. For items returned within 30 days, this brand will give an exchange or a refund. Unfortunately, this brand cannot provide a refund for delivery costs and will not accept returns for goods purchased as part of a bundle unless they are returned in their whole.

What’s more, this brand will switch for an item of equal or lower worth if you want to retain the other goods in the bundle.

Returns are handled within two business days after this brand receives the product. MERIT Beauty will commence the refund, however, it may take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your account, depending on your bank’s policies. You can check Term of Service for additional details about refund processes.

Where to buy MERIT Beauty?

You may be wondering where to get this minimalist beauty cosmetics brand after reading this review. MERIT Beauty items are available at Sephora, Kohl’s, and on the MERIT Beauty official website. To receive the greatest offers, it is advised that you purchase their items from their official website.

MERIT Beauty Promo Codes & Coupons

There is now no MERIT Beauty promo code available. However, you can still enjoy FREE Shipping on orders over $40 and FREE returns. Don’t worry, every first purchase comes with a trademark minimalist cosmetics bag. If you want the best price on your purchase, you can also purchase the bundle sets.

Please note that these offers are only applicable on MERIT Beauty official website, so please be sure that you buy their products from the official website.

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MERIT Beauty Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for MERIT Beauty. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What does MERIT Beauty imply by "responsible luxury"?

The term “responsible luxury” refers to items that are safe for the body, skin, and environment. MERIT Beauty’s products are all made to EU standards, and they also have an internal list of components that aren’t used.

MERIT Beauty removed everything that might cause irritation, including artificial scent and occlusive chemicals, in addition to adding good-for-you elements to each product.

Does all MERIT Beauty makeup products natural?

No. MERIT Beauty is a clean makeup brand, which means they employ non-toxic, both natural and lab-created components. They define its clean product philosophy as concentrating on safe and effective components, whether natural or synthetic, whereas there is no regulatory definition of “clean” beauty.

Are MERIT Beauty's products cruelty-free and vegan?

MERIT is Leaping Bunny-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Are MERIT Beauty products created in an ethical manner?

When it comes to ethics and the environment, MERIT Beauty holds its production methods to a high level. This brand selects manufacturers based on the quality of their formulae, their ability to create safe, dependable goods, and their dedication to good manufacturing processes (GMPs).

This brand opposes all forms of forced labor, and the company is dedicated to promoting fair and safe working conditions across its operations. Forced work, teenage labor, dangerous working conditions, abuse and race, gender, sexual preference, gender expression, pregnancy status, political views, spirituality, age, or disability discrimination unrelated to an individual’s ability to do the job required are all prohibited under MERIT Beauty GMPs.

MERIT Beauty accepts what kind of payments?

MERIT Beauty takes credit and debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It also takes PayPal (only in the United States), Apple Pay, AfterPay, and ShopPay. Well th does not take prepaid gift cards, checks, or money orders at this time.

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MERIT Beauty Expert Reviews

If I had to choose winners from the brand, I’d have to say the lip oil is my absolute fave! The recipe has a wonderful cushiony, smooth, and comfy feel about it! On the lips, the color appears really fresh, and the consistency smooths out lip wrinkles. It provides the lips a beautiful appearance and is very moisturizing!

It’s a lip color that I keep in my purse since it’s so simple to touch up and hydrate my lips throughout the day. The highlighter and brow gel are two of my other favorite products. Because of the precise shimmer to gloss ratio, the highlighter is one of a kind. It adds a shimmering appearance to your cheeks that other glossy highlights don’t.

This formula, in my opinion, is a highlight from the brand and one worth buying up. The brow gel is a light gel that delicately holds the hairs in place and gives a subtle color. This is perfect for a fast and put-together appearance. Overall, the brand and all of its items have left a lasting impression on me! I definitely suggest researching this brand, and I hope to see more from them in the future!

Pretty Is My Profession
Full Review

Now it’s time for me to provide my opinion! The minimalistic complexion stick and blending brush piqued my interest, and I couldn’t wait to check them out. You just apply to the problem regions. I applied it around my eyes, as well as on my red and black patches. I was first concerned that I had bought the incorrect hue, but after I began mixing, I discovered that it was excellent.

And, as I previously said, they come in 20 different hues, making it simple to select the one that best fits your skin tone. I used the minimalist perfecting complexion stick for my 5-minute makeup regimen. I was blown away by how lightweight and full-coverage these cosmetic items were! The product is also quite creamy and blends well with the blending brush. Even when I’m experimenting with other foundations, I always go for this brush!

The Gray Details
Full Review

MERIT is a great admirer of mine, as you can see from this glowing review. My favorite element of this line is how mess-free it is (most of the items are cream in a stick or tube shape), and how handy it is. The formulas are perfect, making it even more enticing to cosmetic newbies. The Minimalist stick, Lip Oil, and Highlighter stick are my favorite three items from the total of seven in the series.

Style and Senses
Full Review

Merit is doing a fantastic job. The Five Minute Morning package provides me a complete face of no-makeup makeup that I can feel good about with the addition of my own eyelash curler and tinted moisturizer. The pricing is on the upper end of the cheap range, but the quality is on par. Individual parts may be mixed and matched, or the whole set can be purchased for $30 less.

Plus, the chestnut-colored corduroy cosmetic bag that comes with your first purchase is a stylish (and washable) gift that makes it simple to take what you need and apply it wherever you are, as long as you have 5 minutes.

Best Products
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Conclusion of MERIT Beauty Reviews & Ratings

MERIT Beauty is a fantastic beauty brand specializing in simple, quick-to-apply makeup that may be applied in as little as 5 minutes. It also offers a large range of products, including mascara, lipstick, blush cream, and many more. This cosmetic brand is designed for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on cosmetics but yet want to look their best!

MERIT Beauty Review: Conclusion

Overall, it is a fantastic women’s cosmetics brand with a wide range of lipstick, highlighter, mascara, and lip oil. By purchasing one, you can show off your greatest looks while utilizing MERIT Beauty products. Thank you for reading our MERIT Beauty review; we hope you may obtain as many useful cosmetics as possible. Any comments on this review would be much appreciated.


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