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About Luxe Beauty And Body Co

Discover your beautiful skin for the rest of your life at Luxe Beauty and Body Co. What exactly Luxe Beauty & Body Co is? It is a beauty academy that offers beauty tools and beauty courses as well as high-quality products and services.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review: About Luxe Beauty And Body Co
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Luxe Beauty and Body Co mission is to provide innovative beauty services and courses to change your current lifestyle into a more empowered, elegant, and valuable version by combining Luxe Beauty’s expert knowledge.

In providing their customers with insight and cutting-edge products, they tend to preserve and enhance the customers’ charm exactly the way they desire.

Luxe Beauty is not only to enhance your beauty but also to preserve it so that the client’s inner youth reflects lusciously equally on the outside. The main purpose is to set you on a path of endless potential. It is frequently the smallest changes that have the largest effect.

However, Luxe Beauty endeavor to give the highest level of aesthetic beauty at the most affordable costs and in a relatively short time. Keep on reading our honest Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review to get further details about them. 

Overview Luxe Beauty And Body Co

Shara who initially found Luxe Beauty and Body Co in 2017, is a businesswoman with the sole purpose of enlightening women all over the globe in developing their elegance and glamor through Luxe Beauty products, services, and courses. 

At Luxe Beauty and Body Co, they understand and totally devoted to answering true beauty issues faced by women all over the world by offering high-quality products and great services with professionalism, elegance, and regard.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co have a mission to enlighten the world and connect with people to a dynamic and beautiful way of life. They’ve always engaged in connecting and supporting each other since everyone has the ability to look the way they want, but people sometimes resist the change because it’s far from their comfort zone.

That is why Luxe Beauty and Body Co was created, as they chose to inspire people through online courses and give them the opportunity to improve their lifestyle at home.

It’s important to us that when we are spending hard-earned a bunch of money on beauty clinic services must be a long-lasting and great result. For sure, Luxe Beauty and Body Co has a quality control staff that coordinates with the customer feedback to ensure the safety and receive what you paid for.

Luxe Beauty serves the customer beyond your expectation by using their experience in collaboration with some experts and beauty professionals. The product service in Luxe Beauty and Body Co is produced particularly to support the philosophy of Forever Young for everyone.

Forever Young means integrating professionals services that work closely with customers to understand their needs and give services that completely protect their dreams. Then, the objective isn’t just to bring out the best in lovely ladies, but to keep it there as well so that the inner youth radiates enchantingly equally on the exterior.

Moreover, Luxe Beauty and Body Co focus on delivering cruelty-free products and services that have no negative effects on the customer’s skin in any form. 

Review Luxe Beauty And Body Co

Luxe Beauty and Body Co are dedicated to making a new path in the implementation of enchanting beauty training and challenging yourself in order to make your dreams into reality. Luxe Beauty provides outstanding services by employing the greatest professional workforce, using cutting-edge techniques.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Reviews: Review Luxe Beauty And Body Co
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Creating the most beautiful atmosphere as envisioned by cultivating a deep relationship is also part of Luxe Beauty. It means that they are customized, trustworthy, and reliable 

However, working together to be the most chosen business by achieving the goal of a flawless, beautiful, and peaceful lifestyle and producing a joyful, beautified, and elegant atmosphere. Whether you want to improve your appearance, exercise, or just have a different sensation.

Luxe Beauty products and training will help you in your efforts to change societies one person at a time. Luxe Beauty has the vision to be the most trusted and recognized company.

Meanwhile, they focus on providing customer-focused, quality-driven, professionally managed services by the use of cost-effective, world-class technological techniques, and ethical business practices. Luxe Beauty and Body Co are also committed to the goal of being perceived by the staff as a secure, safe, competent, and healthy workplace.

They seek to fulfill the vision globally to get high-quality and outstanding resources, ensuring a wholesome experience. Hence, Luxe Beauty also offers beauty training that can be easily accessed online through your gadget.

The course are including Advanced Training, Brow Laminating, Cavitation & RF, Cryolypolysis Advanced, HIFU Advanced, How I Built a Six-Figure Beauty Business, Hyaluron Pen Fat Dissolve Training, MicroNeedling Advanced Training, Teeth Whitening Training, and many more.

Make sure to stay with us, then you will get all the information about the courses in the next review. 

Luxe Beauty And Body Co Academy Review

Luxe Beauty and Body Co are more than just a business, it is a woman’s investment for a bright future. Spreading the power of beauty by the provision of innovative, specialized, and proactive services that enable you to live a happy life. They gain more insight into understanding your needs and desires.

It is important for them because they can combine your interests with Luxe Beauty knowledge to provide you with the most powerful courses, beauty products, and much more. Meanwhile, Luxe Beauty and Body Co have core values as a pilar for them called P.E.O.P.L.EPurpose, Excellent, Optimism, Partnership, Leadership, and Empowerment.

As a purpose, Luxe Beauty And Body Co is dedicated to resolving beauty concerns while giving the finest personalized training in order to be a positive force of change by having a durable and substantial impact—now and in the future.

Make excellent progress in all aspects by providing outstanding assistance, exceptional values, and consistently exceeding the bar on Luxe Beauty And Body Co services. Their value represents the unwavering commitment to succeed in the goals by exploring new approaches and developing them into a current model. Approaching each obstacle with the confidence to succeed viably and quickly. 

By portraying optimism, you may express your creativity and persistence. Luxe Beauty And Body Co prefers to manage its business with a varied and creative strategy. Optimism is what motivates them to strive, be flexible, and inspire other women. This experience is what you want to emphasize when it comes to long-term energy. 

Nothing is impossible without working together and making a collective effort. Luxe Beauty’s main value is to make partnerships with beauty specialists to make extra services. It means that Luxe Beauty & Body Co has a great time providing chances for people to get together and create fascinating experiences forever. 

Meanwhile, in terms of leadership, to show others how to do it and energize them through the efforts for the ethical progress of their local area. Luxe Beauty And Body Co takes pleasure in the moral fortitude, strength, and respect for the whole world with quality.

Lastly, to empower women in their pursuit of communal progress. Luxe Beauty And Body Co try to empower people by helping them in taking control and accomplish their goals. Their objective is to create the capacity and provide a forum for the community to interact and invest in creating a beautiful, vibrant, and inspired living environment.

Teeth Whitening Course Review

Learn how to change your smiles overnight with Teeth Whitening Course here! 

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review: Teeth Whitening Course Review
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Join the Teeth Whitening Certified Online Course by Luxe Beauty and Body Co and get your beauty career with Teeth Whitening Online Course. Don’t worry, in this course, you’ll get the experience with professional trainers including all of the tools and guidance required to complete your training and obtain certification in the online course curriculum.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co provide professional instruction together with the best teeth whitening products and Teeth Whitening Course online. You may now discover how to change dull smiles drab into dazzling gleams.

Today, teeth treatments are popular in the beauty and cosmetic industries. With Luxe Beauty and Body Co – Teeth Whitening Course, you may learn the effective whitening application techniques, how to plan efficient customer appointments, have access to a list of tools and supplies, how to professionally offer your services, and much more.

Anything else? Sure. You’ll get the opportunity to access 24/7 hours, downloadable PDF forms, the biggest student discount, some extra help, and the most important thing is the certificate of completion. 

Don’t be bothered about time – Luxe Beauty and Body Co got you covered with 24/7 web access to the course. Having unlimited days of access to the course can ensure you will reach your goals at your pace.  Given access to PDF forms and materials, they will make your journey to becoming a teeth whitening specialist look easy from the start.

After completing your course, you will receive a certificate that you may offer to your clients to gain their confidence. Luxe Beauty and Body Co will not only offer you excellent training, but you will also get AMAZING student discounts on each item and tool. Hurry up! Check our discount & promotion in the next review! 

Body Sculpting Course review

Here is a list of all the courses included in your package of Luxe Beauty and Body Co – Body Sculpting 5 in 1 Bundle Course.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage Training
  • Wood Therapy Training 
  • Vacuum Therapy Training 
  • Cavitation + Radiofrequency Training
  • Laser Lipolysis Training

Of course, each of the training includes a course program, let’s start with the first one – Lymphatic Drainage Massage Training ($149.00). What will you get? Course outline, Anatomy of the Lymph Vessel System, Interstitial Fluid & Lymph, Lymph Formation & Lymph Flow, Lymphatic System Insufficiency, Massage Effects on Lymph Formation & Lymphangiomotor Function, Basic Principles of Manual Lymph Drainage, and many more.

Next course, you can explore everything Wood Therapy Training ($149.00) based on the curriculum: Course outline, Wood Therapy, Hygiene, Health & Safety, Anatomy & Physiology, Subcutaneous Tissue Anatomy & Histology, Types of Body Fat, Cellulite, The Lymphatic System, Body Types, Body Shapes, Consultations & Records, Treatment Preparation, Body Treatments, and Final Exam

Moving forward, for Vacuum Therapy Training ($149.00): Course Outline, Introduction to Cupping Therapies, Colombian Butt Lift, Hip Dip Reduction, Body Sculpting, Vacuum Anti-cellulite & Lymphatic Drainage, Non-surgical Butt Lift vs Brazilian Butt Lift, Wonder Breast Lift, Vacuum Cupping, Vacuum Cupping Science, Vacuum Therapy Machines, Hygiene, Health & Safety, Anatomy & Physiology, and many more. 

The next one, Cavitation + Radiofrequency Training ($149.00) includes Course Outline, Introduction, The Benefits, The Science, What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation, What Is Radiofrequency, Cavitation + Radiofrequency, Body Contouring, Machines Machine, Parts Hygiene, Health & Safety, Anatomy & Physiology, Subcutaneous Tissue Anatomy & Histology, and soo on. 

Last, but not least, Laser Lipolysis Training ($149.00) including Course Outline, What Is Laser Lipo, Functions & Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages, Hygiene, Health & Safety, Subcutaneous Tissue Anatomy & Histology, Cellulite Anatomy, The Science of Laser Lipolysis, Controlled Studies, Laser Lipo Technology, Contraindications, Treatment Areas, Consultations & Records, and many more.

Save your course with a bundle for only $600!

BB Glow Starter Review

Luxe Beauty and Body Co not only have beauty and health courses, but Luxe Beauty and Body Co also offer starter kits products, one of which will be discussed in this review section – BB Glow Starter. 

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review: BB Glow Starter Review
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BB Glow Starter including Dr. Pen X5 comes with a digital LED screen to show the speed (5 levels) and can be used remotely or with a cable. The maximum adjustable among 2.5 dial range and screw cartridge with a secured cap for optimum control and accuracy for 4 hours. This pen is a self-charging wireless battery. Sounds interesting, huh?

Use BB Glow Starter by Luxe Beauty and Body Co to develop gorgeous, younger skin with generates instant effects for your customers. Moreover, Dr. Pen Ultima X5 unlocks professional beauty. It’s on to the next stop as Beautiful Skin! Please keep in mind, that do not use Dr. Pen on wounds or irritated/disturbed skin. Stop it if there’s a problem immediately.

Additionally, use the most recent product and best needling tools. However, the micro-needling pen is the perfect face skincare tool for both beginners and experts. Take a look at these incredible advantages including enhancing the absorption of skincare products by over 500%, optimizing efficiency, and boosting your natural glow skin.

Also, BB Glow Starter creates a healthy complexion,  improve skin tone and texture, and opens pores for serum/essence absorption to get the tighter pores. You might ask what will you get in your bundle, here’s the list:

BB Glow Starter Kit Includes:

  • Dr. Pen X5 Beauty Pen (1)
  • Serum Booster Kit (1)
  • Foundation Booster Kit (1)
  • 12 pin cartridges (5)
  • 42 pin cartridges (5)
  • US Wall Charger (1)
  • USB cable 2 meters (1)
  • Instruction manual (1)
  • Travel case (1)

NOTE: Before turning on the pen, remove the white plastic hygienic cover from the top of the cartridge.

Luxe Beauty And Body Co Return Policy

For sure, Luxe Beauty and Body Co want to give you the best products and services. But then, if you feel dissatisfied or there’s a problem with your item so you want to RETURN your item for any reason or EXCHANGE to another item, you can easily do it with the following circumstances below:


Luxe Beauty And Body Co has 15 days to return your item since the day you received it. In order to start your return, make sure your item must be unused and still in the same condition as you got it. It must be in its original packing as well. Several items are excluded from being returned. However, Luxe Beauty is not accepting intimate or sanitary items, hazardous items, or flammable substances or gases.

REFUNDS (If applicable)

Luxe Beauty will send you an email after your return has been received and checked to advise you that they have received your return request. They will also tell you if your refund has been approved or rejected. If accepted, your refund will be processed and a credit will be immediately credited to your credit card or original mode of payment within 7-10 business days.

If you haven’t yet received your refund, check your bank account first, then call your credit card provider. It might take some time for your refund to be fully posted. If you’ve done everything else and still haven’t gotten your refund, please contact them at

EXCHANGES (If applicable)

Luxe Beauty only replaces your items if they are damaged or defective. If you need to exchange it for the same item, please contact them at and send your item to Luxe Beauty And Body Co, 2701 Del Paso Rd #130-281, Sacramento, CA 95835, United States.


If you bought the item as a gift and it was sent straight to you, you will get a gift credit for the amount of your return. A gift card will be mailed to you after the returned item has been received. If the item was not marked as a gift when bought, or the sender had the order delivered to themselves to give to you later, they will give a refund to the gift giver, and they will be notified of your return as soon as possible. 

Luxe Beauty And Body Co Shipping Policy

For those of you after reading our review and who might be wondering about the shipping policy, relax! We already get what you need down below.


Luxe Beauty and Body Co need 7-10 business days – excluding holidays and weekends – to process and ship your order. The delivery time is depending on two factors: order processing time and shipping address. Product in-stock will be shipped after the product is available, your payment has been confirmed, and the delivery address has been checked.

For most of the orders, the procedure starts after your online order is completed. The order procedure may not begin until the next business day, depending on the time of day you make your purchase. Business days are Monday – Friday, excluding National Holidays in the United States

Luxe Beauty And Body Co is responsible for damage or loss to your item end when it securely arrives at the delivery destination. They will not replace any products or packages that have been delivered to you. Any products or packages that come damaged should be rejected. Any products lost after they have been sent to you will be your obligation.

Please keep in mind that your items delivered from the United States into Canada may take longer to arrive due to increased screening at border crossing points. During checkout, shipping and handling costs –  which may include taxes, tariffs, and brokerage fees if applicable – will be automatically applied to your total payment. 


Luxe Beauty and Body Co only provide refunds if they made a mistake such as your order being shipped to the wrong address other than what you provided. For sure, they do not refund or accept complaints if they ship to the proper postal address and the status is shown as delivered.

In addition, Luxe Beauty and Body Co have not accepted responsibility for claims of non-delivery caused by USPS mistakes. At this time, Luxe Beauty can only replace lost shipments.

Luxe Beauty And Body Co Customer Service

Are you feeling lost after reading our whole review? We’ve got you covered! For additional help or consultation, all students will be able to get in touch with Luxe Beauty And Body Co through email at or call them at (916) 634-1875at. An additional option, visit their Office down below:

Luxe Beauty And Body Co

2701 Del Paso Rd #130-281
Sacramento, CA 95835

Where to buy Luxe Beauty and Body Co?

Luxe Beauty And Body Co offers online beauty courses, beauty products, started kit products, and affordable e-books. Want a give it try? Hurry Up! Luxe Beauty And Body Co give a lot of sale on selecting items with purchasing it on their Official Website.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Promo Codes & Coupons

Ready for beauty courses? Alright then. Purchase your courses at Luxe Beauty and Body Co with extra discounts only in this review. At first, you should join the Luxe Beauty list to receive up-to-date information and special offers directly into your inbox. Click Join Our List! on the top corner of your screen and sign up with your email.

Another way, enter the following promo code at checkout, LUXE20 – Unlock 20% off any order, and LEGALLYBLACKBEAUTY – Grab 15% off the entire site. Enjoy dear!


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Luxe Beauty and Body Co Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Luxe Beauty and Body Co. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is Luxe Beauty offers any other language besides English? 

Currently, Luxe Beauty only offers classes in English and Spanish.

What is the format of Luxe Beauty online course?

It is written in the instructions and information, as well as videos for visual learners. You may also watch their Live and IGTV by following them on Instagram @LuxeBeautyAndBodyCo.

Is there an exam to take at the end of the course?

Absolutely, you must pass with a score of 90% or above. If you fail, you have several opportunities to pass without penalty. Furthermore, you will be required to produce a final assignment that reflects your work on a customer your provided services. 

Is it necessary for me to have a specific license to perform these services?

You should check your local and state laws to be sure, although most states do not need you to have a special license. Luxe Beauty discovered that most states do not regulate these services, although it will not be expressed in clear English. Only if it is controlled will you be able to discover it. An esthetician, for example, is not permitted to provide micro-needling treatments, only an example. 

Ask a question?

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Expert Reviews

It was a bit bumpy at first since half of my shipment was missing, but now I’m overjoyed and can’t wait to get more services. Love so much!

Kenya Rittenburg
Full Review
Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Luxe Beauty & Body Co@fb

Very straightforward and simple to follow, with plenty of valuable information. It was also beneficial to be able to study online.

Nuse D
Full Review

I liked how accessible it was to go whenever I needed it. This course provided me with more than enough knowledge, and the cost is really reasonable.

Full Review

Conclusion of Luxe Beauty and Body Co Reviews & Ratings

At the end of the Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review, we would only have to say that beauty courses in Luxe Beauty and Body is worth trying. Not only receive a beauty course certificate from the greatest beauty academy and an amazing opportunity to learn from the experts with affordable pricing.

Luxe Beauty and Body Co Review: Conclusion
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Don’t waste your time anymore, take a seat and purchase your courses now!


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