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About Lovesac

This Lovesac review will give you the most information you need to know about them. Lovesac is a furniture company that created the Sactional, also known as the World’s Most Adaptable Couch, and the Sac, also known as the World’s Most Comfortable Seat.

Lovesac Review: About
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The Lovesac Sactionals provide you with a wide range of personalization options. They can be attached to other pieces of furniture and reconfigured to accommodate any area in any configuration. In addition, the Sac is stuffed with dura foam; thus, even though it may appear like a bean bag, it is far more than that.

Overview of Lovesac

This section of our Lovesac review will provide information on the company’s history.

Not only was 1995 the year that Microsoft was founded, but it was also the year that Lovesac was established. In the Utah house he shares with his parents, Shawn D. Nelson constructs the first “Lovesac,” an eight-foot-wide foam-filled container. Well, this is how history is formed.

In the year 2001, Lovesac successfully completed its most significant order to date, which was for 12,000 sparkly and fluffy Sacs and was placed by a significant adolescent apparel company. Rejoice, all you tweens and preteens! The Lovesac Company was recognized as one of the top 100 furniture businesses in 2012, as well as being the company with the fastest-growing furniture business in the United States by the magazine Furniture Today.

In 2017, The Lovesac Firm became one of the 70 retail showrooms the company owns. In addition, the Lovesac Corporation became an officially publicly-traded firm on Nasdaq in 2018. The first transaction occurred at a price 56% higher than the company’s initial public offering price.

Lovesac Reviews

The Lovesac Company is a retailing organization specializing in sactionals, a patented modular couch furniture system guaranteed to deliver a life of comfort. Sactionals are the company’s area of expertise. In addition to that, they provide sactionals accessories like toss pillows, sacks, blankets, footsacs, and more.

Lovesac Reviews

They provide shipping services at no additional cost. One of the original items they sell is the World’s Most Adaptable Couch. Sactionals offer an unparalleled level of all-around comfort and peace of mind compared to other types of sofas. Sactionals are a wise financial investment since they are versatile and can be adapted to suit most interior design trends.

The other is a seat that claims to be “The World’s Most Comfortable Seat.” Even though they may appear like bean bags, sacs are much more than that. Sacs are the next best thing to sit on an actual cloud. They are stuffed with a proprietary foam called Durafoam and come in various sizes and cover options.

Lovesac Sectional Review

In this particular arrangement, the Lovesac Sactionals are comprised of two seats and four sides that are upholstered in tonal chantilly luxury chenille. The Sactionals Seat functions as the primary component of any arrangement. Each Seat is individually handcrafted using sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing to provide a luxurious feel and a pleasant sitting experience.

Lovesac Review: Lovesac Sectional Review

In addition, they cover all of the modular parts’ important surfaces with plywood so they last longer. When not in use, the Back Pillow and Seat Cushion may be stored inside the Seat Frame to ensure maximum shipping efficiency and to qualify for free delivery. Not only that, the Sactionals Seat Frames, Clamps, Shoes, and Feet come with a lifetime warranty, while the Seat Cushions and Back Pillows have a three-year warranty period.

Lovesac Sac Review

Phur routed via a dove is used to cover the BigOne Lovesac Sacs. It can be purchased for $1,237, which is a reasonable deal despite being incredibly pricey. Because of its size — which might be described as “extremely huge” — The BigOne is ideal for usage in expansive settings. In contrast to bead-filled bags, the super-soft fill is constructed of superior shredded Durafoam, which distributes the body’s weight more evenly and does not get compressed with time.

As a result, each sac may be compressed to one-eighth of its original capacity, allowing optimal transportation efficiency and free delivery. In addition, the Sac Inserts come with a lifetime warranty, and the Sac Covers come with a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Lovesac Stealth Tech Review

StealthTech is the best option if you want to acquire sophisticated technology. Definitely, Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge is the newest advancement in Total Comfort and a remarkable product that is well worth trying.

Lovesac Review: Lovesac Stealth Tech Review

Wireless charging combined with fascinating Harman Kardon 5.1 Dolby Digital surrounds sound creates an easy enchantment. Additionally, immersive technology is stunning and undetectable. But to prove it, you must use StealthTech Sound + Charge. Don’t worry, the LoveSac have showrooms where you can see how StealthTech can transform your entertainment experience.

Some features that will adore you:

  • Immersive 4D Experience
    Dolby Digital surround sound is provided by speakers built into the sofa.
  • Fabric Specific Tuning
    Optimizes audio for consistency of quality depending on your Sactionals fabric type, density, and color.
  • Layout Specific Tuning
    The audio experience is consistent from every seat in any Sactionals arrangement form.
  • Integrated Wireless Charging
    Wireless chargers are embedded smoothly and efficiently into your Sound + Charge Sides.

Well, through this link below, you can pick which Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge based on your need.

Lovesac Shipping

When you order in the contiguous United States via their website, shipping is on them! Currently, they do not provide shipping to any locations outside the 48 contiguous states in the United States. Depending on the item, items will typically arrive between one and four weeks from the date of purchase; however, the delivery time may vary.

There are various ways that things sold by Lovesac might be sent. Your Sac insert will be sent to you in a strong nylon duffel bag that has been compressed to one-eighth of its normal capacity. Because they are used for transporting, duffels have the potential to get soiled. Therefore, your Sac Cover will be sent to you in a separate package.

The Sactional Seats and Sides are packaged and sent in separate boxes to make the shipping process as efficient as possible. When you order Sides, the frame will arrive in a package with one Shoe, one Clamp, and two Feet already packed inside. The standard seats are packaged with one shoe, one clamp, and four feet, while the seat cushions and back pillows are stored inside the seat frame. While Wedge Seats are delivered with one Clamp, two L-shaped Shoes, and four Feet. Moreover, the Back Pillow is placed inside the Seat Frame, while the Seat Cushion is placed outside the frame.

Lovesac Warranty

Your items are immediately registered and your warranty is active as you make a purchase. Please keep your receipt in a secure location. Your Order Confirmation Number (if you purchased online) or Transaction Number (if you purchased in a store) will also function as your warranty registration number. When purchasing your things, ensure that all of your information is correct and full.

Hard insert components (seat and side frames, clamps, feet, and shoes) are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for life. Soft insert elements (seat cushion, back pillow, and covers) have a 3-year guarantee against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase. The warranty policy does not cover failures caused by misuse, abuse, or excessive wear. All warranty claims must include the original receipt or purchase number. Products used for commercial purposes are not warranted.

Sac Inserts are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults. The warranty policy does not cover failures caused by misuse, abuse, or excessive wear. All warranty claims must include the original receipt and product registration information. Products used for commercial purposes are not warranted.

Where to buy Lovesac?

On the official Lovesac website, in addition to being able to purchase wholly assembled furniture, you may also personalize each piece of Lovesac furniture you purchase. It is crucial to remember to have fun and experiment while designing your Lovesac couch to determine what style best complements your character and the space in which it will be displayed.

Lovesac Review: Where to buy?

Don’t worry, you are able to build a variety of Lovesac layouts by selecting from the many different choices for seats and sides that they sell.

On the other hand, if you know exactly which piece of Lovesac furniture you want, you may be able to purchase it straight from Best Buy, the Lovesac website, the Lovesac showroom, eBay, or Amazon. These online retailers all carry Lovesac products.

Lovesac Promo Codes & Coupons

Despite the fact that the pricing is quite high, the overall cost is not unreasonable. When one considers the great quality that is provided, the finest materials that are utilized, as well as the fact that they have the distinction of being the most comfortable sacs in the world, it is practically impossible to dispute the price.

If you take advantage of the coupons we have provided in this section of our Lovesac review, you may be eligible for some price reductions. You may utilize them to acquire some of the items that you really like from their online store.

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Lovesac Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Lovesac. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is there any special financing available?

Yes, they do provide promotional financing with a Lovesac Credit Card for a period of 6 or 12 months (hosted by Synchrony Bank). You have the option of applying either online or at a showroom. Simply respond to a few questions, and you will immediately obtain a credit decision.

Have your account number and authorization code available when you make a purchase if you want to use your new card right away in a showroom. Have your card number handy, call us to make your purchase over the phone with a customer care professional, or get in touch with Lovesac for further details if you wish to use your new card instantly online.

Due to the fact that they are unable to search up card numbers or supply card information over the phone or via chat, Lovesac requires that credit card numbers be provided at the time of purchase. In the event that you misplace your card, you are required to get in touch with Synchrony Bank in order to get a replacement card.

How can I pay my Lovesac Credit Card bill?

Credit card processing for Lovesac is handled by Synchrony Bank. You can make payments, manage your account, and/or change your billing information by visiting the Synchrony Bank website. This is the simplest method to do any of these things. If you have any more inquiries, kindly get in touch with them.

Can I pay using a prepaid gift card, such as a Visa gift card, to make my purchase?

It is possible to make a payment using a prepaid gift card in the same manner as one would with a credit card. Kindly remember to hang on to the used gift card until after you have received your item. It is required that any refunds for approved returned purchases made using prepaid gift cards be provided to the same card that was used to make the transaction.

Are pricing and special offers also accessible at Lovesac showrooms?

The vast majority of sales and deals that are offered online are also made accessible in physical showrooms; nevertheless, there are sometimes exceptions to this rule and sometimes there are variations. Get in touch with your nearest showroom for more information.

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Lovesac Expert Reviews

The Lovesac Sactional is one of the most comfortable, long-lasting, and adaptable couches available. They are built to endure and adapt, with replaceable covers to keep up with changing fashions.

Home of Cozy
Full Review

The Lovesac Sactional is the most adaptable sofa I’ve ever had. It is also the most long-lasting. In July of 2013, I purchased my first Sactional. I just purchased another back and seat to accommodate my increasing family. Although this furniture is not inexpensive, you certainly get what you pay for in terms of quality that will withstand the test of time and children.

The Sleep Sherpa
Full Review

There’s a lot to like about the Sactional, but its adaptability is its most apparent selling point. Each Lovesac Sactional is constructed with a seat and a number of sides that function as the arms and back. Two seats constitute a loveseat; three seats make a couch. Four may form an L-shaped sectional or a deep loveseat with footrests. An ottoman is a seat without sides.

Real Simple
Full Review

The versatility is our favorite feature. This couch may be configured in a variety of ways, and you are not restricted by strange components or “arms.”

Full Review

Conclusion of Lovesac Reviews & Ratings

Lovesac can supply you with a product that is both the most comfortable and of the finest quality, increasing the overall feeling of convenience in your home. In addition, it is impossible to resist its attraction given its widespread usage and well-established reputation for reliability. In our Lovesac review, we have also supplied you with several coupons you may use to receive a discount on your purchase.

Lovesac Review: Conclusion

You may also be interested in reading one of our other posts discussing the jewelry brand. Again, we are grateful that you stopped by. We hope that our Lovesac review was able to provide you with all of the information that you need regarding this brand. See you on another remarkable article!


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