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About Heir Waterpipe

You may be pondering acquiring your own water pipe now that more tokers are coming out in the mainstream, from TV appearances to TED lectures. Perhaps you’ve perfected the art of vaping and are confident in your ability to roll a nice cigarette.

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While you may have borrowed friends’ pipes in the past, purchasing your own is an adventure in and of itself, and no two individuals will have the same taste in pipes.

When purchasing a water pipe, whether it’s your first or an update, there are a number of aspects to consider. Heir Waterpipe is a good option if you want a good water pipe without having to think about a lot of things.

Heir Waterpipe is a great pipe company that makes high-quality items. Heir Waterpipe products are gentler for your lungs than other types of pipes. This Heir Waterpipe review will tell you all you need to know about this brand, their pipe items, some reviews, and even discounts on Heir Waterpipe products.

Overview of Heir Waterpipe

Heir Waterpipe was created in 2017 by Paul Kalousek, an industrial design graduate of Western Washington University. In a world of battery-powered vaporizers and throwaway goods, their approach is to bring flowers and flame together with finely crafted items made using current production techniques.

Each item made by Heir Waterpipe is the result of a meticulous procedure aimed at maintaining the highest levels of quality and workmanship. This begins with a thorough selection of materials and production procedures before our tiny team brings the components to life and assembles them in-house. Instead of a brittle glass object that won’t survive the bottom of the sink, this quality transfers to a sensation of trust and guaranteed durability in the hand.

Kalousek, the CEO of Heir Waterpipe, aims to provide all of the necessities for a smoker’s routine. And, with federal legalization looming in the United States, Heir will be vying for shelf space and aiming to alter customer perceptions away from smelly, sticky, and most likely plastic pipes and bongs and into designer water pipes and higher-end accessories.

Heir Waterpipe Reviews

The Heir Waterpipe is a modern take on a traditional style that has been masterfully constructed for strong cooling and filtration. The Heir Waterpipe is gentler on your lungs than other pipes and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Heir Waterpipe Reviews

Choose from the Gold Edition, Silver Edition, and pipes with smoked glass chambers, among other options. There is certain to be an Heir Waterpipe that will complement the design of your contemporary house.

Heir Waterpipe 13 Review

The Rolls Royce of bongs is Heir Waterpipes, which come in 11-inch and 13-inch lengths. It’s constructed of durable materials including alumina ceramic, stainless steel, and soda-lime glass. It has an ergonomic mouthpiece and a detachable glass chamber that you can quickly fill with ice or water and then throw away when you’re done.

The bowl’s seven holes avoid blockages, and the eight-slotted percolator delivers extremely smooth hits. In any case, it’s a lovely addition to your house that also happens to make you stoned.

Engineered to provide effective cooling and filtration, as well as to minimize inconvenient situations at every stage of your activity. Heir Waterpipe is a reimagining of the traditional waterpipe that is at ease in the contemporary household. Enjoy a smoking buddy that is gentler on the lungs and eyes while also enhancing your flower delight with the most efficient and intuitive experience.

The mouthpiece on the Heir Waterpipe is ergonomic. The branching shape eliminates neck-craning and puts the bowl right in front of the user. This water pipe also has a Removable Glass, which allows you to quickly add water and ice, as well as clean it in the dishwasher like any other kitchen item.

A platter-like rim avoids spillage when filling, and the 7-hole design eliminates clogs, as shown in this waterpipe Innovative Bowl. With an extended downsteam, an 8-slotted percolator, an integrated splash guard, and ice-friendly glass, this water pipe is very smooth.

The Waterpipe 13 features a big chamber that enables more powerful strikes. The Waterpipe 11 features a medium-sized chamber that produces a bubbler-style smoke. Anyone searching for the optimum smoking performance should acquire the full-size Waterpipe 13, but the Waterpipe 11 is more easily handled.

Product Description

Materials: Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Soda-Lime Glass, Silicone Rubber,
Included: Smoke Tool, Carry Case / Packaging
Size & Weight: 2.5lbs, 11 Inches, 3lbs, 13 Inches

Heir Waterpipe 11 Tropico Review

Engineered to provide effective cooling and filtration, as well as to minimize inconvenient situations at every stage of your activity. Heir Waterpipe is a reimagining of the traditional waterpipe that is at ease in the contemporary household. Enjoy a smoking buddy that is gentler on the lungs and eyes while also enhancing your flower delight with the most efficient and intuitive experience.

The Tropico Heir Waterpipe was created in conjunction with artist Lobo Lara. The Vivo Latino organization, a non-profit whose continual aim is to fuel artists of color and create greater awareness of the particular difficulties confronting their communities, will receive 100% of the net earnings from this item.

Product Description

  • Materials: Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Soda-Lime Glass, Silicone Rubber,
  • Included: Smoke Tool, Carry Case / Packaging
  • Size & Weight: 2.5lbs, 11 Inches

Heir Waterpipe Assembly Guide

Before unscrewing the mouthpiece from the glass chamber, remove the bowl piece. The mouthpiece turns counterclockwise, while the glass revolves in the other manner. Remove the downstem from the glass chamber after unscrewing the mouthpiece.

Fill the glass chamber with water to a depth of at least 2 inches. As long as the percolators on the bottom of the downstem are fully immersed, any volume of water more than 2 inches will function. If you want an even smoother impact, add some ice.

Before putting the mouthpiece on the glass chamber and twisting it clockwise, place the downstem into it. To ensure a suitable air-tight seal between all components, turn the mouthpiece until you can no longer hand-tighten it. In the mouthpiece, place the bowl.

In one hand, hold the Waterpipe towards the top, and in the other, hold your lighter. Before putting your mouth to the mouthpiece, exhale. Start by lighting in the bowl’s corner and inhaling deeply. As you continue to pull air inward, smoke will fill the glass container. Lift the bowl from the mouthpiece while drawing air inward to cleanse the chamber.

With the flat end of the Smoke Tool, tamp down the bowl. Clear the bowl using the Smoke Tool and Ashtray after it has been totally smoked.

Heir Waterpipe Cleaning Instruction

After each session, drain the water, rinse the glass chamber, and let it air dry. This procedure will prevent resin from building up within the glass.

Before cleaning Waterpipe parts, turn off the steam/heat cycle on your dishwasher. Machine cleaning is OK, but it will not remove all of the resin from the downstem, mouthpiece, or bowl.

After every 10-20 sessions, or more often if you like a cleaner smoke every time, a full clean of all components should be conducted. Scrub the internal walls of the glass chamber, mouthpiece, and downstem using a nylon brushed bottle brush bathed in isopropyl alcohol. Soak the bowl for 1-2 hours in isopropyl alcohol before cleaning it clean with a scouring pad. After cleaning, rinse all components with isopropyl and let air dry.

Make sure you don’t lose the gasket in the downstem, which might fall out accidentally during cleaning. If the gasket does come out, just clean it and reinstall it in the cavity at the top of the downstem.

Heir Handpipe C Review

The Heir Handpipe C is a modern spin on the traditional spoon pipe, with a multi-use cap that enables you to smoke discreetly on the move. Heir created the most durable companion imaginable by combining Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, and Silicone. Particulates are stopped by carbon filters in the mouthpiece, allowing you to experience gloriously smooth hits. Cleaning is a breeze after disassembly. The Smoke Tool, which is useful for clearing and tamping bowls, is included.

A smoking stand is included with Heir Handpipe C. By magnetically latching to the base, the Cap gives a solid platform to hold the pipe when filling a bowl. This way, it also looks fantastic on display. When on the move, the cap magnetically shuts over the bowl to keep the contents safe. Also aids in containing odor at the end of a session.

Easily remove ash from the bowl by capping it and tapping it face down on a hard surface, releasing ash into the dish on the inside of the top. This filter-friendly hand pipe accommodates 9mm cotton or charcoal filters for smooth, choke-free hits. Cleaning is made simple by having complete access to the interior of the bowl and mouthpiece. You can anticipate this hand pipe to last a lifetime since it is comprised of Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Zirconia Ceramic materials that can withstand any voyage.

Product Description

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, Silicone Rubber
  • Included: Smoke Tool, 10 Carbon Filters, Carrying Sleeve
  • Size & Weight: 7oz, 6 Inches

Heir Handpipe S Review

Regardless of where your session takes you, the Handpipe S (Shift) makes transporting your gear a bit less difficult. Heir improved on their original Handpipe design by including a totally sealed body that keeps the odor contained within. Materials and finishes that are durable and long-lasting, a more lightweight and compact design, and a lanyard all make storing and retrieving this companion fast and simple.

Everyone needs a breath of fresh air now and again, but Heir has discovered a few on-the-go pipes that are reliable enough to withstand the bottom of the bag and fit in with the rest of Heir’s stuff. The Heir Handpipe S is a filter-compatible travel pipe that stows away compactly, retrieves swiftly, and contains a half-gram bowl.

The detachable Lanyard has a Smoke Tool to help with stirring and emptying the bowl, and it plugs into the Mouthpiece for enhanced fragrance control. Heir put the Handpipe S to the test in a variety of environments, and for the Cap and Mouthpiece, Heir chose PPSU Resin, an easily cleanable, medical-grade, non-toxic, and anti-microbial substance. With this buddy for the contemporary smoke-venturer, you can see more of what’s out there while taking a less visible toke along the way.

Product Description

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, PPSU (Medical Grade Resin), Silicone
  • Included: Smoke Tool, 10 Carbon Filters, Carrying Sleeve
  • Size & Weight: 6oz, 5 Inches

Heir Waterpipe Shipping Policy

Each product page has an anticipated shipment date. The expected shipment date indicates that the item will be dispatched on or before that date with a high degree of confidence. However, if the shipment is delayed, Heir will inform you through email as soon as possible to revise this expected shipping date.

Pre-Orders will be offered for out-of-stock and soon-to-be-released goods like the Heir Waterpipe. On the product page, cart page, and checkout page, Heir will display the expected ship date for the Pre-Order. Heir will collect your payment information when you submit your Pre-Order, but will not process it until after your order has shipped.

Heir will accept requests to cancel your Pre-Order at any point before it is processed for shipment. The money for the transaction will be handled once the process of preparing the Pre-Order to ship starts (72 hours prior to real delivery), and Heir will no longer accept your request to cancel the order.

If an item does not currently have a set shipment date, you may sign up for a Waiting List to be alerted when it becomes available. As Heir determines when it will be, Heir will update these Coming Soon items with an approximate release date. The depiction of the Coming Soon things may change from the actual published product, thus Heir recommends checking the item again after it is available to double-check all details.

In stock and ready to ship in 7 business days. Shipping to the United States is free. International shipping to certain countries is offered through Fedex; check availability and pricing on the Cart page.

Heir Waterpipe is accessible to consumers in the United States, Canada, and Australia. If you want to make an order from a country that is not listed above, please contact Heir customer care, and Heir will determine whether or not they can ship to you. Once shipping information has been entered, the shipping cost will be shown during the checkout process.

Heir Waterpipe Return Policy

Returns for a full refund are allowed within 30 days of the delivery date of your purchase, as long as the product is returned unused and in like-new condition. To begin a return request, send an email to Heir customer service with a description of the problem and your purchase number. Based on the time and condition of your purchase, Heir will respond to accept or refuse your return request.

When a return request is approved, instructions for returning the item will be supplied (s). The buyer is responsible for return shipping expenses. A refund will be issued after the returned item(s) are received in acceptable condition. The refund processing period might range from 5 to 7 business days after the returned product is received.

Heir Waterpipe Warranty

The Heir Waterpipe comes with a 30-day warranty. The warranty term of 30 days starts on the day the order is delivered. The Heir Waterpipe guarantee covers flaws that cause items to be non-functional or of inferior quality. Airtight sealing, fit and quality flaws, and non-accidental damage due to normal usage, as specified in the Heir Waterpipe User Manual.

If Heir Waterpipe determines that the alleged problem is covered by the warranty, Heir Waterpipe will provide a free replacement component. To initiate a warranty claim, send an email to Heir Waterpipe customer support with a description of the problem, your order number, and a photo of the problem.

As inventory allows, Heir Waterpipe offers low-cost replacement components. If you want a replacement component after your 30-day warranty period has expired, please visit this page to make an order. If you don’t find a replacement item on the website, you may contact Heir Waterpipe customer care.

Customers who have already bought the product for which they are purchasing a replacement are the only ones who may request replacement components. Anyone who has not already bought the whole product will have their replacement part orders canceled by Heir Waterpipe.

Heir Waterpipe Customer Service

If you have any concerns regarding Heir Waterpipe‘s goods or services that are not addressed in this review, you may contact their customer service department. You may use this form to express your concern and get a response from Heir Waterpipe. You may also contact Heir Waterpipe by email for a quick response.

Where to buy Heir Waterpipe?

Heir Waterpipe products can be purchased from their official website. You can also purchase Heir Waterpipe products from 420science. It is recommended to get Heir Waterpipe from their official website to get the best price and discounts. It is hoped that this review help you to decide which product to buy from Heir Waterpipe.

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Heir Waterpipe Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Heir Waterpipe. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Is the Heir Waterpipe a wise purchase?

To sum it up, the Heir waterpipe is a gorgeous smoking accessory that is right at home in today’s digital age. Heir’s direct-to-consumer business approach, outstanding shape and function, simple cleaning, and gorgeous design make it a must-have for any upmarket smoker.

Are there any cautions when using Heir Waterpipe?

When using the Waterpipe to smoke concentrates, do not use a butane flame lighter or try to heat the Waterpipe to a high temperature.

Ask a question?

Heir Waterpipe Expert Reviews

As a whole, the Heir waterpipe is a gorgeous smoking gadget that has been conceived and built for the twenty-first century. A direct-to-consumer business strategy, amazing shape and function, ease of cleaning, and a gorgeous design distinguish Heir as a product that belongs in any luxury smoker’s household. The Heir, which retails for $260 for either the silver or gold versions, isn’t cheap, but then again, cannabis isn’t cheap for many people. You should consider this item to be a sound investment in not just your smoking style, but also your overall quality of life.

The Manual
Full Review

These are the kinds of things that make me appreciate design. You can take a tried-and-true functional design and make it better by giving each stage of the process additional attention. Although good design isn’t cheap, it seems that you get what you pay for in this situation. There isn’t anything out there that compares to this for a more mature, design-forward water pipe with a consumer-friendly modular approach. It’s nicely balanced with a great weight, and the flared base and protective sleeve make it feel solid on a table. The spacious mouthpiece makes it simple to take a deep inhalation.

Minimal Goods
Full Review

The Heir’s first hit was incredibly smooth. Exhaled smoke was a bright white, reflecting the milky haze within the glass. The water remained very clean. It felt like though I had taken a full breath of pure oxygen. I could feel my lungs fully expand, culminating in a lovely, refined dose of Puffin Farm’s Remedy. I grabbed another, and then another. There was no coughing, no suffocating heat, just a smooth envelopment of well filtered smoke. I just tossed away the burnt blossom after my session. Because of the smooth stainless steel bowl, there was no trash or caked-on residue. I then unscrewed the top and used the glass as a cup to wash it out. It was really simple, fast, and user-friendly to clean up.

Full Review

The water pipe arrived in a lovely packaging that exudes sheer elegance when you open it. It reaches far into my subconscious. The carrying case cradles your glass and chrome water pipe with precision cut foam parts. The foam is more than simply packaging material that should be discarded after one usage. They are constructed in such a way that your piece of art is totally protected from any harm. The overall design is pleasing to the eye without being overpowering.

Full Review

Conclusion of Heir Waterpipe Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Heir Waterpipe is an amazing pipe brand that offers a wide range of Waterpipe and Handpipe. Heir Waterpipe is less harsh on your lungs and has no residue or waste.

Thank you for reading our Heir Waterpipe review; we hope you learned a lot about Heir Waterpipe from it. If you like this review, please leave comments or suggestions.


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