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Levy Electric Scooter Review: About Levy Electric Scooter
Levy Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have seen a significant rise in popularity over the last couple of years as they’ve grown in recognition as being a surprisingly efficient and fun form of public transportation.

Because of rising contamination levels, more and more people are choosing an eco-friendly alternative to driving or taking public transit.

In spite of this, purchasing an electric scooter is a significant investment, and you might not understand everything there is to think about it until you’ve made the purchase. Here we have Levy Electric Scooter which is one of the most popular electric scooter brands on the market.

In today’s Levy Electric Scooter Review, we will give you some information that may be beneficial for you before buying any electric scooter and using them for your daily commute or even just for fun! Let’s see down below.

Overview of Levy Electric Scooter

Levy Inc was founded in 2018 as a direct-to-consumer producer that has just lately expanded into rental fleets.

They are one of the most well-known electric scooter makers, with a reputation for high-quality scooters and unique designs.

The company was formed in the heart of New York City, one of the world’s leading supporters of transportation innovation.

The Levy and the Levy Plus are the company’s first two entry-level scooters. Both scooters have gained in popularity as dependable and cheap mid-range scooters.

The scooters have a lot in common, but they have a lot of differences in terms of performance and features.

The Levy Plus, a tiny and lightweight electric scooter, is the subject of today’s feature. It has comparable design and performance capabilities to its predecessor.

Levy Inc is on a mission to make city travel a fluid activity, allowing people to go from one location to another swiftly using high-performance electric scooters that can easily navigate urban terrain. In terms of physical durability, dependability, and safety, its electric scooters are intended to last.

What makes Levy Electric Scooter so special?

Quick swap batteries
In case you need it, have a spare battery charged and ready to go. The Levy battery system is intended to meet your commuting demands with maximum flexibility.

Lightweight and ultraportable
The lightweight and compact design of this scooter, which only weighs 30 pounds, makes it simple to transport and store.

14-Day Guarantee
If you don’t like your Levy, you may return it to them for a refund within two weeks.

6 Month Warranty
For the first six months following purchase, all repair and replacement expenses are completely covered.

Customer Support
You may reach Levy by phone or email seven days a week; just give them a call.

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Levy Electric Scooter Review

Levy Electric Scooter Reviews: Levy Electric Scooter Review
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What differentiates the Plus from the Levy Electric Scooter?

At first, the Levy Plus has 10-inch tires that provide a comfortable ride on tough terrain. The predecessor had solid 8.5″ tires that required no maintenance. As a consequence, ruts, bumps, and potholes are easy to avoid, making it ideal for city driving.

Second, the Levy electric scooter Plus has a bigger battery pack (rated at 12.8aH) that provides much more range than the Levy‘s 6.4aH battery pack.

Third, the scooter’s 3-speed mode electric motor provides it a far more sophisticated feel and adaptability while yet offering smooth and consistent acceleration.

SpecificationsLevyLevy Plus
Battery Capacity36 V, 6.4aH (230 Watt-hours)36 V, 12.8aH (460 Watt-hours)
Battery Size19″ x 2″19″ x 2″ x 4″
Charging Time2.5 hours3.5 hours
Floorboard Height5″5.5″
Max Range10 miles w/ Eco mode20 miles w/ Eco mode
Net Weight27 lbs30 lbs
Tire Size8.5inch pneumatic, tubeless tire10 inch pneumatic, with inner tubes

What you will get from purchasing this product:

  • Battery Pack
  • Tire Valve Extender (for Tubeless Tires)
  • 5mm Hex Key for adjusting brake
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Charging Adapter

The Levy Electric Scooter Review

Meet the world’s most adaptable electric scooter, with the world’s first interchangeable and quick-change battery technology.

The Levy Electric Scooter is a fast and efficient way to get around town. It comes with a 350W front motor, which provides plenty of power for 18 mph speeds, and an 8.5″ rear tire that provides a smooth ride.

This electric scooter also features regenerative braking, a 6.4aH battery that charges up to 230wH in just 2 hours, and cruise control so you can take your time going anywhere you want to go.

This scooter is designed with comfort in mind, so it’s perfect for traveling around town. It’s lightweight at 27 lbs and has an 8.5″ rear tire for smooth riding on all surfaces.

With its regenerative braking system, this scoot can charge up to 230 watts in just 2 hours and features cruise control for easy transportation wherever you need to go!

The Levy Plus Electric Scooter Review

The Levy Plus Electric Scooter is the perfect ride for commuting, running errands, or just cruising around town. With a top speed of 18 mph and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge, this electric scooter is built for portability.

The durable aluminum frame and 10″ tires are designed for maximum shock absorption and provide a smooth ride. The front 350W motor provides enough power to cruise at your preferred speed with the cruise control feature, while the regenerative braking helps you slow down without using your brakes.

Levy Electric Scooter Additional Battery Packs Review

Levy Electric Scooter Review: Levy Electric Scooter Additional Battery Packs Review
Levy Electric Scooters@fb

As battery technology develops, your scooter’s battery pack may become outmoded. Having a Levy may help you protect your investment in the future by allowing you to simply change batteries when a newer version is released.

Both the Levy and Levy Plus electric scooters include battery systems that can be swapped out. Outside the scooter, the batteries may be swapped and charged independently.

Aside from the ease of expanding your scooter’s range by carrying extra battery packs, another key advantage is that your electric scooter’s life is extended.

Batteries are usually incorporated into the frames of scooters, making replacements very expensive or impossible. A key advantage of owning a Levy is the ability to buy new batteries independently.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof case
  • Built-in charging port
  • Highest quality cells

Levy Electric Scooter Tires Review

Standard tires on the Levy electric scooters are equipped with inner tubes, but tubeless tires and solid rubber tires are available as additional tire options. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them, and Levy doesn’t promote one over the other but rather leaves the decision up to your personal choice.

  • Levy Tubed Tire (10″ x 2.125″) – Price: $20
  • Levy Tire (8.5″ x 2″) – Price: $20
  • Levy Solid Tire (10″ x 2.125″) – Price: $35
  • Levy Solid Super Elastic Tire (10″ x 2.125″) – Price: $40
  • Levy Enhanced Grip Tubed Tire (10″ x 2.125″) – Price: $25

Tubed Tires
The advantage of using this tire is that you don’t have to replace the whole tire in addition to the tube if the puncture site is minor and not a major gash. It is sufficient to just replace the inner tube (which is less expensive). Inner tubes may also be inflated with a regular bicycle pump since they don’t need the high pressure required to properly install a tubeless tire.

Tubeless Tires
Tubeless tires provide the same pneumatic shock absorption as tubed tires (since they are both air-filled), but they are also simpler to maintain (provided you have the right tools). When a tubeless tire develops a puncture, which is certain to happen if you keep an electric scooter for long enough, it can typically be fixed without removing the wheel or tire.

Solid Rubber Tires
Solid tires have the advantage of being puncture resistant and requiring no maintenance. These tires, however, do not offer any shock absorption as compared to air-filled tires since they are not pneumatic (the tubed and tubeless versions).

Tire TypeRecommended PSI
Tubeless50 – 60 PSI
Tubed35 – 40 PSI
SolidNo air required

Levy Electric Scooter Pros & Cons

Levy Electric Scooter Review: Levy Electric Scooter Pros & Cons
Levy Electric Scooters@fb

It’s not wise if we buy products from any brands but we don’t know what’s the pros and cons of their brand products. So here we can give insights for you to consider before buying products from Levy Electric Scooter.


  • Ride smoothly
  • Powerful engine
  • The battery is easy to replace
  • Bright display screen
  • Large wheels
  • Cruise control is available
  • The triple braking system for safety
  • Sturdy build


  • Headlight is non-adjustable
  • Vague power ridings
  • Lacks app service connectivity
  • Not to be intended as off-road functionality
  • Non-folding handlebar

Levy Electric Scooter Contact

Before you ask about something, the Levy product support site offers the tools and information you need to ensure the lasting value of your Levy products that may guide you to lead your purchase.

You can email them because it is the fastest way to reach them, especially for technical issues related to your scooter, submit your ticket here.

You can contact their customer service team at (917) 409-7081 but there are conditions you can get in touch with them, they are available Monday – Friday, from 9 am PST to 6 pm EST.

Levy Electric Scooter Shipping

For Domestic (U.S.) Customers

Within 1-2 business days, orders will be processed and shipped. After 2 p.m. EST, orders may take one additional business day to complete. The time it takes for your order to arrive is determined by the delivery method you choose at checkout. Your purchase will arrive within 3-6 business days if you pick basic Ground delivery options, depending on your region.

During public holidays, shipping schedules may be altered since couriers may curtail their operations. Unfortunately, they have no control over this. Following each holiday, normal service resumes.

Hawaii and Alaska orders may take longer to arrive. All orders to local regions should be allowed an extra two business days, while those too distant locations should be allowed three business days. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska must pay a percentage of the delivery charges and are not eligible for free shipping.

They do not currently ship to P.O. boxes.

International Orders

The cost of international shipping and delivery timeframes vary by country. At checkout on the Levy website, rates will be determined in real-time. The listed shipping cost will include both the shipping and import duties.

Levy Electric Scooter Warranty

The components on the Levy Electric Scooters are covered by a six-month guarantee against manufacturing faults. If a fault occurs within the warranty term, Levy will repair the product for free, replace it with an equal refurbished replacement, or provide a replacement component if the issue is identified and can be fixed with a new part (s).

This coverage does not cover items damaged as a result of scooter misuse or difficulties arising from natural wear and tear. The warranty replacement program does not cover concerns like flat tires, worn brakes, loose joints, scrapes, dents, broken plastic, or water damage. In certain cases, however, components may be ordered straight from the website.

Please fill out the form below to begin the warranty claim process. A member of the staff will contact you personally with the next instructions.

Extended Warranty: The extended warranty may be purchased at the time of purchase or up to 30 days afterward. For additional information on the extended warranty.

International Customers

International orders shipping outside of the US are subject to the same warranty and return policies as domestic purchases. When returning or repairing a product, however, the customer is liable for shipping as well as customs fees and taxes.

Levy Electric Scooter Return Policy

Domestic (U.S.) Customers:

Returning Products within 14 Days of Delivery: Any product bought may be returned for a refund to the original mode of payment within 14 days of receiving the project. For any new, unused items in the original packaging, the client is liable for return shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee.

If returned within 14 days of delivery, any items that have been lightly used out of the box and/or ridden will be subject to a 20% restocking charge. Any goods that display abnormal wear and tear or physical damage will not be accepted for return.

To return items within 14 days after purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Use the widget at the bottom right of this page to send them a return request.
  2. A pre-paid UPS shipping label will be sent to the email address on file.
  3. To guarantee that the Product is returned undamaged, put it in its original packing or a strong box. The styrofoam inserts must be included in the original box.
  4. They will complete the refund within two business days after receiving and inspecting the Product.

Items Returned in Transit: If you desire to cancel your purchase after it has been completed, please contact them as soon as possible. They will handle the reimbursement after the package has been rerouted and returned to their facility (minus the return shipping costs and 10 percent restocking fee).

In rare cases, the product may be delivered after the cancellation request has been made. If this is the case, the purchaser is responsible for returning the item to the warehouse for restocking.

Levy Electric Scooter Expert Reviews

Levy Electric Scooter Review: Expert Reviews
Levy Electric Scooters@fb

“Those people who want to travel quickly but at the same time keep a tight eye on their pace will find this electric scooter to be the ideal answer.”

Full Review

“The Levy scooter is the ideal option if you need a detachable battery for your electric scooter.”

Full Review

Where to buy Levy Electric Scooter?

The only way you can purchase Levy Electric Scooter via online is from the official website, there are offering some discounted prices if you buy through there.

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t sell its products through marketplaces so the only choice is to buy its products on its official site or in your nearest local store. You can use where is the closest local store that sells Levy products here.

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    Any other way to get promos or discounts? You can click on the button below to see whether there are any coupon codes available for you to use for your purchase at checkout.

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    Levy Electric Scooter

    Levy Electric Scooter Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Levy Electric Scooter. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: How long does the battery take to charge?


    A full charge will take around 3 hours, however, a 60% charge may be completed within one hour. The indication light will turn green when the battery is completely charged, preventing overcharging, however, it is usually best to unplug the charger after it has finished.

    If charging externally, you may charge via a port on the scooter or directly through a second port on the battery (for a 2nd battery pack).

    * Due to the bigger battery pack in the Levy Plus, the duration of a full charge is closer to 6 hours.

    Q: Is Levy's scooter waterproof?


    Both the Levy and the Levy Plus have a waterproof grade of IP54, which indicates that they are able to endure brief durations of exposure to a moderate amount of rain.

    Because the battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter, rather than beneath the floorboard like other scooters, riding through puddles up to 3 inches will be safe.

    While the Levy’s pneumatic tires give superior wet-surface grip than solid-tire scooters, riding in the rain should be done with care. Visibility is diminished, and the risk of sliding or falling off the scooter is increased.

    Q: Do you need a license for an electric scooter?


    To ride an electric scooter in the US, a valid driver’s license is not presently necessary. These scooters are designed to travel at speeds of less than 20 miles per hour and are meant for usage in bike lanes rather than on major highways.

    However, the legal age to ride one of these kinds of electric scooters is subject to change from state to state. For example, the state of New York mandates that riders must be above the age of 16 to participate.

    You have to verify with the appropriate authorities in your area to determine the most up-to-date age requirements and rules on the use of helmets before operating one of these scooters.

    Q: How does the swappable battery pack work?


    Additional battery packs for the Levy Electric Scooter may be bought separately. On sport mode, each battery pack has a 6.4aH capacity and a range of roughly 10 miles: Pack of Extra Batteries

    The 10.4aH battery pack for the Levy Plus scooter is only compatible with the Plus scooter (not the original Levy).

    Because the battery packs have a separate charging connector on the shell, they may be charged outside of the scooter. The cases themselves are fireproof and watertight; for whatever reason, do not try to open them.

    As for battery technology advances, Levy may develop battery packs that are backward compatible with previous Levy scooter models but have a better energy density and capacity.

    The battery packs are 3.3 pounds, 19 inches tall, and 2 inches in diameter. A backpack of ordinary size should suffice.

    Ask a question?

    Conclusion of Levy Electric Scooter Reviews & Ratings

    Levy Electric Scooter Review: Conclusion
    Levy Electric Scooters@fb

    The Levy electric scooter is designed with a one-of-a-kind battery-swapping technology, which provides users with a substantial range, high peak speeds, and simplicity.

    It’s a lightweight, portable scooter with reasonable range and speed, solid safety features, strong brakes, and a price that’s similar to other manufacturers in its class.

    After reading about Levy Electric Scooter Review, now you know that if you’re deciding between a few scooter models, this electric scooter is an excellent choice if you want a scooter with a long range but don’t want to spend a lot of money. For a number of reasons, including traveling by airline and charging your battery outside of the scooter, the replaceable battery is really useful.