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About Magicycle eBike

The transition to battery-powered automobiles may get more media attention, but the true revolution in electric mobility may occur on two wheels in the near future.

Magicycle eBike Review: About
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Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are set to usher in a renaissance of two-wheeled commuters, drawn to the expanded range and simpler commutes afforded by this kind of battery-powered mobility.

Everyone, including you, may need to participate in this transportation revolution by riding electric bikes. Electric bikes give you some additional miles compared to traditional bikes as you will be assisted in pedaling the bike. Purchase electric bikes from Magicycle eBike to get the best quality electric bike.

With the Magicycle eBike, you can go faster and further. Magicycle eBike is a company that offers not only high-quality electric bikes but also a variety of handy accessories to enhance your riding experience.

If you want to learn more about this brand, check out this Magicycle eBike review. As this review discusses not only the brand, but also the goods, reviews, pros and negatives, and even some discounts available from Magicycle eBike. Prepare a snack as you read this review of a great electric bike brand.

Overview of Magicycle eBike

Magicycle eBike was established by Wade Wei in 2020 and is owned by Magicycle INC. Wade is a mechanical designer and manufacturer based in Chongqing, China. Wade was motivated to create the Magicycle eBike by his father’s arthritis. His long-term goal was to enable those with health issues, such as his father, to enjoy riding without difficulty.

Magicycle eBike was founded on 11 years of expertise in bicycle manufacturing and R&D centers in Europe and China, supplying product design and OEM services for other brand importers in Japan, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Magicycle eBike is dedicated to providing the greatest electric bike manufacturing technology from China to the rest of the globe. The days of “Made in China” being linked with low quality or outdated technology are long gone. Magicycle eBike guarantees that you will get high-quality items, excellent customer service, and fair pricing.

Magicycle eBike Reviews

Magicycle eBike uses the best production equipment available and is well-versed in cutting-edge technology, such as smart welding machines, electrostatic painting machines, and wheel rim calibration equipment from Taiwan, among other things.

Magicycle eBikes are manufactured using hydroforming technology, which is similar to that used in the automotive and aerospace sectors to produce a stronger, more defined aluminum end product. The packaging is chosen for its thickness to provide the greatest protection for every Magicycle eBike product.

Each E-bike must pass a stringent quality control process in order to get high-quality, safe, and dependable e-bikes. With its cutting-edge technology and high-quality production, there is no question that Magicycle is the one that you should choose for your electric bike.

Magicycle Cruiser Review

There are a lot of fat tire e-bikes on the market right now, and the Magicycle Cruiser has done well to stick out. The fat bike offers a nice combination of cost savings and features, making it an excellent entry-level e-bike. It’s quick and strong, almost like getting on a motorbike, particularly considering the size of these fat tire e-bikes. The Magicycle Cruiser gets the job done whether on the street, on the trails, or trekking through the snow.

Magicycle eBike Review: Magicycle Cruiser Review
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This is a fat tire bike with the appearance of a cruiser owing to the handlebars that provide a more upright riding posture. The front suspension fork is unbranded and features a lockout mechanism. The frame color is midnight blue, which is a very fashionable color. It’s also available in white for the step-through version. It’ll also appear clean and smooth thanks to some excellent cable management that routes most of the cabling through the frame.

There’s a reason why the motor seems so powerful: The Cruiser is powered by a 750-watt, 87nm brushless geared hub motor that propels the bike up to 28 miles per hour. While it is listed as a 750-watt motor, it has a substantially greater peak power.

It’s powered by a 52-volt, 15Ah (780 watt-hours) battery, which should give the Cruiser a 55-mile range on the highest pedal assist level while delivering enough of your own power. The actual range will be in the 30-40 mile area. The 52-volt system is what really distinguishes this fat tire e-bike from the competition, particularly when considering the pricing.


  • Battery: 52V 15Ah lithium battery
  • Charger: Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast smart charger
  • Range: 30-55 miles
  • Controller: 52V 750W FOC smart controller, Current Range 7-22Ah
  • Hub Motor: 750W brushless gear motor
  • Display: Color LCD display with USB charging
  • Total Payload Capacity: 350lbs
  • Weight: 76lbs/34.5kg
  • Frame size: 18″
  • Pedal Assist: Intelligent 7 levels pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor

Magicycle Cruiser Step-thru Review

This incredible awesome fat tire e-bike can handle any terrain, sand, rocks, mud, snow, and more. Similar to its full-frame models, this step-thru Cruiser model from Magicycle also has a battery range of up to 55 miles, allowing you to hike all day, camp overnight, and return the following day.

This Magicycle Cruiser Step-Thru might be the perfect electric bike for you if you’re not as daring as mountain bikers but yet want to be able to navigate difficult terrain. This bike from Magicycle also offers enough power for riders in their twenties and thirties, thanks to a 750W engine and a 52V, 15Wh battery.


  • 52V Lishen Battery Fast Charge
  • 750W 52V Shengyi Torque86N.m Motor
  • 7 Levels Pedal Assist
  • Color LCD Display
  • Max range: 55 miles
  • Recommended Heights: 5’5″-6’5″


  • Battery: 52V 15Ah lithium battery
  • Charger: Short-circuit proof 3.0A fast smart charger
  • Range: 30-55 miles
  • Controller: 52V 750W FOC smart controller, Current Range 7-22Ah
  • Hub Motor: 750W brushless gear motor
  • Display Color: LCD display with USB charging
  • Total Payload Capacity: 350lbs
  • Weight: 76lbs/34.5kg
  • Frame size: 18″
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent: 7 levels of pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor

Magicycle Controller Skid Plate Review

Magicycle Controller Skid Plate protects the brain of your Magicycle eBike. The broad shape of the Magicycle Controller Skid Plate entirely protects your eBike magnetic sensor and controller from shrubs, rocks, and other possible hazards. This solution will protect the eBike against sand, dirt, and snow buildup.


  • Materials: PP
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 420.6*100(52)*3mm

Magicycle eBike Pros and Cons

Magicycle eBike is a great company that makes the greatest commuting electric bikes. This review will provide you with several reasons to purchase Magicycle eBike items. However, before purchasing their product, you should be aware of the Magicycle eBike upsides and downsides so that you can make an informed decision. Below are the upsides and downsides of the Magicycle eBike.

Magicycle eBike Review: Magicycle eBike Pros and Cons
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  • It definitely looks the part when compared to other inexpensive electric fat bikes. The semi-integrated battery mixes very perfectly with the frame form.
  • The Magicycle product is an excellent hill climber compared to similar 750W Class 3 e-bikes
  • The battery life is comparable to that of other low-cost electric fat bikes
  • The handling is excellent, with a well-balanced feel that’s ideal for trail riding and modest off-roading.


  • Despite the fact that this bike is promoted as a Class 3, it arrived completely unlocked, with the throttle and PAS capable of far higher than permitted speeds.
  • The original unbranded brakes on this bike operated extremely badly, which is a concern given the speed and weight of this e-bike.

Magicycle eBike Shipping Information

At checkout, Magicycle eBike will show you your current delivery options. You can choose various shipping options which include FREE standard shipping inside Mainland US (3-5 working days), depending on the time of your purchase and where you want it delivered.

All customers with shipping addresses in Canada will be charged a $299 shipping cost per bike. With the exception of Nunavat, NWT, Yukon, and Newfoundland & Labrador, orders placed in those states will incur an additional delivery charge. And shipping to Canada takes 7-10 business days.

After inputting your postcode, the anticipated delivery day for your purchase will be shown on the product page. This will be validated throughout the checkout process and in your confirmation email. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

Even if you are not a registered Magicycle eBike user, you may track your order. You just need your email address and order number. You can send an email to Magicycle eBike customer service if you have any questions or reservations regarding your delivery. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Magicycle eBike Return Policy

Magicycle is certain that you will like your Magicycle e-bike, but if you change your mind within 15 days of receiving it, Magicycle will gladly provide a complete refund. Simply send an email to Magicycle customer service with your proof of purchase and the same credit card you used to buy the bike, and one of Magicycle customer service will gladly send the refund for you.

Customers will be responsible for shipping costs if there are no quality complaints. You will get written confirmation and a shipping label from Magicycle for accepted returns. Please double-check that you have both of these items before shipping them to the Magicycle office.

After receiving the e-bike, Magicycle‘s aftersales service will examine it to ensure it has been used properly. If there are no issues, you will get a refund within 2 business days. You will be refunded by Magicycle. You can also follow the steps below to return your item.

  1. You’ll need a copy of Magicycle’s written proof of return.

  2. You can only mail the bike if Magicycle permits the return.

  3. When returning things, you need to utilize the original packing and make sure it is properly secured. Magicycle is not liable for any damage that occurs while shipment.

  4. Apply the return address label that came with your package.

  5. Make sure you send the bike in a timely manner so that the company can get it within 15 days of receiving your purchase.

  6. Customers are responsible for any returns.

  7. It is recommended to utilize a trackable service and obtain proof of delivery.

  8. Provide your tracking number to

  9. Keep your proof of postage until your refund has been processed.

Magicycle eBike Warranty

You may rest easy knowing that Magicycle e-bikes have a 2-year guarantee on electrical and mechanical components including the battery and frame. Gift products are not covered by the guarantee. The Magicycle optional manufacturer’s guarantee for electrical and mechanical components is limited to two years from the date of purchase of the e-bike.

It is only available to the initial purchaser and is reliant on your Magicycle e-bike being registered on the official website. When the first customer receives their order, the warranty begins. The transferee must have the original owner’s name, the initial order number, and the warranty term must not have ended in order to be eligible for a warranty transfer.

The Magicycle guarantee only covers manufacturer faults and excludes wear and tear or abuse. If the product is used in a manner for which it was not intended, it may fail, and the damage will not be covered. Damage occurring during shipping is covered by the warranty.

All claims must be sent to the Magicycle customer care email address. A warranty request will need confirmation of purchase, photographs, or videos demonstrating the fault. It is recommended that you contact Magicycle customer care before filing a warranty claim, since customer service may be able to resolve your problem quickly. Within two years following the original purchase, Magicycle will handle valid warranty claims.

The merchandise may be damaged during shipment on rare occasions. Please contact Magicycle eBike customer service with photographic documentation of the damage if this relates to you. If any presents are damaged during transportation, they will not be paid for or replaced.

Magicycle will only supply free replacement parts for offline bicycle shop repair services like Velotooler. Any labor charges incurred during the repair service are not reimbursed by Magicycle.

Magicycle eBike Contact

You may contact Magicycle eBike customer service right immediately if you have any difficulties or have any inquiries regarding their products and services. Customer service for Magicycle eBike may be reached at the following addresses.

Magicycle eBike Review: Magicycle eBike Contact
Image:Magicycle Bike@fb

Please contact Magicycle eBike customer support during business hours to get a quick response.

  • US Warehouse: 3095-200 E Cedar St, Ontario, CA 91761
  • Customer Service:
  • Business:
  • Phone: 910 785 6745


Where to buy Magicycle eBike?

Magicycle eBike provides the finest electric bikes for daily use. If you wish to buy one of their electric bikes, you can do so easily by purchasing them from Amazon or other electric bike sites like Urban E Bikes and E Bike US.

Magicycle eBike Review: Where to buy?
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If you are looking for not only Magicycle eBike products but also the greatest pricing and discounts, you can buy them from the Magicycle eBike official website. On their official website, Magicycle eBike provides a variety of packages and bargains that save you a significant amount of money. If you prefer to buy offline, you can check this page to find the nearest bike dealer to get Magicycle eBikes.

Magicycle eBike Promo Codes & Coupons

Magicycle eBike not only delivers the greatest electric bikes but also numerous savings. Magicycle eBike is now offering a Mother’s Day deal that may save you up to $160 on each transaction. Furthermore, you may purchase Magicycle eBike bundle items, which come at a far lower price than buying a single product.

If you are a frequent customer of Magicycle eBike, you may consider joining their Magicoins program, where you can earn discounts and vouchers to spend on your next purchase. Are you still dissatisfied? To obtain a bigger discount, use the secret codes below on the checkout page.

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Magicycle eBike

Magicycle eBike Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Magicycle eBike. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What is an e-bike, exactly?

An electric bike, often known as an E-bike, features an electric-driven motor hub that assists with pedaling rather than powering the bike without the rider’s involvement. The engine will engage to assist you in reaching a higher cruising speed on an uphill, making it simpler to ride. The back wheel of a Magicycle eBike may house the motor hub.

Is a license required to ride an e-bike?

The Magicycle Class II, often known as a “speed pedelec,” may have as little as a 750w motor (or 1 horsepower), with a top speed of 20 mph that can be adjusted up to 28 mph. It is legal in most states and towns and does not need a license.

What is the minimum age to ride an e-bike?

State-by-state eBike age limitations vary, however they usually only apply to Class 2 or Class 3 electric bikes. Riders must be 14 years old or older in eight states to ride unsupervised at any level. Alabama, Alaska, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia are the states in question. Riders under the age of 18 may still ride electric bikes in several areas if they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Six states have eBike laws that require riders to be 15 or older, while fifteen states have laws that require riders to be over 16. If an adult rides with the rider, there are several state-specific exceptions to these laws. Although several states do not have an official riding age, most of them require motorcyclists under the age of 16 or 18 to wear helmets.

Is riding an e-bike a good way to get some exercise?

You still have to peddle on an e-bike, but you can use the pedal assist or throttle on hills or longer trips to help you go farther while putting less pressure on your body. According to reports, e-bikes provide the same degree of exercise as a conventional bike since they raise the heart rate and need pedaling.

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Magicycle eBike Expert Reviews

Overall, the quantity of amenities crammed into this bike is rather astounding. We’d expect to see some of these features on far more priced bikes. The sophisticated display and 52-volt battery are among them. Although we like the name brand Shimano components, we would have preferred to see name brand mechanical disc brakes. It takes more than adding up the parts list to test a bike. The Magicycle Cruiser has a terrific feel about it, and it seems like a fantastic deal. They seem to have created a reputation for themselves quickly and are a new firm, so do your homework on customer service. The Magicycle should be on your list if you’re searching for an economical electric fat tire ebike, despite a few things we’d like to see changed.

EBIKE Escape
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I was pleasantly astonished at how far I had progressed. I utilized a lot of the mixture utilizing the motor itself in aided mode, and it worked for almost 30 miles, which I thought was insane, and I even spent the final couple of miles just using the throttle and not even pedaling and youd.

Electric Bike Videos & Price Comparison
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Magicycle eBike is a new fat tire electric bike brand that is produced in Europe and China and sold directly to consumers. Magicycle eBike formal debut in North America has begun. Magicycle eBike is a brand new electric bike business based in the United States that specializes in luxury all-terrain e-bikes. E-bikes from Magicycle are inexpensive, practical, and a lot of fun to ride. Their Cruiser e-bike is ideal for city commuting or long weekend rides on rural trails, with the electric help keeping you going for up to 60 miles.

Electric Bike Action
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The Magicycle Cruiser is a powerful electric bike at its heart. A 36v battery powers some of the most popular E-Bikes on the market, while a 48v system powers many others. Magicycle used a 52v system to give the experience more power and punch. The battery is also rated for 15ah, ensuring that enormous amounts of power aren’t used in only a few short travels. The Magicycle Cruiser is guaranteed to give both power and endurance with a range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge.

Full Review

Conclusion of Magicycle eBike Reviews & Ratings

If you purchase an electric bike from Magicycle eBike, you can be certain that you are getting the greatest possible electric bike. This brand’s bikes have previously passed many tests to ensure their quality.

Magicycle eBike Review: Conclusion
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The Magicycle eBike is suitable for both commuting and exploring different terrain. Thank you for taking the time to read this Magicycle eBike review, and enjoy your new electric bikes!


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