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As a company, Hitoki is a relatively new brand in the smoking gadget industry, but don’t dismiss it. This Hitoki review will entice you to purchase one of this brand’s finest smoking gadgets.¬†That is because most cannabis users recognize the importance of investing in the finest glass pipes and bongs available.

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Newcomers to bongs, on the other hand, often misunderstand the meaning of high-quality bongs. As a result, people are prone to purchasing any bong they come across online. A high-quality glass pipe bong produces excellent smoke. Each style has its own set of components that fulfill diverse functions. Thus, most smokers have many bongs and pipes in their collections.

Although all glass pipes are constructed of glass, they are not all created equal. Nowadays, the market is flooded with knockoffs and low-cost items. Knowing the aspects of making a good piece of glass can help you be a better customer and reduce stress. Try the Trident from Hitoki if you’re looking for a high-quality bong recommendation.

Well, for a brief introduction, Hitoki is a revolutionary bong manufacturer that uses laser combustion on its product. And the good news is that this review includes product reviews, information on where to get a Hitoki bong, and how to save money when purchasing the products.

If you’re a smoker looking for something new to add to your routine, this Hitoki review is for you!

Overview of HITOKI

Hitoki is a “Cannatech” company that uses lasers to provide elegance and innovation to the smoking experience. This brand, owned and run by Asian-American entrepreneurs Joe and Jack Tran, is dedicated to offering high-end and sophisticated products to cannabis fans looking for new and innovative ways to smoke.

With their Trident laser combustion technology, Hitoki introduces a breakthrough in the smoking business.

Joe and Jack Tran, the enterprising duo, purchased and sold laser pointers to other students at school. Then, when they grew older and began using marijuana, they pondered whether lasers may be a better combustion mechanism than traditional lighters.

Joe and Jack recognized an opportunity to create a smoking apparatus that didn’t need a butane flame and was designed to optimize the flower’s taste. They devised a water-filtered 445 NM blue laser-powered bong that is so powerful that one laser cycle may make one person pretty high.

HITOKI Reviews

Hitoki was established with the goal of providing smokers with cutting-edge goods that enhance their smoking experience. This brand made an immediate impact with its cutting-edge technology, which included the development of smoking components that heat without combustion, generating a smooth and tasty vapor.

For smokers and tokers alike, the Hitoki revolutionary laser smoking apparatus is the new future. Because the Trident laser technology extracts the purest flavor from the material, it is preferred. 

Without a doubt, Hitoki the Trident will soon become one of your favorite smoking gadgets as they received several A+ ratings from different reviewers. If that is not convincing enough for you, read through this Hitoki review, and conclude it by yourself.

HITOKI Trident Laser Bong Review

Hitoki proudly offers the first clean laser combustion smoking tool, which combines a traditional ritual with contemporary technology. The patent-pending Trident laser system was created for the ultimate smoking experience, with a sleek minimalist style that is intended to be shown.

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Trident Laser Bong Review

As you see the Trident‘s laser beam in action, elevate your encounters with lasers for a delightful experience. You’ll feel like you’ve arrived on Mars after utilizing the Trident‘s laser system.

Trident is a two-part aircraft-grade aluminum gadget. The top half has the laser mechanism, while the bottom section houses a detachable ceramic loading chamber that allows rapid exchanges. The loading chamber stays cold to the touch even after the laser has been fired; users just twist and pull up to deactivate the mechanical and electrical interlocks.

Moreover, Trident can be charged in less than two hours through USB-C and offers up to 280 draws on a single charge. It comes in two hues right now: black and rose gold. Trident operates similarly to the sun, and a magnifying glass does. The device’s focused beam of light burns the flower in the ceramic chamber, producing cleaner smoke that reveals the whole fragrance of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Trident is an innovative and helpful piece of technology that is best used at home because of its weight and size. Even it isn’t really a portable item, but it can be readily brought in a bag to a friend’s home for a group session. It may also be used for single-use or group sessions since it comes with a hookah-style hose and a mouthpiece.

In terms of consumption, the smoke is crisp and clean, emphasizing the bud’s taste rather than the chaotic flavor caused by burning. It is also relatively straightforward to use since you are provided with easy and brief instruction.

The Trident is a high-end gadget targeted at those who are prepared to pay a premium for a superior experience. However, the clean, minimalist style and laser technology appeal to upmarket customers.

HITOKI Shipping Information

It is recommended that you read this Hitoki shipping information before buying the Trident gadget. This section must be read in order to guarantee that your item is delivered safely and correctly.

Unless an alternate service is specified and paid for at the time of purchase, all Hitoki products are sent through standard shipping. When you make an order, it will be mailed to the address you choose, assuming that the shipment address complies with the shipping limitations.

When products ordered are delivered to the courier, the risk of loss and title transfer to you. You are responsible for making any damaged or lost package claims with the carrier. If payment is not completed or if Hitoki believes you have broken the Terms, Hitoki explicitly retains the right to refuse to dispatch the products without prior warning.

If the buyer is from outside the US, the buyer may be subject to duties imposed by the jurisdiction to which you have requested delivery. Upon arrival in the destination country, international shipments may be subject to import charges and taxes. The consumer is responsible for these duties and taxes. A customer from outside the United States may potentially face increased shipping and packing expenses.

Hitoki retains the right to seek extra shipping expenses prior to dispatching the products and to refuse the purchase if the customer does not comply with the seller’s demands for additional postage and packing fees.

HITOKI Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of Hitoki products, you may request a refund right away. You may only return or exchange anything bought from Hitoki if you follow the return policy. Returns must be requested within 30 days of the product’s purchase date and will only be accepted if the product is still in its original, unopened packaging. Any returns requested after 30 days from the date of purchase will be denied.

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Return Policy

Your item must be unused and in the same condition as when you got it to be eligible for a return. It has to be in its original box as well. Hitoki requires a receipt or proof of purchase to process your return. They will send you an email confirming receipt of your returned item after it has been received and examined.

Hitoki will also tell you if your refund has been approved or denied. If your refund is accepted, the refund amount will be credited to your original payment method. If they believe your refund request does not match the Terms’ conditions, Hitoki maintains the right to refuse it.

Any shipping fees related to a return, warranty, or exchange are the responsibility of the customer. The cost of shipping is non-refundable. The cost of return postage will be deducted from your refund if you get one. The time it takes for your replaced merchandise to arrive varies depending on where you reside. Consider utilizing a trackable shipping service or getting shipping insurance if you’re delivering things worth more than $75.00.

HITOKI Warranty

Because of the delicate storage and working temperatures of laser modules, Hitoki only warranties the Trident to the original purchaser for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, that the Products are free of faults in design, assembly, material, or workmanship. Hitoki also allows customers to buy an extended warranty. The Trident‘s extended warranty must be bought within 7 days of purchase.

If a valid warranty claim is submitted within the Warranty Period, Hitoki will repair or replace any faulty Products at no charge, at its discretion. Any faulty products may be replaced with new, refurbished, or reconditioned Products of the same model at Hitoki‘s discretion.

To be eligible for this Warranty, the Purchaser must submit the faulty Products to Hitoki for examination, together with a copy of the original receipt of purchase. The products bought, the amount paid, the date of purchase and the merchant’s name must all be included on the purchase receipt.

Contact Hitoki to seek service under this Warranty, and a Hitoki representative will walk you through the process. If Hitoki decides that the Products have been improperly used, manipulated, or tampered with in any manner, this Warranty will be null and invalid. This warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or abuse-related damage.

Non-Hitoki-branded items, counterfeit products, copies, or otherwise non-authentic Hitoki-branded products are not covered by this warranty. Any Hitoki-branded Products acquired from illegal resellers or dealers are not covered by this warranty.

HITOKI Contact

If you have any further questions about the Hitoki brand or the Trident laser bong that this review does not address, please contact customer service right away. Their customer service may be reached in a variety of ways.

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Contact

By clicking the “chat us” icon on the bottom right of the page, you may have a live conversation with them. You may also submit your question regarding Hitoki by filling out the form on this page. Finally, you may contact them by email at the addresses shown below.

Where to buy HITOKI?

Hitoki invents a revolutionary bong that shakes up the market. There is no other company that makes a laser combustion-based bong. If you’re looking for a new bong with unique characteristics not seen on other brands, consider the Hitoki Trident.

HITOKI Review: Where to buy?

This Trident is available from a number of online headshops, including Cannabox, Smoke Cartel, Dope Boo, and 420 Science. Order Hitoki products from their official website as they offer a variety of bargains that may help you save money on your purchase.

HITOKI Promo Codes & Coupons

Hitoki wants to provide its consumers with the finest possible shopping experience. One of them is that for purchases above $75, oh, they also offer FREE SHIPPING! You may also obtain 2 FREE LOADING CHAMBERS for your Trident by signing up for the Hitoki newsletter.

If that isn’t enough for you, this review already got you covered. Use the promo codes listed below to save even more money!

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HITOKI Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for HITOKI. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How can I turn on/off the Trident?

To switch the gadget on or off, use five clicks. At the top of the device, press the power button.

On a full charge, how long can my Hitoki last?

On a single charge, there are almost 280 laser ignitions.

What is the maximum amount of ground material that can fit within the heating chamber?

The loading chamber has a capacity of 0.2 to 0.5 grams.

Is it possible to utilize concentrates in the Trident?

Although the Trident is made for loose-leaf material, the flower may be infused with oils at the maximum temperature setting (blue).

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HITOKI Expert Reviews

To cut to the chase, one of the key draws of the Hitoki Trident is the friggin’ laser beam, so let’s not beat about the bush here. There is no disputing that having a water pipe that uses a real laser as the heating source is definitely one of the dopest party pieces, right up there with famous bongs alike. This is one of those things that just can’t be denied.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Trident is one of our “dream pieces” that we hope to one day add to the collection. This is due to the fact that A) it has a gorgeous design aesthetic, B) it has a freaking laser beam, and C) it has the ability to fine-tune temperatures for the best possible flavor. This is everything that we really want in a water pipe, and Hitoki absolutely nailed it with their Trident.

Herb CEO
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I’ll say it again: smoking cannabis with a laser beam is fucking amazing. It’s a fun experience, but what makes it even better is that the hits are smooth and the flavor is fantastic. For cannabis users, using a laser for combustion is definitely a novel experience, and I’m excited to see how this technology may transform the market. While some individuals are accustomed to inhaling butane fumes from their lighters or smoking with hemp wicks, it was refreshing to have clean combustion and only taste the cannabis. This is like a magnifying glass, according to Hitoki.

Full Review

The Hitoki Trident’s most appealing claim is that its lasers remove butane, but it’s exaggeration to state that its laser is as effective as burning cannabis with real fire. This gadget puts on a great light display and would be a great party gimmick, but if you’re looking for a plain waterpipe that provides steady, no-frills lungfuls of strong smoke, an analog bong would be a better option. This item is the ideal novelty for you if your smoking device demands are already satisfied, but your impressive collection lacks a real-life laser bong and your smoke utensil budget is completely depleted.

Full Review

Since sampling the Storz & Bickel Volcano in 2011, this is the first time I’ve been pleased with a tabletop smoking equipment, which is saying a lot given the Volcano is so close to perfection. The fact that The Trident is somewhat more portable and employs some clever lasers elevates it to a new level. I’d suggest Hitoki’s The Trident to anybody searching for an alternative to conventional smoking techniques, is interested in cutting-edge technology, or is looking for the most pure high.

Full Review

Conclusion of HITOKI Reviews & Ratings

Hitoki is a terrific brand that produces cutting-edge smoking devices. With the aid of the Trident‘s laser technology, you may acquire a natural flavor for your weeds. When compared to standard butane-burning bongs, purchasing Hitoki will enhance your smoking experience.

HITOKI Review: Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read our Hitoki Review; we hope you enjoy your smoking experience with Hitoki the Trident. If you are also interested in smoking using a water pipe, you can also check our Heir Waterpipe review.


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