Starting a new thing might be intimidating at first, particularly if you are unsure of all that is involved. Setting up an indoor grow facility might seem overwhelming at first, as there is a lot that goes into ensuring that those plants grow and mature to be productive and happy contributors to your bottom line.

The lighting system is one of the most crucial aspects of any indoor grow operation, and LED lights are the way to go. If you’re not sure which brand of LED grow light to choose, look into HYPHOTONFLUX right immediately!

HYPHOTONFLUX is an industrial LED grow light manufacturer that may also be referred to as the greatest indoor grow lighting option. In this HYPHOTONFLUX review, you’ll learn all you need to know about the company, including their amazing LED grow lights and much more.

In this review, you will also discover various discounts. This HYPHOTONFLUX review must be read before any plant growth environment is created!


The need for plant lighting is rising as the world’s policy on cannabis production opens up, but the quality of LED grow lights on the market is unequal, and inexpensively grow lights can’t even ensure the health of the grow lights, much alone optimize the harvest. A professional LED grow light, on the other hand, may cost hundreds of dollars.

As a plant lighting producer with 11 years of expertise, the creator founded the brand HYPHOTONFLUX in 2019 to serve farmers across the globe with the most economical commercial-grade LED grow lights.

Samsung, Osram, Seoul, MEAN WELL, and other well-known brands provide all of HYPHOTONFLUX’s components. HYPHOTONFLUX products include high-quality and cheap-cost components that are highly popular with growers.

Huge Discount at HYPHOTONFLUX


For their pricing range, HYPHOTONFLUX made the finest LED Grow Lights. Their products are not only effective in promoting plant development, but they are also simple to set up. HYPHOTONFLUX supplies the greatest products with a 99 percent customer satisfaction rate, based on decades of expertise.

HYPHOTONFLUX will undoubtedly provide you with the greatest products and services. Thus, to improve your plant growth environment, get HYPHOTONFLUX products right immediately.



With HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000 320W LED Grow Light, you can grow your plant effectively. This HPF3000 has a high-yield complete spectrum (3000K warm white, 4000K white, deep red 660nm) with a greater red diodes ratio.

The HPF3000 from HYPHOTONFLUX is ideal for veg bloom and provides sufficient light to plants from seedling through flowering, it is designed to produce large buds. The simple dimming design caters to the demands of indoor plants at various phases of development.

For enhanced heat dissipation and cooling, the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000 comes with four 90mm/3.54′ pure aluminum light bars. The light bars help save money on exhaust, ventilation, and cooling systems. Furthermore, DC extension cables allow the driver (ballast) to be placed outside the grow tent, where it will be cooler.

The HPF3000 has a foldable design that allows it to be conveniently transported. This HYPHOTONFLUX product’s plug-and-play design simplifies installation by eliminating the need for any assembly. The HPF3000 can daisy-chain up to 80 lights using a 0-10V controller. Grow tents, indoor warehouses, vertical racks, hydroponic and soil growing are all possible with HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000.


  • LED Fixture: HPF3000
  • LED Driver: MEANWELL
  • Dimming: Knob + RJ port (0%-100%)
  • IP Rate: IP 66
  • Surge Protection: 6KV
  • LED Configuration: 3000K+4000K & 660nm
  • Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J
  • Power Cord Length: 6′(1.8m)
  • Max. Ambient Temp.: 95℉(35℃)
  • Mounting Height: >6″(Above Canopy)
  • Warranty: 3 Years


For professional indoor gardeners, the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Light is a serious system. The HPF4000 consumes 480 watts from a pair of MeanWell drivers and employs industry-leading Samsung LM301B and Osram deep red diodes for a total of 1,272 LEDs. In a 4’x4′ coverage zone, the HPF4000 provides PPF Efficacy up to 2.7 mol/J and an average PPFD of 1300 mol/s @12′′.

Because the HPF4000 can fold in half, the shipping box is relatively small. This light, when fully opened, measures 35x30x4. The LEDs are housed in metal bars that are about 4 inches wide and hollow for easy heat dissipation. This is advantageous since the lamp does not have a fan. The brightness is just overwhelming.

There is a dimmer switch that enables you to change the brightness from 10% to 100% depending on your requirements. Up to 80 lights may be daisy linked on a single HPF4000 controller. You can only plug in one side of the lights instead of both, which is a good aspect of this light. This means you can conserve electricity by merely turning on half of the lights when they are required.

The HPF4000 comes with a standard hanging kit that is common to most lights. This package includes a metal bracket that connects the pulley rope to the lamp. While this simplifies the setup, it does add a few inches to the overall length of the system. The pulley system works wonderfully if it is securely fastened.

The light, which weighs roughly 24 pounds, is extremely light for its size. This indicates that it is considerably below a growing tent’s weight limit. Adjusting the height of your LED grow light to get it precisely where you want it will be a breeze.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Light is excellent for growing tents, indoor warehouses, vertical racks, hydroponic and soil growing and is useful to both home and commercial growers.


  • LED Fixture: HPF4000
  • LED Driver: MEANWELL
  • Dimming: Knob + RJ port (0%-100%)
  • IP Rate: IP 66
  • Surge Protection: 6KV
  • LED Configuration: 3000K+4000K & 660nm
  • Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J
  • Power Cord Length: 6′(1.8m)
  • Max. Ambient Temp.: 95℉(35℃)
  • Mounting Height: >6″(Above Canopy)
  • Warranty: 3 Years



Following the HPF series, this section will introduce you to the Pro series. Well, the Pro series is the newest line from HYPHOTONFLUX that is focused on commercial planting, while the HPF series is ideal for professional cultivation.

PRO-480 by HYPHOTONFLUX is a full spectrum camera (White 3000k &5000k, Deep red 660nm, UVA 385nm, Far-red 730nm). This HYPHOTONFLUX LED Grow Light is perfect for all phases of development, and with UV&IR added, the plants will be fresher and create more trichomes.

The SAMSUNG LM281B+Pro Top bin diodes are used in the HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-480 LED grow lamp. With a 480-watt power demand, the lamp produces 1250 mol/s of light and has a 2.6 mol/J efficacy, which is 50% more efficient than HPS/MH lamps.

The PRO-480 from HYPHOTONFLUX is designed for planting in 4’x4′ or 5’x5′ spaces and has larger dimensions (36″x36″) to give improved PPFD coverage at 4’x4′ flower growth. The linear and multi-bars styles are meant to distribute light evenly and produce consistent bud density.

The KNOB on the driver is dimmable for home growers to offer plants at various stages with appropriate light output. The daisy chain capability allows you to link 80 units with most 0-10v controllers for commercial planting. The HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-480‘s qualities make it ideal for growing tents, big indoor grows, soil growing, hydroponics, greenhouses, and vertical racks.


  • LED Fixture: PRO-480
  • LED Driver: FAHOLD
  • LED Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Dimming: Knob + RJ port (0%-100%)
  • IP Rate: IP 66
  • Surge Protection: 6KV
  • LED Configuration: 385nm & 3000K+5000K & 660nm &730nm
  • Efficacy: 2.6 μmol/J
  • Power Cord Length: 6′(1.8m)
  • Max. Ambient Temp.: 95℉(35℃)
  • Mounting Height: >6″(Above Canopy)
  • Warranty: 3 Years


The PRO-720 is the next product in the PRO-series from HYPHOTONFLUX. It’s the newest PRO-720 LED grow light that is constructed with SAMSUNG LM281B+Pro Top bin & 660nm deep red diodes to provide maximum efficiency and performance (total 2784pcs). The PRo-720’s 720-watt power draw produces 2160 mol/s light output and a 3.0 mol/J efficacy that outperforms 1000 watt HPS/MH grow lights.

The PRO-720 LED Grow Light provides improved red light and an optimized complete spectrum. Full-spectrum white LEDs with a deep red 660nm wavelength are ideal for full-cycle growth from seeds to bloom. Furthermore, the PRO-720 has a greater performance during the blooming stage because of its extended red spectrum, which makes plants healthier and maximizes harvests.

The HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 has huge dimensions (43.86″x43.66″) to give higher PPFD coverage during 5’x5′ flower development. The PRO-720‘s linear and multi-bars styles are intended for even light distribution and homogeneous bud density, particularly at the outer margins, where it may reach 1000mol/s, meeting the minimal CO2 addition criteria.

It boasts a solid passive-cooled system as well. The PRO-720‘s 8 pure aluminum passive-cooling light bars provide exceptional heat dissipation. It saves money on exhaust, ventilation, and cooling equipment. Furthermore, DC extension cables allow the detachable motor to be mounted outside the grow tent, making it even cooler.

HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720, the finest commercial LED grow light in 2022, is dimmable for indoor plants at various stages of development. With most 0-10v controllers, the daisy chain capability allows you to link up to 80 units. Grow tents, huge indoor grows, soil growing, hydroponics, greenhouses, and vertical racks are all great options.

The HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 has a flexible 180° folding design that makes it easy to transport. The PRO-720 LED grow light is incredibly easy to install since it is plug-and-play. HYPHOTONFLUX will also provide you with discrete packaging to preserve your privacy. PRO-720‘s easy and collapsible design makes it useful for both professional home growers and commercial farmers.


  • LED Fixture: PRO-720
  • LED Driver: SOSEN
  • LED Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Dimming: Knob + RJ port (0%-100%)
  • IP Rate: IP 66
  • Surge Protection: 6KV
  • LED Configuration: white & 660nm
  • Efficacy: 3.0 μmol/J
  • Power Cord Length: 6′(1.8m)
  • Max. Ambient Temp.: 95℉(35℃)
  • Mounting Height: >6″(Above Canopy)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

HYPHOTONFLUX Controller Review


The HYPHOTONFLUX controller is a low-voltage device that can regulate up to 100 ballasts at the same time. It has a safe and simple setup, no need for a switchboard, and short circuit protection. This dimmable electronic ballast also has a double temperature safety function, as well as control and APP Smart control. This controller is an important piece for your HYPHOTONFLUX LED Grow Light setup.

HYPHOTONFLUX Shipping Information

This shipping information section may be useful if you’re wondering about how HYPHOTONFLUX processes and delivers your purchases. For all of its products, HYPHOTONFLUX is committed to offering quick, safe, and dependable shipping services. Deliveries are normally delivered Monday through Friday, and delivery choices for each item are available on the product description as well as in the basket.

FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other carriers deliver orders. Allow 2 to 8 business days for the product(s) to arrive once your purchase has been completed. HYPHOTONFLUX provides a FREE SHIPPING for USA regions, for other countries, the shipping fee will be calculated at the checkout. Here is the estimated time for HYPHOTONFLUX shipping.

  • United States 3-8 business days
  • Canada 3-8 business days
  • Australia 4-8 business days
  • UK 3-8 business days
  • EU 3-10 business days

A purchase confirmation message will be sent to your email as soon as you make your purchase, indicating that your order and money have been received. HYPHOTONFLUX will automatically contact the company warehouse to ensure that the product is in stock and ready to dispatch.

If an item is on hold or not in stock, HYPHOTONFLUX will notify you right away and ask if you want to wait for it or have your money returned. They will send the item for processing and shipping if the item is ready for direct dispatch (1-3 business days).

After 36 business hours, the tracking number for the order delivered by HYPHOTONFLUX will be given to the email address provided. You may also verify your account’s current status by logging in. HYPHOTONFLUX will also send you an email later to confirm the delivery time and remind you to pick up the shipment on time if anything unforeseen arises. So double-check your inbox and phone, and check your order within seven days. As a result, you will not overlook any updates on the product.

If you have not received a tracking number via email or need to double-check the tracking information, please contact HYPHOTONFLUX customer service right once. In 12 business hours, HYPHOTONFLUX will respond. If your tracking number does not function after three working days, you may contact their customer service.

It’s possible that there was a mix-up at the warehouse and you were given the wrong tracking number. HYPHOTONFLUX will provide you with the one that is available. Special conditions might cause delays in logistical updates. HYPHOTONFLUX will investigate and respond to you as fast as possible.


HYPHOTONFLUX is committed to developing products that are appropriate for your plant-growing environment. Whether you’re not sure if it’s the proper one, HYPHOTONFLUX can assist you. All of their products are returnable. Within the limits of this return policy, HYPHOTONFLUX will work with you to address any concerns and replace or refund your purchase.

You must acquire return shipping information prior to returning any product. Before returning any products, please contact HYPHOTONFLUX customer service. Items returned without permission may not be refunded.

In the event of non-artificial damage, the lamp may be returned or replaced within 30 days after delivery. To be refundable, the light item must be unopened and in the same state as when you got it, or in like-new condition with no signs of wear. When returning the item, all pieces (such as wires, controllers, and hangers) must be present.

To begin your return, follow these steps.

  1. Send your return request to HYPHOTONFLUX customer service along with photos of the lights (packages), your order number, and the problem you’re having.
  2. Within 24 business hours, HYPHOTONFLUX will review your purchase details and respond via email with solutions and a return address.
  3. HYPHOTONFLUX will send you an email after your return has been received and examined, informing you about your refund or replace option.
  4. When returning an item, the consumer is responsible for the return shipping costs (s).

Once your return has been received and examined, HYPHOTONFLUX will send you an email informing you of your refund. Return shipping fees will be deducted from the refund before it is sent to your original payment account. HYPHOTONFLUX does not price match, particularly during significant holiday sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Mid-Annual Sale.

If you are authorized, your refund will be made and verification will be provided to you. At this point, the reimbursement is out of the company’s hands, and HYPHOTONFLUX has no influence on the return’s time. It might take up to 3-7 business days for your bank or billing provider to return the money to your account.


HYPHOTONFLUX adheres to stringent quality standards and stands behind its goods completely. If your unit has a problem, HYPHOTONFLUX will fix it right away. The good news is that their products come with a 5-year guarantee, which includes a 1-year Full Parts Warranty and a 2 to 5-year Limited Warranty.

  • 1 year after the delivery: Completely Free Warranty. Components are free, as are repair service and shipment.
  • 2-5 years from delivery: Limited warranty. Components replacement is free. The buyer is liable for the payment of the shipment.

To start your warranty claim, you can follow these steps.

  1. Send an email with your order number to HYPHOTONFLUX customer service.
  2. Send photos or videos of the damaged product, together with a description of the problem.
  3. Choose your desired option (refund or replacement).
  4. Return instructions will be provided by HYPHOTONFLUX. Within 1 to 2 business days, HYPHOTONFLUX will diagnose and deliver diagnostic results.

If any severe or doubtful issues arise, please return the light to HYPHOTONFLUX, and the firm will examine and fix it. Well, if the light is at a crucial growth stage, HYPHOTONFLUX would like to provide used replacement lights to expedite the repair process. The following are the conditions for used replacement lights:

  1. Before the spare light is sent out, a deposit will be requested.
  2. The customer is responsible for shipping the replacement light to and from the repair facility.
  3. After receiving the repaired light, the customer must return the replacement light within one week.
  4. If the replacement light is in excellent condition, HYPHOTONFLUX will completely return the deposit.


If you run into any issues or have any queries about HYPHOTONFLUX, please contact customer service right away. Customer service at HYPHOTONFLUX may be reached in a variety of ways, one of which is by filling out a query form on this page. If you require emergency assistance, please contact HYPHOTONFLUX customer service at the addresses listed below.

  • Telephone: +86 18025431819
  • Orders: sales@hyphotonflux.com
  • Warranty and service: service@hyphotonflux.com
  • Address: Flat C, 9/F, Winning House, No. 72-76, Wing Lok Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Overall, I’m blown away; this may be the greatest LED grow light in its price range. The light is strong yet compact, folds for simple transportation, and shines brighter than you may expect. I could picture putting this in a tent bigger than a 55 since it produces a lot of light. It would also be a fantastic option for commercial farming. The HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Light gives an absurd amount of light for the price for your bigger tents. With this beast, you should have no trouble getting big yields. Because you may select to just run half of the light, this is ideal for seedlings.

Medible Review
Full Review

This type, as one of the finest LED grow lights for veggies, will gradually disclose why it is superior to more classic HPS and red and blue LEDs. It is the manufacturer’s use of cutting-edge technology that makes all the difference. We could tell the gift was of exceptional quality from the manner it arrived. Inside the box, it is protected by foam partitions. Because it is rather big, its size allows it to cover an adequate amount of area. This function ensures that all of your plants get an equal quantity of nutrition. It does not have any fans, which makes it appealing since it functions silently. Furthermore, air movement is restricted so that your crops are not subjected to harassment. The light intensity may be adjusted with the dimming knob to ensure that you can work comfortably.

Full Review

For the dedicated indoor gardener, the Hyphotonflux HPF4000 led grow lamp is a serious system. This LED grow light has a built-in MEANWELL driver and high-quality Samsung LM301B diodes. It uses 480W to produce 2.7 mol/J of efficiency and 1300 mol/s of PPFD at 4’x4′ blooming coverage, which is greater than usual. It has superior heat management, low power consumption, and solid-state design, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of LED lighting without the high energy bills and maintenance expenses. It’s also suitable for any indoor gardening situation, with up to 80% energy savings, a full-spectrum (Top-bin Samsung LM301B 3000k+4000k) with improved deep red 660nm LEDs, and flexible and adjustable mounting choices.

The Indoor Nursery
Full Review

Another brand that has been developed on the bars utilizing aluminum to make it sturdy and to improve ergonomic heat dissipation, preventing heat from harming the plants. This will assist you in ensuring that the light lasts as long as possible and that the plants develop healthily. Furthermore, you will be aware that the appliance’s surface has been coated with adhesive, boosting its capacity to withstand water damage. Finally, the equipment comes with a three-year warranty that allows you to return it for free service.

Top Range Review
Full Review

Where to buy HYPHOTONFLUX?

HYPHOTONFLUX Review: Where to buy?

Products from HYPHOTONFLUX may help you improve the efficiency of your plant-growing environment. If you decide to buy HYPHOTONFLUX after reading this review, you may purchase it right now from Amazon, Abunda, and Grow Package. You should purchase HYPHOTONFLUX from the official website to get the greatest pricing and discounts.

    HYPHOTONFLUX Promo Codes & Coupons

    Customers may discover several discounts on the official website since HYPHOTONFLUX wants to provide the greatest purchase experience possible. One of them is Free Shipping to the United States and Canada, as well as no tax! If you buy HYPHOTONFLUX right now, you’ll also get a 10% limited discount.

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    HYPHOTONFLUX Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for HYPHOTONFLUX. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: What if I get the wrong items delivered from HYPHOTONFLUX?


    If you get an item from HYPHOTONFLUX that you did not purchase, you may contact the company to have it replaced as soon as possible.
    To begin, go to:

    1.  Email HYPHOTONFLUX with your order number at service@hyphotonflux.com.
    2. Photograph the incorrect goods you got and attach all shipping box labels in your email to HYPHOTONFLUX.
    3. Choose your desired option (refund or replacement).
    4. Return instructions will be provided by HYPHOTONFLUX.

    Make sure you finish this step within 30 days after receiving your package.

    Q: My items are listed as delivered, but I did not receive anything, what should I do?


    If your tracking number seems to be delivered on the shipping company’s website but you do not have it, you should contact them. Here are some tips to help you locate your package:

    1. Double-check your shipment information.
    2. Look about your house or building, and talk to your neighbors.
    3. Give it a few days more. Sometimes carriers scan items that are still in transit inaccurately. As a result, your shipment may be recorded as “Delivered” even if it is still on its way to you.
    4. Check your mailbox or other places where you get mail.
    5. Look for a delivery attempt note.
    6. Ask for details by calling the Carrier
    Ask a question?

    Conclusion of HYPHOTONFLUX Reviews & Ratings

    HYPHOTONFLUX Review: Conclusion

    After reading this review, you may have a better picture of which grow light brand to pick, which is HYPHOTONFLUX. For your plant growing facility, HYPHOTONFLUX offers the finest LED grow lights and accessories.

    We hope that after reading this HYPHOTONFLUX review, you will be able to establish the greatest plant-growing environment possible in your home. Happy planting!