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About Meeloog

Your eyes are very important elements of your body, and you should be taken the greatest precautions to take care of them at all times. Not only do you take in the world around you by them, but your eyes also serve as one of the ways through which you provide food for mindfulness and imagination.

Meeloog Review: About Meeloog
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You may see and enjoy the beauty of the world that surrounds you by just opening your eyes. As a consequence, you need to ensure that you take care of your eyes in the appropriate manner.

There are people who will be aided in generating the image they need by using eyeglasses. However, since people are judged by their faces, the eyeglasses they wear are an indisputable aspect of their personality. Regardless of whether people want to look energetic, smart, fun-loving, moderate, or style-conscious, the appropriate eyewear may help them shape how they are seen.

If you are going to wear glasses, finding the appropriate eyeglass frames to suit your lifestyle and personality is the key. However, the primary benefit of glasses is that they increase people’s vision.

Meeloog is a company that you should consider purchasing eyeglasses from — if you want to invest in a pair that is of high quality and will match your expectation!

But before you go right into this brand’s products, let’s see our Meeloog Review below, you will get further information and more insights to make a choice wisely!

Overview of Meeloog

Before we jump into the Meeloog Review, let’s know more about the brand first. Meeloog is a brand of eyewear that has an extensive selection of eyeglasses that are both entertaining and trendy. The business places a strong emphasis on the fact that its frames have a simple design yet are hand-crafted to a high standard.

They are wonderful for people who like to keep a low profile yet still want to get superior results. This brand represents itself as being in charge of a group of young people with the mission of providing customers with frames and lenses.

Meeloog state that the designer team is comprised of designers, each of whom has their own design flair, ensuring that each pair of glasses is unique.

Beginning with the design concept, the designers demonstrate their abilities, and each detail is packed with their creativity and authenticity. The forms, whether round or square, single or double bridges, fixed or adjustable nose pads, are all fastened and cleaned regularly. Well, everything is for fashion.

They also claim that its opticians use cutting-edge technology to ensure that eyeglasses are created in accordance with the prescription provided by client experts.

What’s more, they collaborate with a number of express companies, including UPS, EMS, and DHL. This business promises to provide customers with a tracking number and link for each purchase, ensuring that they are always aware of the status of their order.

What’s good about this brand

  • Fashion Forward Design
  • Premium Quality
  • Incomparable Service
  • Safe Payment
  • Easy Return & Refund
  • Timely Tracking Information

Meeloog Review

Meeloog offers a diverse selection of eyeglasses. Customers have the option of shopping for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses in sizes ranging from men’s to women’s.

Meeloog Reviews: Meeloog Review

The eyewear is available in a variety of forms, some of which include aviator, browline, cateye, geometric, oval, rectangle, round, and square. Acetate, metal, plastic, titanium, TR90, and mixed materials.

They also offer client guides on how clients can measure their PD, choose eyeglasses, read prescriptions, choose a lens type, buy eyeglasses online, and maintain eyeglasses. This firm also says that they offer free shipping for orders over US$59.00.

Meeloog Akhuryan Sunglasses Review

The Akhuryan Sunglasses is the perfect frame for you if you want to walk in style. This frame is made from a lightweight plastic material and has a 27.80 frame weight, meaning it’s light in your hands and won’t weigh down your look.

The lens is also designed to be light, so you can wear them for long periods of time without getting a headache or feeling strain on your eyes. They offer white colors for this frame, meaning it shows the most natural look.

Prescription Type:

  • Single vision
  • Nonprescription

Lens Type:

  • Classic sunglasses
  • Color tint sunglasses
  • Polarized-gray lenses

Meeloog Danzig Eyeglasses Review

Designed with a mixed material frame, Danzig Eyeglasses are perfect for everyday use. The full-rim design provides the best protection against UV rays and the 22.4 frame weight ensures you are given the best comfort possible. With a 22.4mm lens diameter, these eyeglasses will provide clear vision no matter what your prescription is.

Prescription Type:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive
  • Reading Glasses
  • Non-Prescription

Lens Type:

  • Classic lenses
  • Blue light blocking
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Polarized-gray lenses

Meeloog Abagael Eyeglasses Review

Abagael Eyeglasses are designed with a full rim and square shape, 31.4 frame weight, the -20 ~ +12 RX range, 54 ~ 78 PD range, and even with no spring hinges. Built to last with Tr90 materials that offer superior protection against impact and distortion, these glasses will be ready for anything you throw their way. With a 49 – 12 – 150 size, not only can you find your perfect pair of frames but also your perfect fit.

Meeloog Review: Meeloog Abagael Eyeglasses Review

Prescription Type:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive
  • Reading glasses
  • Nonprescription

Lens Type:

  • Classic lenses
  • Blue light blocking
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Polarized-gray lenses

Meeloog Pessoa Eyeglasses Review

If you’re looking for a pair of eyeglasses that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, look no further. Pessoa Eyeglasses are just what you need because of their mixed materials, square shape, and 14.8 frame weight. They come in polarized lenses so they’ll provide you with the perfect vision while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The lenses also have a -20 ~ +12 RX range and 54 ~ 78 PD range so they’ll be able to fit any face shape or eye size.

Prescription Type:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive
  • Reading glasses
  • Nonprescription

Lens Type:

  • Classic lenses
  • Blue light blocking
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Polarized-gray lenses

Meeloog Aktobe Eyeglasses Review

If you’re in search of a fresh pair of glasses that are ready for the season, then look no further than Aktobe Eyeglasses. These new arrivals offer full rim, Tr90 materials, and a square shape with an ethnic flair. With 26.5 frame weight, -20~+12 RX range, 54 ~ 78 PD range, and spring hinges to make wearing them easy, these stylish shades will be your go-to favorites this summer. This year’s include multicolors.

Prescription Type:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive
  • Reading glasses
  • Nonprescription

Lens Type:

  • Classic lenses
  • Blue light blocking
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Polarized-gray lenses

Meeloog Size Guide

Frame Width
The width of your frames is measured horizontally across the front.

Lens Width
The horizontal width of each lens measured at its widest point is referred to as the lens width.

Lens Height
The vertical height of your eyeglass lenses measured at the widest point of the lens inside the frame is referred to as the Lens Height.

Bridge Width
The gap where your glasses rest against your nose is referred to as the bridge width.

Temple Length
The length of the temple from its base to its tip, including the bend that rests on your ear, is referred to as the Temple Length.

Meeloog Pros & Cons

It’s better to look at the pros & cons information before buying anything including the brand we are reviewing, Meeloog also has pros & cons which we can mention below:


  • Many discount offers are available
  • Free standard shipping is available
  • Many design options are available
  • The customer service team is excellent
  • Helpful guidance about how to’s


  • Several products may not affordable for some people
  • The delivery time may vary and be longer

Meeloog Shipping

We strongly suggest that you go with business express shipping so that the amount of time you spend waiting may be cut down to its absolute minimum.

Meeloog Review: Meeloog Shipping
Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee
Standard Shipping 14-20 days U.S $5.95
Advanced Shipping 10-14 days U.S $8.95
Business Express 7-10 days U.S $18.95

Processing Time:

  • Frame Only: 48 hours
  • Non-Prescription: 48 hours
  • Single Vision Standard Lenses ( SPH: -0.5~-8.00 & CYL: -0.5~-2.00 ): 3 days
  • Single Vision Standard Lenses ( All of other degrees ): 7 days
  • Single Vision Blue Blockers ( SPH: -0.5~-8.00 & CYL: -0.5~-2.00 ): 3 days
  • Single Vision Blue Blockers ( All of the other degrees ): 7 days
  • Single Vision Photochromic Lenses ( SPH: -0.5~-8.00 & CYL: -0.5~-2.00 ): 3 days
  • Single Vision Photochromic Lenses ( All of the other degrees ): 7 days
  • Progressive Lenses & Polarized Sunglass Lenses: 7 days

Well, the specific delivery time depends on the purchasing time, with express shipping not available for addresses that are P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO boxes, or military bases.

Unfortunately, Meeloog is unable to ship orders to the following countries and areas at this time:

  • Europe: Russia, Crimea
  • Asia: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Uzbekistan, India, Hongkong, Taiwan
  • Africa: Sudan
  • South America: French Guiana, Cuba, and Venezuela.

They will provide the quickest possible delivery of your shipment with full attention. Nevertheless, it is possible that extra time may be necessary in order to deal with difficulties such as incorrect addresses and problems with customs clearance, as well as Force Majeure events such as COVID-19. For shipments that include more than twenty (20) pairs, there is a possibility that additional shipping fees may be incurred.

Free Standard Shipping on USD $59.00 (US/CA/UK/FR/DE/ES)

  • Free shipping over US$59.00 (US/CA/UK/FR/DE/ES).
  • The free shipping offer is applied before any applicable shipping fees.
  • Limited to standard shipping.
  • Apply without a discount code being required automatically.

Tracking Information

You can check the status of your shipment at any time by using the TRACKER ORDER option by entering your email address.

Meeloog Return Policy

Meeloog is dedicated to providing enthusiasts of eyeglasses all around the globe with classic, high-end, and fashionable eyewear options. They have full faith that you’ll be able to locate the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you here on their website.

Guaranteed for 30 Days: If for any reason, you are not completely happy with the items you’ve purchased, you can get in touch with them within 30 days (beginning on the day that you get your glasses) to request a replacement or a refund.

365-Day Warranty: Customers are entitled to a one-time replacement pair of eyeglasses during a 365-day warranty period (beginning on the day they get their glasses), which covers any potential defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover any damages that were the result of accidents, negligent care, or inappropriate maintenance.

You may acquire a unique discount code or a partial refund by contacting customer care if you want to return the glasses for any reason, including if you placed the purchase incorrectly or if you simply don’t like them.

If your glasses are damaged when they arrive, are missing components, or have flaws, or if you get the incorrect item(s), they will take full responsibility for the situation and either repair them or provide a refund, whichever you choose.

Not only that, if you want to make changes to, or cancel, your purchase, please get in touch with their customer service team within the first 24 hours of placing it. In the event that there is a disparity in pricing, there will be an added fee. If you have a request to change or cancel your reservation more than 24 hours in advance, please refer to the following table to determine the extra costs.

As a result, each lens is adapted specifically to the customer’s prescription, free cancellations or modifications are not allowed for prescription glasses. Shipping costs and price variances, if any, are not accounted for in the total price shown.

Meeloog Contact

You can easily get in touch with Meeloog if you have any inquiries or issues with anything. They would love to hear from you and can be reached at:

Where to buy Meeloog?

Ready to find your own glasses that fit you? You can get it at their official store and find anything that suits your need!

Or if you want another option where you want to buy, you can get it at a big marketplace such as Amazon. There are many collections you can choose from, but the products are often out of stock, so you may wait until the brand restocks.

Meeloog Promo Codes & Coupons

Meeloog offers many huge discounts if you purchase with a minimum quantity, they also give their new customers get 10% OFF coupon if you subscribe and join their subscription list.

You will get 50% off for other frames after purchasing one frame. Also, you will get free shipping if your order is more than $59!

Any other discounts? Click the button below to check whether there are any coupon codes available that you can use to get discounted prices at your checkout.

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Meeloog Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Meeloog. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Can I get the frames in a different color?

Meeloog frames sometimes come in more than one color, allowing you to choose the colors you would like under the frame pictures.

What is the difference between Photochromic and Polarized lenses?

When indoors, photochromic lenses seem clear, but they automatically darken when they are exposed to light. Polarized lenses are tinted lenses for sunglasses that reduce glare and are excellent for driving as well as activities that take place on water or snow.

How do I know if the frame size fits me?

The frames come in a variety of sizes, as you can see in the sizing specifications below the eyewear pictures.

What should I do if the frame doesn’t fit me well?

Within the first 14 days after receiving your glasses, you can contact them. If the frame is damaged, they will send you a replacement. You must return your glasses to get a complete refund. They’ll also suggest how to ensure that the next pair of glasses you buy fits you precisely.

How do I make sure if the frame size is right for me?

When purchasing glasses online, it is important to choose the correct frame size. You may look at your old glasses and see whether there are three numerals on the inside of the temple arm. The first number indicates the lens width, the second indicates the bridge, and the third indicates the temple. If no numbers are present, you may always measure by hand. Then choose frames with the same or comparable figures.

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Meeloog Expert Reviews

“Meeloog is an excellent eyewear brand. Their glasses are stylish and offer a splash of color to any outfit. The glasses are of outstanding quality, shipping was prompt, and customer service was helpful in completing my prescription and choosing lenses. This is excellent in every way! The frame is beautiful, and the multifocal lenses are equally so. This is a brand that I strongly recommend.”

Melissa at ReviewsBird
Full Review
Meeloog Review: Expert Reviews

“Today was the day when my glasses arrived. They are exactly the same as I expected. Meeloog is the solution for you whether you need a frame or are required to wear prescription eyewear.”

Full Review

Conclusion of Meeloog Reviews & Ratings

Based on our Meeloog Review above, we all can admit that this brand has a wide range of options for eyeglasses that people can use as their access to the world and its beauty from the moment they open their eyes.

Meeloog Review: Conclusion

Meeloog has a build quality that made the person who used their eyeglasses look stylish and fancy. So, if you are not sure where to start shopping for eyeglasses, Meeloog is the best choice to place!


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