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About Keller Heartt Oil

Lubricants are necessary for our mechanized world, but they also may harm ‘Mother Nature‘ because of their importance. That’s why we must carefully choose the very best products that are up to date and can handle our contamination troubles.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: About Keller Heartt Oil
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In 1972, the introduction of synthetic engine oil led to the establishment of completely new standards for the quality of motor oil.

Synthetic lubricants are composed entirely of synthetic ingredients. They are meticulously crafted and intended to cut down on pollutants, endure for a longer period of time, preserve engine components, cut down on fuel usage, and prevent environmental contamination. And one such website that sells a variety of motor oils that has all of that is Keller Heartt.

Now, we’re going to talk about the Keller Heartt Oil review that may interest you to get to know about the brand information further. Who knows that this brand will be your best choice and you may purchase products that you won’t ever regret! Without waiting any longer, let’s get started!

Overview of Keller Heartt Oil

Keller Heartt is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1929 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

They have therefore been providing for the needs of its consumers for the last 90 years.

Because of this, Keller Heartt Oil has been a recognized industry leader for a significant amount of time in the oil and lubricant sector.

It can offer some of the most competitive wholesale prices available online for well-known brands such as Shell, WD-40, American Lubrication, Houghton, and Oil Eater as a result of the long-standing relationships it has maintained with its various suppliers over the years.

These relationships have enabled them to grow their supplier partnerships throughout the company’s history.

In contrast to the vast majority of other businesses, they are the proprietor of TRUEGARD lubricants, which are widely regarded as being among the lubricant brands with the most competitive prices in the world.

Why choose Keller Heartt Oil as your best choice?

Free delivery
Keller-Heartt has a sizable delivery fleet that can transport everything from packaged items to bulk products. They give free delivery on all purchases, regardless of how big or little they are, so don’t worry about the cost.

Emergency Delivery Service (KHEDS)
If you want expedited shipment, they can make certain that urgent orders placed via KHEDS are delivered as quickly as is humanly feasible (Keller Heartt Emergency Delivery Service).

They have a large number of bulk tankers at their service center, all of which have weight capabilities of up to 6,000 gallons and are waiting to be loaded before traveling to your location. If you need it immediately, you will get it immediately.

They are quite proud of their delivery system, and they put forth a lot of effort to ensure that their routes remain quick and effective.

Keller Heartt Oil Review

It is essential to give some thought to making an investment in Keller Heartt because the company offers a comprehensive product line that includes bulk sizes of a wide variety of products.

Some of the products that can be purchased from this company are aerosols, brake cleaners, oil filters, solvents and cleaners, oil eaters and soaps, motor oil, diesel exhaust fluid, absorbents, cutting oils, and hand soaps.

Their highest priority is to deliver excellent service to customers while also providing a wide variety of high-quality products and services. Because of this, Keller Heartt is receiving a lot of appreciation from many customers.

Keller Heartt K-1 Kerosene Oil Drum Review

K-1 Kerosene is a red-free dye that can be used in space heaters, stoves, and oil lamps. The fire is completely clean.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Keller Heartt K-1 Kerosene Oil Drum Review
Image:Keller Heartt Oil

Closed head DOT certified steel drum with 1″ diameter removable threaded air cap vent and another removable cap with a threaded aperture for installation of a 2″ molasses gate (not supplied) for safe pouring. 7040 fluid ounces (55 gallons).

A quick method for getting rid of kerosene odor: Kerosene gets on your hands and has a distinct odor when handled.

Because kerosene is a penetrating oil, ordinary detergent rarely eliminates the odor entirely. The kerosene may be readily dissolved with thick, inexpensive hair shampoo or a women’s facial cleanser.

The new “hand sanitizer,” which is an emulsified mix of glycerin, alcohol, and water, can be used to remove any remaining kerosene odor.

Put on some “hand sanitizer” while your hands are still moist and washed from using the shampoo, massage your hands together, then rinse and dry, leaving your hands feeling wonderful and fresh.

Keller Heartt Full Synthetic Oil Pail Review

Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil is a fully synthetic, heavy-duty, multi-grade gear oil made with the best quality PAO synthetic base oil for long-life protection in moderate to severe applications up to 500,000 miles in well-maintained systems.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Keller Heartt Full Synthetic Oil Pail Review
Image:Keller Heartt Oil

This product is more cost-effective than lubricants of lower quality and initial cost due to the combination of naturally high viscosity index (low pour point) synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art Sulfur-Phosphorus additive technology. Longer drain intervals, longer equipment life, and lower maintenance costs and downtime are all possible with Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil.

This product is enhanced with a viscosity improver that offers thinner, slicker oil films while maintaining fluid viscosity throughout the working life for increased wear prevention. Reduced friction results in a more efficient working environment and a more comfortable ride.


  • Anti-wear performance is outstanding.
  • Performance with limited slip.
  • High compatibility with seals.
  • Outstanding under extreme conditions.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance is outstanding.
  • Outstanding load-bearing capacity.
  • Excellent anti-foam protection with a drain interval of up to 500,000 miles.
  • Shear stability is excellent.
  • Thermal and oxidation stability are both exceptional.
  • Low pour and high viscosity.
  • 3 viscosity grades are available.

Keller Heartt Gear Lubricants Drum Review

Truegard GL-5 Gear Lubricants are GL-5 certified premium grade gear lubricants made from highly refined high Viscosity Index base stocks.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Keller Heartt Gear Lubricants Drum Review
Image:Keller Heartt Oil

This product is more cost-effective than oils of inferior quality and cheaper initial cost because they combine highly refined base oils with cutting-edge additive technology.

By using this product in combination with a focused preventative maintenance program, equipment life may be extended and trouble-free, and maintenance costs and downtime can be greatly reduced.

This product comes in three viscosity ranges, as well as a Limited Slip option, to meet the needs of most automobile and truck applications.

They have a good weight-bearing capacity, oxidation stability, rust and corrosion resistance, and anti-foam properties. Tackifier for additional adhesiveness and dyed red for easy leak identification.


  • Developed using sulfur-phosphorus EP additives in order to give protection against wear and scuffing.
  • Providing protection against rust and corrosion for gears and bearings.
  • Excellent anti-foam qualities.
  • Added tackifier for enhanced adhesiveness.
  • Dyed red to make it easier to identify any leaks.
  • Excellent performance in activities involving large loads as well as in conditions of severe temperature.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance.

Keller Heartt Lubricants Pail Review

Truegard GL-5 Gear Lubricants are highly refined, premium-grade gear lubricants with a GL-5 rating that are mixed from base stocks with a high viscosity index.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Keller Heartt Lubricants Pail Review
Image:Keller Heartt Oil

Because they are made with highly refined base oils and use the most recent developments in additive technology, this product is more cost-effective than lubricants of inferior quality that have a lower starting price.

When used in combination with a focused preventative maintenance program, this product has the potential to extend the life of equipment, make it more trouble-free, greatly cut maintenance costs, and drastically cut downtime.

In order to meet the requirements of the vast majority of automobile and truck applications, this product is offered in three different multi-viscosity grades and a limited-slip formulation.

They have a great capacity for weight carrying, oxidation stability, resistance to rust and corrosion, and anti-foam protection. Contains a tackifier to increase its adhesiveness and is dyed red so that leaking may be easily seen.


  • Developed using sulfur-phosphorus EP additives in order to give protection against wear and scuffing.
  • Providing protection against rust and corrosion for gears and bearings.
  • Excellent anti-foam qualities.
  • Tackifier was added in order to improve its adhesiveness.
  • Dyed red to make it easier to identify any leaks.
  • Excellent performance in operations with heavy loads as well as in very hot conditions.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance.

Keller Heartt Oil Pros & Cons

It’s better to know the pros and cons of the brand products so you may use them as your insights before purchasing from Keller Heartt Oil. Here are the lists that will make you consider it wisely!


  • High-quality products
  • They have hundreds of different products for vehicle maintenance and repair at their warehouse
  • Comprehensive online collections
  • The catalog is packed with useful items
  • Has a large selection of transportation lubricants, additives, and accessories
  • A large selection of cleansers, solvents, and other industrial items are available


  • Somewhat more expensive compared to other product
  • If not properly cared for, they may swiftly deteriorate

Keller Heartt Oil Shipping

At Keller-Heartt, most items ship the following day, assuming your purchase is made by 2 pm CST. They have over three million dollars in on-hand stock, which enables a systematic stocking schedule to guarantee everything in stock, just when you need it. To guarantee your item is in stock, please give them a call to check.

For Chicago and Milwaukee consumers, they provide same-day emergency delivery, accessible upon request. Orders must be placed before 5 pm CST.

Free shipment is provided to companies operating within their normal geographical areas and incurring their typical freight charges. There will be an extra cost incurred for residential deliveries as well as deliveries that need a liftgate. They are willing to take payments made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

Keller Heartt Oil Return Policy

Keller-Heartt continues to work towards offering the most efficient online experience for the whole oil and lubricant sector. They provide an assured supply of items from reputable brands like Shell, Pennzoil, Oil Eater, and more, guaranteeing they can deliver the supplies you need, precisely when you need them.

Plus, they provide free delivery on every purchase from their shop. When you’re shopping with the lubrication specialists at Keller-Heartt, there’s no need to shop anywhere else.

While Keller-Heartt strives to offer the best possible user experience for their customers, they recognize that there are times when they must return a purchase for a variety of reasons. Returns are accepted under the following conditions:

  • Returns must be received within 10 days after purchase.
  • Products that are being returned must be in an unopened and “like new” condition.
  • The customer is responsible for calling the Keller-Heartt office to get a return authorization before sending an item back.
  • Every return is subject to a restocking charge that is equal to fifty percent of the purchase price.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs.
  • Keller Heartt does not accept returns or provide refunds on any of the Houghton products.

Keller Heartt Oil Contact

If you have any question or comment regarding the products you’ve bought or you may purchase, you can contact Keller Heartt Oil customer service in several ways;

  • By E-mail:
  • By Phone: Toll-Free 1-800-423-7513 or WI Location: 414-856-0110
  • By completing the form here

Also, they are very open to all their customers by providing Live Chat that you can find in the right bottom corner of the website so you can ask anything regarding any questions to the Keller Heartt Oil customers service team and surely they will give answers to any of your questions gladly. it’s just as their customer service said, “No being put on hold, or getting a call back the next day. We respond ASAP!”

The last option is that you can have a visit to their office which is located in:

IL Location
4411 S. Tripp Ave.
Chicago, IL 60632

WI Location
7830 S 10th St.
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Where to buy Keller Heartt Oil?

The best place you can consider buying Keller Heartt Oil products is from their official website. You will get many benefits on purchasing there, they will give you discounts and promos available for their lovely customers.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Where to buy?
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But if you want another option to get Keller Heartt Oil products from any other marketplace, you can go to eBay which there has an official Keller Heartt Oil store available.

Keller Heartt Oil Promo Codes & Coupons

In this Keller Heartt Oil Review, you are not only getting insights into how great this brand’s product. But, you can also have a chance to save your money while shopping for their products. Well, Keller Heartt Oil offers many discounts and promos you can use in order to purchase its products.

This benefit applies to every customer and they want their customers satisfied and made it a priority to provide you with the highest possible quality at the most reasonable cost.

They appreciate your business and work hard to maintain affordable prices in order to SAVE you money!

One of the options that you can get discounted prices from Keller Heartt Oil is to sign up on their subscription list, it’s very simple, by only filling in your e-mail address and you will get 5% OFF your first purchase at most of their products automatically!

Another best option is to click the button below and check whether there are coupon codes available for you to use in order to get discounted prices at Keller Heartt Oil‘s official store.

View All Coupons
Keller Heartt Oil

Find promo codes and coupons for Keller Heartt Oil in other countries

Keller Heartt Oil Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Keller Heartt Oil. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How do I find my product?

You have the option:

  1. Use the navigation options located on the top, left, and bottom of the Keller Heartt Oil website to locate the product(s) you are searching for.
  2. Enter a term into the box labeled “SEARCH.” In the event that you are having difficulty identifying a certain product, Don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer support for help.

How do I navigate the site?

To explore this website, all you need to do is click on the category that most closely matches your interests.

On their website, the categories can be found on the top, left, and bottom navigation bars.

A QUICK IDEA: Hover your mouse cursor over anything that you think could be a link that you can click on.

When you are scrolling over an item that is a link, you will notice that the cursor on your mouse will change into a “hand.”

When you scroll over anything that is not a link, the cursor will change into an arrow if it is not a link. You can also put a keyword into the SEARCH box to expedite the process of finding a certain item.

Again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their customer service team if you’re having any problems discovering a certain product.

How do I use a coupon?

Once you have finished adding things to your cart, you can examine your cart by clicking the “View Cart” link that is located at the very top of this page.

After verifying the products in your shopping basket and clicking the Check Out button, a box labeled Discount will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where you will input the discount code for your purchase.

Do you ship to my country?

To find out whether they can ship to your country, go to the top right-hand side of the site and click the “My Account” option.

They’ll ask for your mailing address, including country, throughout the signup process. If your country is not included in the dropdown menu of accessible countries, unfortunately, they are unable to ship to you at this time.

Ask a question?

Keller Heartt Oil Expert Reviews

“Excellent website, simple navigation, and lightning-fast support!
Will place another order again later.”

Gary M. at JUDGE.ME
Full Review

“The bulk brake cleaner that Keller-Heartt carries comes in 55-gallon drums and is ideal for preserving brakes and rotors over time. Also, the brakes and rotors on my organization’s fleet cars will have a longer lifespan. Thanks, Keller-Heartt”

Full Review

Conclusion of Keller Heartt Oil Reviews & Ratings

Based on Keller Heartt Oil Review above, we can conclude that the first thing that you will notice when shopping at this brand is that there are a lot of different products available.

Keller Heartt Oil Review: Conclusion
Image:Keller Heartt Oil@fb

You will be able to find everything from the best oils, lubricants, and any other automotive spare parts that you won’t ever regret if you make a purchase from this brand because its focus is on providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Not only that, They have an excellent service which means that the company has to constantly monitor its operations. Their employees will be regularly trained and supervised so that they are able to provide excellent customer service.

So, this time we’re not going to tell you any further, let your decision take over and get the products you need from Keller Heartt Oil!


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