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About Kmall24

In this article, Kmall24 Review, we will explore all you need to know about this shopping website. To provide you with a more accurate picture of the services and goods they provide, we will also go through some of their most popular items.

Kmall24 Review: About
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Kmall24 is a Korean online shopping site that provides you with the most up-to-date preferences and trends to assist you in locating one-of-a-kind things, brands, and other relevant information. Stay with us to know more about this Korean online shopping!

Overview of Kmall24

Kmall24 was formed in 2014, and since then, it has developed into a worldwide marketplace that serves as a doorway to a world filled with exceptional Korean brands and goods. Kmall24 can be found at 511 Yeongdong-daero, which is located in the Gangnam-gu neighborhood of Seoul, Korea.

Kmall24 is able to keep its promise to authenticity because the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), which owns and runs Kmall24, is the organization that makes it feasible for Kmall24 to do so. KITA is the oldest and largest non-profit business organization in Korea, with over 73,000 member enterprises and a history that spans more than 70 years.

KITA was established in the year 1940. In addition to Kmall24, the World Trade Facility Soul and COEX, Asia’s largest underground shopping mall as well as a well-known exposition and event center, are both owned and run by KITA.

Kmall24 is the company’s flagship shopping facility. These two buildings are widely regarded as Korea’s most significant contributions to the country’s economic landscape.

Kmall24 Reviews

On occasion, Kmall24 provides its consumers with promotional codes and coupons for discounts. The company now boasts millions of clients throughout the globe. Explore a one-of-a-kind assortment of products ranging from aesthetics and fashion to health and wellness, as well as cuisine and entertainment, experiences, and more.

They provide various beauty goods, including makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, and grooming items for men. They sell women’s and men’s apparel, as well as items for children and babies, as well as jewelry.

Their offerings in the processed food, snacks, and confectionery categories, as well as their tea and beverage offerings, and their health and dietary supplement offerings. You may browse for products related to Korean culture such as K-Pop and K-Drama, as well as educational products such as books on Korean pronunciation.

If you are interested in Korean culture, or if you have fallen in love with Korea because you are a K-pop lover or K-drama lover, then you definitely will take advantage of this e-commerce. 

Kmall24 Beauty Product Review

Let’s begin the first product of this Kmall24 review. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X 100ml from Innisfree is a deep cleansing mask for your skin. It will remove the excess oil and dirt on your face without drying out the skin. This mask is perfect for those who have combination or oily skin types, as it helps to balance the oil production!

Kmall24 Fashion Review

Motive Street is a streetwear brand that blends high-quality materials with sporty, casual fashion. With signature items like the Color Block Sweatshirt Ivory, this piece is perfect for spring to winter. Made of high-quality cotton, this sweatshirt is soft and comfortable with a slim fit. The signature color block pattern is cut in an open style with a subtle contrast stitching on the shoulders and sleeves.

Kmall24 Education Review

This book, [Darakwon] Practical Korean 1 – Basic (English Version), is designed for those who are just beginning their study of the Korean language. The writers, whose names are Hang-rok Cho and Jee-young Lee, guide you through the process of pronouncing each word and phrase in a style that is easy to understand, methodical, and illustrated with a large number of vibrant illustrations.

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 Education Review

By utilizing this book as a resource, you will be able to acquire fundamental knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Kmall24 Food Review

[CJCheiljedang] Kmall24 has a variety of drinks, including one called bibigo Stir-Fried Kimchi. Kimchi is a classic meal from Korea that is often prepared by stir-frying fermented vegetables with soy sauce and chili pepper.

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 Food Review

This stir-fry, with its deliciously fiery taste, is ideal for those times when time is of the essence or for those who like the fiery heat of Korean cuisine. 80 grams of kimchi is enough to serve one to two people as a side dish.

Kmall24 Entertainment Review

If you are an Army, no, not that server of the nation, but rather, the name of BTS‘s fans, then you are going to really like this stuff. Kmall24 sells a copy of BTS‘s “hwayang-yeonhwa Young Forever (Special Album)” in its “Random Ver.” edition.

This album offers a variety of collectibles, including two CDs, a 112p photobook, a Polaroid photocard, and a standard photo card. This chance to purchase the BTS album should not be passed up given the high quality of service that is provided by Kmall24.

Kmall24 Shipping

This Kmall24 review is also including the information on shipping methods that they use.

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 Shipping

To begin, all of the items that may be bought at Kmall24 are exported from Korea for worldwide delivery. However, the origin of the goods may vary depending on the item; thus, kindly recheck the item description.

They did not specify the name of the delivery agency that would be used for shipments, but you can have peace of mind knowing that Kmall24 would deliver your merchandise through the most competitive international carrier that specializes in making shipments to your country.

The timeline for the shipping procedure is calculated based on business days; however, in the event of natural catastrophes, there is the potential for there to be a delay. You are able to monitor the progress of your shipment by going to the My Orders part of My Page on their website.

Kmall24 Return Policy

Once the status of your purchase changes to Shipping in Korea it is too late to cancel it since it is already in the process of being processed. You can only cancel your order once it has reached the Payment Complete stage. After you have accepted the package, you will not be able to exchange or return any goods for any reason other than things that are damaged or faulty.

Within seven days of receiving the shipment, if the item you ordered is damaged or faulty in any way, kindly amend a reasonable request for a return or an exchange of your goods by contacting them via My Orders and attaching images of the item. You may get in touch with them via their website if you need any further information.

Where to buy Kmall24?

Because this is an online marketplace, the only place you can make a purchase is on the website itself. This is the spot where you may get a wide variety of goods, ranging from food to beauty products, skincare products, fashion, and even things related to various forms of entertainment.

Unfortunately, it is correct that you are unable to purchase Kmall24 products via the Amazon marketplace.

Kmall24 Promo Codes & Coupons

Although this post is entitled “Kmall24 Review,” we also present you with intriguing coupons that you can use to purchase items at Kmall24 with savings that are relevant to those purchases. Although you are able to pay the full amount, a discount won’t hurt anybody, would it?

You have the advantage of low cost in funds to spend on various necessities, such as, maybe, purchasing more items from Kmall24. Joke. Because we have already given you the coupons that you are allowed to use, you should hurry up and get yours right away and not put off making a purchase any longer. Such a gold chance won’t come twice you know.

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Kmall24 Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Kmall24. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What payment options does Kmall24 accept?

When ordering on Kmall24, you may pay with the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and UnionPay. Payments through PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay are all presently accepted, and more payment options will be introduced on a regular basis.

Can I change my payment method after my transaction has been completed?

Once the order has been made, the payment method cannot be altered in any way. You will need to cancel the order and do it again if you would want to use a different means of payment. You are unable to cancel the order, however, if the items have already been marked as “In Preparation.” You should instead send them a message via the contact us page with the details of your purchase and the payment you want to make.

Is the price of the goods inclusive of customs duties?

The listed prices for the products do not include any applicable taxes or levies. Since it is the recipient’s responsibility to pay any applicable customs charges, you should get in touch with the relevant customs authorities in your country for further information on the customs clearance information and laws. Kindly be informed that Kmall24 bears no responsibility for the application of tariffs and that as a result, we do not provide refunds or exchanges for products that have already been paid for.

What are the hours of operation for Kmall24 Customer Service Center?

The business days and times that Kmall24 is open are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm (GMT +9H). According to Korea time (GMT +9H), the Customer Service Center of this company is closed on the weekends and on public holidays. If you have a query, kindly send them a note using the page designated for that purpose (the “contact us” page). In order to get help with your order and shipping questions in a more timely manner, kindly provide the order number and the item’s name in your message.

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Kmall24 Expert Reviews

Strongly recommended! I’ve purchased from them many times, and each time the package is full of samples, presents, and actual stuff. They have excellent customer service and always respond quickly, plus they offer free shipping and free gift events every month!

Nameun Kim
Full Review
Kmall24 Review: Expert Reviews

I ordered six times in Kmall24. The initial purchase shipped in three days and arrived by K-Packet in 12 days. I wanted my products delivered via EMS, but I couldn’t choose. Two weeks passed before the second purchase shipped. I called customer service but got no response. I DM’d Kmall24’s Instagram account, and they replied three hours later. During the Kmall24 logistics system replacement, several orders were lost, delaying delivery and customer service. Items arrived in a month. After placing my third purchase, I DM’d Kmall24’s Instagram account to request a faster delivery. Kmall24 replied instantly that it will ship tomorrow, and it did. This time, it took a week. When I made my fourth order, Kmall24 offered delivery mode selection. DHL delivered my packages in four days. Since then, both of my purchases arrived within a week. Despite a delivery delay last year, Kmall24 is developing and offering several incentives. Now I trust Kmall24.

Michael Morris
Full Review

My friend’s birthday required Korean stuff. International shipping prices and safety make shopping overseas difficult. My coworker suggested Kmall24 since they have numerous specials and free delivery. I wasn’t planning to purchase much, so I didn’t believe it would apply to me, but when I got to their website, I could receive free delivery if I spent 24 USD. I was lucky to seize the opportunity. Still, I found it handy. I contacted the shop to confirm that they provide free international delivery. The shop is maintained by a non-profit that helps Korean SMEs sell overseas. My purchase helps a small company, which is great. I wish the concept was in the US. My package came after a week and was bubble-wrapped to avoid damage. I earned reward points when I joined the site and utilized them at checkout, making it cheaper. This website has so many K-pop items, therefore I suggest it to fans. During Korean business hours, they provide English customer care calls. It’s the greatest place to buy Korean goods.

Full Review

Conclusion of Kmall24 Reviews & Ratings

Kmall24 is a marketplace that offers Korean brands and products. It is a great place to find the latest trends and fashions, as well as beauty products, food, and entertainment. If you want to buy Korean brands and products, Kmall24 is the best place for you. You’ll find an extensive range of high-quality items from different categories. 

Kmall24 Review: Conclusion

So, there you have it, a Kmall24 review that we have prepared for you. We hope that our discussions can provide you with numerous information you need to know about Kmall24

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Happy shopping!


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