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About Idaho Jones

Hello, Moms!
In today’s review, we’ll talk about a breast pump bag. It can deniable that a breast pump bag is one of the must-have items for parents who need a place to carry the breast pump machine and other essentials things.

Idaho Jones Review: About Idaho Jones
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Alright, when we discuss a breast pump bag, Idaho Jones should be put into the conversation. So, What is Idaho Jones? Idaho Jones is a brand company that offers a fashionable breast pump. 

It comes with two options either a tote bag or a backpack. Idaho Jones’ goal is to empower pumping mothers by helping them to stay organized, save time, and look good. Help them spread the news so that more mothers may flourish by reading Idaho Jones Review. 

Overview Idaho Jones

The story of Idaho Jones starts with a simple question. Why is it so difficult to find all breastfeeding and pumping products as well as the information in one place?

Mothers have already been breastfeeding since the beginning of time. Despite breastfeeding, pumping the outside of the hospital did not become popular until the past several decades.

When it comes to pumping breastmilk, you should consider the major priorities of the efficiency and convenience of use. Believe it or not, as a mother, your time is valuable, and the hours you spend looking for breastfeeding solutions may be used on other activities that enhance your life.

At Idaho Jones, they’re modifying the way of breastfeeding and pumping resources and products. You no longer have to explore Instagram for the right piece of technology. Everything is now available at Idaho Jones!

Idaho Jones Review

Idaho Jones is a young and quickly growing company dedicated to empowering pumping moms through innovation and community building in this often isolated experience of parenting and breast milk pumping.

Idaho Jones Reviews: Idaho Jones Review
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If you are a woman who regularly pumps breast milk, is getting back to work and needs to begin pumping, or is storing breast milk for your own or other children, the Idaho Jones community is perfect for you.

Even if you’re a mother who is interested in breastfeeding, wants to try pumping, or is having difficulty feeding another person from your body, Idaho Jones is here to help you!

However, Idaho Jones becomes your one-stop shop for cutting-edge products that give you the best pumping experience. You will discover Breast Pump Bags, Breast Pump Accessories, and Diaper Bags that are fashionable and functional. 

Besides, Idaho Jones will give you pumping and breastfeeding information and solutions for common problems. Support for mothers and fathers from all sectors of life and backgrounds.

Idaho Jones offers highly functional and trendy products that are designed to provide comfort and satisfaction to your life. The product is allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

You’ll also discover the education and support you need to feel fulfilled on this adrenaline-pumping journey, are you ready? The following next review will give you deep insight to enhance your breastfeeding journey. 

Idaho Jones Chertsey Breast Pump Bag Review

Idaho Jones offers elegant and effective breast pump bags with huge thermally coated side pockets to help you manage your pumping and personal things. This Breast Pump Backpack is for all pump brands whether it is big or small. 

In this review section, we’ll start with Chertsey collections. Well, Idaho Jones Chertsey is the backpack diaper bag, breast pump bag, and any other occasion bag that can be customized to fit your needs.

Chertsey fits it all, just as you want to pack it, whether you need a secure compartment for a hands-free breast pump, wearable breast pump, or a big compartment for even the largest electric breast pump. 

What is the benefit of using Chertsey Brest Pump Bag? 

The insulated side pocket is big enough to hold any large Breast Pump, including the Spectra Symphony, as well as gel ice packs and 1-2 bottles. If you’re using a smaller pump or a hands-free breast pump, you can put a 6.5″ cooler bag in the side pocket beside your 15″ laptop. 

Chertsey pump parts and other accessories are kept in the front pocket, while water bottles and other things are kept in the cushioned side pocket on the opposite side. Polyester sleeves and zipper pockets hold little items and keep you organized.

A padded divider between the top and side pockets keeps your pump separate from other things, but when you drop the barrier, you have the entire space. Even when the padded divider is collapsed to form the biggest possible compartment, you still have all the tiny pockets to keep little and important things clean.

However, Chertsey Breast Bag is a bag for all your needs. It has comfortable thick straps and enough storage like having an additional set of hands.  The pocket carries a 15-inch laptop, phone, money, and other personal belongings so you don’t have to handle numerous bags at once. Chertsey may function as a tote or backpack, baby bag, and purse.

In addition, Chertsey Breast Bag is durable and simple to clean with a wet cloth or wipes.  Also, every Chertsey Pump Backpack / Breast Pump Tote Bag is produced with the same high-quality materials. 

Let’s take a look at the specification of Chertsey Breast Pump Bag down below:


  • Large Side Pocket: 10.5 (H) x 8.75 (W) x 7.75” (D)
  • Bag Size: 16.25 (H) x 12.25 (W) x 7.75” (D)
  • Top Compartment: 5.75 (H) x 3.5 (W) x 7.75” (D)
  • Laptop Sleeve: 15” Padded
  • Fabric: Nylon Exterior, Polyester Lining, Velvet and Vegan Leather Accents
  • Color: Black, with Cream Interior

Chertsey is the discreet, multi-functional pumping bag that will accompany you everywhere without a fuss, whether it’s for a big pump, cooler bag, or countless diaper bag accessories. Use this Idaho Jones Chertsey Breast Pump Bag Backpack to fits your whole life!

Idaho Jones Ellerby Breast Pump Bag Review

Need a fashionable and multifunctional bag that can keep up with your busy schedule? Keep moving and try Idaho Jones Ellerby Breast Pump Bag!

Breastfeeding does not even have to slow you down. The other breast pump bag from Idaho Jones, The Ellerby Breast Pump Bag, will keep up with your activity while delivering a sleek and fashionable bag.

You can use this bag whether you’re heading across to the park, back to work, or on your upcoming jet-setting vacation. Enjoy lots of storage in a small shape, reducing things to carrying around a bulky bag.

Ellerby Breast Pump Bag is produced with elegant, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean nylon with gold hardware and vegan leather accents. With two insulated and extendable side pockets that are suitable with any brand of pump, including the Spectra S1 and S2. It can also accommodate the Idaho Jones Roxwell cooler bag, allowing you to keep your breast milk or lunch cold with ice packs.

What is the benefit of using Ellerby Brest Pump Bag? 

With Ellerby Breast Pump Bag, you don’t have to compromise style to travel any kind of pump, milk, or personal items securely. While it has a high-end design that would suit almost any outfit, it is reasonably priced and has a durable construction that is covered by a 12-month guarantee product. 

With comfy straps and lots of storage, you can take a load off your shoulders. The pocket has many protected pockets that can hold a 15″ laptop, phone, money, and other personal belongings.

Besides, Ellerby Breast Pump Bag can also remove the burden of juggling several bags at once. You can condense all of your storage and tote demands up to a single bag that will do it all, either you carry it as a tote or use the extra-long strap for a crossbody style.

What’s most interesting is travel friendly. Sure! Ellerby Breast Pump Bag is easy to bring between work, home, vacations, and travel. The modest design allows it to be conveniently placed out of the way beneath seats.

It has a back pocket hole for attaching to your rolling baggage handle. Nobody would ever guess that your fashionable bag also serves as a breast pump bag and a cooler.

In addition, each Idaho Jones Ellerby Bag is handcrafted using high-quality fabrics and machine washable. Idaho Jones pays close attention to detail so you can invest in a flexible, efficient, and elegant bag that will stay last longer. Alright then, let’s have a look at the following specifications below: 


  • Bag size: 15’’ H x 12.5’’ W x 7.25’’ D
  • Pump pockets size: 7’’ H x 8’’ W x 7.25’’ D
  • Bag material: Dot nylon outside fabric, polyester, and velvet inside lining
  • Bag color: Cream (inside) and Black (outside)

Keep on reading to the next review for the other collection of Breast Pump Bags!

Idaho Jones Airedale Backpack Review

Next up, we’re going to review a wearable pump bag – Idaho Jones Airedale Backpack. For sure, it is a breast pump backpack for wearable pumps. 

The feature of a wearable breast pump is like a dream, but then when looking at how you carry it in an electronics case or moving around in work bags, Idaho Jones both agreed it’s not portable enough. As a result, Idaho developed the world’s first Wearable Breast Pump Carrying Bag! That’s wonderful!

Idaho Jones Airdale is specifically designed to hold your hands-free breast pump as well as breast pump parts, personal belongings, and up to three bottles with a flexible ice pack. This is a lifesaver! A backpack and tote bag for a breast pump that needs to keep your Freemie, Elvie, and Willow Pumps, as well as other items, quietly by your side.

If you’re a working mom who needs to keep milk cold once you can get a breast milk storage bag to the freezer. With Idaho Jones Jamie Icepack, you can keep milk cooler in the Airedale Breast Pump Backpack for up to 12 hours. Anyway, reusable icepacks are sold separately. 

However, If you find yourself in a crowded or public restroom, hang your Idaho Jones Airedale Pump Backpack on a hook, then flip open the front, and it transforms into a stable platform for organizing your pump, parts, and other items. Also, it is useful as a small diaper backpack when you need an extra hand!

With Airedale Backpack, you can enjoy one bag for all your needs. Comfortable thick backpack straps, simple carry straps, a luggage sleeve, and a lot of storage is like having an extra pair of hands! The pocket needs to accommodate a 15″ laptop, money, phone, and other personal items.

It will reduce the amount of the need to carry multiple bags. Idaho Jones  Airedale, available as a backpack or tote pack, baby bag, purse, luggage,  luggage, and specially designed for wearables bag. It means to make wireless pumping more useful than before.

In addition, every Idaho Jones Airedale Wearable Breast Pump Backpack/Tote Bag is made with the same high-quality materials that you’ve come to expect from the other products and accessories for empowered pumping. We’ve already made a shortlist for the benefit and specifications of the Airedale Breast Pump here:


  • Up to 3 bottles can be stored upright in the PEVA insulated side pocket.
  • For travel, a luggage sleeve appends to a rolling suitcase.
  • Pumping Platform Created by Flipping Open Pump Pocket.
  • Laptop compartment with padding for a 15″ computer.
  • Shoulder straps are wide and thick for maximum support and comfort.
  • Long-lasting and simple to clean with a wet cloth or wipes.
  • It can be used with some wearable pumps such as Willow Pump, Elvie Pump, and Freemie Breast Pump
  • It can be used as Pumping Bag, Diaper Backpack, or Work Backpack


  • Bag Size: 15 (H) x 13.75 (W) x 7″
  • Laptop Sleeve: 15” Padded
  • Fabric: Nylon Exterior, Polyester, and PEVA Lining and Vegan Leather Accents
  • Color: Black, with Cream Interior

Idaho Jones Diaper Bag Backpack Review

For moms, sometimes you feel like you’ll have to pack everything such as the kitchen sink, only to go grocery shopping. No need to worry again, you’ll stay organized while also enjoying the convenience and comfort of a small diaper bag with the Idaho Jones Claremont Diaper Bag Backpack. 

Idaho Jones Claremont Diaper Backpack has a stylish and sophisticated look.  It was created for the busy mom who doesn’t want to give up style or functionality by carrying a bulky diaper bag. All of this is reasonably priced. This is the only diaper backpack you will ever need with durable construction. 

The exterior is made of a tough patterned black nylon fabric which is waterproof and easy to clean. The interior design includes an insulated bottle pocket and an elastic pocket. There’s even a tablet pocket and a velvet-lined compartment for your smartphone.

It is perfect for baby bottles or your large water bottle up to 22 ounces, a dedicated sleeve for the included waterproof changing mat, and extra room for extra clothes, diapers, baby soothers, snacks, and much more. Idaho Jones Diaper Backpack is intended for both parents and children.


  • Velcro stroller straps allow you to avoid carrying the bag all the time.
  • Including a matching and waterproof changing pad.
  • Stylish design and high-quality product for long-lasting use.
  • The lightweight design will give you comfy all day.
  • Top handle reinforcement and tear-resistant stitching
  • For a more sophisticated look, use gold-colored hardware and zippers.
  • There’s a padded sleeve for your tablet, a velvet lined phone pocket, a dedicated sleeve for your changing pad, an insulated bottle pocket, and an elastic pocket.


  • Bag size: 11.75’’ H (measured at the back) x 10’’ W (at the bottom) x 4.5’’ D
  • Bag material: Dot nylon outside fabric, polyester, and velvet inside lining
  • Bag color: Black (outside) and cream (inside)
  • Changing mat size: 19.5” L x 11.75’’ W
  • Changing mat material: Dot nylon on one side, waterproof polyester on the other side
  • Changing mat color: Black on one side, white on the other side

Idaho Jones Claremont will outmatch the toddler years, allowing you to enjoy all of life’s journeys and adventures with your children. This bag is the perfect solution for you!

Idaho Jones Milk Cooler Bag Review

A busy pumping mom does everything, and so should her pumping equipment. This Idaho Jones Lysia Milk Cooler Bag is the ideal partner for times you need to pump but can’t get your milk to the fridge for a while. Don’t worry, this excellent bag will protect your precious breast milk, prevent spills and leaks, and give you the confidence to know that you will look nice in any situation!


  • Four different compartments will prevent spillage and keep bottles upright
  • A waterproof interior that has been hot-sealed prevents fluids from leaking out of the bag
  • TWO (2) unique hot-sealed gel ice packs are included; they fit into their own sleeves with ease
  • For simple spot cleaning, the exterior may be wiped down
  • The white inside is hand washable and weatherproof
  • Small and fashionable design
  • Includes 1-year guarantee

Idaho Jones Return Policy

Idaho Jones insists that you enjoy everything you purchase from them. If you’re disappointed for any reason, please let them know and they’ll do everything to make things right. You can return your product up to 30 days after your order was delivered. 

Idaho Jones Review: Idaho Jones Return Policy
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To start your return, please pay attention to the certain things:

  • All products must be new, unused, and still in the original packaging.
  • Please make a proof of postage for your returned package.
  • Any products you wish to return must be returned to them within 30 days of the order date.
  • Returns are processed for 10 business days after being received by the Idaho warehouse.
  • The return will not accept when your bag is already used. 

Idaho Jones Shipping

Claim FREE SHIPPING on your orders at Idaho Jones. Enjoy!

Idaho Jones only ships their products within the United States (48 States + District of Colombia). The shipping time might take around 4-7 business days with Standard Shipping and you’ve unlocked Free Shipping. It will be different when you use expedited shipping for only 3-5 business days with a $3.99 shipping cost. 

All orders are shipped from Monday to Friday, except on holidays. The orders made after 12 p.m. PST on Friday may not be shipped until the following business day.

Idaho Jones Warranty

Great! Idaho Jones gives for up to a 1-year warranty after you get the product, whether you purchased them on their official website or on Amazon. To claim a warranty, please include a photo of the products, a description of the problem, and the order number. 

For more detailed information about the warranty, visit this link

Idaho Jones Customer Service

If you have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Idaho Jones through their Customer Service. You may contact them by sending an email, getting in touch through their social media Facebook Messenger, or by calling them at their phone number. 

Idaho Jones Review: Idaho Jones Customer Service
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Phone Number: +1 773 546 9517
Facebook Messenger: @IdahoJones

Another express option, fill out this form with your name, registered email, and contact number. So easy, right?

Where to buy Idaho Jones?

Idaho Jones is one of the best stores which offers breast pump bags for new moms or experienced parents. To buy the product, just simply visit the Idaho Jones Official Website. It is also available on Amazon

Idaho Jones Review: Where to buy?
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Idaho Jones Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Idaho Jones. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Which of the Idaho Jones bags is the largest?

The Chertsey Backpack has the most volume. It is an only bag that can accommodate a big hospital grade pump such as the Medela Symphony. If you are not using a big pump, the Chertsey Breast Pump Bag is pretty similar to the Ellerby Breast Pump Bag. They are both big enough to hold a Spectra Pump and a 15″ laptop.

I don't have any kids. Is an Idaho Jones bag still offered to me?

Absolutely YES! Customers enjoy Idaho Jones bags because they look nice and provide excellent organization. Some of their customers put the bags to great use by transporting portable printers or diabetes monitoring in the specialized pump pockets. Some people swear by the travel bags. Thus,  Idaho Jones bags are made to survive long past the newborn baby and may be used as daily bags.

Is Idaho Jones bag waterproof?

Idaho Jones bags are made of a strong and robust water-resistant nylon material. It definitely works in light rain or minor spills. However, waterproof, so take care in wet weather.

Is any of your products HSA/FSA eligible?

YES! Idaho Jones Breast Pumping Bags and Accessories are HSA/FSA approved. All the following are already listed here:

Breast Pump Bags:

Breast Pump Accessories:

Ask a question?

Idaho Jones Expert Reviews

Idaho Jones Ellerby and Chertsey are excellent breast pump bags for anybody, but I believe they are especially appropriate for working parents, exclusive pumps, or anyone who has to pump on the move and breastfeeding parents who really need to travel with their pump. On the right side, there is a huge insulated box that may hold your pump and a breast milk refrigerator. On the left, there is a tiny zipped pocket that can hold a couple bottles. I highly recommend to purchase one of this bags!

Exclusive Pumping
Full Review

First and foremost, Idaho Jones bags are gorgeous. The Gallivant Diaper Bag, which looks quite similar to the Idaho JonesChertsey Breast Pump Bag, was sent to me for evaluation. Other mothers nearly always congratulate me on my “cute diaper bag.” Fashion isn’t everything, but having a fashionable pump bag doesn’t hurt.

Fortunately, the bag offers much more than simply attractive aesthetics. The backpack provides a lot of useful and well-thought-out storage choices. It was clearly designed by a mother who saw a market need and chose to fill it.

Born & Fed
Full Review

Although Idaho Jones bags may not be suitable for parents on a limited budget, I believe the Idaho Jones Gallivant bag is worth enough money and is definitely my favorite bag ever. It looks excellent, has enough room, is long-lasting, and is really simple to organize. There is also nothing limiting its usage to baby items, so it may be a part of my accessories in the coming years. This bag has a classy, professional design with black dot nylon exterior fabric, golden metallic zippers, and a nice logo, making it the perfect addition to any kind of outfit I put together or even my husband’s.

me becoming mum
Full Review

I am a teacher who was concerned about going back to work knowing that I would have to pump during the day. This backpack is great! Because my hands are usually full, I can throw it on my back. On the back, there is storage for my Idaho Jones Elvies as well as all of the accessories. On the interior, there is a space for my laptop and other personal items. The front zipper features an insulated cooler where I can store my milk that I pump during the day. If you use portable pumps, I strongly suggest this bag!

Jeni L.
Full Review

Conclusion of Idaho Jones Reviews & Ratings

After reading Idaho Jones Review, you already know all their collections, benefits, and some features. Again, if you’re a working mom or have a business schedule and have to carry a breast pump to make a stock, this brand is perfect for you. 

Idaho Jones Review: Conclusion
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Now is the time to try Idaho Jones Backpack for wearable breast pumps and fall in love with pumping all over again! 


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