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Lummi Island Wild Review 2023 → A Great Place To Buy Wild Salmon?

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About Lummi Island Wild

The world is now fighting to rescue the seas and provide food for everyone, but they will not be successful in any of these efforts without sustainable seafood.

Lummi Island Wild Review: About Lummi Island Wild
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Not only does the responsible harvesting of wild fish and protection of the marine environment benefit marine life, but it also assures that our oceans will continue to provide food for those who are in greatest need as well as for our children and grandchildren.

Lummi Island Wild is an organization that is part of a purpose to safeguard the ecosystem for future generations of fish and humans, as well as to support the harvesting of wild salmon in a way that is respectful and responsible.

Now, we’re going to have a topic about Lummi Island Wild review which may give you some information about this brand and probably will make you consider purchasing some healthy foods from here. Let’s check it out down below!

Overview of Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild is proud to provide mouthwatering wild salmon that has nearly no bycatch. It is one of the 10 fisheries in the world that are considered to be the greenest and also the most environmentally beneficial approach to fish.

This fishery is among the top ten greenest fisheries in the world and is the world’s oldest fishery that uses nets to catch salmon.

Lummi Island Wild uses wild Pacific salmon reef net fishing as their primary method for catching salmon.

Because any undesired bycatch is thrown back into the sea uninjured, this fishery is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Lactic acid and blood are both released from the fish as a result of the retained salmon, which results in the best-grade salmon that can be purchased anywhere in the world.

This fishery is very sustainable since it employs fishing methods such as passive fishing. Because it runs on solar energy rather than fossil fuel, it is one of the most environmentally friendly fisheries in the world.

They have the lowest carbon emissions of any fishery that focuses on salmon. Fishing on coral reefs is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable fisheries.

What you would love at Lummi Island Wild

  • Fishing harvesting is not only ethical but also does no harm to the ecosystem.
  • Proudly be one of the 10 most sustainable fisheries in the world.
  • Lummi Island Wild is the world’s first wild salmon fishery to be powered entirely by solar energy.
  • Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium gives it its top grade.
  • Excellent customer service.

Lummi Island Wild Review

Lummi Island Wild is a supplier of wild-caught sustainable seafood, and their wild salmon is of the highest quality and comes from really sustainable sources.

They aim to provide you with seafood of the highest possible quality without any exceptions.

They sell; wild salmon, nonperishable, smoked salmon, tuna, halibut, cod, shellfish, Ikura – salmon caviar, combos and gifts, and seafood sale.

Not only was their fish wonderful, but they also provided the greatest experience overall when you consider purchasing on their website, packing, and delivery, pricing per part, quality and flavor, as well as any other aspects of the process that may have been taken into account.

However, for the majority of people, we believe that Lummi Island Wild currently has the best offering of amazing salmon and wild-caught fish.

Lummi Island Wild King Salmon Review

Salmon connoisseurs have consistently chosen king salmon in blind tasting tests. The kings are the biggest of the species, weighing between 10 and 20 pounds on average. The rich oil content of the fish makes it ideal for grilling, broiling, sautéing, baking, poaching, steaming, and smoking — practically any salmon dish will be delicious on a king.

Lummi Island Wild Review: Lummi Island Wild King Salmon Review
Image:Lummi Island Wild

Orca Safe Salmon indicates the fish you’re eating was captured in a terminal region, which means it was caught near to the salmon’s source river, long beyond the point where it may be eaten by an Orca. Orca Safe Salmon also implies the salmon you’re eating was taken using sustainable gear with little or no bycatch in a carefully managed fishery by Tribal, Federal, and/or State fisheries management.

If you’re new to purchasing wild king salmon online, you should know that there’s a long-running controversy among salmon fans about whether king or sockeye is the best quality. These wild king salmon chunks will give sockeye enthusiasts a run for their money, they must confess.

Preparation Tips

King salmon, is one of the most luxurious salmon varieties and requires little work in the kitchen. The natural taste and texture of the fish make it a standout main dish. Lummi Island Wild prefers that your king salmon be cooked on a wood board with a pinch of salt. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper over the skin. Not only that, but they also suggest basic preparation when purchasing wild king salmon online to get the most out of the fish’s taste.

Handling Instructions

If you order wild king salmon from Lummi Island Wild online, you can expect to get frozen, not thawed, fish. The exquisite flavor and texture of king salmon are preserved by shipping it frozen.

You can either begin defrosting your king salmon chunks for supper that evening or store them frozen for a later meal after the shipment arrives. Because king salmon has more oil than other varieties of fish, it spoils more quickly. However, you can keep it for up to three months in your home freezer.

Lummi Island Wild Albacore Tuna Loins Review

Lummi Island Wild albacore tuna loins are brought to your home and provide a quick and healthful omega-3-rich supper. Depending on your taste, these boneless tuna loins can be eaten raw or cooked. This buttery, luscious fish is deliciously cooked rare, but it’s also a great addition to a sushi platter.

Lummi Island Wild Review: Lummi Island Wild Albacore Tuna Loins Review
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You can expect a high-quality experience regardless of the preparation you pick. Each tuna is instantly frozen at sea after being captured. This helps to keep the flavor and texture of the food. Until it reaches your kitchen, the tuna is still frozen. When you get albacore tuna loins from Lummi Island Wild, you can be certain that they will never be thawed, even throughout the processing.

Handling Instructions

Albacore tuna loins will be vacuum-sealed and frozen in a chilled package when they are delivered to your home. They’ll be ready to eat sashimi-style after they’ve thawed. If you like cooked fish, you may customize it to your preferences. They propose a basic sear on your stovetop if you’ve never cooked tuna before. This is a fantastic method to keep the natural taste of the fish while also adding some delightful spice and texture.

If this is your first time cooking albacore tuna loins, try to prevent overcooking them. A moist tuna steak requires rapid, high heat; any other method will result in a dry piece of flesh. Remember that after the tuna is taken from the fire, it will continue to cook for many minutes, so be careful with your time.

Lummi Island Wild suggests cooking them for 6 to 9 minutes over medium-high heat. When the fish starts to flake when examined with a fork but stays pink in the middle, it’s done.

Their tuna is delivered frozen. Keep your albacore tuna loins refrigerated for up to 7 days after delivery. If you choose to postpone your purchase for later, frozen tuna will keep for around two months.

Lummi Island Wild Salish Sea Halibut Review

The mild, sweet-tasting meat of the Salish Sea halibut has a solid yet tender texture. It doesn’t require a bacon wrap or a sauce to be tasty.

Lummi Island Wild Review: Lummi Island Wild Salish Sea Halibut Review
Image:Lummi Island Wild

This halibut is only caught by indigenous fishermen in the Salish Sea. They’ve known for years that it’s by far the greatest halibut they’ve ever had, but since the tribal season begins on the same day as the Alaska and Coastal seasons, no attempt has been made to separate it from the vast quantities of other halibut that enters the market at the same time. The season lasts just three weeks, after which there will be no more Salish Sea halibut for another year.

Handling Instructions

This Salish sea halibut food ships froze. Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days, or keep it frozen.

Lummi Island Wild Pros & Cons

Here we listed some information about the pros and cons of this brand product for you, so you will know the good side and the downside of this brand. Check it down below:


  • No complaints with website or checkout
  • Free shipping is good and quick
  • Products labels were good
  • The foods were very tasty
  • Solar-powered
  • Ultra-low bycatch


  • A little expensive from others
  • Some of the products take longer to restock

Lummi Island Wild Shipping

If you get wild-caught salmon delivery from Lummi Island Wild, you might find yourself wondering what sets them apart from other suppliers.

When it comes to shipping and delivery, they operate in accordance with the standards established by the industry. This information is being shared with you so that they can be as open as possible.

The vast majority of businesses that sell the fish package and transport their products utilize the exact same methods and components.

They don’t vary all that much in this regard, but each of them likes to believe that they execute their deliveries with a little bit of additional care.

Lummi Island Wild Caught Salmon Delivery

When ordering wild-caught salmon, most consumers will have a similar experience. When your shipment is scanned and checked in at FedEx in Bellingham, WA, they’ll give you an email notification.

They’ll also give you an anticipated delivery date. When the package arrives in your location, you’ll be notified that the fish has arrived, as well as a tighter delivery window — generally by 8 p.m. the same day.

Keep in mind, though, that they have no control over the delivery window; if you won’t be home to collect your box, they suggest leaving a note directing where the delivery person should leave it. If you know someone who will be home during the delivery window, have them ready to pick up the package when it comes.

The good news for all customers is that they give you FREE SHIPPING when your order is worth more than $99! Also, most of their customers said that they do fast shipping.

Lummi Island Wild Return Policy

Love it or it’s free: If you don’t love what you bought, they’ll either replace the seafood you bought or refund the money you spent, whichever you want.

All seafood purchases made from Lummi Island Wild are protected by their guarantee. Make your request for a refund no later than 15 days after the transaction.

If the package was damaged in any way, then the shipping costs will be refunded. You are required to get in touch with them as soon as possible for issues including damaged shipments or thawing. Pictures may be required for refunds of more than $100.

If you want to return nonperishable products, you can return them to:

Lummi Island Wild Co-op
3131 Mercer Ave #105
Bellingham, WA 98225

Lummi Island Wild Contact

Need help or have any questions regarding the products you’ve bought or you may buy? They have you covered! Just e-mail them at

They reply to messages Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 and 3, or within the next 24 hours if they’re closed.

Or you can have a visit their office at:

3131 Mercer Ave #105
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 366-8786

Where to buy Lummi Island Wild?

You can purchase wild-caught seafood directly from their official website and choose what you’d like to eat your healthy food up there. Some of the products may have a discounted price and this is good for you to save money! It’s really worth it.

Unfortunately, there are no marketplaces that sell this brand product so the only choice that you may purchase the Lummi Island Wild products is directly from their official site. Don’t worry, they will give you the best experience that you will ever regret purchasing from them!

Lummi Island Wild Promo Codes & Coupons

Lummi Island Wild mostly give discounted prices for their products when there are events held every month. But currently, as we know from their official website is that they only give offer FREE SHIPPING when your purchase is over $99. That is already a good thing to know!

If you really need discounted prices on purchasing foods from Lummi Island Wild, you can click the button below to check whether there are any coupon codes available for you to use. It can be a good start.

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Lummi Island Wild Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Lummi Island Wild. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How can I maximize the quality of our order?

Frozen seafood that has been vacuum packed might be fragile. Handling increases the chances of the packaging’s seal cracking.

Ice crystals forming within a bag indicate that the seal has been broken. This does not indicate the product is harmful; it just means you should utilize it as soon as possible before it develops freezer burn.

To avoid this, please manage your supplies, keep an eye out for these rare packages, utilize them first — and treat all parcels carefully.

What is the best way to thaw and prepare our seafood?

There is no simpler or healthier meal. Thaw in the refrigerator the night before a scheduled dinner, or take it out of the freezer and soak in cold water until thawed for quick use ( not if the package has a broken seal). Before cooking salmon, we suggest cleaning it and patting it dry.

Where does LIW process its products?

Lummi Island Wild makes every effort to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and safety. For cost reasons, they do not send merchandise outside of the country! From them to you, they track almost every step.

Ask a question?

Lummi Island Wild Expert Reviews

“Both the product and its packaging were of excellent quality. The fish was delivered by Lummi Island Wild in a styrofoam container, which was designed to be versatile enough to be used as a simple picnic cooler. That was a useful feature to have.”

Full Review
Lummi Island Wild Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Lummi Island Wild@fb

“This caviar reminds me of when my mother attempted to feed it to me as a child. It has a mellow flavor that is really delicious. The salmon is also excellent. It arrived still cold and well packaged on dry ice. As a result, I’ll certainly be ordering more.”

M. Reynolds at ECOPICT
Full Review

“It is the most environmentally friendly method of fishing. By-catch is released by hand, resulting in significantly better taste fish.”

Full Review

Conclusion of Lummi Island Wild Reviews & Ratings

Based on our Lummi Island Wild review above, it should come as no surprise that the prosperity of the seas is vital to the lives of millions of people all over the world, particularly those who live in coastal towns and in tropical areas.

Lummi Island Wild Review: Conclusion
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When we discuss the advantages of eating seafood, the issue of sustainability is, of course, an essential one. Still, today, destructive fishing practices and overfishing are wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems, making it less likely that these environments will ever again be able to provide food for people. Because of this, you should investigate the origin of the product before making a purchase.

Choose to do the right thing by going to Lummi Island Wild, the greenest restaurant on earth, if you want to eat in a way that is sustainable and have the guts to really alter your lifestyle.


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