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About Mega Modz

Gamers now have more alternatives for gaming controllers than ever before. Third-party controllers are usually entertaining and allow for greater personal expression, although they lack the quality and functionality of first-party options. The quality of first-party controllers is great, but they don’t differ much beyond color schemes and limited edition branding.

Mega Modz Review: About
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For actual visual and functional modification, it’s all about customized components and a high degree of experience with tweaking, or paying a little more on a modding service. While there are many modding firms out there, Mega Modz is one of the few that provides high-quality and gameplay-enhancing functional tweaks.

Mega Modz creates personalized modified controllers for the Xbox One & Elite, Sony PS4, and Nintendo Switch that are created from the ground up to meet your gaming style and goals. Mega Modz may let you beat up your opponents with mod features or simply get your hands on your own custom design controllers.

This Mega Modz review will explain to you about the company, their modified controllers, the many modifications that can be added, reviews, and even discounts. Are you ready to rise through the ranks? To begin, you need to look at Mega Modz.

Overview of Mega Modz

Mega Modz is a company that creates custom modified Xbox and PlayStation controllers, ranging from basic models with a few styling and functional changes to state-of-the-art specially built devices with sophisticated multi mod packs equipped to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of gamers all over the world.

The co-founders of Mega Modz first became involved in the modding business in 2008, right around the time it all began. The co-founders felt confident in starting their own business after learning every element of it, from the manufacturing process to customer relationship management.

Mega Modz was started in 2011 by a group of like-minded gamers who had a passion for gaming and a strong ambition to be first and make the best. Mega Modz discovered their calling when controller modification services were available. Mega Modz’s experience and enthusiasm have turned into an excellent controller modding business.

Mega Modz Reviews

Mega Modz may assist you in acquiring a modified and/or semi-customized PlayStation 4 controller. It’s not even limited to PS4 gamers; depending on whatever platform you wish to possess a modified controller for, it could also be a modified controller for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

Mega Modz has been around since 2011, and its employees are gamers just like you. You may personalize the controller from Mega Modz in a number of ways using their online builder, but if you send Mega Modz a note before checking out, they will do their best to meet unique requests.

You will never regret buying Mega Modz customized controllers after going through the whole procedure and seeing the end results. Mega Modz customized controllers may elevate your gaming experience to another level.

Mega Modz Controller Review

Mega Modz‘s comprehensive Controller Creator allows you to customize your PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox Elite, and Nintendo Switch game controllers. Mega Modz Controller Creator is a multi-functional portal that allows you to customize the design of your game controller to your preference. Various colors, textures, and materials are available for the controller body, operational buttons, d-pad, analog sticks, bumpers, triggers, grips, and any other elements to create an appearance that reflects your individuality.

The Controller Creator portal for PS5 and Xbox Series enables Mega Modz customers to create controllers ranging from basic designs with practical adjustments to state-of-the-art specially built controllers with complex multi mod packages that are compatible with a variety of popular gaming series.

Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Destiny, Battlefield, and more are among the games that are compatible with the Mega Modz controller. Mega Modz also provides a Macro Master Controller for PS4, an exclusively new product for Dualshock gaming controllers, designed to modify the experience in a range of innovative ways. Its features include a variety of turbo and macro settings that are compatible with any video game.

Client satisfaction and innovation are two crucial factors in Mega Modz‘s recipe for success. Mega Modz provides a painless buying experience on their website, as well as a comprehensive information base, which includes a Modded Controller Buying Guide designed to guide customers in the proper course and help them make an informed selection.

Mega Modz technology is continually growing, with new upgrades released on a regular basis to provide the best possible performance and enjoyment from the games. Using the Controller Creator platform, you can create your own personalized gaming pad and leave the rest to industry specialists.

Mega Modz PS4 Controller Review

If you’re unhappy with your kills-to-death rate in your fave fps games, there’s an easy fix that can boost your kills-to-death rate and put you at the top of the standings. In comparison to standard PlayStation remotes, Mega Modz provides a variety of designs and functional changes for PS4 controllers that will deliver a better and more intense gaming experience.

Mega Modz Review: Mega Modz PS4 Controller Review

These are gaming pads featuring Turbo Buttons that can be configured to produce various combinations with a single button push. Mega Modz’s engineering and technology group decided to go one step further and add extra features to the device, in addition to the turbo capabilities. This is how the Mega Modz Macro Remap was formed, a unique feature that combines a variety of fascinating features. Your game experience will be elevated thanks to the controller.

The controller will help you to have more fun when playing games and improve your experience without having to spend time on anything else. You won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to utilize it or if your game is compatible with it. It’s a flexible, user-friendly, and non-game-specific tool.

To put it another way, it may be used with any video game. The Macro Remap Controller allows you to write macros “on the fly” using existing controller components including stock and macro buttons, as well as a configurable LED indicator. Furthermore, each macro function may be customized for each game or circumstance, giving you the most flexibility and freedom possible.

You may also choose from 14 different modifications to install on your PS4 controllers, each of which adds a unique ability to your gaming character’s performance. These changes are akin to perks that you gain as you continue through the game, such as the ability to fire and reload weapons quicker, aim with more precision, do leaps or drops while firing simultaneously, and so on. Purchasing Mega Modz PS4 modded controllers will certainly enhance your gaming experience and skill.

Mega Modz PS5 Controller Review

The PS5 controller is a next-generation gaming controller that provides new ways to play and a new degree of immersion in the action on-screen. By default, the device has enhanced adaptive triggers, new haptic technologies, 3D audio, and a built-in mic. Mega Modz has released a new set of PlayStation modified controllers.

Mega Modz PlayStation 5 modified controllers are meant to assist gamers to become more competitive and enjoy playing their favorite first-person shooter games without dying every two minutes. Mods features and additional abilities expand your character’s skill set, allowing for better game performance.

State-of-the-art PS5 Controller Creator enables you to design your own gaming pad from the ground up, including external and performance upgrades. Individual selection or game-specific pre-configured multi-mode packages may be used to add modifications to your item setup in two clicks.

Remappable Back Buttons and other gameplay-enhancing features are also available on the platform. Mega Modz PlayStation 5 modified controllers are a must-have if you want the most comprehensive collection of functionality available for PS5 controllers.

Mega Modz Xbox One Controller Review

Mega Modz offers an extensive variety of Xbox One controller modifications. With a Mega Modz modified controllers, you will get various positive aspects of enhancements made by Microsoft, such as a user-friendly structure and buttons that fit palms of all sizes, a 3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth and extended-range wireless connectivity choices, and the ability to remap buttons via the Xbox Accessories app.

Mega Modz Review: Mega Modz Xbox One Controller Review

In addition, you will experience a new level of performance with gaming enhancements provided by Mega Modz technology.

A modded Xbox One controller offers 14 distinct mods and other functional choices, allowing you to swiftly achieve your gaming objectives and defeat your competitors with no effort. Take a moment to figure out which choices will benefit your gaming in particular, then add them to your purchase one by one or in pre-configured bundles.

Mega Modz provides multi-mod bundles that include all possible options for the most popular games. Mega Modz has everything you need for Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, The Division, and more.

You may choose from basic to advanced controller models without spending a fortune since the overall price of the product varies depending on the extras selected. The easiest strategy to get the greatest deal on a product is to pick features that fit your gaming demands and aesthetic standards while avoiding those that don’t.

Check out this controller builder page right now if you’re ready to design your own Xbox One controller.

Mega Modz Rapid Fire

After discussing the modded controllers provided by Mega Modz, then in this part, you will get to know about the Modded function from Mega Modz. One of the most used modded functions from Mega Modz is the Rapid Fire Mod. Mega Modz Rapid Fire Mod is a semi-automatic and single-shot weapon mod. The functionality allows them to fire like fully automatic weapons, giving players more shooting power than is possible with manual “Fire Button” pushing.

To put it another way, the Mod activates the “Fire Button” on your behalf. When you push and hold the R2 button, the mod repeatedly presses the fire button in the background until you release it. It also allows you to concentrate more on targeting by eliminating the need to continually press the “Fire Button.” While Rapid Fire will not normally make a full-auto rifle fire quicker, it may have beneficial side effects such as minimizing recoil and enhancing long-range accuracy.

Rapid Fire Mod works with all first-person shooter games, including Call of Duty, Destiny, Fortnite, Battlefield, and many more. It may also be used with third-person shooter games as long as they use semi-automatic weapons and the R2 button as the fire button. You can check how to activate and the detailed ways to use Mega Modz Rapid Fire mod on this page.

Mega Modz Auto Aim

Mega Modz provides a variety of modifications in addition to Rapid Fire, one of which is the Auto Aim mod. In COD games, the Auto Aim mod is beneficial in the special Campaign and Zombie modes. The sights will lock on to the closest opponent if you continually press the L2 button. When you scope your weapon, the Zombie Auto Aim mod enables you to auto-aim at the closest enemy’s head or chest.

Remember that the Auto Aim Mod does not operate in multiplayer mode. Because the Mod does not lock on to the adversary across the screen, you must maintain your crosshair near to the enemy. The modchip repeatedly pushes and releases the Aim Buttons, causing your gun to rattle. On this page, you may learn more about the Zombie Auto Aim mod.

Mega Modz Auto Spot

The Auto Spot mod comes next. Auto Spot is a fantastic mod for Warzone and Battlefield games. You know that identifying an adversary that will appear on your colleagues’ radar may benefit your squad in Battlefield. When a spotted opponent is defeated, you may get bonus points.

The R1 button on the PS4 controller is used to perform this operation. When Auto Spot is enabled, you won’t have to use the R1 button since the mod will do it for you every time you scope your weapon.

Auto Spot may also be set to automatically push the ‘spotting button’ (R1 button) after 3 seconds. The mod is compatible with both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. However, because the spotting mechanism in BF5 has been drastically modified, it functions differently in the newest version. There are now four sub-modes in the Auto Spot Mod. The third and fourth “Enemy Auto Ping” sub-modes are intended for use in the Modern Warfare Warzone.

Mega Modz‘s Auto Spot Mod was created to simplify opponent pinging by eliminating the requirement to double-tap the D-“UP” pad’s button to do conventional pinging. This move may cause you to break your gaming rhythm by unnaturally sliding your right-hand fingers to the left side of the controller, resulting in a loss of control over the right stick and operable buttons on the right side. You can check more information about this Auto Spot mod on this page.

Mega Modz Auto Heal

The Auto Heal Mod was created specifically for Black Ops 4 since it is the first game in the series to alter the character’s healing mechanism. In earlier Call of Duty games, a health bar was automatically restored, but in BO4, healing is controlled by the L1 button.

The procedure changes somewhat depending on the game mode. The user must short hit the L1 button to heal in the fast-paced “multiplayer mode,” but self-healing takes longer in Blackout and is dependent on the healing supplies and perks available.

The Auto Heal Mod allows the player to make better and more easy use of the healing skills in the game. The healing button (L1) is remapped to the Square button in multiplayer. By hitting just one button, the player may now heal and reload their character at the same moment.

The user will no longer need to press the L1 button for up to 5 seconds in Blackout mode since the modchip will take over and hold it for them when the L1 button is momentarily touched. Because you can free up your index finger for up to 5 seconds, this capability has a lot of benefits.

Have you ever considered how great it might be to wield twin handguns in first-person shooter games? It always looks nice, but it’s seldom a wise idea since you can’t fire both the handguns at the same time. Mega Modz has come to the rescue with the Akimbo mod. This mod allows you to utilize your elegant two-handgun style while still fighting top-ranked opponents.

Mega Modz Akimbo

Have you ever considered how great it might be to wield twin handguns in first-person shooter games? It always looks nice, but it’s seldom a wise idea since you can’t fire both the handguns at the same time. Mega Modz has come to the rescue with the Akimbo mod. This mod allows you to utilize your elegant two-handgun style while still fighting top-ranked opponents.

The Akimbo mod enhances the effectiveness of semi-auto dual-wielded handguns by allowing you to fire both pistols simultaneously with a single button click. It may also make dual-wielding fully automatic guns simpler to shoot.

To shoot both guns with solder hands, you must normally pull both R2 and L2 controls, which is not usually comfortable. When the Akimbo mod is activated, you may fire both handguns at once by holding down the R2 button (in the default button layout). Akimbo removes the need to push both buttons and gives your pistols the potential for rapid-fire. At close range, the mod is lethal. You can check this Akimbo mod instruction page for more info.

Mega Modz Auto Burst

Mega Modz Auto Burst is similar to ordinary Mega Mod Rapid Fire, except it fires in “bursts.” Any semi-automatic gun may be converted into a “military style” exploding rifle using burst firing. You may imitate burst shooting using a single-fire semi-auto rifle like the M14 EBR, for example.

If you set a burst of three shots, for example, pulling the R2-Fire Weapon Button (in the default button arrangement) will fire three rounds before stopping. You must pull the R2 button once again to fire another round burst. Burst fire reduces recoil greatly and improves accuracy.

Mega Modz Auto Burst is similar to ordinary Mega Mod Rapid Fire, except it fires in “bursts.” Any semi-automatic gun may be converted into a “military style” exploding rifle using burst firing. You may imitate burst shooting using a single-fire semi-auto rifle like the M14 EBR, for example.

If you set a burst of three shots, for example, pulling the R2-Fire Weapon Button (in the default button arrangement) will fire three rounds before stopping. You must pull the R2 button once again to fire another round burst. Burst fire reduces recoil greatly and improves accuracy. Check this Auto Burst page to get more information on how to use this mod from Mega Modz.

Mega Modz Quick Scope

In Call of Duty games, quick scoping is extensively employed. It is a high-level technique that professional gamers still utilize. With their Quick Scope mod, Mega Modz makes this pro-gaming technique available to everybody. The Quick Scope mod’s concept is to utilize a sniper rifle, scope it in, then fire the shot as the gun scopes in.

With the mod turned on, the user can get the timing and target exactly right. The mod may also be used as a training tool. You’ll be able to do quick scoping without this unique feature after you’ve mastered the mod. You can get more information about this quick scope mod on this page.

Mega Modz Shipping

If you’re worried about getting your Mega Modz controller, it’s a good idea to look into Mega Modz’s shipping policies. Mega Modz now ships via the US Postal Service Monday through Friday, barring national holidays. The shipping method chosen at checkout will determine the delivery time.

Mega Modz Review: Mega Modz Shipping

Please keep in mind that the shipping procedure begins when you get an email saying “Your item has shipped,” since it might take a few days to build and test a controller. When you choose a delivery option, you will be given an Anticipated Arrival Date. Assembly time varies based on sales volume/season and any Add On options.

Tracking numbers are issued to all orders. Once a shipping label for your item is prepared, you will get an email with your tracking number. The same tracking number will appear on your account’s Purchase History Tab.

If a shipment does not arrive at the shipping location listed in your account within the set time limit, you may contact Mega Modz Customer Support with your order number or the full name under which the transaction was made. An agent will open a case with a shipping company on your behalf in order to find your parcel, and about 90% of shipments are delivered to the destination address within 3 – 5 business days of the case being opened.

If it has been more than 5 business days after you made your claim, you are entitled to a full refund or replacement. When an order requires international shipment, the time it takes to finish an inquiry varies by country.

Mega Modz Return Policy

It might be difficult to use your modified controller, particularly for first-time users. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your controller, it’s best to contact Mega Modz Support Team, as most issues may be readily handled by troubleshooting with a representative.

Mega Modz‘s controllers come with a 10-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you have 10 calendar days from the date of delivery to return it to Mega Modz. Before shipping an item, be sure it is qualified for a refund. Here are the criteria needed if you want to claim a refund.

  • After ten days from the arrival date, products are only available for repairs or upgrades; no refunds will be given.
  • The item must be in its original cosmetic state.
  • The controller’s warranty sticker has not been altered.

Log into your account and select the Return Item link underneath the Purchase History page to begin your return. To prevent delays, you must specify the cause for the return in detail. A mailing label will be emailed to the email linked with your account after your RMA has been completed (24 – 48 hours).

You need to download it within 24 hours or it will expire. Attach the label to a box (you may use the product’s original box or any box that will fit), secure the merchandise inside the box, and drop it off at any local post office.

Mega Modz will give a refund within 3 business days of receiving the merchandise returned. Due to the bespoke nature of Mega Modz items, all returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge. Because services have been provided, payments for Same Day Assembly, Express, and Priority Shipping are non-refundable.

Mega Modz Warranty

Mega Modz Planet LLC may fix or replace a modified controller and/or accessories bought from Mega Modz’s website under the terms of the Mega Modz warranty. Mega Modz will replace, repair, or refund the money you paid for your modified controller and/or accessory in accordance with the conditions of the Mega Modz Warranty at its cost. Any merchandise not bought directly from Mega Modz’s official website is not covered by this warranty.

A modified controller and/or accessory may only incur normal wear and tear throughout the Warranty Period in order to be covered. If a product’s usage surpasses or causes damage that is not caused by normal wear and tear, the warranty will be invalid. Mega Modz Planet has two warranty options: standard (3 months) and extended (12 months):

  • Standard – If your Mega Modz modified controller or accessory was shipped directly from Mega Modz Planet within 90 days, Mega Modz will repair or replace it at no charge if you provide proof of purchase. You are responsible for all expenses connected with repairing or replacing a product if it was delivered more than 91 days.
  • Extended – If your Mega Modz modified controller or accessory was shipped directly from Mega Modz Planet during the first 12 months, Mega Modz will repair or replace it at no charge if you provide proof of purchase. You are liable for all expenses connected with repairing or replacing a product if it was delivered more than a year ago.

If your modified controller or accessory stops functioning, breaks, or cannot be used, examine the troubleshooting guidelines in your user manual and at FAQ/Troubleshooting to remedy the problem, or contact Mega Modz Support for assistance. If troubleshooting doesn’t work, you may send your controller or accessories in for servicing or a refund.

Mega Modz will take up to 3 business days to repair or replace your modified controller and/or accessory after receiving it and any necessary payment. Mega Modz will mail your modified controller or accessory to the original address supplied by you at the time of purchase unless an alternative delivery address has been provided.

This warranty shall be invalid and will not apply if a fault occurs as a result of:

  • A modified controller’s Mega Modz Planet seal or serial number is removed.
  • An effort by you or a third party to open, disassemble, remove any screws, personalize, alter, or repair a modified controller or accessory is evidence of tampering.
  • Extreme temperature exposure of a modified controller or accessories.
  • Water or liquid exposure of a modified controller or accessory.
  • Connecting a modified controller to a power cable that exceeds the product’s rated tolerance.
  • Cosmetic damage, minor cosmetic defects, and typical wear and tear, such as (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and chips.
  • Repairs or adjustments to a modified controller or accessory that are not performed or approved by Mega Modz.
  • A modified controller or accessory is damaged.
  • Misuse, abuse, or carelessness of the Product are all examples of unacceptable use or care.
  • Accidents, acts of God, fire, and earthquakes are all examples of external causes.

Mega Modz Customer Service

If you have any more questions regarding Mega Modz custom controllers or their official website service that are not answered in this review, please contact Mega Modz customer service right away. Mega Modz customer service will be happy to resolve any of your problems.

Mega Modz Review: Mega Modz Customer Service

You may use this form to submit any complaints or queries you have regarding Mega Modz products. Or, you can click the message button on the bottom right of the Mega Modz website to have a live chat with Mega Modz customer service. Mega Modz customer service may also be reached at the following addresses during business hours.

  • Email:
  • Sales Email:
  • Office: 16112 NW 13th Ave, STE C, Miami, Fl 33169

Where to buy Mega Modz?

This Mega Modz review may entice you to purchase Mega Modz custom controllers. Especially if you’re a game fanatic who enjoys thrashing your opponents. You may go straight to Mega Modz’s official website to get Mega Modz modded controllers.

Mega Modz frequently provides numerous discounts and promotions on their official website, so you may customize your order whatever you like without worrying about the price.

Mega Modz Promo Codes & Coupons

Mega Modz not only provides you with the greatest modified controllers, but they also provide you with numerous deals and discounts. If you buy Mega Modz products from their official website, you may get free delivery anywhere in the United States. Mega Modz also provides a 10% limited-time discount on their website; to take advantage of this deal, just click the discount banner on the top page of the Mega Modz website.

If you plan to be a regular Mega Modz customer, make sure you sign up for the Mega Modz newsletter to get product updates and discounts. Last but not least, this review includes several Mega Modz coupon codes; just look for them in the section below to redeem them.

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Mega Modz Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Mega Modz. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What exactly is a Multi-Mod pack that offered by Mega Modz?

Mega Modz offers a variety of multi-mode packages that contain modifications that are compatible with certain shooting games. Simply add the item to your cart and enjoy a pre-configured modified controller without the trouble of individually installing desired tweaks. Visit the Mega Modz Mods/Games Compatibility section to discover the bundle that best matches your gaming demands.

What is the meaning of a customized LED indicator?

A custom LED indication provided by Mega Modz is a lens that sits between the View and Select buttons on the front of Xbox One controllers and the center of the bottom of PS4 controllers. Player 1 is on the top left, Player 2 is on the upper right, Player 3 is on the bottom left, and Player 4 is on the bottom right. Because each of the mod packs from Mega Modz has a different color associated with it, the major function of the LED indicator is to indicate users which mod has been active at any given moment. For PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers, custom LED indicators are not accessible.

What can I do to get the best performance out of my controller?

To get the most out of your Mega Modz modified controller, learn to know each mod function separately, since certain modifications can only be utilized with specific weapons, games, and gaming circumstances. It is not enough to just turn on the mod and expect to gain a big competitive edge. It is critical for users to understand how the mod from Mega Modz works and what sorts of gameplay circumstances it should be used for. Before utilizing your Mega Modz Xbox One or PS4 modified controller, it’s a good idea to start understanding the information under the Overview page provided by Mega Modz. For new users, it is advised that they familiarize themselves with each mod before attempting any combinations that involve the activation of two or more modules.

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Mega Modz Expert Reviews

The quality of the visual adjustments of this Mega Modz controller was instantly obvious when I received the controllers a few days later. The matte purple shell felt soft to the touch, and the buttons and thumbsticks were as tight and responsive as any conventional PS4 controller. The Xbox One controller’s soft touch red grip panels were as smooth as the PS4 body, and the aluminum thumbsticks were so comfy that I regretted not buying them on the other controller as well.

Gaming Trend
Full Review

However, as we take up our Mega Modz controller, its smooth, velvety back caresses our palm and it is just lovely to look at. This is only enhanced by the fact that we can remove the thumbsticks and replace them with others depending on the game we’re playing, as well as the ability to shoot in fast succession. They’re not required, to be sure, but they’re great to have. To be sure, a Mega Modz PS5 custom controller is a luxury, but if you’re willing to reward yourself, you’re likely to be pleased with your purchase.

Full Review

Mega Modz fulfill their commitments and do so well. The build quality is excellent, and you get exactly what you paid for. This is an excellent choice if you want a nice customized controller that matches your own taste. The controller itself seems to be rather durable. The rubbers utilized are pleasant to the touch and provide excellent grip. You’ll have to pay if you want to use your controller to raise to the pinnacle. In games, controllers function as an extension of your hand, and a good controller is just as crucial as expertise.

The Streaming Blog
Full Review

The Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller is astonishing in how little it feels like a customized controller. The factory-installed buttons have the appearance and feel of factory-installed buttons. Even the plastic and engraved K2 and K4 inscriptions on the buttons are identical to those on the L2 and R2, which couldn’t have been simple. I expected a certain level of fit and finish given that this is coming from a corporation rather than a random Etsy seller, but I was still astonished at how well it was done. The four status LEDs and the new holes for the Macro button seem to have always been there. I’d easily think this was a Sony prototype if it weren’t for the slightly garish colors.

Make Use Of
Full Review

Conclusion of Mega Modz Reviews & Ratings

Mega Modz is a fantastic brand to pick whether you are a competitive player who spends a lot of time raising up the ranks or a casual gamer who enjoys having a matched gaming setup. You may have a customized controller that has not only a unique design but also a number of unique modified functions. Purchasing Mega Modz will undoubtedly improve your gaming performance and appearance.

Mega Modz Review: Conclusion

Please give some feedback if you like this Mega Modz review. We hope you would be interested in buying Mega Modz’s superb custom controller after reading this Mega Modz review.


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