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About Katebackdrop

KateBackdrop is a brand that offers a wide catalog of beautiful, high-quality photography backdrops to enhance your photography and adorn your memories. 

Katebackdrop Review: About Katebackdrop
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The brand makes it easy for photographers & clients to create and capture the perfect moments for every vacation, special event, and business.

On top of that, the brand is known as a company that offers the best value backgrounds in beautiful scenes, colors, and patterns for everyone with creativity and a flair for something different.

In addition, the brand’s innovative thermal printing process creates portable photography backgrounds that are durable, washable, and last for years without breaking the bank. 

With hundreds to choose from, some of the brand’s backdrop collections are often sold out. Today, they have 28.7k Instagram followers and 43k+ Facebook likes. 

Already in love with this brand? Just wait until you see their best-selling backdrops. Coming up in this Katebackdrop review, we’ll feature a handful of their best-sellers along with promotions, customer ratings, and more. Read on!

Overview of Katebackdrop

Katebackdrop started its journey of providing photography backdrops in 2013.

Founded by David and his wife, Kate Zhang, the company started to provide photographers with the perfect photography backdrop solution.

Kate loves and pays attention to the details of her photography backdrops. Hence, she makes sure everyone has access to beautiful and high-quality backgrounds.

In order to ensure that every client has access to beautiful, high-quality backdrops, Kate is hands-on in choosing the materials and colors for each product catalog.

Thus, it is no wonder that the brand offers several hand-painted canvas backgrounds, some also computer-printed.

Even better, the brand collaborates with some designers & artists, i.e, Veronika Gant, JFCC, Erin Larkins, Leann West, and many others. 

Until now, the brand is successfully providing various catalogs of quality photography backdrops and has even shipped its products worldwide.

Katebackdrop Review

KateBackdrops organizes hundreds of photography backdrop display options by theme and style, making it easy to search for what you want efficiently. 

Katebackdrop Reviews: Katebackdrop Review

Moreover, the brand also offers a custom backdrop option that lets you design your own unique backdrop for your event. 

Katebackdrop Products

Now that we know the brand’s product line, we can see that it has almost all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of coverage you need.

In the next section, we will present the brand’s best-selling and most sought-after products.

So stay tuned in this Katebackdrop review, as it will help you assess whether this brand is worth investing in. Let’s get started!

Katebackdrop Christmas Backdrop Review

This Christmas Backdrop is the perfect background for those who want to capture your special Christmas moments with your family.

Katebackdrop Review: Katebackdrop Christmas Backdrop Review

In addition, the brand makes this Christmas photo background with digital thermal transfer technology to maintain high quality and sharp colors for near-real photo results.

On the other hand, the brand uses special fabric craft from a short-pile warp knitted fabric with a good hand feeling. As a result, it is easy to wash and not easy to fade. 

This Christmas Backdrop comes with soft fabric, not easy to wrinkle, foldable, washable, and ironable. You just need to prepare $32.00 to get this beautiful and colorful Christmas background!

Katebackdrop Retro Wooden Wall Rubber Floor Mat Review

Besides the background, floor mats are essential in a studio or room photography. For that, this Wooden Wall Floor Mat will help your photos to be realistic without losing any details!

Katebackdrop Review: Katebackdrop Retro Wooden Wall Rubber Floor Mat Review

The brand makes this Wooden Wall Floor Mat with sturdy rubber with a thickness of up to 3mm. As a result, it will be wrinkle-resistant and waterproof, combined with a soft microfiber surface.

Moreover, the brand adopts imported high-definition digital printing and high-temperature thermal transfer technology to make the surface pattern of the floor mat. 

Enhance the newborn photo results with this Retro Wooden Wall Rubber Floor Mat, which you can get at $129.00 only!

Katebackdrop Texture Collapsible Backdrop Review

The Texture Collapsible Backdrop is a 2-sided collapsible pop-out backdrop panel. It gives you total flexibility for your desired studio location and backdrop.

Katebackdrop Review: Katebackdrop Texture Collapsible Backdrop Review

Additionally, the brand offers 2 color and pattern options for multiple looks. That’s pretty easy. You just need to flip it to the other side. 

Using this backdrop is relatively easy. The frame will open in just a matter of seconds. Also, it is easily folded to its original shape, making it easy to put in the included zippered carrying bag.

This Texture Collapsible Backdrop is very versatile, helping to enhance your photography works, whether indoor or outdoor. If you want to get this backdrop, you only need to prepare $139.00.

Katebackdrop Pros and Cons

We understand that knowing the product reviews alone is not enough to convince you of the brand. Hence, we also want you to know the other side of the brand by reading the compilation of the brand’s pros & cons below:


  • A trustworthy brand
  • Myriad product collection
  • Crafted from high-quality material
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $120
  • Easy 30-day exchange & return
  • Good customer reviews


  • We are sorry that we couldn’t find any negative points about this brand.

Who Is Katebackdrop For?

KateBackdrops offers a budget-friendly way to achieve professional photography results. Likewise, all their products are easy to use, even for most amateur photographers.

Katebackdrop Review: Who Is Katebackdrop For?

Moreover, parents of babies can also use the brand’s backdrops to document their baby’s precious childhood moments. 

With Kate’s collection of backdrops, moms can get precious spring Easter photos, fun summer watermelon pictures, and a beautiful Christmas without breaking the bank for professional images.

Is Katebackdrop Worth It?

For documentation of traditional to modern events, Katebackdrop offers a variety of options to create the perfect photo without breaking the bank, making it well worth it

Katebackdrop Review: Is Katebackdrop Worth It?

Here, the brand provides numerous themes to suit your event, ranging from backdrops for seasons, holidays, maternity, weddings, and others. 

In addition, Kate’s products are high-quality, easy to use, and affordable. The brand’s backdrops will help photographers achieve the perfect shot, making the documentation experience more enjoyable.

Katebackdrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Katebackdrop review above already provides comprehensive information about the product and its price. However, has it helped you with your buying decision? If not, let’s look at some customers’ feedback on this brand!

Katebackdrop Review: Katebackdrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First of all, let’s take a peek at the three best-selling products ranking in the star rating:

We found a customer who had a satisfying purchase experience with the Christmas Backdrop because it came with the perfect level of color brightness, making the photos beautiful. This happy customer said:

The details are so perfect! The brightness is also perfect! The backdrop is extremely soft and has such beautiful colors. It will be hard to tell it’s a backdrop in your setups. Also, the quality is great, and shipping is fast. It’s quicker than I expected!

Next, a customer gives a 5-star rating for Retro Wooden Wall Rubber Floor Mat because it looks good and stays in place so well. This customer said:

It is my 1st flooring to purchase from Kate, and I absolutely love it! It looks great, stays in place, and works well for preschool pictures.

Lastly, the Texture Collapsible Backdrop gets perfect ratings among customers due to its ease of bringing, and the texture gives the client 2 different options. Another happy customer said:

I obviously love these pop-up backdrops. It so easy to transport and setup on location. The Texture gives you and the client 2 different options in one to choose from…

So far, we have found customers leaving only positive feedback on the brand. Even so, not a few customers have provided suggestions on the brand’s products.

Most customers liked the quality and estimated delivery times provided by the brand. Thus, all customers are satisfied with the purchase.

How To Contact Katebackdrop

Kate backdrop is always open for good questions and feedback. Thus, if you have something to ask or any inquiries, feel free to contact the brand’s customer service via:

  • Email: support@katebackdrop.com
  • Phone number: 86-18521304259
  • For online chat click on the floating chat icon on the official website.
  • Send them a form by visiting the contact page on the official website.

Katebackdrop Shipping Policy

Kate ships its products to all USA, Canada, and Worldwide. The brand process all orders on Monday-Saturday, then ship orders using DHL or UPS.

In addition, the brand will charge customers a shipping fee according to the order, destination, and shipping method.

Generally, the shipping fee ranges from $15-$20/per package. You can also enjoy free shipping for orders over $120.

Below is a table of estimated production time, shipping, and cost. Let’s take a look!

Shipping time

Destination Time (business day)
Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Newland, Other Areas.

6-9 days


South America 6-10 days

Production time

Item Time (day)
  • Printed backdrop
  • Other items
3-5 days
  • Rubber floor mat
  • Hand-painted backdrop
  • Collapsible background
7-10 days

Shipping Charge

Destination Under $120 Over $120
(Except USA & Canada)

Katebackdrop Return Policy

The brand processes all orders within 24 hours after the customer completes the order.

If you receive goods with manufacturing defects or damaged during packing and transit, please contact the brand’s customer service to get the goods reissued or request a refund. 

However, if you wish to cancel the order, please contact the brand’s customer service to request cancellation within 6 hours after the order is placed. 

Note that the customer is responsible for the return within 30 days of receiving the goods. Customers can contact the brand’s customer care within at least 14 days of receiving the order. 

Yangchenghu Middle Road
Xiangcheng, Suzhou 215000,

Where to buy Katebackdrop?

Since the brand has shipped its products worldwide, the only place to buy backdrops is through Katebackdrop’s official website.

By purchasing through its official store, you can see a wide range of products, from backdrops, rubber floor mats, hand-painted canvases, and more.

Also, by purchasing through the official website, you can enjoy various discounts and offers right in your cart!

Katebackdrop Promo Codes & Coupons

The brand wants you to have a pleasurable shopping experience with them. Therefore, they provide several discounts and sales that you can use in your shopping, namely:

  • Get up to 50% OFF RTS & Free bag with coupon code BAG
  • Sign up for the brand’s mailing list to enjoy tips and new products and get a discount code/promo code on special events.

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Katebackdrop Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Katebackdrop. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Where is Kate backdrop located?

Katebackdrop is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Who is the owner of Katebackdrop?

Kate Zhang is the founder and owner of Katebackdrop.

Is Katebackdrop good?

According to customer reviews, Katebackdrop is pretty good. The fabric quality is good, and the colors come out vividly.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Katebackdrop Reviews & Ratings

For a photographer, having a backdrop helps create the perfect shot that matches the theme. Here, Katebackdrop helps photographers and clients get the ideal ambiance to bring out the real feel.

Moreover, the brand’s backdrop collection is printed with thick fabrics with the best materials, giving you the intense, vibrant colors you want in the backdrop. The brand is so well-known, even the delivery has been praised by many customers.


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