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A test of a male’s sperm and semen is known as sperm analysis. The findings of a sperm count, often known as a male fertility test, indicate how many sperm are discharged, as well as their morphology and movement.

The thick fluid that flows from a man’s penis when he ejaculates during sexual activity is known as sperm. It transports sperm from a man’s body to fertilize an egg and form an embryo.

If you and your spouse are having problems conceiving, a semen analysis is likely to be one of the primary procedures your doctor would order. While both men and women may have reproductive difficulties, male fertility disorders can account for up to half of all fertility problems.

Low sperm production is also a common reason for male infertility. A semen test may also be required to ensure that a vasectomy (a surgery to prevent conception) was effective.

Participants were required to visit a clinic, place their sperms in a cup, and hand them over to the doctor for general semen analysis. This process may make some individuals feel uneasy and awkward. If you are one of these folks, you should look into Legacy Sperm.

With an at-home test kit, Legacy Sperm provides men with a cost-effective approach to assessing the quality of their sperm. There’s no need to schedule expensive fertility visits or have awkward chats with physicians about your desire to establish a family.

Legacy Sperm also provides men and families with cryogenic sperm preservation for future usage, allowing them to regain control over their family planning.

In this Legacy Sperm review, you will learn more about this brand, what they do, their sperm testing procedures, reviews, pros and cons of this brand, and even some discounts to get from Legacy Sperm. After reading this review, you may want to reconsider your future plan regarding fertility and child!

Overview of Legacy Sperm

Khaled Kteily, a veteran healthcare consultant, launched Legacy Sperm in 2019 after seeing how defective the whole fertility testing procedure is. For many people, stepping into a hospital and giving up the cup is unpleasant and embarrassing.

Kteily reasoned that there has to be a better method. As a result, the brand was founded with the goal of making things easier and more enjoyable—as they should be. The fertility testing and cryogenic preservation service also allow you to preserve your “legacy.”

Though admirable, making sperm gathering and reporting less embarrassing is just a short-term aim for the service. Legacy is expected to serve as a male fertility research facility in the long term. This is why they’re situated in Boston’s Harvard Innovation Labs.

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Legacy Sperm Reviews

Legacy Sperm Reviews

Legacy Sperm is a men’s health brand that is changing the reproductive sector one sperm test at a time. They provide at-home test kits to put you in charge of your reproductive and accessible sperm storage alternatives that you may utilize on your own terms.

Gone are the days of traveling to a reproductive clinic and “helping” yourself gather your sperm sample in one of those unnerving rooms with discarded magazines or antique soft-core porn flicks.

Legacy makes the whole procedure a private experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. You may relax knowing that your sperm is received by qualified and competent health experts and that an analysis is performed in CLIA-certified laboratories utilizing industry-leading technology.

How Legacy Sperm Work?

The Legacy Sperm procedure begins where you are most at ease and requires only one week to complete the collection until analysis and storage. So, whether you want to know how healthy your sperm is right now or want to preserve it for the future, you don’t have to wait. Here are steps by steps of how Legacy Sperm works.

  • Ordering Your Kit

Throughout the process, you’ll be assisted by a Client Service Advisor (CSA). To begin, they’ll arrange for next-day delivery and provide you with a CLIENT ID, a security feature that ensures your samples remain anonymous and secure while being processed or kept.

  • Scheduling a Pick-Up

Legacy Sperm will come the same day after you’ve registered your kit and collected your sperm to carefully carry it back to their facility. The Legacy Sperm kit is meant to maintain the quality of your sperm for up to 48 hours, and the firm does a comprehensive test on arrival to guarantee everything went well throughout shipping.

  • Fertility Analysis

In only three business days, you’ll get a safe and complete report. You may then arrange for a video chat with a fertility professional to go through your findings and how they relate to your fertility. All of your data is encrypted using your CLIENTID and stored on HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA-compliant servers.

  • Freezing Your Legacy

If your sperm meets Legacy Sperm’s post-thaw testing, it will be stored in a top-tier cryostorage site that has been thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of your sperm.

You’ll have a week to determine whether or not you want to continue protecting your fertility in the future, even if you haven’t bought a cryostorage plan. If the response is no, your sample will be safely disposed away after seven days by Legacy Sperm.

Legacy Sperm has various options to meet your individual requirements, whether you’re wanting to understand your fertility now or preserve it for the future. Fertility, like Legacy Sperm support, is a private matter.

The company’s skilled medical staff prepares Legacy Sperm fertility consultants to know the essential information. Legacy Sperm has licensed nurses and urologists on hand to answer any particular inquiries you may have.

Who is Legacy Sperm For?

In general, fertility and family planning are considered to be a woman’s responsibility. Males’ infertility rates have climbed in recent years, and one out of every ten men is now sterile.

When you think about it, this figure is insanely high, and infertility should be talked about more freely among men of all ages, as well as between families. Legacy Sperm is marketed as a fertility option.

Legacy sperm kits and services are appropriate for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Couples who desire children but can’t have them right now

  • Military personnel that have been deployed

  • Men who are interested in learning more about their sperm and are concerned about their health.

  • Couples who are concerned about having children

  • Anyone who is apprehensive about fertility clinics

  • Trans women that intend to have kids time in the future

Legacy Sperm Test Reviews

Legacy Sperm Review: Legacy Sperm Test Reviews

Legacy Sperm Test and Analysis is at the top of the list because they will not only offer you a kit to test your sperm, but they will also assign you a personal Client Service Advisor who will assist you throughout the procedure.

Because not everyone is an “at-home sperm test kit” expert, the additional attention to the client is a wonderful thing to have, and it may make a lot of men feel more at ease when thinking about their fertility.

You may even plan a (free) video conversation with a fertility professional who will help you through the procedure and explain your findings. You’ll always be speaking with a professional since they have Registered Nurses and Urologists on staff.

Legacy Sperm Plans and Pricings

Legacy Sperm analysis plans start at $195 and include a variety of items and services. Legacy Sperm analysis is a little more costly than the competition, but for good cause. Here are the bundles they have available:

For Today Kit ($195-$260)

With only $195, For Today Kit is a wonderful option for folks who are primarily concerned about fertility. This kit, which is the brand’s most basic plan, gives a complete examination of a single sperm deposit. You have the option of submitting up to four samples for testing.

You will get individualized advice from a reproductive professional once the test results are received. Legacy Sperm also offers a same-day result for this kit, so if you are in dire need of your sperm quality analysis, you can pay an additional $65 to get an instant result.

For Tomorrow Kit ($995)

The For Tomorrow Kit includes a few extra bells and whistles, including a more complete examination of your sperm and reproductive health. It includes not only a comprehensive report but also a DNA fragmentation analysis, which reveals any genetic damage.

Users may send up to 8 vials of sperm with the For Tomorrow plan (2 separate deposits). When the study is completed, the company will pair you with an expert to discuss your alternatives. They will also provide information about the shape, volume, motility, and pH of your sperm. You will want to pick this kit if you are planning to preserve your sperm for a short time, as this plan offers 5-year cryogenic storage.

Forever Kit ($3,995)

The Forever plan secures your sperm in a cryogenic nuclear bunker storage facility for the rest of your life. This option is worth considering if you want to establish a family but aren’t quite ready yet, or if you want to do total hormone replacement treatment but still want to leave a legacy.

Users will be able to test up to 12 vials and give them away for storage. In exchange, they’ll get a complete sperm analysis, 3 times appointments with a reproductive professional, DNA fragmentation analysis, and genetic sequencing advice.

Legacy Sperm Freezing Review

Legacy Sperm provides not only sperm analysis kits but also cryogenic storage to keep your sperm safe for a long period. Anyone who wants to have a kid but doesn’t want or can’t have one right now might benefit from sperm freezing.

The Sperm Freezing service is appropriate for a variety of individuals, including deployed military personnel, trans women, and even those who will have a vasectomy. Overall, sperm freezing allows individuals to have more control over their family planning. Legacy Sperm’s Sperm Freezing techniques are described in detail below.

The Legacy Sperm lab will first examine a semen sample obtained via masturbation for sperm count, motility (the proportion of sperm that are moving or “swimming”), and morphology (what percentage of sperm are the correct size and shape). This is critical because you should not undertake sperm freezing without first ensuring that your sperm are healthy.

Before sperm freezing, Legacy Sperm laboratories would undertake a “post-thaw analysis.” A little amount of your sperm will be stored, then thawed, and re-evaluated for quality in this operation. This might help you figure out whether your sperm are acceptable for preservation and how many will survive the freezing and thawing procedure.

To eliminate semen proteins and impurities and concentrate sperm, sperm will be “washed” and processed. Cryoprotectant, a chemical that prevents harmful ice crystals from developing within sperm, will be added just before freezing.

Finally, sperm vials will be submerged in liquid nitrogen and cooled to -196ºC. This is the point at which biological activity comes to a halt. Your sperm’s health and quality are preserved after they’ve been frozen. Sperm may be kept forever without affecting their potential to produce a pregnancy.

After sperm freezing, your sample may be kept forever without affecting its quality or chances of becoming pregnant. Pregnancy rates with IUI using sperm frozen for up to 5 years (23%) were equivalent to pregnancy rates with sperm frozen for 5–15 years, according to one research (22 percent ).

Legacy Sperm offers this sperm preservation service via their For Tomorrow and Forever sperm analysis kits. You may also freeze your sperm using a variety of storage options. Monthly, annual, and 5-year storage options are available. If you want to have more control over your family planning, invest in Legacy Sperm Freezing.

Legacy Sperm Pros and Cons

Legacy Sperm Review: Legacy Sperm Pros and Cons

Legacy Sperm provides a number of high-quality sperm testing services and products. That isn’t to say Legacy Sperm is without issues or bad reviews. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the Legacy Sperm service.


  • The company analyzes the genetic damage, volume, motility, and general health of sperm samples in great detail.
  • Tests are carried out at FDA-registered and CLIA-certified laboratories.
  • Conversations with a reproductive professional on a one-on-one basis
  • To have fewer risk, multi-site storage is used.
  • Various discounts and offers


  • Only 5-year or lifetime storage options include the option of paying in installments.
  • There are no refunds for unused kits.
  • The cryostorage does not base on a subscription, so the client needs to renew manually the service upon the deadline or the sperm vial will be destroyed by the company.

Legacy Sperm Supplements

Around 50% of all instances of infertility are caused by male fertility difficulties. The good news is that sperm health may often be enhanced by making little modifications to your daily routines, such as frequent exercise, a better diet, and supplement use.

Supplements may help to improve healthy sperm production, hormonal health, and overall male fertility when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Legacy Sperm Male Fertility Supplement is a good option if you wish to boost your sperm health. This is a professional-developed male fertility multivitamin. This supplement includes CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, zinc, selenium, L-carnitine, D-aspartic acid, and lycopene, as well as other antioxidants and minerals that boost sperm production and hormone balance, all in two easy-to-take daily capsules.

Legacy’s fertility supplements were created by male fertility urology specialists at Legacy Sperm, and include only research-backed components and no pseudoscience. As a result, you may be certain that this supplement is both safe and effective.

Legacy Sperm Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Legacy Sperm‘s services or products, you may reach Legacy Sperm customer support. You may contact Legacy Sperm customer support by sending an email to help@givelegacy.com, and a member of the Legacy Sperm staff will respond within 24 hours.

You may utilize the Legacy Sperm website’s chat box at the bottom of your screen for instant queries. If it doesn’t work, contact Legacy Sperm’s customer support line at +1 617-514-0901.

Please dial +1 617-362-6739 if you got to the Legacy Sperm website through Google Search.

If you’d like to talk with Legacy Sperm‘s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, or meet any of the company’s sperm specialists, please email press@givelegacy.com. The Legacy Sperm team will contact you as soon as possible. You must write the subject line if the information is time-sensitive.

Legacy Sperm Expert Reviews

Their service is among the quickest we’ve observed. After you’ve chosen your package, you’ll get your kit within 24 hours of placing your purchase (as long as you order by 2pm ET). Their free “one-click pickup” approach was also a breeze; just press a button on their website, and a courier would come by to pick it up — no need to travel to a facility or leave it in a sweltering dropbox. Your sperm will next be tested for volume, concentration, motility, morphology, and DNA fragmentation (if you’ve paid for it). You’ll be able to read everything about it in their full six-page report, and you’ll be able to schedule a free tele-health call with one of their fertility nurses or urologists to discuss it further.

Fin vs Fin
Full Review

Fertility is no longer a woman’s concern; males have an equal role to play, and should wish to play, in a couple’s quest to start a family. Men’s health is mostly concerned with staying in bed longer, as well as ailments such as cancer and hair loss. However, owing to firms like Legacy Sperm, men’s fertility is becoming more of a priority, even if having children is still a long way off. Legacy Sperm has made fertility testing accessible and prides itself on teaching men about their general health, which we like. Legacy Sperm provides inexpensive plans for males entering their late 30s or early 40s who wish to leave their family planning choices open. Legacy Sperm should be considered if you want to understand more about the health of your sperm or if you want to save your sperm for future usage.

Relief Seeker
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Their sperm analysis included all of the major criteria and was almost identical to what I received from my clinic. This was a plus one. I appreciated that they explained everything and that I had someone to chat to throughout the process. The client service was excellent. Everything Legacy Sperm had to offer in terms of freezing appealed to me. I called and talked with someone who guided me through the whole procedure, which I believe is also available on the internet. They have excellent risk reduction procedures in place. They said that after the analysis is completed, it is placed in a short-term freeze in preparation for delivery.

Sperm Freezing
Full Review

Legacy Sperm was founded in 2018 and is one of the greatest male fertility testing alternatives available. Clinicians are ready to talk about test findings and family planning over the phone or through video call. The test is available for purchase on the internet, and the kit is delivered within one day. You may have sperm DNA fragmentation analysis done for an extra cost. If you’re experiencing problems conceiving, this will give you with information about sperm genetics. Legacy Sperm is still establishing its image as a younger firm, but consumers value the quick turnaround time from ordering to results and the extra assistance of a fertility specialist to visit with.

vErY WeLl fAmIlY
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Where to buy Legacy Sperm?

You may choose to acquire their testing kits or even freeze your sperm utilizing their service after reading our Legacy Sperm review. To get Legacy Sperm service, go to their official website and make a purchase.

You don’t have to be concerned about the cost since Legacy Sperm has some great offers on their official website. You also do not need to worry about your privacy, as Legacy Sperm has a pledge to protect the privacy of any people who used their service.

    Legacy Sperm Promo Codes & Coupons

    If this review has piqued your interest in Legacy Sperm services, you may be wondering how to obtain the greatest deal on their services or products. On the Legacy Sperm website, you may use coupon codes to gain discounts or other great deals.

    Legacy Sperm also has affiliations with numerous health insurance providers, allowing them to offer a Free For Today sperm diagnostic kit as well as one year of cryostorage coverage for anyone with insurance eligibility. Military personnel may also take advantage of special deals from Legacy Sperm.

    So, don’t be concerned about the cost, and go ahead and utilize Legacy Sperm services.

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    Legacy Sperm Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Legacy Sperm. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Legacy Sperm Review: Questions & Answers

    Q: Why do you need to check your sperm quality?


    At least 30% of identified infertility cases are caused by male fertility difficulties, and sperm counts have plummeted by 50% in the last four decades. Furthermore, individuals are having children later in life than ever before, and aging affects male fertility: every 8 months, a male-bodied person’s sperm has a new genetic mutation. Male fertility relies heavily on sperm. You won’t be able to have a healthy pregnancy without medical help unless you have at least some healthy sperm.

    Q: How long should you abstain before getting your sperm tested?


    If you wait at least 2 days between ejaculations, your sperm count will be maximum, but if you wait more than 7 days, your sample will have less motile sperm. So, for the best results, refrain from ejaculating for 2–7 days before submitting your sperm sample for testing.

    Q: When should a man seek medical help for infertility?


    If you’ve obtained a very abnormal sperm assessment report (for example, no sperm were found at all), you’ve tried to make lifestyle modifications with no effect on your sperm test result, or you haven’t been able to get pregnant with your companion after 6–12 months of sexual intercourse, you should see a doctor for an appointment. A reproductive endocrinologist (who sees couples attempting to conceive) or a urologist may be consulted. Bring your sperm analysis findings to your doctor’s visit so you may discuss them.

    Q: Can DNA fragmentation be repaired naturally?


    Although DNA damage is rather prevalent in the human body, most cells are capable of detecting and correcting damage to their own genetic code. While immature sperm in the process of maturation may have some potential to repair their own DNA, mature sperm do not. Eggs can compensate for this in certain ways, and after fertilization, they have their own systems for repairing sperm DNA mistakes. However, if the damage is too severe—or if the egg is unable to repair it owing to age—the harm may persist until the embryo stage. The embryo may fail to grow or implant, resulting in infertility, miscarriage (which may occur again), or genetic defects or sickness in the baby.

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    Conclusion of Legacy Sperm Reviews & Ratings

    Legacy Sperm Review: Conclusion

    Legacy provides a cost-effective way to assess your fertility as well as high-quality cryogenic sperm storage solutions. Legacy is appropriate for you if you’re willing to invest a bit more and take full control of your fertility. They provide lifelong storage, multi-site storage, and the ability to transport your sperm to any clinic around the globe.

    Overall, Legacy Sperm is a fantastic fertility testing service. You may be confident in their ability to protect your privacy and the efficacy of their service. If you want to have more control over your future family planning, Legacy Sperm service is a great option.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Legacy Sperm review; please leave any comments or recommendations below, and have a wonderful day!